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Can You Increase Iv Pokémon Go

How To Unlock The Iv Checker In Pokemon Sword And Shield

*Increase IVs* in Pokemon GO // What if you get a bad Zarude // How to fix IVs

Pokemon Sword and Shield include a way to see the Individual Values of a Pokemon just by looking at it in your box. IVs are a set of hidden stats that affect each individual Pokemon’s base stats, which is what each Pokemon’s stats unique, and why they’re such an important factor in strong Pokemon. This page covers how IVs work and how to unlock an IV checker, or IV judge, in Pokemon Sword and Shield.

Pokemon Lets Go Stats

There are a total of 7 Pokemon Lets Go Stats players should be aware of when choosing the right pokemon. Below we will explain how each one works and how they affect your Damage, Defense and ability to take damage from enemy pokemon.

  • HP The amount of damage a Pokémon can receive before fainting.
  • Attack The amount of damage a Pokémon deals when using a physical move.
  • Defense The amount of damage a Pokémon receives when it is hit with a physical move.
  • Special Attack The amount of damage a Pokémon deals when using a special move.
  • Special Defense The amount of damage a Pokémon receives when it is hit with a special move.
  • Speed Pokémon with higher Speed at the start of any turn will generally make a move before ones with lower Speed.
  • CP This stat that indicates a Pokémons capability in combat. CPs value is derived from all of the other stats combined.

Mythbusters Part : Ivs Of Traded Pokmon

Trading is a staple feature in Pokémon games and became an integral part of the Pokémon GO universe in July 2018. Pokémon GO introduced a twist to trading compared to the main series games: Pokémon reroll their stats when traded. Travelers often take advantage of this by trading away their Pokemon with subpar IVs in hopes of rerolling better ones. One myth that emerged shortly after the release of trading was that Pokémon with higher stats are more likely to keep high stats after trading. To many travelers, this seems intuitive. A Pokémon with higher stats should be more valuable in a trade than one with lower stats, right?

To put this myth to the test, researchers in the Silph Research Group got together with friends and conducted over 3,000 trades in a controlled study. After careful analysis of Pokémon stats before and after trading, were ready to call this myth:


Each Pokémon has three stats that are added to the base stats of the species. IVs range from 0-15 for each single stat and are individually assigned to each Pokémon. When a Pokémon is traded, its IVs are randomly changed.

In a Developer Insights post released shortly after the trading feature launched, Niantic provided the following details regarding trade mechanics:

Based on these details, the Research Group hypothesized that the original IVs of a Pokémon do not affect the IVs after it is traded.


Ultra Friends

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Cp Has More Variety Than Level

When you encounter a wild Rattata in the main-series games, all that you see of that Pokémons strength is that the Pokémon is a Rattata, and that the Rattata is Level 3. To a newcomer to the game, that leaves a lot unseen , and only having that one number in such a small range displayed leaves very little space to better differentiate between different Pokémon.

In Pokémon GO, the range of possibilities is expanded to one that stretches well into the thousands. This gives you a much larger number of differentiating steps to get excited about than a system that only spans 1-100. It adds more of that real-world aspect to the game, where there arent only 100 different strength levels, there are near-infinite levels of skill.

For example, this Rattata has a CP of 64. It is a relatively weak Pokémon, but there are still 54 different CP values that it could potentially have that would be even weaker. And since the maximum-CP Rattata that can possibly currently be found in the wild has a CP of 498, there is an insanely large range of different higher-valued CPs that it could have.

Pokmon Go Cp Explained: What Is Cp And How Is Cp Calculated

Iv calculator pokemon go android. 5 best Pokémon Go IV ...

CP, or Combat Points, is a measure of how strong your Pokémon will be in battle against another Pokémon, and is actually a combination of several hidden stats. Each Pokémon in Pokémon Go has a set of Base Stats for Attack, Defence, and Stamina, along with a hidden Level and a hidden modifier for those Base Stats, known as a Pokémon’s IVs.

It’s not worth going into too much detail on how all of those stats work but they can essentially be explained with a nice little analogy about dogs:

Greyhounds, often used for dog racing, are a naturally fast breed of dog. Bulldogs, not so fast. Just like Greyhounds are naturally speedy, Dragonites, as a Pokémon species, have naturally high Attack – or, in other words, a naturally high Base Stat for Attack – contrast that with Machokes which, despite having decent Attack, are somewhat puny by comparison.

However, every now and then you might get a Greyhound that is so slow, and a Bulldog that is so fast, that out of these two individual dogs the Bulldog is actually faster.

So, in Pokémon Go, you might get such a naturally low-Attack Dragonite, and naturally high-Attack Machoke, that you’ll hit the point where the Machoke actually has a higher overall Attack than the Dragonite. That’s because the Individual Values of the Machoke – basically its genes – are considerably stronger than those of the Dragonite.

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Evs Are A Fan Term For Effort Values

These can be thought of as stats that gain experience. A Pokémon gains EVs when it defeats another Pokémon in battle . If your team has an Exp Share All, the EVs will be distributed to the other Pokémon.

Every 4 EVs add 1 stat point to a Pokémon’s individual overall stat . The maximum value of EVs in any stat a Pokémon can have is 252 and the total amount of EVs a pokemon can have is 510 and the only way to get rid of everything are from berries

Which Is why people prefer newly bred pokemon.

Each Pokémon has a set amount of EVs they ‘drop’ when they are defeated. Here is a list if you want to find out which Pokémon drops which EVs, because there are a lot of Pokémon.

Evolving Low Iv Pokmon

A higher level Pokémon with poor IVs will often deal more damage than a lower level Pokémon with high IVs. While it wont have as much potential as the one with higher IVs, sometimes its worth investing candy into evolving a top tier attacker that only has average IVs, if youve caught it at a level that you would be unlikely to ever power one up to. For example, if you caught a level 35 Larvitar with 33% IVs, and then hatched a level 20 Larvitar with 96% IVs, you may be better off evolving the level 35 one as it would cost you 137,000 stardust and an extra 130 candy to Power the level 20 one up to the same level but only gain a marginal difference in CP.

Please view the Damage Mechanics and CP Mechanics pages to learn more about the roles that IVs play in those areas of the game.

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Pokemon Go Ivs And Their Importance

IVs can be thought of as a Pokémons potential to be great within its species. Similar to how genes determine human height, build, eye and hair color, IVs determine Pokémon strength, bulkiness and stamina. IVs are an acronym for Individual Values and their value can range from 0 to 15 . Are IVs important? Lets talk about that.

On this page

Each Pokémon has 3 statistics in Pokémon GO:

  • Stamina a factor how long a Pokémon can last in battle
  • Attack a factor for how much damage a Pokémon can deal in battle
  • Defense a factor for how much damage a Pokémon can resist in battle

These are broken down into two kinds of stats:

Base Stats The HP, Attack and Defense Base Stats are set by species, i.e. they are the same for every Pokémon within each species. The higher a Pokémons Base Stats, the less of an effect its IVs will have on its overall damage output in battle .

Finding A Pokmons Exact Ivs

Guaranteed 100 IV Pokemon in Pokemon Go!!! | How to catch 100 IV Pokemon | Catch Perfect IV Pokemon

To check exact IVs, there are apps you can download which will analyse a screenshot of your Pokémons info screen. There are also IV Calculator websites into which you can enter all of the known factors of the CP formula and any known IVs ) to reverse calculate the unknown factors, i.e. the unknown IVs. You should be careful however to ensure that whichever app/calculator you use has been updated since the CP rebalance introduced in November 2018. If you use a calculator which hasnt been updated for the new CP formula, the results it gives will be incorrect.

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The Effect Of Pokmon Level

A Pokémons level determines how much of its potential it is allowed to fulfill. It limits how strong it is now, compared to how strong that same Pokémon potentially could be. It is currently the only thing that you can change about a Pokémons fighting ability once you have caught it.

We have mentioned that every Pokémon only has three types of stats in the game: Stamina, Attack, and Defense. Each of those three stats is comprised of three things: Base Stats, Individual Values, and Level. We have mentioned Base Stats above, which are the same throughout every species of Pokémon. We will not delve into Individual Values here, which have a minimal effect that can cause one Bulbasaur to be a little stronger than another. But our focus is on Level. Once the Base Stats and IVs have been added together, the main thing that determines the CP of a Pokémon is its Level.

What Is The Best Pokemon To Lucky Trade

Rayquaza. Might be the best choice on a level. Giratina The best Ghost attacker in the game. Mewtwo. Legacy Move: Shadow Ball. Kyogre. Kyogre is the best Water attacker in the game and will continue to be so for quite some time. Groudon. Groudon rounds out the weather trio for this section. Moltres.

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Find The Best Pokmon To Evolve Using Iv Stats In Pokmon Go

  • User

Evolving Pokèmon in Pokèmon Go takes a long time for most of them. There are very few Pokèmon that can be evolved with a small number of candies. The only way to get candies is of course to catch the same Pokèmon again and again. Once you have the required number of candies you are ready to evolve your Pokèmon. The question is, with so many of the same Pokèmon, which one do you evolve? If youre not one for fighting battles and helping to take over gyms, then it wont matter but if you plan to evolve a Pokèmon so that it lasts well in a fight, you need to figure out which is the best one to evolve. To do so, you need to figure out which Pokèmon of all the ones youve caught has the best defense, attack, and stamina stats. There is a science, a proper formula to this. Heres what you need to do.

For the sake of this guide, we are taking Rattata as an example. This Pokèmon is very common and requires only 25 Rattata candies to evolve. You can collect 25 Rattatas in one trip to the grocery store. We will also be explaining a few concepts about a Pokèmons stats with the Rattata as an example.

How To Find Out Approximate Cp And Iv Values Within Pokmon Go With The Appraisal Feature

How To Check IVs In Pokemon Lets Go And Unlock Judge

Niantic originally released the Appraisal feature in 2016 in an effort to combat third-party apps. While the feature was useful, the information it gave about a Pokémon’s CP and IV value was rather vague. After three years, however, Niantic has revamped the feature, making it much easier to discover which of your Pokémon are the very best.

To get an Appraisal of your Pokémon, tap the menu in the bottom right corner and select Appraisal when viewing, and then your chosen Team Leader will give you the rundown.

The new Appraisal feature is divided into two stages.

In the first stage, your chosen Team Leader will comment on the size of your Pokémon, telling you how small or how bizarrely big your Pokémon is. This information doesn’t factor into the prowess of battle – so feel free to ignore it.

In the second stage, the Team Leader will tell you when or where you caught the Pokémon , but, more importantly, they’ll show you the Pokémon stats – Attack, Defence and HP.

Each stat has a bar that shows you where it ranks out of 15 on the IV scale. To help communicate this information, the stat bars are divided into three different sections:

  • First section – 1 to 5
  • Second section – 6 to 10
  • Third section – 11 to 15

The higher the IV stat, the better the Pokémon’s Attack, Defence or HP will be.

If a stat has an IV ranking of 15 – the maximum possible stat – then the bar will be coloured red. On the other hand, if a stat bar is completely empty, then the IV ranking for that stat is 0.

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Make Bottle Caps And Gold Battle Caps With The Cram

The Isle of Armor DLC introduces the Cram-o-Matic, a new feature which allows players to change four Items into one new Item. As the Recipes for most Items are consistent, players can use the Cram-o-Matic to change normal items into Bottle Caps.

How to Make Bottle Caps


Perfect Iv Odds In The Wild

Theres a one in 4,096 chance, or 0.0244% portability, of finding perfect IVs from a wild catch. There is also a Weather Boosted wild catch though, which gives you a significant odds boost.

Instead of the 1 in 4,096 chance, a Weather Boosted catch increases your odds to a 1 in 1,728 chance. This is still very unlikely but still drastically better than before. Fortunately, there are ways to further improve those odds.

There are various other methods of obtaining Pokemon and these all provide better chances of finding that one highly sought after 100% IV Pokemon. Firstly, lets take a look at Shadow Pokemon.

Pokemon News

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Powering Up Needs Stardust & Pokemon Candy

Powering up a Pokemon requires a specific number of Stardust and Pokemon-specific candy. You won’t be able to power up or raise your Pokemon’s CP without the correct number of Stardust or Candy.

Earn Stardust & Candies From Catching Pokemon

You can earn Stardust and Pokemon-specific Candy by simply catching Pokemon whose CP you want to raise. This is one of the easiest and simplest ways.

How Can I Get More Exact Numbers

How to Increase IVs in Pokémon Go | Appraise

Checking IVs in-game only gives a vague idea of where your Pokémon lands, but by using external apps and websites, you can get a pretty specific range.

The Silph Road has an IV checker that asks you to input your trainer level and the visible stats of the Pokémon. After that, theyll let you know how strong your buddy is.

To check IVs on the go, you can use PokeGenie, an app for iOS and Android. The iOS version requires you just to take a screenshot of your Pokémon and upload it. The Android version will let you check IVs from within the app with the tap of a button.

Poke Genie works great, but there are times when there can be multiple combinations of IVs, requiring you to have your leader appraise your Pokémon and inputting what the leader says to get a more accurate reading.

Of course, this only matters so much. If your goal is to simply catch em all and treasure all of your precious new friends in Pokémon Go, the IVs dont need to be perfect. But if youre a player who likes to try to solo or duo high-tier raids, then every stat point counts. Its always wise to check those IVs before you make a big candy investment or transfer your precious mons to candy.

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Why Is Umbreon Cp So Low

Umbreon is a damage wall in the main series games with all of its points put into defense, special defense, and HP, requiring status conditions and partners in double battles to deal damage. As a result despite being tanky as hell Umbreon has very little offensive potential and thus a low CP score.

What Are Pokmon Go Ivs

Pokémon Go IVs are hidden stats that are randomly generated when a Pokémon is caught or hatched. These values are between 0 and 15, with a separate value for each stat. If youre lucky, they can increase a Pokémons base stats by roughly 10 percent.

Just like in classic Pokémon titles, each type of Pokémon has base stats. In Pokémon Go however, there are only three stats: Attack, Defense, and Stamina. Attack and Defense are obvious, but Stamina affects both HP and how long a Pokémon can defend in a gym before needing to rest.

While every Squirtle might have the same base stats, their final stats vary. These are Squirtles base stats compared with perfect IV stats:

  • Attack 94 vs 109
  • Defense 122 vs 137
  • Stamina 88 vs 103

These stats are then put together into CP , which is main way a Pokémons strength is displayed in Pokémon Go. However, CP also takes Pokémon levels into account, so a 500 CP Squirtle may not have better IVs than a 150 CP Squirtle. The only way to know the true potential of a Pokémon is to check their IVs.

Its also worth noting that IVs remain the same through evolution, so feel free to evolve that perfect IV Squirtle into a Blastoise.

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