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How To Get Hacked Pokemon Go

The Ultimate Trick To Hack Pokemon Go


Stop reading long articles, Different ways & methods for a boost in Pokemon Go.;This way is the only hack you will ever need to become Legendary in Pokemon go!

When the;Pokemon Go;launched, users playing the game developed some easy ways to fool the game servers by hacking the game using some mocking and modded apps. But, Times have changed. Below you will find a trick that surpasses all those ways!

Get Pikachu As Your Starter Pokemon

Pokemon Go” has three main starter Pokemon that spawn wherever you are as soon as you start playing the game: Charmander, Bulbasaur, and Squirtle. If, however, you ignore those three starters when they appear and keep walking, then continue to ignore them enough times when they respawn, theyâll eventually appear with a fourth one in the mix: Pikachu. Here are detailed instructions for how to get Pikachu as your starter Pokemon.

Your Hack Will Work Just Follow This

Step: 1 >Downgrade Google Play Services

Open your settings and go to the installed applications, choose the option of;Google Play services, and uninstall all the updates but note the ID mentioned over there.

Step: 2 > Installing 2018 Version Of Google Play Services

After deleting your google play services will go back to the stock version, and now you need to install the play services with the 2018 version and download it easily from Google.

Step: 3 > Download New APK

The number or ID that you have saved with you before uninstalling the updates will work here, and you have to search for the same number apk online, but it must not be the latest one. Use the version 12.6.85, and it will work fine.;

Step: 4 > Install Play Services

Install that version of Google Play services, and from Device administrators, turn off the find my device option.

Step: 5 > Problem Solved!!

Here you go, your problem is solved, and now you can play the game without any hindrance. Enjoy the game and have fun!!

What We Deliver?

Poke Go Hacks is all about providing the best hack and cheat tricks to all the users of Pokemon GO. All the players are using the technique that we have mentioned on our page. Read all the information with patience and apply those tricks to your game and move ahead of the competition.

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Pokemon Go Cheats: Account Sharing

Just as you’re not allowed to have multiple accounts on the go at once, you also can’t share your account with other people so they can catch Pokemon in different places. This is hard for Niantic to detect as long as you don’t use the account simultaneously and give it enough time before logging in when there’s a long distance between the previous person, but make sure you’re careful when doing it. Sometimes you’ve got a pal out in a different region and you just need that Relicanth or Corsola…

These are the main cheats and exploits available in Pokemon Go, but there’s also plenty of tips and tricks you can use that are well within the rules. Follow any of the links below to get started!

One of the resident guide writers around these parts, give me a game and I will write every “how to” I possibly can or die trying. When I’m not knee-deep in a game to write guides on, you’ll find me hurtling round the track in F1 2020, flinging balls on my phone in Pokemon Go, pretending to know what I’m doing in Football Manager 2020, clicking on heads in Valorant, or mowing down hordes of enemies in Outriders.

Your Favorite Pokmon Go Cheats And Hacks

Pokemon Go Hack

If you’ve tried out any of these Pokémon Go cheats and hacks, let me know how they worked for you. If you have other cheats, tell me all about them. If you have any other questions, drop them in the comments and be sure to check out our Complete Pokédex, as well as our other Pokémon Go Guides so you too can become a Pokémon Master!

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How To Install And Use Anyto:

  • To install iMyFone AnyTo on your PC and choose to Get Started. Connect your Android phone with USB to your PC and tap trust on your phone.
  • It shows where you stand on the map, by default, when your map is loaded. In the upper right corner, select Teleport Mode, the third option.
  • Now find a spot on the map where you hope you are there.
  • Pinpoint may be dragged on the map or searched for your desired place in a search box. Then the Pogo spoofer shows the address, coordinates, and distance information.
  • To find your spot, you may zoom in and out the map.
  • Click on the button Move now. You may notice that the location is quickly changed to the new one.
  • Open Pokémon Go, you’ll be able to hack in the application successfully. Now you may start to explore the app and its broad range of advantages for the ardent Pokémon Go gamers.

You can go to below iOS tutorial video to hack in Pokemon Go

Installing Magisk For Spoofing

If youre running Android 8.1 and above, you cant downgrade your Google Play services app. Only solution is to root your device and install Magisk.

We cant use the spoofing apps directly as Niantic detects any 3rd party apps with spoofing or joystick in their name. If you keep spoofing without putting the app in system, you might get banned. I would suggest you to perform rooting and all this steps only if youre using Pokemon GO on your secondary device. Rooting your device can cause instability with payment apps.

1. Steps to install Spoofing App inside System

Step 1.;Follow the;ADB guide;to install adb files and launch the adb.exe file from the adb folder. Move the downloaded TWRP file for your device into the ADB folder.

Step 2.;Connect your device with your computer using the USB cable provided with the device.

Step 3.;Make sure to enable USB debugging and allow adb access

Step 4.;Type the following command in adb command window to check if everything is working perfectly.

adb devices

Step 5.;Reboot your phone into bootloader mode. Some phones will bring you to download mode instead of bootloader mode. Usually you should be able to get into bootloader mode from download mode. To boot into bootloader/fastboot mode, type the following command:

adb reboot fastboot

Step 1.;Install Magisk Manager from here and;follow the guide to install Magisk Installer;via Magisk Manager App.

Step 4.;Find Pokemon GO in the list and check it to hide root from Pokemon GO.

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Cydia Impactor Giving You Error Logs

Dont worry; I just put together a complete list of errors that could potentially pop up when youre using Cydia Impactor. Check it out from this post.

We have compiled a list of a bunch of different errors you may come across when using Cydia Impactor. When these errors occur, you may experience a significant delay in getting what you want done, which can result in some serious frustration.

What Is Pokemon Go Joystick Hack

Pokemon Go – Bluestacks Hack (PC/Laptop)
  • Boomerang feature:;Jumping to desired location Just tap;on any location & youll be there! A useful feature if you want to catch water Pokemon in big lakes, bakes or finding grass Pokemon in dense forest.
  • Settings change update interval, speed, altitude, accuracy, spoofing and much more
  • Tap on any point on screen to move in that direction ;Option to hide joystick in this mode.
  • Clear mock location history restore original location
  • Automated movement around location in a radius
  • Search for a location in map
  • Store favourite locations as bookmarks and load them quickly!
  • Choose starting location in map ;Now you can enter latitude and longitude
  • Use the persistent notification use toggle joystick on/off on the fly!
  • Root support for mock location disabled
  • Not enough people to do a legendary raid in your area? Spoof
  • Cant hatch a shiny regional? Spoof
  • Working during your local raid dinner hour or Community Day? Spoof
  • Homeowners suing Niantic because people are trespassing? Spoof
  • Pokemon GO App is created using Google Maps API. It tracks your location with your phones GPS & shows different types of Pokemon as per assigned by Niantic based on location. Pokemon GO joystick apps makes the GPS believe that you are changing locations which in turn moves you in the game. The app offers control buttons to move in any direction you want. You can also adjust your moving/running speed. The joystick appears as an overlay in the Pokemon GO game so you can watch your character move live.

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    How To Change Your Location In Pokemon Go Vpn Gps Spoofing Hack

    Update 2021: Due to the ongoing pandemic Niantic has made it easier to play Pokemon Go from home by offering a range of incentives. You can use these alongside our Pokemon Go GPS spoofing hack to continue playing even when stuck at home.

    Pokemon Go is now worldwide, but that doesnt mean everyone has equal access to Pokemon. Those who live in big cities will find far more Pokemon, Pokestops, and gyms in their area than those who live in the suburbs and rural areas. Urban residents have a huge advantage over everyone else who plays the game, while people living out in the country are stuck in deserted lands with nary a Pidgey in sight.

    So lets even the playing field a bit, shall we?

    How A Vpn Helps You Change Region In Pokemon Go From Anywhere

    Pokemon GO can determine your location by checking your IP address. The company will also look at your mobile devices GPS coordinates to make sure that they match the location of your IP address.

    If its determined that you have cheated, Pokemon GO can use your IP address to effectively ban you from playing the game.

    A VPN allows you to avoid being identified by your IP address.

    This means that you can mask your online activity and change your location within Pokemon GO. When you change your location, you can access certain Pokemon and items that you wouldnt have been able to find otherwise.

    VPNs also provide strong protection for those surfing the web or browsing through different apps. Powerful encryption keeps your information safe from hackers or from other third parties.

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    How To Get More Candies By Using Pokemon Go Candy Hack

    It is easy just like the ways mentioned over you need to apply those same tricks while teleporting to different regions. Here are some tips to boost up the process of hacking the Pokemon go candy.

    Build A Pathway

    Try To build a pathway from the location spoofer and keep your phone at rest. Your virtual trainer will move on the guided route, and you will be able to hatch more eggs by using the technique and get more candies by walking with your buddy.

    Feeding Pokemons At Gym

    Feed the pokemons of every gym, and you never know where you will get lucky, and you might get some candies of the Pokemon you fed earlier.

    Teleport To A Place With Lots Of Pokestops

    Spin every pokestop and collect more pokeballs and use those pokeballs to capture all the pokemon. Try visiting a place where you find more second and third level pokemon rather than base-level pokemon.

    Use Pinap Berry To Capture Pokemons

    Use the Pinap berry every time you encounter and try to capture some Pokemon. If you are a place where more second and third level pokemons are available, then using this berry will boost up your candy making process.

    Note Using teleportation instantly and jumping to locations real quickly will lead to a soft ban for some time.

    Is There Any Safer Tool Better Than Pokemon Go Hack

    [Succes Method] Tutuapp Pc Pokemon Go Hack ...

    As we mentioned above, Niantic is very fast and aggressive at banning spoofers, hackers and cheat users. Thatâs why it is important to be on the same side. Though all Pokemon hack iOS download cheats discussed above are safe, we will tell you about the safest tool. Thatâs Dr.Fone âVirtual Location .

    4,039,074 people have downloaded it

    Dr.Fone âVirtual Location is a dedicated app that teleport your iPhone GPS to any location all over the world. You can even stimulate the movement of GPS automatically along real routes.

    Here are the steps to use the Dr.Fone â Virtual Location app on your device to play Pokemon Go more enjoyable and safely.

    Step 1: First, download the app from the official Dr.Fone website. Once installed, launch the app and open the âVirtual Locationâ feature.

    Step 2: Connect your iPhone to your window PC and tap the âGet Startedâ button.

    Step 3: Search for the desired region you want to teleport to. Tap the teleport option from the tool.

    You can search the location directly on the map or by entering the locationâs name in the search bar.

    Step 4: Move and drop the pin to the target location. Next, click on the âMove Hereâ button.

    Step 5: Your location will be changed to mocked location and the interface will also show the fake location.

    To halt the hack, simply click the Stop Simulation button and go back to your original location.

    So, download the Dr.Fone â Virtual Location app now and level up your Pokemon Go gaming experience.

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    Using Cydia Impactor And Install Poke Go++ 20

  • Download the hacked R86 .IPA from here
  • Grab the latest version of Cydia Impactor as well. It works on both Windows and Mac
  • Connect your iOS device to the computer and launch Cydia Impactor
  • Drag and drop the .ipa file into the tool and sign in using your Apple ID
  • When prompted, select Allow, and it will start signing
  • This is something similar to how you would install an unsigned iOS apps using iFunbox. But this time, it doesnt even require a jailbroken device. After the Poke Go ++ iOS app is installed, you can start using it right away. The mod has been built right in with the official Pokemon Go game.

    Before you open it, though, be sure to Trust the app via the Profile settings . Also, the same process must be repeated every week for the app to continue working. I know, it sucks, but your free developer account only lasts seven days per sign.

    I hope you find this tutorial helpful. For additional help, check out the video below.

    Warning: I want you to keep in mind that these hacks can result in an account banning for several hours. After that, it should go away.

    Update #1: The new download link has been added. This one should work with the latest Pokemon Go .

    Update #2: Dont forget to install xCon from Cydia as well.

    Update #3: About the Pokemon Go Valentines Day Event: The new .IPA above should fix any problems that you previously experienced.

    A new link has been added above to fix the warning A new version of Pokémon Go is available. Would you like to update now?.

    Pokemon Go Hack For Android

    Note: This method will only work on Android 6, 7 and 8. This method will not work on Android 9, 10, 11 and some Android 8.1 devices with Google play services 12.8.x that cannot be downgraded.

    If you have not yet updated your device to Android 8 and want to enjoy Pokemon GO Spoofing Android hack then this method is for you. This method doesnt require rooting. This is amongst the least affective method however you can try your luck with this one.

    Firstly, you need to downgrade your Google Play service. You need to downgrade to Google play service version 12.6.x. However, some versions are detected by Niantic. So, you can prefer 12.6.87, 12.6.88 or

    Downgrading Google Play Services is restricted by Google to avoid old protocols used by devices. Since its restricted, theres no 1 click go method to disable updates and downgrade to the version we want. Follow the method to downgrade the app. Remember, some Google Apps might not work once you have downgraded. You will have to do this steps again if you update the Google Play Services app by mistake.

    Step 1.;Open this link, youll find many APK files. In order to find the right one, first download Droid Hardware Info app and check under System tab. Check the value of Instruction Sets .

    Step 2.;After checking the instruction sets value, depending on your devices Android version , go into that part of downloads. For ex: My device runs on Android 8.0 so Ill go to the part shown in the image below.

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    Name Change Pokemon Go

    This doesnt;really have a place in Pokemon GO cheats, the difficulty;lays in knowing that this was even an option.; You can only do this once, Niantic allows players in Pokemon GO to change their name once after that this option is gone.

    • Step 1. Enter the Main Menu by pressing the menu icon.
    • Step 2. Press the Setting icon located near the top of the Main Menu Screen.
    • Step 3. Select the Pokemon GO Name Change Option .

    Step 4.;Time to change your Pokemon GO Name.

    Time Savers

    Some Other Ways To Cheat Smartly In This Game

    How To Get Pokemon GO | HACKED

    Spoofing ;Many people are faking their GPS location, to visit a place where 100% Dragonite or Tyranitar spawns so that they will catch them instantly and battle with them. This is the way most of the people are using to catch Pokemon and raise their;Trainer Level.;You may have seen people on a certainly lower level than yours. Still, they have some rare Pokemon that you havent seen in your life, this is just the result of spoofing from one coordinate to the other, but the risk here is that you may get a soft ban.

    Multi-Accounts ;Those who dont cheat with several accounts. They efficiently complete a gym with their mates, families, and group members accounts and sometimes even if they stopped playing long ago. This trick will not grab the attention of the Pokemon go team, and you can do it safely without any risk of a soft ban on any of your Pokemon go accounts.

    Changing Date & Time ;This trick has worked many times, but I am not sure about the current scenario. You can change the date-time on your mobile phone and move a day ahead and remove the soft ban on yourself.

    Automatic IV Checkers ;Automatic IV checkers helps you to know if the Pokemon you caught is dominant or not, most Pokemons with IV level more than 80-90 are considered strong. It is mentioned in the application if your found, Pokemon will be right for you in the battle or not. This app generally works on IOS devices, and the app for android devices is unavailable on any platform online.

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