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How To Change Weather Pokemon Shield

How To Change Weather To Fog In Wild Area Pokemon Sword & Shield

Pokemon Sword And Shield How To Change The Weather

To change the weather and get the Fog effect in Wild Areas in Pokemon Sword & Shield, you have to beat the game first. Some people have been saying that you can bypass this by setting your time to 6 AM, claiming that this causes fog to appear in places like Rolling Fields. Or, at the very least, has a chance to cause Fog Pokemon to show up. However, we havent been able to replicate this process. From what we can tell, beating the game by Leon at the end. That will unlock Heavy Fog appearing in the Wild Areas. If you have another way of doing this, by all means, correct us in the comments below.

Some of the Pokemon that you can get with the Fog weather effect present in the Wild Areas include Milcremy, Ralts, Gardevoir, Mimikyu, Solosis, Mimikyu, and others. Now, of course, theres a chance that youll run into some of them by playing raids. In the regular wild, however, not as much not until you unlock the Fog.

Pokmon Sword And Shield: How To Change The Weather

The Wild Area in Pokémon Sword and Shield is where players will spend countless hours, catching Pokémon in raids or just encountering them naturally throughout the environment. It’s also…well, wild, completely unpredictable in terms of both the weather and the Pokémon you’ll encounter. This can be frustrating as the type of weather you’re in directly affects the kinds of Pokémon that are out and about.

How To Get One Weather Condition Across All Of The Wild Area

Discovered by Austin John Plays, there are specific dates that you can put into your Nintendo Switch that will cause the weather across the whole Wild Area to be the same.

While some of these weather conditions are locked to certain stages of progression in the game , these are the dates to put in to guarantee one weather condition all over the Wild Area:

  • 1 May 2020: Normal Weather
  • 1 July 2020: Sunny Weather
  • 1 March 2020: Overcast Weather
  • 1 October 2020: Raining
  • 1 June 2020: Foggy Weather
  • 1 April 2020: Sandstorms
  • 1 February 2020: Hailing
  • 1 December 2020: Snowing

In Pokémon Sword and Shield, the weather conditions of Snowstorms and Sandstorms will not occur until you have defeated the first three Gym Leaders in the game. To unlock the foggy weather conditions, youll need to defeat Leon and become the Champion of Galar.

Now that you know how to change the weather in Sword and Shield as well as what dates yield certain weather types, all thats left to do is go out and catch the Pokémon.

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Changing The Nintendo Switchs Date

Players can only change their Switch systems date through the main menu. From there, theyll tap the System Settings button on the right, in between the Controllers and Sleep Mode options. Then, scroll all the way down to the final option, System, and select the Date and Time option. The ability to alter date and time might be disabled at first, as the Switch can synchronize its own clock with the real worlds using the internet. This will have to be disabled in order to change the month to what the player desires. While this method can help find otherwise rare Pokémon, it may be a detriment in other Switch games. For instance, Animal Crossing: New Horizons relies on the current date for in-game events and mechanics, and changing the time to find certain Pokémon might distribute a players island life. Turnips, in particular, will rot if the time is every changed, so be wary when using this weather altering method. Once the date has changed, Sword and Shield can be opened again and the weather will instantly change to the desired outcome. The game does not have to be closed to change the date, letting players hunt Pokémon to their hearts content.

Pokemon Sword And Shield: How To Change The Weather And Weather Pokemon

How to Change the Weather in the Wild Area (Tips and ...

Certain Pokemon can only be found in certain weather conditions, find out how to change it here in Pokemon Sword and Shield.

Pokemon Sword and Shield‘s new Wild Area full of new and old Pokemon – it’s heavily reliant upon on the right weather conditions to get the correct Pokemon.

Certain Pokemon will only spawn during certain weather cycles, so it can be rather tricky to come across the right weather and get the Pokemon you want.

Find out how to erase the agony of waiting for the perfect weather cycle so you can find that Pokemon you are looking for here!

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Pokemon Isle Of Armors Weather Patterns

Changing weather is already possible in Sword and Shield, but it operates a tad differently in the Isle of Armor. Normally, the weather is locked to the first day of every month, so players could choose from certain months to reliably get the weather they wanted. But on the Isle of Armor, this changes to the 15th of every month, and the months have different guaranteed weather. Below is each weather type, and their corresponding month:

  • Normal March and September
  • Intense Sun May and December
  • Overcast February and November

How Do I Change The Weather

It turns out that changing the weather during Pokemon Sword and Shield has nothing to do with the in-game clock, it actually takes into consideration your Nintendo Switch’s clock.

The Wild Area experiences a drastic weather change at midnight every day, so if you do not want to play in the current weather system all you need to do is change your Switch’s system clock.

To do this you are going to want to head into Settings System tab Date and Time.

YouTuber AustinJohnPlays has figured out a way to make the Wild Area the exact same weather conditions all around.

Be sure to check out his YouTube video but here is the list of the dates and weather conditions associated with each.

  • Normal: May 1, 2020

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Pokemon Sword And Shield Weather Symbols

To find these Symbols, open your map and press the + button which will reveal the weather in every location. Under the right weather conditions, in wild areas, you might be able to find some strong and powerful Pokemon.

Each weather symbol on your map represents a type of weather. There are 9 different weather conditions Snow, Thunderstorm, Rain, Cloudy, Sunny, Clear, Snowstorm, Sandstorm, and Fog.

Change WeatherThere is no way you can change the weather in the game itself. It is dependent on the date and time set in your Nintendo Switch. Weather can vary drastically in between each area. One may have one weather while the other may have something entirely different.

Although you cannot set the weather from within the game, you can change the date and time of your console to achieve specific weather conditions.

You can change the weather Sword and Shield if you set the date to a particular time. But make sure you are a little far in the story before you try and tinker around with these options.

To achieve this, go to System Settings, then System, and then Date and Time. Uncheck the option to Synchronize the Clock via the internet. Now simply change the Date and Time to one of the ones mentioned below to achieve the desired weather. If you want to get a Sandstorm and Snowstorm, you should be done with the game at least 50 percent. And for fog, you will need to have completed the story.

The format for these dates is DD/MM/YY.

  • Snow: 12/1/2020

How To Change Weather

How to CHOOSE / Change the Weather in Pokemon Sword and Shield (Also Fog, Sandstorm & Hail)

Weather in Sword and Shield is somewhat randomized. Whenever you enter the Wild Area the weather is set based on the date and time on your Nintendo Switch. So in the game itself there isnt much you can do to alter things, at least early in the game when it will matter. So what options are available? You can change the weather, but it involves shutting down the game and altering some settings. Yep, you have to change the date and/or time on your Switch.

Make sure you save your game because you dont want to lose a ton of progress when youre just trying to change weather. Once youre set just hit Home, then hit X while hovering on the Pokemon Sword and Shield icon. Choose Close to shut the game down. Now open the System Settings menu and go to System at the bottom. Here is a Date and Time option. Turn off sync time to the internet and you can set it to whatever you like. When you load the game back up and enter the Wild Area the weather should be different. You unfortunately cant choose which weather to go for, but keep checking back in case theres late game items that change that.

So thats how to change weather in Pokemon Sword and Shield as of now.


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Weather Changes On A Daily Basis

Weather changes on a daily basis, so every 24 hours, the weather will change throughout the Wild Area. The game measures this time using the setting on the Switch console. This means that players can freely change the weather by changing the time on their Switch.

For our daily Weather report covering all areas in the Wild Area, check the link below.

How Weather Works In Pokemon Sword And Shield

Below we explain how the weather works in Pokemon Sword and Shield and these conditions can affect what pokemon will appear in the area. You may have noticed that depending on the weather certain types of Pokemon will appear with increased spawn rates.

  • = Types of pokemon that will have Increased Spawn Rate Chance during this weather.
  • Normal
  • Increased Power of Water-Type moves. Reduces Power of Fire-Tye moves.
  • Thunderstorm Increased Power of Water-Type moves. Reduces Power of Fire-Tye moves. Increased Power of Electric-Type moves for pokemon on the ground. Pokemon on the ground cannot fall asleep.
  • SnowingDeals damage to pokemon each turn who aernt Ice Type.
  • SnowstormDeals damage to pokemon each turn who arent Ice Type.
  • Intense Sun Reduces Power of Water-Type moves. Increased Power of Fire-Type moves.
  • Sandstorm Deals damage to pokemon each turn who arent Steel, Rock and Ground Type.
  • Heavy Fog Only half the damage is taken from Dragon-Type moves if they are on the ground. Pokemon on the ground are protected from status conditions.
  • Fishing When fishing you will have a chance to encounter certain pokemon.
  • Shaking Trees

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Trying To Get A Particular Pokemon On Your Team You Might Want To Know How To Change The Weather In Pokemon Sword And Shield To Ensure That It Spawns

by Ginny Woo

When you’re cracking through Pokemon Sword and Shield‘s end-game, or even if your job is just trying to collect them all, you’ll have noticed that the weather in the game actually affects the Pokemon that you’ll be able to find. It also affects certain elemental moves, so it can be handy to know how to change the weather in Pokemon Sword and Shield if you’re after something in particular.

How To Change The Weather In Pokemon Sword & Shield

CHANGE THE WEATHER in the WILD AREA! Pokemon Sword and ...

To change the weather in Pokemon Sword & Shield, all you need to do is access your Nintendo Switch system menu and change the time. This will randomize the weather to a different condition.

You need to go to your System Settings and scroll down to the System tab at the bottom. From there, click Date and Time and change the time zone you are in.

Time needed: 1 minute.

To sum up how to change the weather in Pokemon Sword and Shield.

  • Press the Home button on your Nintendo Switch
  • Access System Settings
  • Access Change Time and change it by at least a few hours
  • However, you can also choose which weather conditions youd like by changing the date to something specific. This process is the same as the above, except you are obviously changing the date rather than the time.

    There are several dates that actually give you the same weather conditions across the entire of Galar.

    These are as follows:

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    How To Change The Date In Pokemon Crown Tundra

    • Step 1: On the Home menu, go to System Settings. Then scroll all the way down to System and click Date and Time.
    • Step 2: Set Synchronize Clock via Internet to OFF.
    • Step 3: Go down to Date & Time, and change it to the desired weather patterns listed above.

    The Crown Tundras weather isnt as straightforward as previous regions, particularly with the Dyna Tree location which appears to run on a different pattern. Though players can mess around with their Switch date until they get the desired climate.

    How To Change Weather In Pokemon Sword And Shield

    You can change the weather in Pokemon SW SH by adjusting your Nintendo Switch Date Settings.

  • Open your Nintendo Switch System Settings
  • Open the System Tab
  • Disable Synchronize Clock via Internet
  • Select the Date and Time Settings
  • Changing your Date and Time to the following dates will cause that type of weather to appear in wild areas.

    • Normal: 5 / 1 / 2020
    • Fog: 1 / 15 / 2020 OR 10 / 15 / 20

    *Sandstorm, Snowstorm and Fog weather are locked

    • Unlock Sandstorm & Snowstorm by completing 3 Gyms and reaching Hammerlocke.
    • Unlock Heavy Fog by completing the game and beating the Champion.

    Did You Know you can increase the spawn rate chance % of pokemon with methods other than weather? Visit the link below to view the different ways of increasing pokemon spawn rates in game.

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    A Not Ideal Way To Change Weather In Pokemon

    Weather has been an aspect in Pokemon catching for a while. For Sword and Shield though, its become a truly game changing element. The Wild Area is the real cause of this, with its reliance on many factors to determine which Pokemon appear, where, and when. But if you dont know the secrets to how weather works then you will simply be stuck with whatever is randomly available at the time you play. To help, heres how to change weather in Pokemon Sword and Shield.

    Looking For The Sandstorm Date In Isle Of Armor Or How To Get A Thunderstorm Get Your Answers In This Pokemon Sword And Shield Guide

    How To Change The Weather In Pokemon Sword & Shield

    Some Pokemon will be available to catch based on the weather. During certain weather conditions, you can ensure that the Pokemon you are looking for will reveal themselves. For example, the Kingdra can be found when theres a thunderstorm happening. Now, you can either choose to wait for that weather or you can take matters in your own hands. In this guide, we will explain how to change weather in Pokemon Sword and Shield Isle of Armor.

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    How To Change The Weather In Pokemon Sword And Shield

    To change the weather, you’re going to have to go into your system settings on your switch. Follow this string to reach page you need: Press the home button > System Settings > System > Date and Time > turn off Synchronize Clock via internet.

    Once you’ve completed the prompt above, you can change the date of your switch. Doing so will change the weather in game allowing you to catch whatever Pokemon you wish in the wild area.

    The following dates correspond with the adjacent weather:

    • Clear Weather – May 1, 2020
    • Overcast / Cloudy – March 1, 2020
    • Rain – October 1, 2020

    How To Change The Weather In Sword And Shield

    This page contains information on how to change the weather in Pokemon Sword and Shield, including weather dates.

    Weather in Pokemon Sword and Shield can increase the damage of certain Pokemon’s moves and also dictates what Pokemon spawn in the different areas of the Wild Area. This can make it a challenge to collect all the Pokemon quickly and finish your Pokedex. If you don’t feel like waiting for the weather to change each day, there is a simple fix, though it involves going into your system settings to do so.

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    Catching Pokmon With Special Weather Conditions

    Just like some Pokémon require trades to evolve, some Pokémon require certain weather conditions in order to appear to the player in-game. Certain Pokémon also require specific weather conditions to evolve. For example, the Pokémon Eevee has a total of eight different possible evolutions, but two, in particular, require day and night conditions to evolve.

    During the daytime in the Wild Area, if an Eevee is in your Pokémon party and has enough friendship points, upon leveling it will evolve into an Espeon. However, if that same Eevee were to increase by one level in the evening, it would evolve into an Umbreontwo completely different Pokémon types.

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    This is just one example, as there are several other evolutions that require certain weather or environmental conditions to evolve in the Wild Area. For example, Ralts, a Pokémon whose evolutions are popular in competitive play, can only be caught under foggy conditions in the Wild Area in Pokémon Sword and Shield.

    To see a complete list of Pokémon that require certain weather conditions to appear, check the Serebii wiki.


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