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How To Change A Pokemon’s Nature

Other Ways You Can Change Your Pokmon’s Stats

Change Your Pokemon’s Nature, Nature Mints, & Get the Judge Function in Pokemon Sword and Shield

If you haven’t beaten the game yet, there is another way to increase your Pokémon’s stats through the use of the Feather items. You can find random Feathers hidden on the bridge between Turffield and Hulbury just look for the sparkling spots on the ground for these hidden items. They will also respawn after a while, so you can get a handful of these feathers after enough time.

Description Increased stat
Health Feather An item for use on a Pokémon. It slightly increases the HP base points of a single Pokémon. HP
Muscle Feather An item for use on a Pokémon. It slightly increases the Attack base points of a single Pokémon. Attack
Resist Feather An item for use on a Pokémon. It slightly increases the Defense base points of a single Pokémon. Defense
Genius Feather An item for use on a Pokémon. It slightly increases the Sp. Atk base points of a single Pokémon. Special Attack
Clever Feather An item for use on a Pokémon. It slightly increases the Sp. Def base points of a single Pokémon. Special Defense
Swift Feather An item for use on a Pokémon. It slightly increases the Speed base points of a single Pokémon. Speed

Again, the feathers seem to respawn after a while, so you can always go back and check for more of them when you’re able to.

Is Kubfu A Good Pokemon

This is an extremely powerful move as not only will it hit very hard, it will also bust through mechanics such as Mimikyus Disguise ability. Fighting/Water is also a powerful and rare type of combination. It has no 4x weaknesses and its 2x weaknesses: Flying, Grass, Electric, Psychic and Fairy are manageable.

Pokemon Emerald Nature Modifier Cheat

You probably played Pokemon Emerald numerous times. It is arguably the best of the trio games made of Pokemon Ruby and Sapphire. Thats because it has a lot more content and think of it as something more than what the other two games had to offer. However, you probably dont know about the Pokemon Emerald Nature Modifier cheat or even our collection of Pokemon emerald GameShark codes.

Nature can be important for some people and can also be pretty much a non-factor for some. The key to a Pokemons Nature is that you get it randomly. However, using the cheat will get you the right Nature of the Pokemon that you want. That being said, here are some nice points that you should know regarding the Pokemons Nature for Emerald at least.

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Can You Still Gain Evs At Level 100

Level 100 Pokemon dont gain any EVs from battling. They can gain EVs from Vitamins though, and lose EVs with the special Berries, which will change the Pokemons actual stats on the fly. This means you can technically get an Effort Ribbon for a level 100 Pokemon, but you must apply Vitamins across all stats.

Use Mints To Change A Pokemon’s Stat Growth

Pokémon Sword & Shield: How To Change Your Pokémon

Through the introduction of Mints, you can change the rate at which a Pokemon’s stats increase as they level up. One thing to take note of however is that you do not change the nature itself, but rather the effect that the Pokemon’s nature has on it. Therefore a Pokemon which has an Impish nature and receives a Modest Mint will still have Impish nature displayed in its stats, but its stat growth will be that of a Pokemon with a Modest nature.

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You Can Also Determine Which Stats Grow Slowly

In addition to stats that grow quickly, Nature also tells us which stats grow slowly. Pokemon that mainly rely on physical attacks should ideally have a slowly growing Special Attack, while Special attackers should ideally have a slow growing Attack stat. The method of selecting the correct nature for a Pokemon is having one that highlights its strengths while simultaneously making its unused stat into a dump stat

Passing Down Nature Via Breeding

While you can’t change the Nature of an existing Pokemon, it is possible to pass down the Nature of a Pokemon via Breeding. To do this, you’ll need to give the Pokemon whose desire you intend to pass down an Everstone. You can find an Everstone in Turrfield, very close to where the first Day Care Center is.

Doing this will guarantee the child Pokemon to inherit the Nature of the Pokemon which is holding an Everstone. Not that you cannot use Mints to manipulate the Nature of the baby Pokemon as it will only pass down the original Nature of the parent.

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What Do Nature Mints Do

While these mints do change the effects of your Pokémons nature, they dont actually change the nature of your Pokémon so even if you change an Adamant Pokémon with a Timid Mint, despite having the stats of a Timid Pokémon, it still has the Adamant Nature which is what will be displayed and what is used for breeding

How To Change Nature In Pokemon Sword And Shield

How to change a Pokémon’s Nature in Sword and Shield using Mints

New items called Nature Mints allow you to change the Nature stat of any Pokemon. They can only be found in one place in the game: the Battle Tower in Wyndon.

This means that you wont be able to get these items until after youve completed the main story. Once you have access to the Battle Tower, you can battle there to earn BP .

Talk to the lady farthest to the left behind the counter and youll be able to buy Nature Mints. Each mint costs 50 BP, so youll need to do quite a bit of battling in the Battle Tower before you can buy one.

After you buy a mint, go to your bag and use it on the Pokemon whose Nature stats you want to change.

Technically, when you use a Nature Mint on a Pokemon, the Nature itself doesnt actually change; instead, only the stats change. So if you use an Adamant Mint on a Hasty Pokemon, the stats will change to reflect an Adamant Pokemon, but it will still say Hasty on its information screen and will be Hasty for breeding purposes.

Here are all of the Nature Mints and which stats they change:

Adamant Mint

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How To Change Your Nature

A new feature introduced in Pokémon Sword & Shield is the capability to change your Pokémon’s nature. Previously this was an impossible thing to do but now you can change it in a similar way to being able to change a Pokémon’s IVs with Hyper Training.

In the Battle Tower, you will find a stall which will sell you specific mints. There are 21 different mints that you can buy. These Mints will change the effects of the nature

All The Mints In Pokemon Sword & Shield

There are a wide variety of different mints to pick up in the Galar Region, as seen in the long list below, and each of them are useful for different things.

So, lets take a look at all of them that you can buy and what changes they make to your Pokemon when applied.

  • Adamant Mint; Increases Attack, Decreases Special Attack
  • Bold Mint; Increases Defense, Decreases Attack
  • Brave Mint; Increases Attack, Decreases Speed
  • Calm Mint; Increases Special Defense, Decreases Attack
  • Careful Mint ;Increases Special Defense, Decreases Special Attack
  • Gentle Mint; Increases Special Defense, Decreases Defense
  • Hasty Mint; Increases Speed, Decreases Defense
  • Impish Mint; Increases Defense, Decreases Special Attack
  • Jolly Mint; Increases Speed, Decreases Special Attack
  • Lax Mint; Increases Defense, Decreases Special Defense
  • Lonely Mint; Increases Attack, Decreases Defense
  • Mild Mint; Increases Special Attack, Decreases Defense
  • Modest Mint; Increases Special Attack, Decreases Attack
  • Naive Mint; Increases Speed, Decreases Special Defense
  • Naughty Mint; Increases Attack, Decreases Special Defense
  • Quiet Mint; Increases Special Attack, Decreases Speed
  • Rash Mint; Increases Special Attack, Decreases Special Defense
  • Relaxed Mint; Increases Defense, Decreases Speed
  • Sassy Mint; Increases Special Defense, Decreases Speed
  • Serious Mint; All stats increase at same rate
  • Timid Mint; Increases Speed, Decreases Attack

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Manipulate Natures With Mints

You cannot change the Nature of your Pokemon no matter what. You can, however, change the way your Pokemon’s stats grow by manipulating their nature. To do this, you need items called Mints. You cannot access Mints till you beat Pokemon Sword and Shield and get access to the Battle Tower.

The Mints are named after the respective Nature they mimic. A Lonely Mint will make your Pokemon have a higher Attack and a lower Defense. It works the same way for all the nature named Mints. Mints cost a whopping 50 BP so spend on the right Mint wisely.

Pokemon Sword And Shield Mints

hey monster (pokemon remake)

Traditionally, Pokemon games take on a whole new life after completing the main story. In Pokemon Sword and Pokemon Shield;thats no different, with one of the endgame opportunities presented to players being the introduction of;Mints. These sweet treats arent just for freshening a Pokemons breath, however, as they can be used to change their Nature and impact their stats. Heres everything you need to know about how Mints work and where to get them.

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How To Change Pokemon Nature In Pokemon Sword And Pokemon Shield

In Pokemon Sword and Pokemon Shield each Pokemon has a specific nature. A Pokemons nature effects its stats, providing an increase to some categories and a decrease to others. Traditionally Pokemon games have not allowed you to change a Pokemons nature. Pokemon Sword and Pokemon Shield are a bit different since they let you alter nature . Continue reading below to learn how to change Pokemon nature in Pokemon Sword and Pokemon Shield.

How To Change Nature Of Your Pokemon

If you want to change the nature of your Pokemon right away, you can use mints. Below you can find a step-by-step guide on how to do this.

  • Complete Pokemon Sword or Shield.
  • Earn Battle Points via the Battle Tower or via Mystery Gifts.
  • Visit the Wyndon BP shop with your winnings.
  • Take a look through what mints they sell and pick one that you can afford.
  • Apply the mint to the Pokemon of your choosing.
  • The other way to secure the desired nature for a specific Pokemon is to breed them, until the hatch gets the nature youre looking for. Mints, though, are much less time consuming,

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    How To Change A Pokmons Nature In Sword And Shield Using Mints

    Time to change things up.

    For the first time in core RPG series history, Nintendo has finally added a mechanic into Sword and Shield that can change a Pokémons Nature, thus influencing how they grow and develop.

    Sword and Shield players can acquire Nature Mints late in the game in Wyndon, essentially after getting near the final stretch of the game and story. This means you wont be able to get these mints until after youve completed the story.

    After beating the game and gaining access to the Battle Tower, youll be able to talk to one of the ladies behind the Battle Points counter to exchange your BP currency you earn in the Tower for mints.

    Each mint costs 50 BP, and depending on which Nature Mint you choose, itll have different effects on what stats your Pokémon develops more or less as it levels up.

    The full list of natures includes:

    Adamant: +Attack Speed, -Attack

    Change Natures Any Time Using Mint

    Pokemon Sword & Shield – How to Change a Pokemon’s Nature!

    In Sword and Shield, you can purchase Mints which change the nature of a given Pokemon. The mints are named according to the Nature they provide, so they will be intuitive to purchase.

    Purchased With BP

    Mints will be purchasable with BP, which can be earned at the Battle Stadium with Rank Battles. BPs are hard to be farmed, so think well whether to use BPs for Mints.

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    List Of Pokmon Lets Go Fortune Teller Colour Combinations

    Red and Yellow = LonelyRed and Blue = AdamantRed and Red = HardyRed and Green = NaughtyRed and Pink = Brave

    Yellow and Red = BoldYellow and Yellow = DocileYellow and Blue = ImpishYellow and Green = LaxYellow and Pink = Relaxed

    Blue and Red = ModestBlue and Yellow = MildBlue and Blue = BashfulBlue and Green = RashBlue and Pink = Quiet

    Green and Red = CalmGreen and Yellow = GentleGreen and Blue = CarefulGreen and Green = QuirkyGreen and Pink = Sassy

    Pink and Red = TimidPink and Yellow = HastyPink and Blue = JollyPink and Green = NaivePink and Pink = Serious

    What Is Ash’s Weakest Pokemon

    Ash’s 10 Weakest Pokémon

  • 1 Pikachu Is One Of Ash’s Most Valuable Companions In Battle.
  • 2 Heracross Helps Ash Acclimate To The Johto Region. …
  • 3 Gible Turns Its Innocence Into Fighting Spirit. …
  • 4 Buizel Unexpectedly Turns Laughter Into Terror. …
  • 5 Noctowl’s Battle Record Exceeds Its Simple Nature. …
  • 6 Ash Leaves Squirtle Behind Despite Steady Victories. …
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    Pokmon Sword And Shield Guide: How To Change Your Pokmons Nature

    Pokémon Sword and Shield introduces a way to change your Pokémons nature, the characteristic that determines how they gain stats.

    Older games did not let you change natures. If you wanted a Pikachu with a specific nature, you were forced to breed or catch them until you found the one you want. Now you can feed your Pokémon a mint to change natures without going through that hassle.

    How To Change A Pokemon’s Nature

    Pokemon Sword and Shield Guide  How to Change A Pokemons ...

    Pokemon;Sword and Shield introduce new;items;called Mints that change your Pokemons stat growth and stat potential the same way;Natures;do. You cannot purchase Mints until after you beat Pokemon Sword and Shield. Though Mints don’t change your Pokemon’s Nature in that Pokemons flavor text, they still change the rate of the stat growth and that stats max as if that Pokemon had a different Nature. A Lonely Mint will affect a Pokemon the same way a Lonely Nature would.

    For example, giving a Pokemon a Modest Mint will make its Sp. Attack growth high and its Attack growth low, which will be reflected in its summary. Its Sp.Attack stat will from then on be Red to mark its increased growth, and its Attack stat will be Blue to mark its lowered growth, as if its nature were Modest.

    However, that Pokemons original Nature will still be reflected in its flavor text. Giving a Pokemon a Mint will retroactively affect its stats previously affected by its original Nature, as well. So, if a Pokemons stat was lowered by its previous Nature, it will raise after changing its stats with a Mint. Mints are stored in the Other;Items;pocket of your Bag.

    Mints will not change a Pokemon’s Nature for Breeding purposes, either.

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    How To Change Pokemon Nature With Mints In Sword And Shield

    After players have beaten either;Pokemon Sword or;Pokemon Shield, theyll be allowed access to the Battle Tower, where its possible to undertake challenging bouts in aid of climbing the ranks and claiming promotions. Along the way, youll earn a currency called Battle Points that can be used to purchase Nature Mints from one of the Battle Tower vendors.

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    The lady youre looking for is behind a counter and accepts 50 BP in exchange for a wide range of different Nature Mints. A Pokemons Nature essentially refers to its personality, with a change in Nature influencing how a Pokemon develops as you continue to level it up by utilizing it in battle.

    Our full list of Pokemon Sword and Shield Natures is below, alongside how each affects a Pokemon as it develops, allowing you to make the best choice of Mints possible:

    Do Mints Change Stats

    Through the introduction of Mints, you can change the rate at which a Pokemons stats increase as they level up. Therefore a Pokemon which has an Impish nature and receives a Modest Mint will still have Impish nature displayed in its stats, but its stat growth will be that of a Pokemon with a Modest nature.

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    Why Is Ash’s Pikachu So Weak

    He is weak because he gives up his legendary health when he transforms into a Pichu. He sometimes can recall his legendary power to fight battles, but he is now as weak as most Pokemon when he starts out. This is why he refuses to go to a Pokeball. This is why is also stubborn about choosing a trainer.

    How Do I Change My Pokmons Nature

    Pokemon Sword and Shield How to change natures – Pokemon Natures Explained

    There are mints for each nature and theyre all only available in the Battle Tower in Wyndon, which you wont be able to access until after you beat Leon in the Pokémon League. Each mint is available for 50 Battle Points via the cashier on the left side of the Battle Tower lobby, so they dont come particularly easily.

    After you get the mint you want, just use it on a Pokémon and their nature will change.

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