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Where To Get My Pokemon Cards Graded

Concepts To Understand Before Submitting Your Card

Everything You Need To Know to Get Your Pokemon Cards Professionally Graded

PSA points out frequent points of confusion for those submitting cards for grading. To help the grading process go as smoothly as possible, you may want to research two concepts in particular:

Like so many things in life, these concepts are easy enough to understand with the proper guidance. These explainers from PSA should help tremendously.

How Will My Cards Be Graded

Each of these card grading companies has its own grading scores and sub-grades or qualifiers. And although their ratings are almost the same, each one would still hold different values in the marketplace. Meaning, a GEM-MT 10 Charizard graded by PSA would sell higher than a Pristine 10 Charizard from CGC. This is because PSA is the more trusted and reputable grading company between the two.;

You can check out the different grading scales and sub-grades on these links:;

PSA: ;

In a nutshell, your Pokemon cards will be graded on a scale of 1 to 10. 1 being the lowest card grade you can receive.;

Grade 1 cards are those that are damaged and have been worn out through time, whether by extensive playing or improper storage. Usually, these cards dont have any value, unless theyre extremely rare. However, even if thats the case, dont expect to get good returns from it.;

Grade 10 cards on the other hand are those in mint condition. This means that there are no creases and discoloration, plus its print and cutting are impeccable.;

Getting a Grade 10 card is close to impossible because youll not only have to preserve the quality of the card for a long time but also have a card with perfect printing and cutting. This means that even if you took good care of your cards if the manufacturers made a mistake in printing or cutting, you still wont get a Grade 10 rating.;

Criteria Psa Uses To Grade Your Card

Your card is considered perfect until flaws come into play. Flaws that could decrease the grade of your card include:

  • the card being miscut
  • a defect in the way that your card is printed
  • a card being stained
  • a card having damaged edges or corners
  • a card having blemishes, also known as marks
  • a card image being out of focus

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Why Would I Want To Get My Cards Graded

A small minority of major collectors will actually use the PSA Grading ;service almost to compete with other collectors to get official grades on their best and rarest cards. When a card gets graded it has its own unique reference number with PSA which can be looked up on their website, there you can find information about how many of that type of card have been graded, general card info, and how many other cards of that kind in the world share the same grade.

Other collectors may simply want to get their most rare and valuable cards graded because not only do PSA give your card a grade they also encapsulate the card to completely protect and preserve it, so not only does it score a certain grade, it will be maintained.

Some people may not be big collectors, and may simply have a couple of cards from their childhood which have sentimental value to them, the grading process is a great way of having your card evaluated and protected and preserved in PSA casing.

Are You Looking To Grade Your Pokmon Cards

Should I Get My Pokemon Cards Graded?

Unlike other grading companies around the world, we dedicate our time purely to the trading card game of Pokemon. We also encapsulate your card in a beautifully frosted slab with an aesthetically pleasing hot foil shining label. We guarantee youll love the results. Thats why were a 5 STAR Google rated business.

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Which Are The Estimated Turnaround Time To Get Your Card Graded At Psa

PSA have been working over the past few months to tackle their huge backlog of cards to be graded. As of July 2021 they were able to open up their most expensive service for Express Grading. This costs $200 per card, and clearly, is only worth it for cards of considerable value.You can find the updated turnaround time to get your cards graded at the following communication link of PSA website.

Should You Get Your Pokmon Cards Graded

This is a tough question to answer. Usually it does not make sense to have a card graded unless it is very old, valuable, and in Near Mint Condition or better. Newer cards fit in here too if they are rare, desirable, or chase cards. A chase card is usually a bonus insert that might is not part of the set.

We would say if your card is very collectable card, and worth over $100 you might want to consider getting it graded. And we would usually only send cards out if you think they will receive a score of 8, 9 or a 10.; If its super rare and valuable, a 7 would be a good score too! Caveat: Any Base Set Charizard, Blastoise or Venusaur is worth grading, no matter what condition they are in.; A PSA 2, non-first edition Charizard sold for $850 in November 2020!;;

Check out our Pokemon Price Guide to check current values on cards.;

Check the Completed Sales section on eBay and find the prices that cards have actually sold for, not what they are listed at. First-Edition, Base Set Holographic Pokémon Cards sell at great prices. As do chase cards from many of the sets.

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Why Do You Want It Graded

One of the first things you should ask yourself is why you want to grade the card. Sometimes, you dont really need to grade the card even if grading it could see an increase in the cards monetary value.

If you never intend on selling the card, then grading it likely wouldnt do anything more than give you bragging rights. Dont care about increasing the cards value or gaining any bragging rights? Then theres no reason to grade the card in the first place!

Introducing The Cgc Trading Cards Holder


Posted on 7/13/2020

The CGC Trading Cards holder combines crystal-clear optics and the most advanced archival materials for the best in display and protection.

CGC Trading Cards has invested significant time and resources to develop the hobby’s best holder for Pokémon TCG and Magic: The Gathering cards. The result is a display-worthy holder that combines crystal-clear optics and superior long-term protection. An attractive and easy-to-read certification label provides a detailed description of the card and its grade. In addition, numerous security features in the holder and label protect against counterfeiting and tampering.

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How To Grade Your Pokemon Or Tgc Card Collection With Psa

A very wide range of TGC cards can be graded at PSA and BGS, not only Pokemon. PSA is perhaps the most popular option for grading Pokémon Cards. They mark their cards with red grade labels and are incredibly reliable, but somewhat slow as well. Because of their popularity, their wait times have grown significantly.

  • The submission process to PSA is very similat to that of BGS. As first step, create/sign in to your PSA account to get accessed to the submission center.
  • Choose the card type you want to grade and the type of service .
  • Select the service level
  • Insert your card item details.
  • Provide shipping details and payment method.
  • Current Psa Grading Wait Time

    PSA tends to take ages at the best of times. While they recently released the following statement on their website: PSA is experiencing a high volume of submissions, and as a result, submission processing times have been impacted. PSA is currently experiencing extensive delays, from the time of delivery to the time of order processing entry.

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    Do Pawn Shops Buy Pokemon Cards

    Pawn shops do buy Pokemon cards in some cases, but we dont recommend selling them there. Unless the pawn shop is known to specialize in trading card games, chances are high the clerk wont know the ins and outs of Pokemon card trading. So you can expect a lowball offer.

    If you want to sell them locally and in-person, try comic book shops or hobby shops instead.

    Prepare To Be Disappointed With Your Grades

    Graded 8.5 Meowth promo asking 10$

    It is really difficult to get cards graded 9s or 10s. Especially on older cards. Cards need to be centered perfectly. The have to be cut perfectly. They cant have dings to the corners, or white edges, or surface scratches. There can be no roughness on the face or edges.; Look closely at the holofoil artwork for Any Scratches.; Turn the card over, and look for any whiteness around the blue edges.;;

    Many older cards you might think are perfect seem to come back as 7s or 8s. 10s basically have to be protected from the get-go taken directly from a booster pack and highly protected immediately. Most people werent doing that 20 years ago. Ive sent in about 30 cards myself and maybe got two to three cards rated 10. And these were all cards that went right from boosters to binders .

    You should understand that 7s and 8s and 9s are still really good scores though!; Those are Near Mint or better! Whether its comic books, coins or Pokemon Cards the higher the score, the better the selling price.

    For reference here are actual average sales prices on 1st Edition Base Set Charizards on eBay March 2021

    PSA 10 $311,800 Mar 2021BGS 9 $64,000 Feb 2021PSA 8 $25,000 Mar 2021PSA 7 $15,000 Mar 2021BGS 6 $14,500 Feb 2021PSA 5 $9,000 Mar 2021PSA 2 $4,000 Mar2021

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    How Much Does It Really Cost To Have A Pokmon Card Graded

    Youll see prices ranging from $9 to $500 to get a single Pokémon Card Graded. Prices do go down if you send cards in bulk though. And if you plan to get a lot of cards graded there are reduced rates and/or monthly specials for members. On average plan on about $15-30/card once you pay for shipping both ways

    Theres also another catch you should be aware of. You have to declare the value of the cards for insurance and authentication.; The bulk rate just applies to less valuable Pokemon cards.; If you have a 1st Edition Charizard that you think is worth $25,000, the grading on that one card will cost you more.; Thats because the grading companies need to get more insurance for your card in case something happens to it under their care.; This is usually well documented at each grading companys site.;

    The Key Factors To Get A High Grade On Pokemon Cards

    • Corners: This refers to the condition of the corners. Anything like whitening, nicks, or unsymmetrical cutting can affect the grade of a card.
    • Centering:; How well centered the artwork on the card is. Grading services tend to be stricter with centering on the front of the card, compared to the back. They will also work off certain centering ratios to determine the grade of the card.
    • Edges: refers to the condition of the edges of the card. Again, whitening, nicks and edgewear can affect the grade.
    • Surface:refers to the condition of the surface of the card. Scratches, nicks print lines and even holographic bleed can affect the grade.

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    Pokemon Cards And Gambling

    Whilst some Pokemon games have changed due to new gambling rules in 2007, the trading of Pokemon cards does not fall under the definition of gambling. Even if you find the most expensive Pokémon card in your latest pack of trading cards, this is not considered a gamble, you are simply adding to your collection. Despite this, the probability is that when buying a pack of cards, the value of single cards when added together will be more than the cost of the pack.

    What Does Grading A Pokemon Card Cost


    Many serious collectors will only purchase Pokemon trading cards that have been officially graded by a reputable company. Grading a card can immediately increase its value providing that the grade is high, of course. The cost of grading Pokemon cards can be steep, but the ultimate payoff is often worth it.

    Grading a single Pokemon card costs a minimum of $18 to $35. Becket Grading Services charge $20/card for economy service with no sub-grading, or $35/card for economy service with sub-grades. Meanwhile, the Certified Guaranty Company charges $18/card for standard economy service. Professional Sports Authenticator , on the other hand, starts at $20/card with a 10-card minimum submission.

    Some providers offer discounts for bulk service, assuming that collectors want to grade enough Pokemon cards to meet the minimum thresholds.

    The graders outlined above are the most trusted and prolific service providers when it comes to Pokemon cards and many other collectibles. As such, seeking out a lesser-known grading service to save money could backfire. Many collectors wont purchase Pokemon cards with a grade given by a company theyre unfamiliar with. If they do purchase the card, they may intend to have it graded again. This often factors into the initial purchase price, meaning that the card wont sell for as much as it perhaps should.

    • PC / PS4 / PS5 / Xbox One / Xbox Series X
    • Rating8Nintendo Switch / PC / PS4 / PS5 / Xbox One
    • Rating7

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    P G C The Professional Grading Company


    PCG Team: At PGC , we grade cards in as little as 72 hours using some of the most advanced card case security features in the world. Our cases feature a long list of security features including gold holograms, watermarks, UV inks, micro text only visible under microscope, embossed gold foil and QR codes. Cards look incredible graded in PGC cases with our beautiful gold metallic labels. We are based in London and ship worldwide.


    Anthony Hickman:I think its important to start with the elephant in the room. We love PSA and BGS just as much as the next collector.

    We founded TFG on the core principals of integrity, professionalism and humility, fundamental values that are inherent with our Royal Marines heritage. Alongside a genuine passion for the hobby, we wanted to build a Grading Service based on these core principals.

    We understand the narrative of why use anyone else? and this has resonated with us from our conception. We want to challenge this and ask why not?. Our vision is to create an alternative that is viable, trusted within the community, accessible, engaging and innovating, offering a cost effective and efficient service with a competitive turnaround time. I have often wondered why such a progressive and established hobby, relies on the performance of two businesses, and the answer is because at this moment in time, they do what they do, better than anyone else.

    Peter Graham:

    Top Tips In This Article

    Scott Pratte, our expert card trader and collector, provided lots of tips to make money selling Pokemon cards. Here is his best advice:

    • First edition or New Edition? All kidding aside, we know that you know New Edition is a boy band from the 70s and 80s. Still, you need to know what you have in that box of Pokemon cards. In other words, which are the rare cards and which are not. Do you have one of the original holographic cards? Cha-ching.
    • Whats the condition of your cards? If theyve been under the bed in a box so light didnt fade them or the dog didnt get to them, you may be in good shape. Never taken out of the wrapper? More cha-ching. That is whats called mint. All cards in good condition are likely worth more than what you paid for them.
    • The best place to sell Pokemon cards? Its eBay all the way. It would be great to sell one card for oodles of money and eBay has facilitated some of that. But if you want a big audience and buyers willing to shell out $30 a pop for your cards, you can rack up sales.
    • Think youve got something valuable? Consult the Professional Sports Authenticator and get an estimate. This will put you in a good position to haggle with a buyer, which you should expect to do.

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    Superior Display And Security

    A large label allows for detailed card descriptions and excellent readability. If requested, CGC Trading Cards provides Sub-Grades, which give a more nuanced description of a cards condition, and these are easily accommodated on the CGC Trading Cards label. The label also features microprinting, UV ink and holographic foil to prevent against counterfeiting.

    Pokmon Dedicated Population Reports

    What Are Graded Pokémon Cards? Should I get my cards graded.

    Every card you submit gets entered into our unique database so you can reference the authenticity of your grade along with the cards details at any time. Your cards will also be entered into our population reports.

    Youll find no Yugio or sports cards cluttering our database. We specialise and dedicate our efforts to the perfection of consistent Pokémon grading for collectors around the world.

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    Getting Psa Graded Pokemon Cards

    So now weve learned a little about PSA Graded Pokemon Cards, you might be considering sending some of your own cards off for grading, more information about this can be found at

    Alternatively you can take the guesswork out of it and keep an eye on our site, we will be getting new batches of PSA graded Pokemon Cards in every couple of months and theyll always be Ultra Rare, Secret Rare or Rainbow Rare cards plus that way you get to just simply buy a card at the level you want without paying for grading, shipping and waiting for months to get the card back only to find it comes in at a lower grade than you’d hoped 🙂 A couple of our latest and greatest graded cards can be found below, be sure to check them out!


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