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What Do Lucky Eggs Do In Pokemon Go

Pokemon Go Hatching Eggs


Once you have acquired an egg, you will need to hatch it by placing it inside an incubator. Each player starts the game with one incubator in inventory, but more can be bought as the game progresses.

In order to place an egg in incubator, you simply need to select it and place it inside any available incubator. This is not all!

Once you have done placing an egg in an incubator, you will need to walk a certain distance in order to hatch an egg. One important thing that you need to note here is that the egg will not hatch if you are walking without it inside an incubator.

The distance that you need to walk in order to hatch a Pokemon Go egg varies from egg to egg. As a general rule of thumb, you need to walk somewhere between 2km-10km in order to hatch an egg. The rarer a Pokemon, the more you will need to walk.

Another important thing that you need to keep in mind is that travelling in a car will not make the eggs hatch faster. The game requires you to walk and not use any other means of transportation.

In order to hatch an egg, you need to check your Pokemon list and select the tab named Eggs. In this menu, you will be provided with a complete list of eggs at your disposal. Now you simply need to select an egg and place it inside an incubator and begin the process.

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Save Your 7 Day Streak

With a little planning and good timing, you can fire off your Lucky Egg before you catch a Pokémon or spin a PokéStop, while holding a 6 day streak. You normally earn 2000 XP for each 7 day streak, so that’s 8000 XP total for both of them with a Lucky Egg. That’s 16 regular Pidgey evolutions, and a great way to kick off your XP grinding session!

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How Can You Tell Which Exact Pokmon Is In An Egg

You can’t. Not until you hatch it. While Pokémon Go determines what you’re getting in an Egg the moment the Egg is granted, until that Egg hatches, there is no way to tell for sure what is inside.

That means it doesn’t matter where you are or what you do after you get an Egg. What’s inside is already decided. It’s also why, when Pokémon Go makes a change to Eggs for an event or any other reason, it won’t affect Eggs you already have, only ones you get from that point on. This is especially important for players trying to hatch Regional Pokémon from Eggs. If you don’t pick up the Egg in the particular region where that Pokémon can be found, it cannot be in the Egg.

However, as of April 2021, players can see the complete pool of possible Pokémon in an Egg. The pool will reflect what could be in that Egg at the time it was picked up, so two 5 KM Eggs picked up a month apart will have different pools.

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Pokemon GO Tips &  Tricks

De strategie die we hieronder bespreken heet ook wel Pidgey Grinding. Het houdt in dat je eerst aan de slag gaat om zoveel mogelijk simpele Pokémon te verzamelen, zoals Pidgeys, Caterpies en Weedles. Normaal gesproken trek je misschien je neus op voor deze simpele Pokémon, maar je kunt ze slim gebruiken om een paar levels omhoog te gaan.

Zo werkt het: voordat je een Lucky Egg inzet, verzamel je zoveel mogelijk Pokémon, die je kunt evolueren. Pidgeys lenen zich daar goed voor, omdat je ze vaak tegenkomt en maar 12 Pidgey Candy nodig hebt om ze te evolueren. Bij elke vangst krijg je weer 3 Pidgey Candy erbij, dus je hoeft er maar vier te vangen om een evolutie te kunnen uitvoeren. Het eerste dat je dus doet voor je een Lucky Egg inzet, is op zoek gaan naar zoveel mogelijk Pokémon. Pak ook de niet-zeldzame mee.

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What Is The Fastest Way To Level In World Of Warcraft

Choose with a cool head and choose wisely. Once the game has started, players have to level up. To do this in the smartest way, there are a few things to keep in mind. DamagePerSecond is the best way. Doing more damage and killing enemies is the fastest way to level up. Leveling with a pet is also smart.

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Can You See How Far You’ve Traveled With A Pokmon Go Egg

Yup! As you walk, the Pokémon Egg screen will update to show you the distance you’ve walked each Egg up to one decimal place. For example, if you walk 1.3 KM, you’ll see 1.3 / 2 KM, 1.3 / 5 KM, or 1.3 / 10 KM.

If you tap on a Pokémon Egg, you can see the distance up to two decimal places.

The distance is updated every few minutes so, don’t worry if you walk for a bit and don’t see any immediate changes.

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What Do Lucky Eggs Do And When To Use Them In Pokemon Go

What makes the Lucky Egg item so interesting is that it doubles the XP you gain for a 30 minute period after you use it, but they’re not all that easy to come by without buying them. Because of this, it’s in your best interest to make the most of them. Let’s take a look at what you can do to get the most out of those 30 minutes.

How To Become Lucky Friends

POKEMON GO – How to Get UNLIMTED FREE POKECOINS, Pokeballs, Incense, Lucky Eggs (Pokemon GO)
  • In order to become Lucky Friends with someone, you need to be Best Friends with them first. Our Friends guide describes how to reach Best Friends with someone
  • Once you become Best Friends, you will have a chance to become Lucky Friends by interacting with that Trainer
  • You will have this chance once per day when you and your Best Friend do the following:
  • trade Pokémon,
  • open a Gift from each other,
  • team up in raids and Gym battles,
  • or challenge each other to a Trainer Battle.
  • If successful, the game will notify that you are Lucky Friends, and it will say as such in your Friends listing.
  • Once the trade is completed, you will return to being regular Best Friends again.
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    Game On Mtg Yugioh More Since 1991 Over 100000 Items Liste

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    How To Access The Pokemon Go Lucky Egg

    Pokemon Go Lucky Eggs are finite consumables. Sure, you can get some of them by leveling up in the game. But, using it at the wrong time or situations will make it feel like a waste. Before we give out a few tips on when to use an egg, lets discuss how you can get access.

    First, click the Pokeball icon and go to the items menu. Then, scroll down until you see the Lucky Egg on your item bag. There will also be an indicator of how much do you currently own. Next, you press on the lucky egg and press once again when it shows up on your screen. Finally, the effect will be up and youll see a timer on your screen.

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    Pokemon Go Pokemon Eggs Guide

    There are basically two types of eggs in Pokemon Go one is called the Pokemon Eggs and the other one is called Lucky Eggs. Pokemon Eggs are the ones that provide trainers with a chance to increase their Pokedox while the Lucky Eggs are meant to gain a short XP boost and is highly useful when it comes to leveling up fast.

    Our Pokemon Go Eggs Guide details everything you need to know about Pokemon Go eggs, how to hatch them, differences between Pokemon Eggs and Lucky Eggs, and how to get wild Pokemon out of them.

    Where To Find Pokemon Sword & Shield Lucky Egg Location

    What is a Pokemon Go Lucky Egg?

    To find the Lucky Egg in Pokemon Sword & Shield, youll have to go to Hulbury after you beat the main story. Thats the place where you have to get through the Nessa gym waterfall puzzle challenge. Anyways, once in Hulbury, go to the right from the Pokemon Center and youll find a building with a sign that has a chef on it. Thats a restaurant, of course. Go inside, and speak with the chef.

    The chef will tell you that his delivery boy has a cold, and couldnt come in to work. So, he needs your help to deliver food to his hungry customer. You, being the good person that you are, should say yes. After all, theres a Lucky Egg on the line here.

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    Via Trading Old Pokmon

    On September 5th 2018, Niantic has announced that Trainers will receive guaranteed Lucky Pokemon if theyre traded under specific circumstances:

    • Must have received less than 10 Lucky Pokemon from trades
    • The traded Pokemon must be caught between July 2016 August 2016

    The guarantee works if both conditions are met for at least one participant of the trade. In other words, the minimum required condition under which a guaranteed Lucky Pokemon can be obtained is as follows:

    • Trainers Bob and Alice perform a trade
    • At least one of the trade participants, so either Bob or Alice, must fulfill the conditions listed above

    If both Bob and Alice fulfil the conditions above, nothing changes, because the game only takes into account 1 participant that fulfilled the conditions, similar how it takes the older Pokemon in normal, non-guaranteed trades.

    Do You Have To Have Pokmon Go Open While Youre Traveling

    Not anymore! With the implementation of Adventure Sync, you can now hatch eggs just by having your phone on your person and turned on, without Pokemon Go running. Go into the Settings menu and make sure Adventure Sync is turned on, and your game will track distance and prompt you to hatch eggs when you open the app next.

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    What Can You Buy With Pokemon Go Coins

    You can buy various items with Pokecoins like PokeBalls, Incense, Lucky Eggs, Egg Incubators, and many more that can help you Find, Evolve, and PowerUP your Pokemon. You can get these items either by leveling up your trainer or you can purchase them with Pokecoins or Real Money.

    Now, the question arises what is the need of getting these items, when do you need these items? So lets check out these items.

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    How Do You Get A Pokmon Egg

    How to Get Lucky Egg in Pok̩mon Brilliant Diamond & Shining Pearl РLucky Egg Location

    Pokémon Eggs are different than the Lucky Eggs you get when you reach a significant new level or buy at the Shop. You can’t buy Pokémon Eggs at all. You have to collect them at PokéStops, receive them in Gifts from friends, or earn them as rewards for meeting Weekly Fitness goals. Spin a stop when you have space for an egg, and there’s a roughly 20% chance you’ll get a Pokémon Egg along with the more common PokéBalls, potions, and revives.

    That doesn’t mean you’ll get one egg every five stops, though. Random is random, which means you could get five eggs in a row or none at all. If you keep visiting and spinning Pokéstops, though, you’ll eventually get Pokémon Eggs.

    7 KM eggs are not available at Pokéstops. Instead, you get them by opening Gifts send to you by friends. Be sure to open lots of Gifts if you’re after Pokémon found in 7 KM eggs, though if you’re tired of the same Pokémon over and over, you may want to either hold off on opening Gifts for a while or make sure your Eggs are full before you open them.

    As of October 12, 2020, Players can now earn 12 KM Strange Eggs. These are rewarded for defeating the Team GO Rocket Leaders and contain only Dark type and Poison type Pokémon, or Pokémon that evolve into one of those types. It is not yet known if these Strange Eggs will eventually include other types.

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    What Kind Of Pokmon Eggs Are There In Pokmon Go

    Each type of Pokémon Egg can hatch different kinds of Pokémon and the potential Pokémon change periodically, along with the rates at which they hatch. The Pokémon in an Egg is determined when it is picked up, as well as where it is picked up. If you picked up an Egg a few weeks ago and new Pokémon are added to the pool this week, your Egg won’t have something new in it. Likewise, if you pick up an Egg in the US, it cannot have a Mime Jr. in it since Mime Jr. is exclusive to the UK.

    There are seven kinds of Pokémon Eggs in Pokémon Go:

    • 2 KM Eggs with green spots.
    • 5 KM Eggs with yellow spots.
    • 5 KM Eggs* with purple spots.
    • 7 KM Friend Eggs that are yellow with pink spots
    • 10 KM Eggs with purple spots.
    • 10 KM Eggs* with purple spots.
    • 12 KM Strange Eggs with red spots

    • Note: Weekly Fitness Reward Eggs are visually identical to the standard 5 KM and 10 KM Eggs received from Pokéstops but have a much smaller pool of potential Pokémon.

    What Happens When You Activate A Lucky Egg In Pokemon

    With a Lucky Egg activated, youll gain 200 XP for capturing a new Pokémon. Another strategy is to stock up on Pokémon and wait to evolve them all after activating a Lucky Egg. Spend those 30 minutes blowing through all your Pokémon like a mad man, and youll be shocked at how quickly you level up even just by evolving a bunch of Pidgeys.

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    Leveling Up & Its Importance

    Why is it so important to increase your level in Pokemon Go? Well, leveling up is very important because of the many advantages youll receive. Starting off, there are rewards for reaching certain levels in Pokemon Go. These items are very useful when you want to go on a Pokemon catching spree. Some of the items you can get are the Pokemon Go Lucky Egg, lure modules, egg incubators, potions, and balls. Everything that you can get as rewards from leveling up will help you in the game.

    Leveling up in Pokemon Go allows access to features and items that you did not have access to before. For example, a higher tier of consumables is unlockable by reaching a certain level. These include new types of balls, potions, and berries. Access to Pokegyms is unlockable once you reach level 5.

    Want to catch stronger Pokemon that are out in the wild? Then, reaching the higher levels of the game will allow that. Not only can you finally catch that basic Pokemon youve wanted but itll come with a higher combat power.


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