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Is Pokemon Sword Or Shield Better

Pokmon Go: The Unique Social Element

Pokemon Sword And Shield Exclusives And Differences Explained

One of the biggest draws of Pokémon Go is its ability to get people out and about, traveling by foot from one point of interest to another. This can be a uniquely joyful and rewarding experience when solo, but its even more entertaining when embarking on these real-life Pokémon quests with friends or family. Theres something about closing in on that rare Dragonair or taking part in an epic Raid battle together that a traditional Pokémon game cant quite match.

Oh, there are light multiplayer features in Sword & Shield, but being confined to the virtual realm just doesnt have that same immersive or social impact.

Pokmon Sword And Shield

Sword and Shield redirects here. For the TCG expansion, see Sword & Shield . For the Pokémon Adventures chapter, see Sword & Shield chapter .
Pokémon Sword
Pokémon Sword’s boxart, featuringZacian in its Crowned Sword form
Pokémon Shield
Pokémon Shield’s boxart, featuringZamazenta in its Crowned Shield form

Pokémon Sword and Pokémon Shield are the primary paired versions of Generation VIII. The games were released on the Nintendo Switch worldwide on November 15, 2019 for both retail sale and download. All copies of the game are playable in nine languages: Japanese, English, German, Spanish, French, Italian, Korean, Simplified and Traditional Chinese.

During E3 2017, Tsunekazu Ishihara announced that the next core series titles would be available on the Nintendo Switch, but they were not prepared to release any more information at the time. On May 30, 2018, The Pokémon Company gave a press conference and announced that the new core games would have more traditional gameplay, as opposed to that found in Pokémon: Let’s Go, Pikachu! and Let’s Go, Eevee!.

The games were formally announced on Pokémon Day, February 27, 2019 at 11 pm JST during a worldwide announcement through Nintendo Direct hosted by Tsunekazu Ishihara, , and Shigeru Ohmori. An official trailer was shown, giving information on the region and the starter Pokémon players can choose from.

Pokmon Exclusive To Pokmon Sword Including Dlc Exclusives

Below you’ll find a list of the Pokémon that have are currently confirmed to be exclusive to Pokémon Sword, such as Sirfetch’d:

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Zacian Fairy

With it finally in the wild, here’s how to start the Crown Tundra DLC and our full Pokémon Crown Tundra walkthrough. Plus, here’s how to catch Calyrex, Glastrier and Spectrier, the Regieleki and Regidrago puzzle solution and Regirock, Regice, Registeel locations, details on how to catch Legendary Birds Articuno, Zapdos and Moltres in the Crown Tundra, the Ultra Beasts and Necrozma adventure, Dynamax Adventures, including the legendries you can catch on these adventures, and the new Crown Tundra Pokédex and returning Pokémon explained. For Isle of Armor players, here’s how to find the Slowpoke, where to find Max Mushroom locations, and how to get Kubfu, become best friends and evolve it, plus all Diglett locations too!For the base game, here’s info on the ability to transfer Pokémon to Pokémon Home, the Wild Area, lists of all TM locations and TRs, all Galarian forms and finally our main Pokémon Sword and Shield walkthrough for the whole game.

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So What Do You Choose

In short, it depends on what you want from the game. Both Pokemon Sword and Shield will provide you with the same experience as the same features have been added in the game. Your choice on what to choose will weigh on the version-exclusive Pokemon and the Gigantamax Raids you wish to play. The Gym and Legendary exclusives are a minor factor comparatively but it could play a part in your decision as well.

There is no GTS in Pokemon Sword and Shield. Game Freak is pushing the new Pokemon Home feature but you can also interact with players online should you want to trade. You can also camp together, play Raid Battles together, Battle against each other and more.

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Pokemon Sword and Shield sales hit 6 million after only one week ...
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Pokmon Sword Or Shield: Crown Tundra Dlc Differences

Pokémon Sword and Shields second expansion, The Crown Tundra, is out now and is available for both versions of the game. Larger than Isle of Armor, The Crown Tundra takes players to colder climes where theyll be appointed as the leader of an exploration team tasked with investigating the far reaches of the land, including its underground Pokémon Dens.

Like Isle of Armor, the content in The Crown Tundra is quite similar for Pokémon Sword and Shield. In terms of version exclusive Pokémon, Sword players will be able to catch Omanyte, Omastar, Bagon, Shelgon, Salamence. Shield players on the other hand will be able to watch Kabuto, Kabutops, Gible, Gabite, Garchomp.

A more notable difference between the Sword and Shield versions are the Legendary Pokémon youll be able to encounter in the games new Dynamax Adventures. Sword has the legendaries Ho-Oh, Latios, Groudon, Dialga, Tornadus, Reshiram, Xerneas and Solgaleo, while Shield has Lugia, Latias, Kyogre, Palkia, Thundurus, Zekrom, Yveltal and Lunala.

This can be worked around, though, as you can simply join in the Dynamax Adventure of someone with the opposite version to you in order to try and catch that versions exclusive Legendaries in a team Dynamax Adventure.

Which Pokemon Game Do You Prefer Sword Or Shield

Because of its greater combat nature, the Pokemon sword is superior to the shield. Shield users have so far only had able to capture Omanyte, Omastar, and Bagon, but Salamence will be available in the upcoming Dynamax escapades if they use a Pokemon Sword. After a lengthy wait, Pokemon Sword and Shield are now available. The Pokemon games from the 8th Generation are something to be released on the Nintendo Switch. Despite their limitations, the videogames introduce new features to the Pokemon franchise that have never been seen before. If youre still dubious, read our comprehensive analysis of the game.

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Interesting Statistics Or Facts Of Pokmon Sword

1) The game will be available on Nintendo Switch as well as the 3DS

2) Sword and Shield will be based in a region called Galar

3) The region is inspired by the UK and Ireland

4) There are many more than 150 types of Pokémon. Some of them you cannot find in any game versions other than this one.

5) Players who purchase the physical copy of the game will receive exclusive pre-order bonuses like a t-shirt or a poster.

6) Pokémon Sword and Shield will have 17 starter Pokémon including Grookey, Scorbunny, Cobble, and Yabby

7) A total of 151 Pokémon were designed when the game was released in 1996.

8) Professor Oak gives you his lab coat during the game to wear while exploring the Kanto region of Japan where he lives and researches.

9) At the start of the game, players will have one starter Pokemon that they can choose from to help them on their journey: Bulbasaur, Charmander, or Squirtle.

10) The original Japanese name for this video game is Pocket Monsters Red and Green.

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What’s The Difference Between Pokmon Sword And Shield Which Should You Buy

Should You Buy Pokemon Sword OR Shield? Version Exclusives, Wild Area Map, Install Size & More
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As with all main series Pokémon games before them, Pokémon Sword and Shield each have minor differences which you should know about before jumping in. You’ll notice different Pokémon and even Gym Leaders appearing in your game depending on the version you buy, so we’ve gathered all of the version-exclusive characters for you below to help you decide which Pokémon game you should buy – Pokémon Sword or Pokémon Shield.

If you’re eager for a full list of the 400 Pokémon available in the Galar Pokédex, check out our snazzy Galar Pokédex database tool. You can also find out more about the three Pokémon Sword and Shield starters and their evolutions, check out our Pokémon type chart for info on strengths and weaknesses, hunt out Easter Eggs in Pokémon Sword and Shield, and find out how to find and evolve Galar region Pokémon from Sirfetch’d to Frosmoth, Alcremie and many more.

And then there’s the Expansion Pass, too. So many ‘mon!

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Explore The Wild Area

The vast, open Wild Area in Pokémon Sword and PokémonShield presents a lot for players to do. Not surprisingly, there are plentyof wild Pokémon to battle and catch. While these Pokémon can regularly be foundin tall grass , occasionally you’ll see larger Pokémon roaming theWild Area. These Pokémon are typically more powerful and can prove daunting todefeat. If you decide to take them on, prepare for a challengeand be ready toretreat if necessary. You may need to use a Poké Doll, which allows you toimmediately flee a battle with a wild Pokémon.

The Wild Area is also home to Pokémon Dens, which look likecircles of stones on the ground. Sometimes,they’ll have beams of light shining out of them. Investigate one of these dens,and you can take part in a Max Raid Battle against a giant Dynamax Pokémon. Youcan invite other players to join you in battle, or you can have game-controlledTrainers as your backup. Either way, you’re in for a good match, and when youwin a battle against a Dynamax Pokémon, you can attempt to catch it to add it toyour team. Additionally, you’ll earn various items for successfully completing MaxRaid Battles, including Exp. Candy, Dynamax Candy, Berries, and TRs . TRs are single-use items that teach a Pokémon a powerful movesimilarto TMs found in previous Pokémon games .

Pokmon Sword & Shield: More All

The recently-announced DLC packages notwithstanding, Pokémon Sword & Shield gives you all the content you’ll need in a single package, and gives you the means to obtain everything you’ll need in-game without the hassle of traversing your whole town in order to do so. And the best part is, you’ll have a whopping 83 hours worth of content to burn through , with no strings attached.

The initial payment may be a bit steep, but doing so ensures you won’t be shelling out 5 bucks here and $20 there for bundles of PokéCoins – most of which likely won’t do much for you in the long haul.

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Pokmon Sword & Shield: Visuals And Presentation

As youd expect with a minimalistic app that uses AR for its backdrops, the overall presentation for Go isnt much to look at. Turning off AR functionality reveals a rather bland, cartoony background, and the overhead map you see while walking resembles a very basic RPG map.

While Sword & Shield isnt going to knock your socks off visually, its certainly the biggest leap weve seen when it comes to mainline Pokémon titles. The colorful cell-shaded aesthetic is easy on the eyes, and the crisp, vibrant graphics of the vast environments, along with impressive draw distances, dazzle on the big screen. Aesthetically speaking anyway, this is about the most immersive Pokémon adventure you can experience.

Sword: Better Signature Move

The Differences Between Pokemon Sword and Shield

What you’ll find with Zacian is its Signature Legendary move is a lot better than Zamazenta’s. One big benefit is the power is doubled if you’re against a dynamaxed pokemon, which is a saving grace because of the very specific Pokémon in Pokémon Swordthat you can only catch in the dynamax dens. It can be your new go too for any dynamax fight. Shield’s legendary signature move does have the same effect, however, it doesn’t have the perfect storm of Zacian has where its ability increases his speed so it can go first on a dynamax Pokémon.

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What Else Is Exclusive In Pokmon Sword And Shield

Continuing the tradition started by Pokémon Gold and Silver, Pokémon Sword and Shield each have an exclusive legendary Pokémon.

These Pokémon are displayed on the game’s box art – Zacian for Pokémon Sword and Zamazenta for Pokémon Shield.

With its sword firmly clutched within its mouth, Zacian is described as having attacks ‘so graceful that its movements captivate opponents. Holding what appears to be a sword in its mouth, Zacain’s shining blade can cut through anything.’

Zamazenta, whose shield has been incorporated into its full body, is described as having ‘majestic movements and what appears to be a shield covering its body, Zamazenta can turn back any attack and overwhelm any opponents that dare face it.’

Just like the exclusive Pokémon, Zacain and Zamazenta will be tradable between Pokémon Sword and Shield allowing you to add their entry to your Pokédex.

Like in Pokémon Black and White, you’ll also be able to fight different gym leaders depending on which version, Sword or Shield, you’re playing.

In Pokémon Sword, you’ll be able to challenge Bea, who specialises in fighting-type Pokémon, while in Pokémon Shield, you’ll find yourself battling the spooky Allister, leader of the ghost-type gym.

Whether there are more exclusive gym leaders is yet to be seen, so check back with this guide regularly!

The sixth Pokémon Gym in Circhester will also differ depending on which version of the game you’re playing.

Pokmon Sword Or Shield: Isle Of Armor Dlc Differences

Pokémon Sword and Shield’s first expansion, Isle of Armor, is out now and is available for both versions of the game. The Pokémon DLC brings with it a new mentor, dogo master Mustard, new Pokémon and new rivals.

But, while the Isle of Armor content for Pokémon Sword and Shield is pretty much the same, which version of the game you have will determine which rival you face-off against.

Owners of Pokémon Sword will get Klara, a poison-type trainer, as their rival while owners of Pokémon Shield will face-off against Avery, a psychic-type-trainer.

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Pokemon Sword And Shield Differences: Zacian And Zamazenta

As is the norm, there are two Pokemon Sword and Shield Legendaries, with one exclusive to each version. Zacian, the one with a sword in its mouth, will be exclusive to Pokemon Sword. Guess which game Zamazenta will be in… Pokemon Gun! No, we’re kidding Zamazenta will be obtainable in Pokemon Shield. Both Legendaries are available through the game’s main storyline.

There is also a third Legendary called Eternatus, which is obtainable in both Pokemon Sword and Shield.

Pokmons 3ds Games In Hd Look Better Than Sword & Shield

Which Game Should You Buy? Pokemon Sword OR Shield? [The Final 14]

Pokémon Sword and Shields art direction looks worse on the Nintendo Switch when compared to the 3DS Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon emulated in HD.

Pokémon: Legends Arceus may be on the horizon, but the current generation of mainline Pokémon games is still Pokémon Sword and Shield. The games are now approaching two years old and people have enjoyed the addition of Dynamaxing, Team Raids, and improvements of online capabilities. However, even upon release, critics and fans alike were skeptical of the graphical quality of the games with many noting how it didnt look all too different from the 3DS games in the previous generation, Sun and Moon.

Although theres some moments of visual flourish, many fans were disappointed in the graphical jump back to home consoles. Given the upgrade in power the Switch had versus its predecessors, people were expecting a new era with comparable graphics to Breath of the Wild and . However, when previews started surfacing, players felt the game was only on par with the titles created for the 3DS and the Pokémon Lets Go games there are even Sword and Shield-inspired cards that look better in the TCG. While this ultimately didnt stop Pokémon Sword and Shield from selling well due in part to the Switchs overall success, it did put a damper on the excitement of a new generation.

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Everyone Wants The Great Wolf Sif Edition

Anecdotally, there was an overwhelming amount of support for Pokemon Swordover Shield during the new generational reveal, and it seems like the sales data supports that.

Breaking down the Japanese sales numbers even further, Dengeki Online notes that Sword managed to push 499,753 units, towering over Shields 347,629 units. Not only did it have the most enticing legendary , but Sirfetchd, which is exclusive to Sword, was one of the most celebrated new creatures.

Taking a gander at the all-time Switch best-seller list, all Sword and Shield need to do collectively to be the most successful Pokemon game on Switch is sell more than 11.28 million copies: enough to dethrone Lets Go Pikachu and Eevee. The pair should also be pushing Links Awakening and Super Mario Maker 2 out of the top 10 very soon, which sport 3.13 million and 3.93 million copies sold respectively.

Pokemon, like , continues to defy sales expectations while getting plenty of complacency complaints.

Pokemon Sword Vs Pokemon Shield: Version Differences

Check out the Singles Tier List for April! Take a peek at the Doubles Tier List for April!

This page explains the differences between the two versions, Pokemon Sword and Shield, including exclusive Pokemon, major character differences, and exclusive items as well as know which version is better.

List of Contents

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