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Can You Get Shiny Meltan In Pokemon Go

How To Get Meltan In Pokmon Go

Best Way To Get Shiny Meltan In Pokemon Go!

One of Pokémon Gos most elusive Pokémon is Meltan. This mythical creature isnt there for trainers to just randomly catch around their neighborhood. In Pokémon Go, Meltan is available through the Lets GO, Meltan Special Research tasks, or through linking the game to a Pokémon Lets Go, Pikachu! or Lets Go, Eevee! game.

Now that Pokémon Go is celebrating its five-year anniversary, Meltan is also back in Shiny Meltan form. But youll have to act fast if you want to earn your very own iteration of this rare Pokémon.

In this article, well be walking you through how you can use the Pokémon Home app to score yourself a Mystery Box with the legendary species Meltan.

Ok Fine Just Tell Me How To Catch ’em All

First, you have to find as many Pokémon as you can. That means finding spawns or nests where those types of Pokémon are common. Then tap, tap, tap away and see if you encounter a Shiny.

For eggs and babies, collect as many as you can. Walk as much as you can. And hatch, hatch, hatch.

For the Raid Pokémon, the story is the same. Find the Raids. Beat the Raid Boss. Hope the one you get is Shiny.

Field Research. Find the tasks that give you a Pokémon with a Shiny form, then work with your community to find the PokéStops giving away the right tasks, and then complete as many as you can.

Shiny Field Research Pokémon have a 0% flee rate, but for everything else, remember your basics:

  • ABC. Always be curving. Once you can nail Curve Ball every time, you’ll get a 1.7x bonus every time.
  • Max out your medals. Some are easier to get than others but they consume no resources like Great or Ultra Balls or Razz Berries, so once you get them, that 1.1x to 1.3x is automatically applied each time.
  • Consistency counts. Aim for the smallest target you can nail every time. If that’s Nice, it’s nice. If that’s Great or Excellent, even nicer. But better the bonus you get then one you miss, and that extra 1.3 to 2x also doesn’t consume resources and can make a difference.
  • Razz for real. Use Razz Berries when you need to. Unlike Great or Ultra Balls, you can’t miss with a Razz Berry and its 1.5x bonus will last untilyou hit. For the new Golden Razz Berries, it’s 2.5x!
  • Transfer A Pokemon From Pokemon Go To Let’s Go

    Firstly, you’re going to have to transfer a Pokemon from Pokemon Go to Pokemon Let’s Go. It can be any Pokemon at all, all you need to do is to transfer it via the Go Park in Fuchsia City.

    Once you’ve done that, you’ll get some tasty XP, but also a Mystery Box, and it’s this unusual item that holds the key to getting your trainer hands on a Meltan.

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    Obtaining The Shiny Meltan In Pokmon Go

    This Shiny Meltan special event only runs for a limited time. It began on November 17 at 8:00 AM local time, and it will end on November 23 at 10:00 PM local time. Players still wanting to do this need to move quickly.

    First, players must link their Pokémon GO and Pokémon HOME accounts together. Pokémon HOME is available on Android and iOS devices like Pokémon GO, and it is also available on Nintendo Switch. Once the accounts have been linked, players need to transfer a Pokémon from Pokémon GO to Pokémon HOME. It is recommended to transfer a Pokémon with low CP, as it takes less Transporter Energy. If it ends up in Pokémon HOME, that means the accounts are properly linked.

    Transferring a Pokémon in this manner also nets the player a Mystery Box in Pokémon GO. The Mystery Box can be accessed in Items. The player will want to set aside some time for this, because upon opening the box, Meltans are lured to the player for an hour, appearing once every minute and a half or so. They need to be caught quickly, as the Meltans will disappear after about a minute. As the player continues to encounter them, hopefully, one will end up being a Shiny Meltan. If an hour goes by, and players are unlucky in finding a Shiny Meltan, they can try again the next day. Also, note that Incense does not work with the Mystery Box.

    Pokémon GO is available now on Android and iOS.

    How To Find Shiny Meltan

    Pokemon Go Shiny Meltan for Limited Time
    • Special Research. There are multiple Special Research quests that culminate in a Meltan encounter currently available in Pokémon GO under certain circumstances, one of which is unlikely. These include:
    • Let’s GO, Meltan Special Research: This is the research in which Meltan originally arrived. If you first claim your encounter during the event window, it will be Shiny-capable. While most trainers have likely finished this one, there are sure to be a few who have been holding out for such an occasion.
    • Professor’s Research Special Research: This new Special Research can be unlocked with a code on the special Pokémon GO / Pokémon TCG collaboration card, which features Professor Willow. This card was given as a bonus to those who bought GO Fest 2021 merchandise at the Pokémon Center. The Special Research that is available through the card’s code results in one Meltan encounter.
  • Transferring Pokémon from GO to either HOME or the Nintendo Switch. This is currently the main way to obtain Meltan, as it offers multiple encounters. If you transfer a Pokémon from GO to either HOME or Let’s GO on the Nintendo Switch, you will receive a Meltan Box. These take some time to become available again after use, so be sure that you can play the full length of time after opening a Mystery Box. Learn how to transfer from GO to HOMEhere.
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    Do Shiny Pokmon Perform Differently In Pokmon Go

    Nope. Shiny Pokémon have the same stats as non-Shiny variants. Which is to say, a range. You can catch a perfect Shiny Magikarp, but you can also catch a not-so-great one. They also have no special movesets or powers of any kind. Aside from looking different, they’re exactly the same.

    However, Community Day is the easiest time to catch Shiny Pokémon. If evolved during the event window, Shiny Pokémon will get the exclusive move just like the normal featured Pokémon, so a lot of Shiny Pokémon do have that exclusive move.

    Pokemon Gos Meltan Research Quest 7

    • Evolve 1 Drowzee
    • Catch 1 Cubone
    • Evolve 1 Scyther

    The Metal Coat awarded during the completion of the last Quest is essential here. Players need only ensure that they have enough Scyther candies and they should be able to move on to the final challenges pretty quickly. The rewards given for completing this Quest line? 10 Ultra Balls, a Charged TM, and three Premium Raid Passes.

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    How To Get Meltan And Melmetal In Pokmon Sword And Shield Thanks To Pokmon Home

    The mythicals finally arrive.

    Thanks to Pokémon Home and some crazy, convoluted trading mechanics, trainers can finally get Meltan and Melmetal in Pokémon Sword and Shieldbut itll require you to own another Pokémon game in the series.

    Since Pokémon Go transfers arent available to Pokémon Home at time of writing, youll need to go through a long drawn-out process using the Lets Go games to add these creatures to your teams.

    First, you need to have captured a Meltan or Melmetal in Pokémon Go through the weird mystery box feature of the game and transferred either Pokémon to Pokémon: Lets Go, Pikachu! or Lets Go, Eevee! on your Nintendo Switch.

    Next, after opening Pokémon Home, you need to transfer that Meltan from the Lets Go games into a Home box. Then, transfer it from Pokémon Home to Sword and Shield, where youll finally be able to use it.

    Meltan and Melmetal will only receive their abilities after being transferred to Sword and Shield, so you wont know its stats until then. You also cant transfer it back to Lets Go after doing this process.

    Are Shiny Pokmon Shiny For Everyone In Pokmon Go

    HOW TO GET FREE MELTAN BOXES IN POKEMON GO! Shiny Meltan Limited Time Event!

    No. With Ditto, once a Pokémon is determined to be Ditto, the servers make it Ditto for everyone. With Shiny Pokémon, it’s done on a player-by-player basis.

    That means you and a friend can both catch the same Magikarp, yours could turn out to be Shiny, and theirs not.

    There has been one exception so far: For the July 2018 Community Day, Pokémon Go had Sunglasses Squirtle available through Field Research and, tasks that had a Shiny Sunglasses Squritle were Shiny for everyone!

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    Pokmon Go Shinies: New Shinies For The Season Of Mischief

    Everything you need to know about Pokémon GO shinies.

    Pokémon GO shinies are some of the rarest creatures in Niantics mobile game, but at this point its difficult to know exactly which shinies are live in the game and which havent been released yet.

    Like in any Pokémon game, those sparkly Pokémon are some of the most sought-after monsters in Pokémon GO. Shinies are just like regular Pokémon except for their colour, so the only benefit is to flex for your friends, when youre holding gyms, or when youre tackling a particularly troublesome Pokémon GO raid boss.

    Shiny Pokémon are a rare encounter, but there are a few ways to increase the chances of bumping into them. So, without further ado, here are the newest shinies in the game, as well as some tips on how to catch em all.

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    Pokemon Go: Is Shiny Meltan Back How You Can Get One

    By Sam Woods

    Pokemon GO celebrates its fifth anniversary this month and while the game has come a long way from hundreds chasing Snorlax through Central Park, its still retained a very large, very loyal fanbase.

    To celebrate, Niantic is throwing a special in-game event for the anniversary, packed with loads of exciting content for players to get involved with.

    There are new Raid Bosses, new Shiny Pokemon, new collection challenges and something special about Meltan.

    But is Shiny Meltan back in Pokemon GO and if so, how can you give yourself the best chance at catching one?

    Return to the Sinnoh region in Pokémon Brilliant Diamond and Pokémon Shining Pearl!

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    How To Capture Meltan In Pokmon Go

    The inclusion of a new Meltan Research quest, which was introduced on the games release date of November 16th, was a welcome addition.

    Professor Willow, in a similar vein to Mew, Celebi, and Spiritomb earlier in the year, will ask you to undertake some of the most difficult research to date requiring you to capture specific creatures over a nine-step period in order to capture Meltan .

    Pokemon Go Brings Shiny Meltan Back For A Limited Time

    Pokémon GO

    PoGo players will have another chance to catch Shiny Meltan as well as Shiny Slowpoke as part of a new Pokemon Home event running from November 17-23.

    Pokemon Go support has finally been added to Pokemon Home, and to celebrate its arrival, a special event is now underway in the mobile game. For a limited time, Pokemon Go players everywhere have a chance to complete new Research tasks and catch some rare Pokemon, including the elusive Shiny Meltan. You’ll need to act quickly if you’re hoping to get one, however, as the event ends in only a few hours.

    The Pokemon Home event runs until 10 PM local time today, November 23. Throughout the event, the following Pokemon will appear in the wild more frequently than usual:

    • Alolan Sandshrew
    • Cottonee
    • Foongus

    On top of that, Shiny Slowpoke will be appearing throughout the event. Alolan Vulpix, Shinx, Timburr, Klink, and other Pokemon will also be featured as Raid bosses, while Nidoran, Omanyte, Kabuto, Anorith, and more will be hatching from 5 km eggs.

    Trainers, our celebration of Pokémon GOs integration with Pokémon HOME will be coming soon! Heres more details about what you can expect from this event:

    Pokémon GO

    Finally, Niantic is introducing a few new avatar items as part of the Pokemon Home event. You’ll be able to get a Melmetal Jacket, Melmetal Vest, Grand Oak glasses, and other clothing items from the Style Shop. You can read more about the event on the official Pokemon Go website.

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    Mystery Box Through Pokemon Home

    Many of you will know that Meltan primarily appears through use of the Mystery Box. Well now theres another way to get hold of said Mystery Box.

    When you link your Pokemon Go and Pokemon HOME accounts, you can earn one Mystery Box every week. So, when the week long countdown is over, you now have the option of sending a Pokemon over to the Nintendo Switch or Pokemon HOME to reactivate it.

    If you havent used a Mystery Box before when you do so it will work similarly to using Incense. The only difference will it will lure lots of Meltan instead.

    This effectual lure will last for one hour and if its during an event where Shiny Meltan features, which it currently is, there will be a slim chance of finding that coveted Shiny.

    Pokemon News

    What Is Pokemon Home

    Pokemon Home is a new service on the Nintendo Switch and mobile devices, which allows players to transfer Pokemon between their pokemon games!

    As the image above shows, pokemon from Pokemon Bank, Pokemon Go, Pokemon Lets Go Eevee, Pokemon Lets Go Pikachu, Pokemon Sword and Pokemon Shield can all be transferred to Pokemon Home.

    However, they can only be deposited back into Pokemon Sword and Shield.

    Though until you do, theyll be stored safely in the cloud, and youll earn bonuses for completing the Pokemon Home Pokedex!

    Unfortunately, the service isnt entirely free. Yes you can keep a free tier which will integrate with Pokemon Go, but if you want to store more than 30 Pokemon at a time, and use the Pokemon Bank transfer feature, you will need to fork out some cash.

    30 Day Subscription

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    Shiny Meltan Will Appear In Pokmon Go For A Limited Time

    Niantic has announced a new Pokémon GO event to get a Shiny Meltan for the first time.

    Meltan are those nut-shaped head creatures that were achieved by linking Pokémon GO with Pokémon: Lets Go Pikachu or Pokémon: Lets Go Eevee. These Mythical creatures can be obtained every week in a GO account if we exchange a Pokémon between those two games.

    The official description goes like this:

    Meltan is a rare Pokémon that appears when using a Mystery Box in Pokémon GO. These Mystery Boxes can only be obtained by linking Pokémon GO with Pokémon: Lets Go, Pikachu! Or Pokémon: Lets Go, Eevee !. Players who use a Mystery Box from Tuesday, February 5, 2019, until Monday, March 4, 2019, will have the opportunity to catch a Shiny Meltan in Pokémon GO. Also, during this event, the waiting time to reopen the Mystery Box it will take seven to three days.

    What stands out about this event, as I said, is that it is the first time we can get a Shiny Meltan, and it reduces the waiting time before we can get another one. Instead of waiting a week, it can now be done every three days.

    Niantics blog post also seems to drop that Shiny Meltan will not be available after the event, so if you want it, you will have to take the opportunity.

    How To Catch Meltan: The Mystery Box And Transfers Between Pokemon Go And Lets Go

    HOW TO GET SHINY MELTAN IN POKÃMON GO! – The Odds of Getting a Shiny Meltan in a Mystery Box!

    Heres what you might have missed: Professor Oak has discovered a mysterious Metal Box that is made up of the same materials as Meltan itself being that it is a Steel-type Pokemon that has liquid metal as a large part of its body. Its clear that this mysterious box is going to have a major impact on your ability to catch it.

    Its all about that previously-mentioned cross-game synergy: players will be rewarded with a Mysterious Box the first time they transfer a Pokemon from Pokemon Go to Pokemon Lets Go. Subsequent transfers will get more standard rewards like Pokemon Candy, but the first time you transfer the Mystery Box is your in-game reward.

    Opening the Mystery Box in Pokemon Go will then allow Meltan to appear for real in the game for a limited thirty minute period. These are real Meltan not those Ditto-like appearances from earlier and players can catch as many as spawn around them during the thirty-minute period after opening the Mystery Box.

    Heres the good news once youve retrieved the mystery box, its yours forever. Itll remain closed for a week once opened, however, so youll have to wait before opening it again, and each time you re-open it youll need to sync up with Pokemon Lets Go. In essence, you get one week of Meltan catching time per week and thats a challenge, given how much candy youre going to need for the creature to evolve.

    Shiny Meltan and Evolution

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    Pokemon Gos Meltan Research Quest 6

    • Evolve a Magnemite
    • Catch 5 Exeggcute
    • Battle in 10 Raids

    Hopefully players have saved up enough candies to evolve a Magnemite before this. As for catching Exeggcute, this should happen as players walk around because the creature isnt all that uncommon. Finally, trainers dont necessarily have to win the raids they take part in, so they are free to jump in and then jump out with their daily raid pass to complete this challenge. Finishing off this quest will net them a Silver Pinap Berry, a Metal Coat, and 10 Ultra Balls.


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