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How To Get Galarian Slowpoke Pokemon Go

No Need To Go To The Isle Of Armor For This Slowpoke


As another touch of Galar comes to Pokémon GO, the time has come to catch a Galarian Slowpoke, but why stop there? Whilst the evolution method for Galarian Slowking has yet to be added, its open season on Galarian Slowbro and were going to tell you how to obtain one.

First things first though, heres some background info on the current event, A Very Slow Discovery:


Sometimes the best adventure is a slow one. In the upcoming A Very Slow Discovery event, youll be able to take inspiration from the very same Pokémon that inspired us: Slowpoke. A Very Slow Discovery will feature Slowpoke, Galarian Slowpoke, Mega Slowbro, and Galarian Slowbro! Some of the other Pokémon appearing during this event are quite slow and active as well.

Date + Time: Tuesday, June 8, 2021, at 10:00 a.m. to Sunday, June 13, 2021, at 8:00 p.m. local time

And now for the guide portion of this article:

How To Catch A Galarian Slowpoke In Pokmon Go A Very Slow Discovery

Galarian Slowpoke is a slow moving Pokémon, but if youre fast enough, youll be able to capture it in Pokémon Go to add it to your collection. Its making its debut at the start of the Season of Discovery for A Very Slow Discovery event. Galarian Slowpoke will be a rare Pokémon, so you want to try capturing whenever you have the chance. There are a few ways you can go about adding this Pokémon to your collection.

Galarian Slowpoke will not appear in the wild. You wont be able to find it when wandering around your neighborhood or if it wont spawn when attempting to use any incense or lures. Instead, the only way to capture and encounter a Galarian Slowpoke is to find it at one star raids that spawn at Gyms. A handful of one star raid Pokémon are also appearing for this event, such as Alolan Grimer, Shellder, Shinx, and Timburr. Any of these Pokémon can appear at a one star raid, so theres a one in five chance of it being a Galarian Slowpoke for the duration of A Very Slow Discovery event.

Beyond this, Galarian Slowpoke might be a reward for Field Research tasks. These are tasks that you can acquire by spinning a Pokéstop or by using a Gym. Well be able to detail the exact Field Research task you need to grab. Unfortunately, these tasks are random, so you may have to visit several Pokéstops before the task drops for you.

The Majority Of Players Desire A Galarian Slowbro Which Can Only Be Obtained By Developing A Galarian Slowpoke How To Get Galarian Slowpoke In Pokemon Go

IMAGE: Nintendo

Slowpoke is one of the Water & Psychic-type Pokemons that is weak against Ghost, Dark, Electric, Grass and Bug moves. The Pokedex tells that Slowpoke catches prey by dipping its tail in water at the river’s edge. This Pokémon, on the other hand, frequently forgets what it’s doing and spends entire days lounging by the water’s edge. So how to get Galarian Slowpoke in Pokemon Go? Continue reading the article for a complete guide.

Galarian Slowpoke is a Psychic-type Pokemon that has stats of 109 attack, a defence of 98, stamina of 207, and a max CP of 1386 in Pokemon Go. The first time it was introduced was in Generation 1 in the Kanto region. Galarian Slowpoke is weak against Bug, Dark, and Ghost-type moves and its attacks get boosted by Windy weather. Slowpoke’s best moves are Confusion and Psychic . Here are some more best movesets of this Pokemon:

  • Confusion + Psychic – DPS => 8.59
  • Iron Tail + Psychic – DPS => 7.92
  • Confusion + Surf – DPS => 7.48
  • Iron Tail + Psyshock – DPS => 7.08
  • Iron Tail + Surf – DPS => 6.96

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How To Catch Galarian Slowpoke In Pokmon Go

Here’s a quick guide on how to catch Galarian Slowpoke in Pokémon Go.

By Soham Rane

Galarian Slowpoke has finally made its way into Pokémon Go after we learnt about his possible introduction, and heres how to catch it.

With an ever-growing roster of Pokémon inPokémon Go, we now have the Galarian Slowpoke too. And yes, you can evolve it into a Galarian Slowbro.

Heres how to catch the Galarian Slowpoke in Pokémon Go to take your adventures a step further.

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The Legendary Pokémon Xerneas and Yveltal coming soon to Pokémon GO!

How To Get Galarian Slowking

Pokémon Sword &  Shield: Galarian Slowpoke Explained

As part of the Halloween 2021 event, Galarian Slowking is now available in Pokemon Go. To get one, you need to catch 30 psychic-type Pokemon while Galarian Slowpoke is set as your buddy and then feed it 50 Slowpoke Candy.

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If you don’t yet have a Galarian Slowpoke, you’ll have a chance to catch one in one-star raids throughout the event, and you can earn some extra Slowpoke Candy from the latest Misunderstood Mischief Special Research. You’ll also still be able to get Galarian Slowking even after the Halloween 2021 event ends.

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How To Catch Galarian Slowpoke

As with many other regional variant Pokemon, Galarian Slowpoke has been exclusively obtainable through raids and by hatching eggs.

As part of the season of Mischief, Galarian Slowpoke will be available in one-star raids for a limited time. This span will run from October 15 to October 22. Alongside Galarian Slowpoke, Murkrow, Scraggy, Yamask, and Espurr will be available in one-star raids. Shiny versions of Murkrow and Yamask are also included in encounters after raids.

How To Evolve Galarian Slowpoke Into Galarian Slowking In Pokmon Go

The Galarian Slowking form has arrived to Pokémon Go.

Image via Niantic

Galarian Slowking is making its first appearance in Pokémon Go during the Halloween Mischief event for Part 1: Creepy Companions. Youll be able to evolve your Galarian Slowpoke into Galarian Slowking and even after the event. Like several Pokémon, Galarian Slowking has a series of special requirements youll need to meet if you want to acquire it, during the Halloween Mischief event and well after. In this guide, were going to break down how to meet those requirements to evolve a Galarian Slowpoke into a Galarian Slowking in Pokémon Go.

You need to make sure youve already captured a Galarian Slowpoke. Typically, this Pokémon is usually available through one-star raids, and this is the most common way to encounter this Pokémon. Regardless, make sure youve caught one and have it in your collection. When you have a Galarian Slowpoke you want to evolve, make it your buddy.

Once Galarian Slowpoke is your buddy, all you have to do is capture 30 Psychic-type Pokémon. These Pokémon can be in the wild, from raids, Field Research projects, or any other method that nets you one of the 30 need you to catch.

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How To Find Galarian Slowpoke In Pokemon Go

Galarian Slowpoke will begin to appear in Pokemon Go starting on Tuesday, June 8th. Even when the event is over, players will have the chance to encounter it out in the wild. Here are all the ways players can increase their chances of finding one.

  • In The Wild: Players may stumble across a Galarian Slowpoke just exploring the wild.
  • Incense: This item will increase the spawn rate of all Pokemon nearby where you are. Galarian Slowpoke has the chance of making an appearance.
  • Lure Module: This item will increase the spawn rate of all Pokemon in the area. There’s a chance that players can come across a Galarian Slowpoke.
  • Raids: Galarian Slowpoke will begin to appear in 1-star raid battles. Players should be able to challenge them on their own.

Tons of slow Pokemon like Slowking and Snorlax will be a part of this event. It comes to a close on June 13th so make sure to stay on top of it and capture the Pokemon you need. June is stacked when it comes to new content.

Pokemon Go is available now on iOS and Android.

How To Get Galarian Slowbro In Pokemon Go


Evolving your Galarian Slowpoke is quite a time-consuming task, regardless of which evolution you choose. As well as collecting enough Candy, youll also need to catch 30 of a specific Pokemon type.

Heres how to evolve Galarian Slowpoke into Galarian Slowbro in Pokemon Go:

  • Catch a Galarian Slowpoke and make it your Buddy.
  • Earn at least 50 Galarian Slowpoke Candy. One way to do this is to use Pinap Berries when out catching Slowpokes , but you can also walk with the mon as your buddy to earn candies every 3km, too.
  • Catch at least 30 Poison-type Pokemon with Galarian Slowpoke as your Buddy. Using a Mossy Lure can help attract more Poison-types.
  • Now you can evolve Galarian Slowpoke into Galarian Slowbro!
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    How To Get Galarian Slowking Pokemon Go Galarian Snowpoke Evolution

    To get the Pokemon Go Galarian Slowking, you need to know how to evolve the Galarian Slowpoke. The Pokemon Go Galarian Slowpoke evolution has actually been added very recently, so not many of you will even know its a thing, but now it is. Of course, the first thing to do is get a Galarian Slowpoke. Now is a great time to get one, since theyll be appearing in one-star raids from October 15 to October 22. They can also sometimes appear in Eggs and none-event raids, but theres a window of opportunity here that you should definitely use.

    Once you have a Galarian Slowpoke, time to learn how to get the Galarian Slowking. First off, put your special Slowpoke in the Buddy Pokemon position. Then, go out and catch 30 Psychic Pokemon. Once thats done, youll also need 50 Galarian Slowpoke candy to complete its evolution into Galarian Slowking. Best try and farm them at the same time.

    How To Evolve Galarian Slowking In Pokemon Go

    Following the introduction of the Halloween Mischief event on October 15, to evolve Galarian Slowking from Galarian Slowpoke in Pokemon Go, you need to do three things:

    • Set Galarian Slowpoke as your Buddy
    • Catch 30 Psychic-type Pokemon while its your Buddy
    • Earn 50 Galarian Slowpoke Candy so you can evolve it

    Once youve done those, youll get the option to evolve when you click on the Gen VIII mon.

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    Is Galarian Slowking Any Good In Pokemon Go

    Galarian Slowking has a good moveset, but tops out at an underwhelming 3,072 CP at level 50.

    For both its charged move and fast move, Galarian Slowking can choose from poison, psychic, and ghost attacks. This gives it wide-ranging coverage that can check poison, psychic, fairy, grass, and fighting Pokemon. It has weaknesses to ground, ghost, and dark attacks.

    At very high levels, its a decent option in raids and against Team GO Rocket grunts but for most people, its best suited to Great League battling.

    The trouble with Galarian Slowking is that there is simply a great deal of competition when it comes to strong psychic-type Pokemon. The Pokemon just cant match the potential of psychic-type mythicals such as Celebi and Mew, and strong three-stage psychic-type Pokemon like Alakazam and Metagross.

    How To Evolve Slowpoke In Pokemon Go


    Slowpoke entered the Pokemon series with one lone evolution, but along with its Galar region counterpart, it now has more than a few evolutions.

    In Pokemon GO, evolving Slowpoke and Galarian Slowpoke requires certain conditions to be met in all but one instance . These requirements vary from the use of evolution items to catching specific Pokemon while using the Buddy System. Regardless, it will take some dedication not only for trainers to evolve Slowpoke, but to obtain all of its forms from both the Kanto and Galar variants.

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    How To Evolve A Galarian Slowpoke Into A Galarian Slowbro In Pokmon Go

    Your next objective will probably be advancing it into a Galarian Slowpoke. Like other Galarian Pokémon, for example, Yamask and Farfetch. Galarian Slowpoke has an extraordinary development prerequisite.

    To evolve a Evolve Galarian Slowpoke you need to have 50 Slowpoke Candy and catch 30. Toxin type Pokémon while Galarian Slowpoke is your Buddy Pokémon.

    In case youre experiencing difficulty discovering these toxin type Pokémon, take a stab at setting. A Mossy Lure at a PokéStop, in light of the fact that this ought to draw in poison-types to your area.

    Pokmon Go: How To Get Galarian Slowking

    According to the PokéDex, Slowpokes evolution into Slowbro or Slowking is caused by a chemical reaction brought about when a Shellder bites it, secreting its natural toxins into the Slowpokes body. Normally, when a Shellder bites a Slowpokes head, the toxins stimulate its brain, making it smarter and turning it into a Slowking. However, in Galar, those Shellder toxins are apparently so potent that they increase the Shellers intellect instead, effectively rendering the Slowpoke its puppet. While you ruminate on those unsettling implications, heres how to get a Galarian Slowking in Pokémon GO.

    The option to evolve a Galarian Slowpoke into a Galarian Slowking, as well as Galarian Slowking itself, were added to the game alongside its currently-running Halloween event, likely due to the fact that Galarian Slowkings gaze is incredibly creepy. To make this evolution happen, youll first need a Galarian Slowpoke, identified by their yellow heads, as well as 50 Slowpoke Candy, obtained from either catching Slowpokes or walking around with a Slowpoke as your buddy.

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    Is Galarian Slowbro Good

    Yes. Since Galarian Slowpoke and Slowbro would be focused on their Psychic abilities, they would be an excellent counter for Fighting and Poison-type Pokémon. Nonetheless, the deciding factor still boils down to your preference and play style.

    This ends our guide on how to evolve Galarian Slowpoke into Galarian Slowbro in Pokémon GO. If you have any questions or other concerns, please let us know in the comment section, and well do our best to answer them.

    Galarian Pokmon In Pokmon Go Explained


    Like the Alolan Pokémon before them, Galarian Pokémon differ from their counterparts both physically and statistically, with the Pokémon typing often being swapped Galarian Darumaka, for example, being an ice-type Pokémon compared it’s traditional fire-type nature.

    Galarian Pokémon were released as part of the eighth generation of Pokémon and make their home in the Galar region, which was inspired by Britain. Due to this many of the Galarain Pokémon are inspired by either British wildlife, history or mythology.

    A number of Galarian Pokémon also have final evolutions that can be achieved if the Pokémon being evolved is a Galar variant. Obstagoon, for example, can only be obtained by evolving a Galarian Linoone.

    In Pokémon Go, Galarian Pokémon is a type of Pokémon Forme, much like how Pokémon like Castform has a different appearance depending on the weather.

    Galarian Pokémon can be obtained in a variety of ways, from simply being caught like a regular Pokémon to hatching from 7km eggs.

    Thankfully, Galarian Pokémon share the candy with their traditional forme. This means that, if you have enough candy, you can instantly evolve a Galarian Meowth or Linoone, which can help you fill in some otherwise tricky Pokédex entries.

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    A Very Slow Discovery

    Sometimes the best adventure is a slow one. In the upcoming A Very Slow Discovery event, youll be able to take inspiration from the very same Pokémon that inspired us: Slowpoke. A Very Slow Discovery will feature Slowpoke, Galarian Slowpoke, Mega Slowbro, and Galarian Slowbro! Some of the other Pokémon appearing during this event are quite slow and active as well.

    The Alluring Galarica Spice

    The Slowpoke of the Galar region used to eat the seeds of a certain plant that grew in their habitat, as this was their favorite food. These seeds were in fact Galarica seeds, used to this day as an essential spice for cooking. The Slowpoke in Galar built up particles of this spice in their bodies over several generations, eventually gaining the unique appearance and behavior they are known for today.

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    Pokemon Go Halloween 2021 Part : Galarian Slowking Special Research Tasks And More

    The first part of Pokemon Go’s Halloween 2021 event is running until Oct. 22.

    Galarian Slowking has arrived in Pokemon Go as part of this year’s Halloween event.

    Pokemon Go‘s Halloween 2021 event has begun. This year’s event is divided into two parts, each of which has its own set of featured Pokemon, Research tasks and other activities to complete. The first part is underway until Oct. 22, and it introduces Galarian Slowking to the game, as well as a new Special Research story focused on Yamask. Here’s everything you need to know about part 1 of Pokemon Go’s Halloween 2021 event.

    How To Get Galarian Slowking In Pokmon Go

    Pokemon Go: How To Evolve Galarian Slowpoke Into Galarian ...

    Pokémon Go is set to celebrate Halloween by introducing its Halloween Mischief event from October 15th to 31st and along with the festivities, plenty of new Pokémon will be available to catch.

    Joining the available Pokémon in the game for the very first time is Galarian Slowking, the second regional evolution for Galarian Slowpoke.

    Previously you werent able to get Galarian Slowking in the game however, you could evolve Galarian Slowpoke into Galarian Slowbro with the help of candies and by capturing 30 Poison-type Pokémon. If youre looking to add this regional form of Slowking to your collection during spooky season, heres what you need to know.

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