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How To Check Ivs In Pokemon Shield

Ev Training Can Boost Your Pokemon’s Stats

How to check your Pokemon IVs in Pokemon Sword & Shield | Pokemon IV Guide

Effort Values or EVs are points that your Pokemon can receive that will improve certain stats. These are different from Individual Values or IVs, and weve covered those in another guide if youre looking for them. If youve only ever played Pokemon casually, then you might not have even known that there are numbers working behind the scenes that can have an effect on your teams stats, but learning how to check EVs and how to work with them can make a drastic difference in your teams effectiveness. The information can be a bit much at first, but after reading this guide, you should have a basic understanding of what Effort Values are and how you can check them.

How To Check Ivs In Pokemon Sword And Shield

For total beginners, EVs and IVs are values that impact on your Pokemon’s stats and also how they can improve. IVs are individual values, and they directly affect your stats and your battle performance directly. You can pass on desirable IVs through breeding, and you can also ensure that you end up with a Pokemon that’s tailored to your dream team.

It’s easy to check your IVs in Pokemon Sword and Shield, but you’re going to have to have become the Champion and cleared the story of the game. Once you’ve done so, you’re going to be able to unlock the Battle Tower, which is coincidentally a place that you can also earn battle points to purchase items like the Razor Claw to help you evolve certain Pokemon or to make you better in competitive.

You check your IVs via something called the IV Checker, and you can only get this after you’ve won 6 times in the Battle Tower. You’ll face off against Leon at this point, which will then give you the chance to bump your Battle Tower rank to 4 once you’re victorious – this will unlock the IV checker which you can access via the Pokemon Box. All you have to do is read them off from that menu, which is pretty simple.

Now that you’ve got our guide on how to check IVs in Pokemon Sword and Shield, why not check out some other tips to do with Galar that we’ve put together for your viewing pleasure?

Pokmon Sword/shield: How To Unlock The Iv Checker

Do you want to know if your Pokémons stats are the best in Pokémon Sword and Shield? You can check the base stats on the summary of your Pokemon, but what about their IVs? Unlocking the IV Checker will help!

Individual Values, or IVs as dubbed by the community, are like your Pokémons genes. These are essential in determining the stats of your Pokémon. IVs are hidden stats that affect each of the six stats, HP, Attack, Defense, Speed, Special Defense, and Special Attack. These hidden stats range from 0 to 31 and are unique for each Pokémon.

If you want to be the very best like no one ever was, it is essential to know your Pokémons Individual Values and if they are the best or not. In this guide, you will learn how to unlock the IV Checker in Pokémon Sword and Shield.

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Catch High Iv Pokmon In Pokmon Sword And Shield

The best way to catch Pokémon with High IVs is through Max Raids. Start a Max Raid Battle by interacting with a Pokémon Den. If a Den is empty, you can throw in a Wishing Piece purchased from Watt Traders to spawn a random Pokémon. Four trainers can battle against a Dynamax Pokémon to have an attempt to capture it or receive rewards. You can team up with friends, or the game will assign NPC trainers to fill the empty slots. The host of the battle always has a capture rate advantage over the other trainers to capture the Pokémon. If the capture fails, the Pokémon will escape.

Pokémon caught in Max Raid Battles will always have at least one perfect IV. The higher the difficulty of the Raid, the more perfect IVs the Pokémon will have. This is indicated by how many stars a Raid has. If you manage to catch a Ditto with high IVs in a Max Raid, you can use this to breed with other Pokémon of your choice and make other high IV Pokémon.

You can also catch a Ditto with high IVs in the wild by finding Dittos with Brilliant Aura. While there is no direct way to make Brilliant Aura Pokémon spawn, the likelihood of spawning a Brilliant Aura Ditto goes up if you have fought or captured a lot of Ditto. It is impossible for a Ditto with Brilliant Aura to spawn if you have never fought or captured one. This approach will get you a Ditto with at least two perfect IVs.

How To Read Iv Judge Statements And Why Ivs Matter

Pokemon Sword and Shield: How

You want your Pokemon to have the best Individual Values because of how they affect its stats. The higher its IVs, the higher its stats. If a Pokemon has the “Best” IV for a stat, that means it can reach the highest potential stat for that species. A Pikachu with a 31 IV for Speed and is EV trained for max speed will have the highest speed any Pikachu can.

So, if your Pikachu has a “Best” value of 31 for its Speed, it will be faster than a Pikachu with a “Pretty Good” value of 20 for its Speed.

Once you unlock the IV Checker, when you press + in your Pokemon Box, you’ll be able to see a judgment of your Pokemon’s stats. Here’s what they mean.

  • No Good: zero
  • Best: 31

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How To Ev Train In Pokemon Sword And Shield

The main way of improving a Pokemons EVs in Pokemon Sword and Shield is battling wild Pokemon. Defeating specific Pokemon will reward specific EVs, so youll have to be on the hunt for particular Pokemon if youre looking to increase a certain stat. Below is a list of easy to find Pokemon that reward EVs for each of the games six stats.

  • Skwovet HP

Checking Ivs In Pokmon Sword And Shield

To check a Pokémons IVs, the main story must be completed first. Then players must challenge the Battle Tower and win six battles. When Rank 4 is reached, the IV checker will be unlocked for the Pokemon Box. Their IVs will be described using six terms: No Good , Decent , Pretty Good , Very Good , Fantastic , and Best .

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How To Unlock The Iv Checker In Pokemon Sword And Shield

Pokemon Sword and Shield include a way to see the Individual Values of a Pokemon just by looking at it in your box. IVs are a set of hidden stats that affect each individual Pokemon’s base stats, which is what each Pokemon’s stats unique, and why they’re such an important factor in strong Pokemon. This page covers how IVs work and how to unlock an IV checker, or IV judge, in Pokemon Sword and Shield.

Go To The Battle Tower

Pokémon Sword and Shield how to check IVs – How to tell what IVs a Pokémon has

Once Hop is defeated, the player can return to Wyndon and visit the Battle Tower. The rules of the Battle Tower are simple – no Pokémon are banned but the player cannot use two Pokémon of the same species and all held-items on the team must be different, so no multiple Leftovers. Flat rules apply, which means that Pokémon above Level 50 will have their levels lowered to 50. The player can choose between Single Battles and Double Battles .

As the player wins more battles, their rank will increase. The ranks are Beginner Tier, Poké Ball Tier, Great Ball Tier, Ultra Ball Tier, and Master Ball Tier. The opponents get stronger as the player’s rank increases.

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Knowing How To Check Ivs In Pokemon Sword And Shield Is Something All Trainers Should Know

by Nicholas Barth

Pokemon players known IVs are the individual stats that determine how strong your characters are in specific areas. Due to the importance of these stats, players are wise to check them often to make sure that their characters have the ones they think are the most beneficial. This is no different in Sword and Shield. Fortunately, we have everything you need to know to check IVs covered.

How Do You Find The Judge Function

How to Unlock the Judge Function

  • You can unlock the Battle Tower by finishing the main story of Pokemon Sword and Shield and going to the Battle Tower in Wyndon.
  • You need to win 6 times in either Single or Double battles in the Battle Tower to get the Judge Function, as a reward for unlocking the Pokeball Tier.
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    Getting Iv Checker In Pokemon Sword & Shield

    First off, youll need to actually unlock the ability to get the IV Checker in Pokemon Sword and Shield. Its actually called the Judge feature, but it can be unlocked by following the steps below:

    How to Get Judge to Check IVs in Pokemon Sword & Shield

  • Complete the Main Game

    This requires you to beat all of the gyms and take on Pokemon League battle at the end.

  • Go to the Battle Tower and Reach Rank 4

    Your last fight to reach this rank should be against Leon. Once youve beaten him, youll know youre all set here.

  • Youll now be given the Judge feature to check IVs.
  • How Can Ivs Be Checked

    How to check IVs in Pokemon Sword and Shield

    You will have to unlock the “Judge” function in order to check your IVs. You can only unlock it after beating the main story in Pokemon Sword and Shield. Go to the Battle Tower and rank yourself up to the Poke Ball tier.

    You will then be able to check your IVs on the PC in any Pokemon Center. There won’t be any numbers displayed but in order from best to worst they rank like this:

    • No Good: 0
    • Best: 31

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    Your Pokmon’s Individual Values

    Anyone who wants to battle competitively with friends or in Championships will want to make sure the Pokémon in their party have strong stats. However, you’ll only be able to check the IVs of your Pokémon after you’ve defeated the game. Good luck on your quest, and may you find the most powerful Pokémon possible.

    How To Change Ivs

    Though Individual Valuestechnically can’t be changed, they can be altered by Hyper Training.

    In the Battle Tower, speak to the NPC on the far right of the counter. Exchange a Bottle Cap to Hyper Train a Lv. 100 Pokemon in a single stat. This stat will then be considered “Best”.

    You can also use a Gold Bottle Cap to Hyper Train all of a Pokemon’s stats, so they all work as “Best”.

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    How Do I Check Ivs

    You wont be able to check IVs until after you beat Leon in the Pokémon League. After beating him, head to the Battle Tower and win six matches. Once you do that, youll be able to check your Pokémons IVs by hitting the plus button in the PC. The goal is to have best in every category, though if you have a Pokémon that focuses on physical attacking, you wont need their special attack to be best and vice-versa.

    All that said, unless youre really super serious about competitive play, you shouldnt be remotely distressed if your brand new Shiny Pokémon has weak IV numbers. The overall impact isnt going to keep you from having fun and your black sheep Wooloo is great no matter what.

    Get The Very Best Pokemon By Checking Ivs

    How to check your Pokemon IVs in Pokemon Sword & Shield Pokemon IV Guide

    Once you learn the basics of the game and begin to dive into the deeper aspects of the Pokemon series, IVs become a significant part of the experience. While catching every creature you can is the goal of most players, once you learn about IVs it is all about getting the very best. These hidden figures are what determines if your specific character is better or worse than the opponents, if theyre the same species and level. So with them being so important, fans are surely asking how to check IVs in Pokemon Sword and Shield.

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    Sword And Shield Iv Farming

    While the above is just the basic information you need for IV training, remember that for competitive play, Pokemon need more than just perfect IVs in their Attack, Speed, or whatever stats you want to focus on. That said, obtaining a Pokemon that has excellent IVs will increase your viability for competitive play, so it is well worth sinking some time into. Thankfully with Max Raid Battles, that time is rewarding for players, making the obtaining of perfect IVs easier compared to previous generations.

    To really get down to the nitty gritty of tailoring your Pokemon, players need to also understand how the aforementioned EVs work as well. That, however, will be the subject of our next article in the Battle Academy series. Until then, class is dismissed for now.

    Pokmon Sword & Shield: How To Unlock The Iv Checker

    In order to unlock the IV Checker in Pokémon Sword & Shield, the player needs to finish the main storyline and defeat Leon in the Battle Tower.

    The older games in the Pokémon series made it difficult to detect the Individual Values of Pokémon stats, but it’s possible to easily check them in Pokémon Sword & Shield in the post-game, so long as the player is able to crush Leon in a second battle.

    Individual Values determine how much a Pokémon’s stats will increase when it levels up. A Pokémon’s IVs are determined when it’s created by the game and encountered by the player for the first time, but the player cannot easily find out what they are without outside help. It’s possible to unlock an IV Checker in Pokémon Sword & Shield that will judge a Pokémon’s stats based on their IVs while they are in a Pokémon Box, but the player needs to work for it first.

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    How To Unlock The Iv Checker

    To unlock the IV Checker, you will first need to beat the main storyline. That means you’ll need to have collected all eight gym badges and defeated the Champion, Leon. Then you’ll have to come back to the Battle Tower and battle random NPCs until you face off against Leon. Beating him unlocks the Judge function in the Rotom PC. At this point, you’ll be able to access the IV Checker by merely going into your Pokemon boxes.

    While you’re hovering over a Pokémon in your Box, press the + button, and you can see their IVs score next to their HP, Attack, Defense, Sp. Atk, Sp. Def, and Speed stats. Here’s what those ratings mean:

    • Fantastic: 30
    • Best: 31

    You want Pokémon that mostly have Fantastic and Best IV scores. Note that anything marked “Best” cannot be improved any further. If your Pokémon’s stats are weak, you might want to work on improving them with Mints.

    Wondering How To Check Ivs In Pokemon Sword And Shield Well The Good News Is That It’s Vastly Easier Than Before But It Comes Around Pretty Late

    Pokemon Sword And Shield

    by Ginny Woo

    If you’re in the end-game business when it comes to Pokemon Sword and Shield, then you’re probably going to be in it to win it in terms of things like Pokemon breeding. If you have mates who swear up and down on EVs and IVs that really just sound like magic words to you, we’ll help you take the first steps in your journey with our guide on how to check IVs in Pokemon Sword and Shield.

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    Hyper Training In Pokmon Sword And Shield

    The only way to affect a Pokémons IVs is to go through Hyper Training. If you have a Lv. 100 Pokémon, you can use a Bottle Cap in the Battle Tower to make an individual stat perform as if it is a perfect IV. You can also use a Gold Bottle Cap to make all of a Pokémons IVs perform perfectly. There is no way to pass this on through breeding.

    To get Bottle Caps, win battles at the Battle Tower, win Ranked Battles, purchase them for 25 Battle Points at the BP Shop, and win Max Raid Battles. You can also use Pokémon to get Bottle Caps, by paying the Digging Duo in the Wild Area in Bridge Field 500 Watts. This isnt guaranteed, but they have a chance to get a Bottle Cap. High-level Pokémon with the Pickup Ability can also find Bottle Caps.

    Use these tips to create the ultimate Pokémon team and to become the best there ever was- at least in regards to your teams IVs. Catch and breed Pokémon with high IVs and become the ultimate trainer in the Galar region.

    Pokémon Sword & Shield is available now on Nintendo Switch.

    How To Check Evs In Pokemon Sword And Shield

    Checking a Pokemons EVs is incredibly easy in Pokemon Sword and Shield. All you have to do is check the Pokemons summary, navigate to the stats page, and then press the X button. The light yellow represents the current stats of the Pokemon, and the second color represents the Pokemons EVs. If you see blue alongside the yellow, then the Pokemon cannot be EV trained any further, but if you see dark yellow instead of blue, that Pokemon still has room to grow. Inteleon here shows blue, so he cant be EV trained anymore.

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