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How To Find Unown Pokemon Go

Pokemon Go: Catching Shiny Unown U During The Ultra Unlock Event


Since Unown U will be appearing as a raid boss for the first part of Ultra Unlock, this presents Pokemon GO players with a great opportunity to possibly catch its shiny form. The event begins in earnest on July 23, 2021 at 10:00am until August 3, 2021 at 8:00pm local time.

At the moment, and according to Niantic’s announcement, it is unclear if Unown U will be catchable in other ways during the event. With that being said, players will need to focus on raiding Unown U in order to have the chance of acquiring its shiny form.

Since there is no way to guarantee obtaining a shiny, players will just need to keep raiding and beating Unown U in gyms across the Pokemon GO map until its shiny form presents itself after battle.

In order to defeat this raid boss quickly, trainers will want to use Pokemon proficient with Bug-, Dark-, and Ghost-type attacks. Since Unown is weak to these elements, they’ll assist in dealing extra damage and taking it out quickly, since it’s a Psychic-type Pokemon. Bringing a friend or two along for the fight can speed things up even more.

When finding this particular shiny, it just becomes a matter of lather, rinse, repeat. Be sure to stock up on plenty of raid passes and keep battering Unown U with all your battle party can muster.

Unown Events To Plan For:

  • Global Unown hatching events : An event held on Monday 2 September to Monday 9 September 2019 saw U, L, T, R and A Unown hatching from 10km eggs . Hopefully September 2019’s event will be repeated in the future, giving everyone a chance to get an Unown
  • GO Fest : Unown spawns are one of the features of GO Fest, an annual series of paid, ticketed events originally held in a park in Chicago, but expanded in 2019 to Dortmund and Yokohama. Unown only spawns for ticket holders
  • Safari Zone : Unown spawns can also be found during Safari Zone events held at participating malls and parks in mainland Europe . Safari Zone events are free but require registration
  • GO Week/Weekend : Increased Unown spawns are a perk for a series of cross-promotional events in conjunction with participating retailers in South Korea and Japan buy a qualifying product to receive a scannable ticket
  • Pokémon World Championships : Unown is consistently available around the venue for the finals of the Pokémon World Championships
  • Large Comic/Fan/Game Conventions . Unown spawns increase around the venues for various industry and consumer events, especially those covering games, comics, anime and other pop-culture subjects. Some examples include:
  • Gamescom
  • PAX East and PAX West
  • San Diego Comic Con
  • South x South West
  • FIFA World Cup : Unown spawns were increased during the 2018 World Cup in the host nation and a number of its South American neighbours
  • Are There Nests Where You Can Go To Catch Unown

    Sadly, no. Unown, like Snorlax and Lapras, doesn’t seem to nest. There have been reports of consistent, if infrequent spawn points but they’re thus far very few and incredibly far between.

    In my area, they spawn only a few times a week, and randomly throughout the city and suburbs. Never the same place, never the same time, never at any discernable pattern.

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    Is There An Unown Medal To Help Make Catching Them Easier And Yes Fine To Show Off With

    There is… but you’ll need to catch a lot of Unowns to get the gold. And it only credits you one for each form, so repeats don’t count. That means, even if you’re in an area where Unown spawns, you’re likely to get a lot of dupes before you encounter every different type. According to Silph Road math, it would take an average of 100 catches to get all 26. So, if you encounter one a day, that’s a minimum of 26 days, an average of 100 days, and a max of… forever. If you encounter one a week…

    • Bronze: Catch 3 Unowns, get a 1.1x bonus.
    • Silver: Catch 10 Unowns, get a 1.2x bonus.
    • Gold: Catch all 26 Unowns, get a 1.3x bonus.

    Pokemon Go Unown Locations And Events


    Unown events are likely to remain an important way of catching this elusive Pokémon going forward.

    Events featuring Unown range from official Pokémon events to tie-ins with Comic/Game conventions and even major sporting events. There is some variation in access too events such as GO Fest require that you pay or register for a ticket in order to access the Unown spawn. Other times, spawns are city or country-wide .

    For a full list of past events, we recommend this list on However, keep reading for a simplified breakdown of the types of events you can expect to see Unown spawn at, so you can start to plan for when you could catch one.

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    How Can You Nab Yourself One

    As always, theres no guarantee of ever getting any Shiny Pokemon, however, youll never have a better chance than at GO Fest due to increased spawns/odds.

    It should be noted, the only way youre able to encounter Unown at this years event is by purchasing a ticket free players unfortunately wont have the luxury.

    Unown will appear at all four of the habitats during the event Jungle, Desert Mountain, Ocean Beach and Cave however, it will only be appearing when you have an incense live.

    So in short, to give yourself the best chance of getting a Shiny Unown, you need to:

    • Buy a GO Fest Ticket for $5
    • Use Incense

    The Biological Details Of Unown In Pokemon Go

    Unown is a thin-looking Pokemon and its body shape resembles an eye.;The colour of this Pokemon is dark black.This is the only Pokemon in the entire game that has 28 different forms of itself based on alphabetical letters and punctuation marks.;It also resembles the ancient alphabetical letters of the Latin language.;This Pokemon is a complete mystery even to the researchers in the game.;When more than one Unown comes together, a lot of energy will be reverberating around the place.;Unown is the only Pokemon in the entire game capable of reading the thoughts of other life forms around them.;Unown is an extremely rare Pokemon and it lives in its own web and doesnt venture out often.

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    How To Find Shiny Unown In Pokemon Go

    Enigma Week provides increased spawns and Shiny Unown in Pokemon Go. This guide will help players locate and capture these shiny Unown.

    Enigma Week is finally here in;Pokemon Go. Here’s how players can increase their chances of running into a shiny Unown.;GO Fest has been a massive event to celebrate all things;Pokemon Go. For the first time ever, trainers were allowed to play strictly from their own homes. This was due to the situation surrounding COVID-19 affecting everyone around the globe. The game has made some small changes, including an increase in distance to reach gyms and Pokestops, new items like the Remote Raid Pass that allows players to play from a safe distance, and increased discounts available in the shop. Enigma Week is here and here’s what players can expect for achieving a Shiny Unown.

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    Enigma Week takes place from . Within this time, players can encounter Pokemon like Bronzong, Elgyem, Staryu, Baltoy, and Clefairy. Also during this time, players will be able to encounter Unown of the letters U.L.T.R. and A. Players won’t need to have purchased a GO Pass to participate in the Ultra Week events. These Unown have the chance of being Shiny from participating in raids. With a complete alphabet of Unown in the Pokemon universe, here’s how players can increase their chances of finding a shiny version.

    Another Chance To Catch Shiny Unown


    Among the many bonuses of;Pokémon GO Fest 2021 is the release of;Shiny Unown F and G to players. But not all players will be able to catch these extremely rare variant versions of an already hard to find Pokémon. Unown F and G are limited to certain players who are using a specific item. And even then theres no guarantee youll find a shiny. But to help we have laid out everything you need to know about how to get Shiny Unown F and Shiny Unown G during Pokémon GO Fest 2021.

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    Can You Track Unown In Pokmon Go

    If you can find a spawn near a PokéStop, you can absolutely track Unown using Nearby.

  • Tap the Nearby Tab at the bottom right of the screen.
  • Tap the holiday Pokémon you want to track.
  • Tap the Footprints button to start tracking.
  • Once you get to the PokéStop, Unown will spawn and you can catch away!

    If Unown isn’t at a PokéStop, it might show up on Sightings depending on whether or not you get within 40 meters and there aren’t so many PokéStops nearby that Nearby overwhelms Sightings.

    But Are There Unown Spawns Or Separate Unown A And Unown B Spawns

    Only Pokémon Go knows for sure. Based on how people are catching them, though, it seems less likely that each specific Unown spawns on its own and more likely Unown spawns in general and then its specific form is determined at random.

    That said, specific Unown have spawned at events with letters corresponding to the theme of the event , so it could be determined more specifically. Or it could be both!

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    How To Get A Shiny Unown U In Pokmon Go

    Certain Pokémon are expected to be available in Pokémon Go for a limited time. These Pokémon are on the top of every collectors list, which typically means theyre a bit of a headache to find. For those on the hunt for a shiny Unown U, the deck is already stacked against you with challenging it can be to find this Pokémon in the mobile game. This guide details the best way to find a shiny Unown U in Pokémon Go.

    The Unown Us shiny version is debuting during Pokémon Gos Ultra Unlock Part 3: Sword and Shield event. The event will be happening from August 20 to 31, the final event for Pokémon Gos summer season. We can expect the next season to drop shortly after this event at the start of September. However, before that happens, Unown U will be spawning in one-star raids. This is the only way to capture and encounter this Pokémon.

    The only way to do that for those who want to get a shiny version is to defeat it at a one-star raid. Luckily, the odds are a bit more in your favor. Whenever you beat a Pokémon in a raid and capture it at the end, theres a one in 20 chance that it could be a shiny version. Its significantly better than finding a Pokémon in the wild, where the chances are somewhere around one in 450.

    You will have to use a Raid Pass to access Unown U. Because its a one-star raid, most trainers who are above level 20 should be able to handle it on their own without assistance from other players.

    How To Get Unown In Pokemon Go: Rare But Not Quite Legendary

    CATCHING 3 UNOWN in Pokémon GO  IN 3 WEEKS  Rarest ...

    Today were going to talk about the rarest of the rare Pokemon in the game Pokemon GO for Gen 2 and beyond. These are the Unown, the letters of the game. This game like previous Pokemon games have 26+ Pokemon in the Unown category, each assigned to their own letter or character. Some of the Unown are not yet released into the game, but the vast majority are available to be found and caught in the wild already.

    The Secret Medal

    Its been discovered by hardcore Pokemon GO users that the Unown Medal is only uncovered once one Unown is caught. Most users thatve played every day since the first day of Gen 2 have not yet seen a single Unown. Once the first is caught, the Unown Medal appears and at first looks like itll be nearly impossible to accomplish.

    While some medals require that 100 of a single rare Pokemon be caught, this one is different. Because Unown is a single Pokemon with a limited set of variations, this medal requires that all 26 be caught to get the gold. The three levels for the medal are find 3, find 10, find 26.

    The Badge Type for this Medal is listed in the games code as 38 which is very strange. All other badges are listed as BADGE_TYPE_WATER or BADGE_BIG_MAGIKARP essentially the same as their title. Badge 38 only appearing when the first of this type of Pokemon are caught may be an indicator of more secret Medals appearing in the future.

    Unown Hidden in the Code

    How to Find and Catch Unown

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    How To Find Unown In Pokemon Go

    Go Fest will take place from July 17-18th. During this time, the game will feature different habitats that alternate every hour. These habitats are Jungle, Desert Mountain, Ocean Beach, and Cave. Fortunately, Unown F and Unown G will be appearing during all of the habitat hours. Players can make them appear by using an Incense item to increase the spawn rate of Pokemon in the area. Not only that, but Unown F will appear in the game as a Shiny for the very first time. Players will need to be extremely lucky to find it.

    Go Fest is one of the biggest events to take place in;Pokemon Go. If players play the game even a little bit, they should look into participating in the event. It will feature tons of exclusive Pokemon and items for players to collect. The music festival theme will take it far to be one of the better Go Fests to release. Good luck capturing both versions of Unown during this event.

    Pokemon Go is available now on iOS and Android.

    How To Catch All The Unowns In Pokmon Diamond/pearl/platinum

    wikiHow is a wiki, similar to Wikipedia, which means that many of our articles are co-written by multiple authors. To create this article, 13 people, some anonymous, worked to edit and improve it over time. This article has been viewed 64,077 times.Learn more…

    While catching all the Unown forms A-Z doesn’t have many advantages, it’s still a great way to finish off your Pokémon game. You can show an Unown to a boy in Solaceon Town to get capsule seals, or just catch all of them to get Unown forms;! and;? and to see the Ruin Maniac finish digging the tunnel.

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    How To Get Unown In Pokmon Go

    Until September 2019, there were only two reliable ways to obtain Unown in Pokémon GO:

    • Finding one in the wild via a remarkable feat of sheer luck youd probably rather reserve for a lottery win
    • Attending an event such as a GO Fest or major comic/game convention that features increased spawning rates

    Encountering Unown in the wild is possible, but all available evidence appears to point to spawn odds being vanishingly small. There are a handful of Silph Road threads featuring anecdotal accounts of chance encounters and mad community dashes when Unown turns up on a tracker. Meanwhile, a Pokémon GO Hub study of 6 million Generation 1 and 2 spawns saw just one Unown show up. It could happen to you but it probably wont.

    If you really want to fill the gap in your dex, the only realistic option of the two was to attend an event and we take an in-depth look at that below.

    Of course, there was always technically another option to consider waiting to see whether Niantic put Unown in some other kind of global event. And with the Unown hatching chances in September 2019, this became a reality – and something to hope to see repeated in the future.

    How To Catch Unown In Pokmon Go

    Fast and Easy Way to Get Unown in Pokemon GO!

    Unown is one of the rarest and hardest to find Pokémon in Pokémon Go period. That’s because it doesn’t spawn very often in most areas and, when it does, it can manifest as any one of the 28 forms, stylized after the letters of the alphabet, from A to Z, as well as the punctuation ? and !. So, how do you catch ’em all?

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    How To Get Shiny Unown During Enigma Week In Pokemon Go

    The best way to go about finding a Shiny Unown is to participate in as many remote raid battles as possible during this week. Shiny Pokemon have a higher chance of appearing if the lobby for the raid battle is full of trainers. Players can purchase one remote raid pass for 100 PokeCoins although the game has a better deal, selling 3 remote raid passes for 250 PokeCoins. Since it is recommended to stay indoors during these trying times, occupy one gym in a populated area, and wait until the room is full before jumping into the battle. Repeat this process until a Shiny Unown appears. It also works out great if the player can get friends to help with these tasks. Any trainer with duplicates will be likely to trade, of course for something worth it.

    Pokemon Go is a game that requires players to go outside and explore their world. When the pandemic hit, not only did;Pokemon Go find a surge in profits but it also had one of its strongest quarters in the history of the game. The game has made it easy to enjoy the full experience from the safety of their home. There’s a reason why the game continues to top charts as one of the most popular mobile titles on the market. It’s important to be patient when hunting down these shiny Unown.

    Pokemon Go is available now on iOS and Android.


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