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How To Beat Leader Sierra Pokemon Go

The Best Counters Against Arlo Cliff And Sierra In September 2021

How to Beat Leader Sierra in Pokemon GO | New Leader Sierra Counters In May 2021

While Giovanni may be taking September 2021 off, or at least the first part of it, the Team GO Rocket Leaders Arlo, Cliff, and Sierra will still be around in Pokémon GO. Players will be able to do battle against these dastardly foes all month long. We havent heard of any major shakeups just yet, but dont be surprised if they happen. So be prepared by checking out how to beat Arlo, Cliff, and Sierra in Pokémon GO for September 2021.

Pokemon Go Sierra Guide: The Best Counters For Defeating The Team Go Rocket Leader

These tips will give you the strategy needed to defeat this devious diva.

Pokemon Go’s Team Go Rocket leaders can be some of the toughest encounters you’ll come across in this popular mobile game, with each of the four leaders having strong Pokemon that can trip you up if you’re not prepared. There are four leaders in Pokemon Go–Arlo, Cliff, Sierra, and Giovanni–but in this guide, we’ll tell you how to tackle the “Lone Lioness” and defector from Team Instinct herself, Sierra.

Sierra’s Pokemon

Sierra will always use Shadow Sneasel in the starting position. This will not change no matter how many times you face her. Phases 2 and 3 of the battle, however, will be a different experience every time. Each phase sees Sierra choose one of three randomized Shadow Pokemon, as listed below.

  • Phase 1
  • Shadow Sneasel
  • Phase 2
  • Shadow Gliscor
  • Shadow Granbull
  • Phase 3
  • Shadow Houndoom
  • Shadow Kingdra
  • Best Sierra Counters

    Sierra has quite a mixture when it comes to her Pokemon’s weakness, with two of them only having one weakness each. Luckily, those two Pokemon–Ampharos in Phase 2 and Drapion in Phase 3–share the same Ground-type, meaning that Ground-type moves will be essential. We would bring one of the following three Pokemon just to deal with those two:

    Rewards for defeating Sierra

    After Sierra is defeated, you will receive 1000 Stardust and two out of the six items listed below:

    Team Go Rocket Aerial Attacks

    As of July 7, 2020, Team GO Rocket has now taken to the skies. Four times a day, a Team GO Rocket balloon can appear on the map. These encounters work almost identically to Team GO Rocket PokéStop Invasions. Under normal circumstances, Trainers can expect:

    • Without a Rocket Radar, you will encounter Grunts.
    • Jesse and James in their Meowth hot air balloon are no longer appearing, but should they return, they give you the chance to earn two Mysterious Components for the one balloon.
    • With a normal Rocket Radar equipped, you will encounter one of the Team GO Rocket Executives.
    • With a Super Rocket Radar equipped, you will have the chance to encounter Giovanni, himself.
    • The first balloon will show up between midnight and 6 AM local time.
    • The second balloon will show up between 6 AM and noon local time.
    • The third balloon will show up between noon and 6 PM local time.
    • The final balloon will show up between 6 PM and midnight local time.

    The line ups for Shadow Pokémon are the same as if you encountered Team GO Rocket at a PokéStop. If you don’t beat the Executive or Giovanni, your Radar will remain intact until you are able to defeat a Team GO Rocket leader.

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    Pokmon Go Sierra Guide: August 2021

    The best Pokémon to defeat Team GO Rocket Leader Sierra in Pokémon GO.

    A comprehensive guide on how to defeat Rocket Leader Sierra in Pokémon GO, updated for August 2021. We got you covered with the best Pokémon to use against Sierra, regardless of which line-up Sierra uses.

    Remember that you can rematch Sierra if you lose the first time. Use this guide in combination with knowing Sierras Pokémon to ensure a victory. Sierra is often considered to be the easiest Team Go Rocket leader but this time around, she is a little more challenging than usual. But dont worry! Simply follow this guide and you shouldnt have any problem whatsoever!

    Note: In Trainer Battles, counters need not always be Pokémon that do super-effective damage. We include Pokémon that are more viable to defeat Arlo, rather than those who do maximum damage.

    How To Beat Sierra In Pokemon Go

    How to beat TEAM GO ROCKET LEADER SIERRA in Pokemon GO ...

    To defeat Sierra, youll need to utilize a variety of different Pokemon types. Weve featured a mix of stronger Legendaries and more common alternatives, so there should be something here to meet every trainers needs, and all of them are solid choices.

    Lets take a look at the weaknesses of all the different Pokemon Sierra will choose to send out during your battle, and which counters you should be using to beat her.

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    What Are The Best Pokmon Go Sierra Counters For Granbull

    Sierras Granbull can have a variety of dark, fairy, and fighting moves, but doesnt have any double weaknesses. It is weak to poison and steel moves though, so we recommend these Pokémon to counter it.

    • Metagross Bullet Punch and Meteor Mash or Flash Cannon
    • Dialga Metal Claw and Iron Head or Draco Meteor
    • Roserade Poison Jab and Sludge Bomb or Grass Knot
    • Genesect Metal Claw and Magnet Bomb or X-Scissor
    • Excadrill Metal Claw and Iron Head or Earthquake
    • Jirachi Confusion and Doom Desire or Psychic

    Best Ampharos & Drapion Counters

    The last of Sierra’s second three potential Pokémon is Ampharos, an Electric-type Pokémon that is weak against Ground moves. Therefore, for this battle, we’re advising you to bring one of Garchomp, Landorus, Groudon or Excadrill. No worries if you don’t have those specific Pokémon, feel free to pick the strongest Ground-type Pokémon from your inventory, provided they have Ground-type moves for you to use.

    Drapion is one of the last three Pokémon that Sierra may pick for the battle. It is a dual Poison/Dark-type Pokémon that is particularly weak against Ground-type moves. Similar to Ampharos, we’re recommending that you bring either of the Pokémon listed below.

    Best Pokémon choice

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    Pokemon Go Sierra Arlo Cliff November 2021 Lineup And Best Counters

    Trainers, A Looming Shadow Returns is a new event in Pokemon Go, and Team Go Rocket leaders Sierra, Arlo, and Cliff are back in the game. The three leaders now use different Shadow Pokemon in battles, and you have a chance to catch a new shiny Shadow Pokemon.

    Team Go Rocket was temporarily removed from Pokemon Go due to in-game issues. The Festival of Lights event and Professor Willows research into Hoopa caught Team Go Rockets attention and it seems like the three leaders Sierra, Arlo, and Cliff are coming back stronger, with new Shadow Pokemon lineups, ready to take over the Pokemon Go world.

    The Team Go Rocket leaders are now appearing more often at PokeStops and in balloons, and to be honest, the Team Go Rocket leaders in Pokemon Go are probably the most difficult battles. Defeating Sierra, Arlo, and Cliff can be quite a challenge, and using the best Pokemon counters and moves will help you a lot to beat them.

    That said, lets take a look at the new Shadow Pokemon and how to beat Team Go Rocket leaders Sierra, Arlo, and Cliff.

    Pokmon Go Sierra Counters: Best Strategies To Beat The Rocket Leader


    Pokémon GO’s Luminous Legends Y event has players taking on Team GO Rocket, and Rocket Leader Sierra will take strategic counters to beat.

    The Luminous Legends Y event has started in Pokémon GO, introducing new challenges and Legendary Pokémon. The event will be broken into two parts throughout the month, with Part 1 available from May 18 to 25 and Part 2 from May 25 to 31. Pokémon GO Players will be able to capture the Legendary Pokémon Yvetal, celebrate the introduction of the Fairy-type Eeveelution Sylveon, and battle Team GO Rocket.

    Working with other Pokémon GO players worldwide from May 15 to 23, trainers have been tasked with defeating 25 million Team GO Rocket grunts in order to unlock 3x Catch XP, Galarian Zigzagoon as an option for 1-star raids, and a chance for those raids to contain a Shiny Galarian Zigzagoon. Players can also take on the Rocket Leader Sierra and her dangerous lineup of Pokémon after locating her with a Rocket Radar. A Rocket Radar requires 6 Mysterious Components, which can be obtained from Team GO Rocket grunts.

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    Pokmon Go: Cliff Sierra Arlo And Giovanni Best Counters August 2021

    Editor’s Note: Due to the global pandemic and amount of travel required to complete Team GO Rocket battles at PokéStops, Team GO Rocket monthly Special Research has been far more limited. As of July 7, 2020, Team GO Rocket hot air balloons can now spawn on the map, allowing players to once again challenge Team GO Rocket in a safe way while social distancing. Please follow your local health department’s recommendations, and don’t risk getting sick over a game.

    Team GO Rocket has invaded Pokémon Go. Executives Sierra, Cliff, and Arlo are here and you’ll have to fight your way through them to get to the head honcho himself, Giovanni. These fights are tough and it’s gonna take more than a handful of recommended Pokémon. But, if you can beat Giovanni, you’ll get the chance to catch your very own Legendary Shadow Pokémon! Right now, that Shadow Pokémon is none other than Shadow Mewtwo, the most powerful, game-breaking Pokémon in all of Pokémon Go!

    Even well-seasoned players, like myself, have struggled against the leaders of Team GO Rocket. Fortunately, we here at iMore know exactly what you need to take on each of these big bads! And make sure to check out our best Pokémon Go accessories, so you an be fully equipped on your Pokémon Journey!

    Pokemon Go Sierra Lineup

    Much like her two pals, Sierra has one Pokemon shell use every time – thats her Sneasel who shell deploy first. Her second and third Pokemon could be any one of six Pokemon, however. Her second Pokemon could be any of the following:

    • Gliscor

    And her third could be either:

    • Kingdra

    Heres how to take care of them

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    How Do I Challenge The Leaders Of Team Go Rocket

    While Team GO Rocket Grunts have been taking over PokéStops since July 2019, beginning in November 2019, their leaders have joined the fight. By fighting six Grunts, you can collect Mysterious components, which can, in turn, be used to create a Rocket Radar. Once in possession of a Rocket Radar, you can track down Team GO Rocket Hideouts, and challenge one of three Team GO Rocket Executives.

    These Executives are much stronger than the Grunts and actually know how to use their Shields, so prepare for a tough battle and prioritize burning through their shields early. Each of the three executives will reward you with their first Shadow Pokémon, which has the potential to be Shiny, and a Strange Egg, if you have room in your bag.

    Additionally, if you defeat all three Team GO Rocket Executives, you can be rewarded with a Super Rocket Radar once per month that will lead you to the Boss of Team GO Rocket: Giovanni! For more details on how to get to the Team GO Rocket Executives and Giovanni, check out our Looming Shadows guide.

    These Are The Sierra Pokmon Go Rewards


    Taking down a Team Rocket leader is hard work, which is why players will also be rewarded a bit extra for doing so. First of all, defeating Sierra or any other Team Rocket leader will give 1,000 Stardust to help power up Pokémon even stronger.

    Furthermore, theres a chance for players to get 12 km eggs, potions, max revives, or even stones to evolve certain Pokémon. Defeating Sierra will also give an encounter with one of her shadow Pokémon.

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    Earning Or Purchasing Rocket Radars To Challenge Team Go Rocket

    After you’ve constructed your first Rocket Radar, additional Rocket Radar can be purchased in the PokéShop for 200 PokéCoins each. While $2 worth of PokéCoins might seem like a small amount to pay for a Rocket Radar, previous Community Days have featured paid special research that included a Rocket Radar among the generous rewards for only $1 and other events have rewarded Rocket Radars as well. You will still need to track down the right Executives to battle, but if you don’t have to fight your way through several grunts each time, this could make completing the Team GO Rocket Special Research a little more doable.

    Pokemon Go Sierra Counters: Drapion

    Game Freak | Satoshi Tajiri

    • Therian Landorus, with Mud Shot and Earthquake
    • Excadrill, with Mud-Slap and Earthquake
    • Rhyperior, with Mud-Slap and Earthquake
    • Incarnate Landorus, with Mud Shot and Earth Power
    • Garchomp, with Mud Shot and Earthquake

    These monsters are your best chance at taking Sierra down. Get in there and get your rewards, then check out our other Pokemon GO guides below.

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    Locating Team Go Rocket Leaders

    Every once in a while in Pokémon Go, you’ll have the chance to battle Team Go Rocket Grunts, and whenever you defeat one, they will drop an item called the Mysterious Component. If you manage to collect six of these, you’ll be able to combine them and craft a Rocket Radar.

    This handy item reveals the location of any Leader Hideouts that are in close proximity to you. Once you’ve equipped your Rocket Radar, tap the Rocket Radar button to view the Leader Hideout locations.

    As shown in one of the screenshots below, the Leader Hideouts resemble regular Pokéstops on the map. And once you’re nearby, one of the Team Go Rocket Leaders will be standing right by the Leader Hideout.

    Before you fight, keep in mind that Leaders are a lot tougher to beat than regular Team Go Rocket Grunts, so make sure that you line up your best Pokémon and that they’re at full health before the fight.

    Once you’ve defeated a Leader, your Rocket Radar will disappear, so you will need to either purchase a new one from the Shop or locate and combine six more Mysterious Components in order to battle more Leaders.

    What Are The Best Pokmon Go Sierra Counters For Houndoom

    How To Beat Leader Sierra & Shadow Lapras & Team EASY In Pokémon Go With These Two Counters!

    Sierras Houndoom only uses dark and fire moves, and is weak to water, fighting, rock, and ground types, so youve got quite a few options!

    • Tyranitar Smack Down and Crunch or Stone Edge
    • Terrakion Smack Down and Close Combat or Rock Slide
    • Kyogre Waterfall and Surf or Blizzard
    • Rhyperior Smack Down or Mud Slap and Rock Wrecker or Surf
    • Conkeldurr Counter and Dynamic Punch or Stone Edge
    • Swampert Mud Shot and Hydro Cannon or Earthquake

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    Pokemon Go Sierra : How To Beat Counters

    In order to defeat Sierra in Pokémon Go in November 2021, you must first defeat her pokemon lineup.

    Currently, she always uses Shadow Nidoran as the main Pokémon. You can battle with one of these Pokémon at random:

    • First Pokémon: Shadow Nidoran
    • Second Pokémon: Shadow Beedrill, Shadow Vileplume, or Shadow Slowbro
    • Third Pokémon: Shadow Houndoom, Shadow Marowak, or Shadow Nidoqueen

    How To Beat Team Rocket Leader Sierra In Pokmon Go

    As players are enjoying Pokémon GO in the warm summer weather, Niantic has put a lot of focus on defeating Team Rocket during the month of June. This includes plenty of Team Rocket Grunts and of course the three Team Rocket leaders.

    Potentially the hardest of the three leaders is Sierra, who is currently fielding a lot of different strong Pokémon. Beating Sierra is no piece of cake in June, so its important to pick a team wisely before entering the battle against her. Just like the other leaders, Sierra will have one guaranteed Pokémon in the first round, followed up by three potential Pokémon in rounds two and three respectively.

    With a total of seven different Pokémon, its hard to predict how a battle against Sierra will turn out. Its, therefore, important to have three Pokémon on the team that can potentially counter what Sierra is using. To help players along, heres how to beat Sierra in June 2021.

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    What Are The Best Pokmon Go Sierra Counters For Sneasel

    Currently, Sierra always uses Shadow Sneasel as her first Pokémon. Sneasel uses dark and ice moves, is weak to fire, rock, bug, steel, and fairy moves, and is double weak to fighting so its best to use a fighting type as a counter!

    • Lucario Counter and Power-up Punch or Aura Sphere
    • Conkeldurr Counter and Dynamic Punch or Focus Blast
    • Machamp Counter and Dynamic Punch or Close Combat
    • Blaziken Counter and Focus Blast or Blast Burn
    • Hariyama Counter and Superpower or dynamic punch
    • Emboar Low Kick and focus blast

    How To Find Team Go Rocket Leaders

    Pokemon go : Sierra with DOUBLE LAPRAS. How to beat Team ...

    First of all, you have to activate the Team GO Rocket investigation to be able to face the Leaders. For this, the prerequisites to activate said mission is that we must have trainer level 8 and have completed the “A Worry Situation” investigation. With this, Professor Willow will give us access to this special investigation.

    When entering the menu to complete the tasks, we must get to level 4 of the investigation to start looking for Leaders. From there, you have to do a series of steps so that the battles against Team GO Rocket appear:

  • Collect the mysterious objects that the recruits of Team GO Rocket leave when we defeat them in Poképaradas or flying balloons.
  • Make a Radar Rocket, which is achieved by gathering 6 mysterious components, so that we can scan and discover the location where the Leaders are hiding.
  • Cooperate with other players, sharing a member’s location of Team GO Rocket if we find him, so that the rest of the trainers know where they are hiding without using a Radar.
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