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How To Add Friends On Pokemon Go

What Has Pokmon Go Said About Friendship


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In order to add a friend in Pokémon GO, you must first ask them to share their Trainer Code with you. To invite a Trainer to become your friend, simply enter their Trainer Code and then send them a request. If they accept, you’ll become friends, and you’ll see them in your Friends List.

When you send a Gift to a friend or participate in a raid or Gym battle with them, you can increase your Friendship Level. As your Friendship Level builds, you’ll then unlock bonuses when you play together. For example, when you and a Great Friend participate in a Gym battle or Raid Battle together, you can earn an Attack bonus to give your Pokémon an edge! You can increase your Friendship Level once per day per friend.

You can also build your Friendship Level by trading Pokémon with a friend. If you’re near a friend and have a Trainer Level of 10 or higher, you can trade Pokémon you’ve caught with that friend.

And a little more from the Developer Insights series:

Pokemon Go: How To Gain Xp Fast Guide

Welcome to the Pokemon Go: How To Gain XP Fast Guide. On this page well show you a Experience Points Boost Guide, which explains how to get to higher levels fast in Pokemon Go with the right equipment to gain your max level in the mobile game.

Finding out how to earn more XP lets you rank up faster now that levels 41 to 50 have been added to Pokemon Go. The trick? Turn on a lucky egg for double XP, then play during a double XP event , to get 1.000 XP times 4 is 4.000 XP per Excellent throw. Simply use a Nanab Berry to stop a Pokemon from moving, and practice throwing Excellent curveball throw on every Pokemon to catch them on the first throw, to get a much higher 4680 XP reward.

  • Pokemon Caught: 400 XP

Pokmon Lets Go Leveling Guide: How To Gain Experience Fast

Wild Pokémon battles are non-existent in Lets Go Pikachu and Lets Go Eevee , but the Nintendo Switch title offers a new way to level up fast, and it involves the catching mechanic.

Players earn experience for every capture but the amount depends on certain factors, including the catch combo and the species of Pokémon.

Trainers looking to get their Pokémon up to Level 100 to take down the Master Trainers or other players online will definitely want to try these steps to leveling up as quickly and easily as possible.


Before you head out to start the grind, youll want to defeat the Elite Four and pick up these items at the Cerulean City Poke Mart:

  • Lures/Super Lures/Max Lures
  • Ultra Balls

The Lures will give you the best chance to encounter the Normal-type Pokémon, Chansey the fastest. Chansey has always been the best source of experience throughout the franchise, and the same is the case in Lets Go.

Ultra Balls are the best Poke Ball to use to catch Pokémon .

After youve stocked up on supplies, head to Cerulean Cave and head up the stairs. Youll want to use the co-op feature in your catch attempts because it gives a bonus multiplier.

Use a Lure and walk around waiting for a Chansey. The Normal-type Pokémon has always been the best source of experience throughout the franchise, and the same is the case in Lets Go.

Pokémon Lets Go Pikachu and Eevee and available now for Nintendo Switch.

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Mass Evolve Pokemon To Earn Xp Fast

Evolving a Pokemon will immediately reward you with 500XP. The easiest Pokemon to evolve are the ones listed above since they only need 12 candies to evolve, and are commonly seen when walking around!

XP From Evolution Table

Evolve W/ Lucky Egg During Double XP Event 2000

Pokemon Need Candies To Evolve

Candies are needed in order for you to evolve your Pokemon. These can be acquired by transferring Pokemon, and using Pinap Berries when catching Pokemon!

How To Add Friends In Pokemon Go

How to add Friends and manage Friendship in Pokémon Go

To add friends in Pokemon GO, you first have to ask the trainer you want to add for their Trainer Code. Once they give you the code, you can then invite them to be your friend. All you have to do is to type in their code and send them the request. Youll be able to see them in your Friends List once/if they accept your request.

When you become friends with somebody, you can then interact with them in different ways. This includes going to raids together, giving you extra damage in battle, and trading Pokemon. You can level up the friendship to Good, Great, Ultra, and Best Friend. The higher your friendship level, the more stuff you can do with the trainer in question. Which brings us to our next segment.

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Pokmon Go Friendship Levels And Trade Costs

When adding a friend in Pokémon Go, there are four levels: Good, Great, Ultra, and Best. Raising friendship every day will improve this level over time. The higher your friendship is with somebody, the better. Youll be able to trade Pokémon for less Stardust, do more damage if you raid together, and even get a bonus Premier Ball or two when you complete a raid.

Special trades that feature Legendary or Shiny Pokémon not in your Pokédex can cost up to 1,000,000 Stardust to trade, so get your friendship levels up first. The trade cost decreases to 800,000 for Great Friends, 80,000 for Ultra Friends, and 40,000 for Best Friends. Higher friendship has no effect on trade distance.

How To Increase Friendship Levels

Here are the number of days you need to interact with someone to increase your Friendship Level, you’ll also get EXP for leveling up:

  • Good Friend: 1 day – 3,000 EXP
  • Great Friend: 7 days – 10,000 EXP
  • Ultra Friend: 30 days – 50,000 EXP
  • Best Friend: 90 days – 100,000 EXP

There are four actions you can do to count as an action each day:

  • Opening a Gift
  • Participating in a Gym Battle together
  • Participating in a Raid Battle together

Tip: Keep in mind, even if you do all four actions, it will still only count as one day of interaction. So hold onto those gifts! ;

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Pokemon Lets Go Pikachu And Eevee How To Quickly Gain Experience :

First thing to do, you have to go to one of the games stores to buy at least 200 Ultra Ball and a maximum of 30 Max Lure. This item are used to increase the rate of appearance of some rare Pokemon species, including increasing the appearance of the «;tiny;» and «;huge;» variants. A large number of Ultra Ball is required, as we will launch them two by two which can quickly reduce your stock.

Once you have the necessary material to apply the technique, go to the Cerulean cave . When you enter the cave, cross the small river with the Secret Technique Sea Skim and take the first ladder you see.

Take the two Joycons of your Nintendo Switch in your hands and make a second character appear which will allow you to throw your Ultra Balls in pairs and thus improve your experience point multiplier in case of synchronizing .

The purpose of the manoeuvre will be to capture Chansey with catch combo in this cave. No other Pokemon, just Chansey. The larger the combo chain, the more the Chansey will show up in the cave. The goal is to capture as many Chansey as possible in «;tiny;» or «;huge;» size with a super throw or an excellent throw and a synchronized throw with both Joycons. You can earn up to 60,000 experience points in a single catch.

As you can see on the screenshot above, you can get a multiplier bonus of X48 with the following criteria :

  • Successful Catch

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How To Find New Pokemons To Level


Adding friends in Pokemon Go is not enough as you need to have some powerful Pokemon to win battles. Since going out and looking for Pokemons is not that feasible, consider using Dr.Fone â Virtual Location . Using this trusted application, you can easily spoof your iPhone location to catch tons of Pokemons.

  • You can just connect your iPhone to the application and use its Teleport Mode to spoof your location.
  • Users can just enter an address or the coordinates of the target location and further adjust the pin on the map.
  • You can also simulate the movement of your iPhone between multiple spots at a preferred speed.
  • The interface will include a GPS joystick, letting your move on the map naturally.
  • Using Dr.Fone â Virtual Location is extremely simple and it does not need any jailbreak access as well.

Now when you know how to make new friends in Pokemon Go, you can easily expand your network. As you can see, you can find Pokemon Go friend codes from Reddit, Facebook, Discord, and several other social platforms. Though, to win more battles and level-up in the game, you can consider using Dr.Fone â Virtual Location . It is a 100% trusted application that would let you spoof your iPhone location so that you can catch your favorite Pokemons remotely.

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Get Xp In Pokemon Go By Catching Pokemon

Catching any Pokemon will always reward you with at least 100 XP, and registering a new one to your Pokedex for the first time will grant you an extra 500 XP bonus. How you catch the Pokemon can also affect how much bonus XP you receive.

Using a Curve Ball grants you a 10 XP bonus and can also increase your chances of catching a difficult Pokemon. Achieving a Nice, Great, or Excellent Throw can also give you a 10, 50, or 100 XP reward, respectively.

A Curve Ball is a type of throw, not a type of Poke Ball. To throw a Curve Ball, pick up a Poke Ball when you see a Pokemon and make circles with your finger on the screen. Once the ball is spinning, throw it at the Pokemon as usual.

Players also get rewards for capturing a lot of the same type of Pokemon. You get a 100 XP reward for the 100th member of a species you catch, and there are numerous medals that you can unlock, each with XP rewards, on your profile screen.

Some medals will reward you with XP and items for capturing a set amount of Pokemon from each region. In contrast, others earn you XP and increased catch bonuses for capturing 10, 50, and 200 Pokemon of a particular type, such as Fairy, Rock, and Ghost.

You can also earn XP by unlocking other medals on your profile screen for completing different tasks such as walking a certain distance or battling and trading with other players. You can see details on each medals requirements by tapping on their icon.

How To Increase Pokemon Go Friendship Level

To increase your Friendship level in Pokemon GO, there are several things you can do. For one, sometimes youll get a special Gift when you spin a Photo Disk. You cant do anything with it, but you can send it to somebody on your friends list. The gifts contain a host of useful items; plus, some of them might contain an Egg with an Alolan Pokemon.

Next up, you can go fight in raids together to increase your Friendship level. Theres an extra incentive there, because the higher your Friendship level is, the more efficient you will be as a team in battle. For example, if you enter a raid or Gym Battle with a Great friend, your Pokemon will do extra damage. Important note: You can raise your Friendship level once a day per friend.

Lastly, you can raise the Friendship level by trading Pokemon with each other. For this, both of you need to be at least level 10. Trading grants extra Candy for the Pokemon that you traded away, the amount of which goes up the further apart the Pokemon where caught. The catch is that trading costs Stardust, so make sure you have enough. Different trades cost different amounts of Stardust. Which brings us to Special Trades.

Special trades include Shiny Pokemon, Legendary Pokemon, or Pokemon that you dont already own. They require a lot of Stardust, and you can only do them with Great or Best friends, once a day.

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What Rewards Do You Get

Every friend will give you different types of rewards and bonuses. These rewards include various trade bonuses. To get better rewards you will have to participate in gym battles and raid battles with all your friends. This increases the connection level between you and your friend, giving you better rewards in the long run.

This is everything you need to know about how to use and redeem Pokemon Go Friend Codes. Now that you are here you can also have a look at some Pokemon Mystery Home Gift Codes.

How To Add Friends In Pokemon Go Using Your Trainer Code

Pokemon Go Friend Code App

Thanks to the friends update, you can now add your friends in Pokemon GO. You’ll need to do so in order to send and receive gifts and trade pokemon with others. Here’s how to add friends in Pokemon GO

  • Load up the app and tap on your trainer icon
  • Select “Friends” which is located up in the top right hand corner of the screen
  • You can now either Add a Friend, or have someone add you
  • To add a friend, select “Add Friend” and then enter your friend’s Trainer Code
  • You can choose to share your Trainer Code over social media or messaging apps, or simply read it out to the person that is adding you
  • Enter the code and wait for a notification to pop up on your friend’s screen
  • You can now see your friend in your Friends List, alongside a Friendship Level

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Add Friends Through The Friends Menu

To add friends, head on to your Profile menu then to the friends tab. From there, you will see the Add Friends button that will take you to the Adding Friends hub.

Use the Trainer Code

The Trainer Code is a unique set of numbers and letters is directly linked to your profile in Pokemon Go. You can give out your Trainer Code to your friend to add you or you can input theirs to add them.

Use the QR Code

The QR Code is a faster way of adding friends since you or your friend will just have to scan either of yours QR Codes. You can find your QR Code in the Adding Friends HUB along with the QR Scanner.

Connecting your Pokemon Go to Facebook will give it access to your friendship list. It will automatically create a list of Facebook friends with Pokemon Go accounts that you can add!

How To Use The New Friend Referral Program To Get Rewards

The;Friend Referral system that launched in Australia a while back has now been rolled out to all;Pokémon GO players worldwide . Trainers can invite their friends to join the game for the first time, or come back after a long absence with bonuses offered if they meet certain goals. But how does this all work? Heres how to refer friends in Pokémon GO.

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‘pokemon Go’ Social Features Guide: How To Add Friends Level Up Give Gifts And Trade

The first part of the Pokémon Go social feature is adding friends. To add friends click on the player profile in the lower left-hand corner. Tap the “Friends” tab on the top of the screen, which is where you can add and monitor your current friends.

To add friends, click the “Add Friends” button and it’ll send you to another screen. Players can input a friend’s Trainer Code, which adds them to their friends list. The Trainer Code can be found on this screen. Players can also share their Trainer Code with others.

Each friend in Pokémon Go has a Friendship Level that increases when you interact with them. Players can increase a Friendship Level by either: Battling with them in a Gym, Raid Battle, Trade or sending a gift. You can only increase a Friendship Level once per day, and getting to a new tier happens by interacting with a player after a certain number of consecutive days.

Players will also receive bonuses for receiving certain levels. Here are the different Friendship Levels with their requirements and bonuses.

  • Good Friend – None
  • Great Friend – + 1 Stardust Discount on Trades, + 1 Gym/Raid Battle Attack Bonus, + 1 Premiere Ball in Raid Battles
  • Ultra Friend – +2 Stardust Discount, +2 Gym/Raid Attack Bonus, +2 Premiere Balls
  • Best Friend – + 3 Stardust Discount, +3 Gym/Raid Attack Bonus, +4 Premiere Balls

Use A Friend’s Trainer Code To Add Them On Pokemon Go

How to Add Friends in Pokemon Go

When it comes right down to it, adding friends on Pokemon GO is a really straightforward process.

The first thing a player will need to do is ask the friend they wish to add what their unique Trainer Code is. This will be a series of numbers that one can enter into “Friends” tab after clicking on the trainer icon.

After that, simply wait until the friend in question adds them back, or alternatively, one can give their own Trainer Code to the people they wish to add. There are a variety of features that make having friends on Pokemon GO both useful and more fun.

For example, players can opt to send their friends gifts which contain items such as Pokeballs and even an occasional egg. In addition, raids become a lot easier when a player enters them alongside other trainers. Having a friend added on the mobile game will allow one to easily invite them to the same raid party.

As a trainer interacts more with a particular friend by sending them gifts and going on raids with them, the two’s Friendship Level will increase. There are a variety of benefits proffered by the game for each consecutive Friendship Level reached.

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