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Why Are Old Pokemon Games So Expensive

Is Pokemon Platinum Discontinued

Why Are DS Pokemon Games SO EXPENSIVE!? | SicCooper

Yes, the manufacturing of the individual copies of Pokemon Platinum ceased many years ago. You will not find any new game copies straight from the factory.

Some game collectors owned the original copies of the game, and some were not willing to sell them. Those kinds of copies are also costly because theyre graded.

Also, the management discontinued the online service for Pokemon Platinum in 2014. It means that Pokemon Platinum players beyond 2014 cannot enjoy online battles and other online-related Pokemon Platinum activities.

Pokemon Gold & Silver

  • Complete copies of Pokemon Gold & Silver net around $275.
  • Loose is the way to go for bargain-hunters, at $50. Beware that loose Game Boy fakes are nearly as prevalent as DS fakes!
  • Collectors can expect to drop over $1600 for graded copies.

There was a brief period of time in which some analysts predicted that Pokemon would be a fad. A huge fad, but a fad nonetheless. The arrival of the second-generation games, Gold & Silver, helped to secure that as plain falsehood. While they didn’t sell quite as many copies nor have any subsequent titles! they still lit the sales charts on fire. And for good reason, as their quality is superb.

Of note, Gold’s companion game Silver hasn’t tended to attract quite so lofty a sum. At least, not in North America and Europe. Japanese copies can easily rival Pokemon Gold here, but that’s a separate matter!

How Many Copies Of Pokemon Diamond Were Made

It is impossible to know exactly how many copies of Pokemon Diamond were made. This is because Nintendo never releases stats for the individual colors of the game.

Because Diamond and Pearl sold a combined 17-million copies, it is likely that Pokemon Diamond sold a little over 8-million copies. This is likely the same amount that was made.

Of course, you have to remember that Pokemon games tend to be a lot more popular in Japan than anywhere else in the world. This means that the number of English copies of the game produced will be a whole lot lower than that 8-million figure.

Sure, it is still one of the biggest selling DS games, but the number is tiny when you consider how many people want to get their hands on the game now.

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Why Are Pokmon Games So Expensive

Pokémon has maintained its name in the top five most famous games in the world in the last few years.

With tons of exciting features and gameplay options, it is one of the most loved video games.

However, the game is available for its users at significant pricing, making most gamers wonder why it is so expensive.

Is Heartgold Better Than Crystal

Why is Pokémon Platinum more expensive than other Pokémon games?

Pros for HGSS is that its an immaculate remake, physical/special split, QoL improvements, updated graphics, following Pokemon. Pros for Crystal VC is that its of course going to be the most nostalgic, and getting them all to Pokemon Bank will be much easier, quicker, and doesnt require beating Black White first.

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Are The Ds Pokmon Games Good

Pokémon Diamond & Pearl

Pokémon Diamond & Pearl is the first DS entry in the monster-collecting franchise, and it introduced a bunch of new features. Its still an excellent game as all mainline Pokémon games are but the lack of a gameplay revamp and the underwhelming audio-visual aspect did hurt it somewhat.

Why Are Gameboy Advance Pokemon Games So Expensive

The GameBoy Advance games are expensive because they come in cartridges. Games in rounds are costly to make. They even cost more to make than CDs/DVDs, which most new games come in. GBA game discs are expensive from the time they are made because they have so much information compacted into such a small game.

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Which Pokmon Games Are Worth The Most Money

Pokémon games are some of the most valuable titles a collector can own, with some of the rarer ones selling for some truly eye-popping amounts.

As one of the most popular franchises in the world, it’s no surprise that Pokémon games are some of the most valuable video games anyone can have in their collection. While many of the series’ titles go for a decent amount, some of them are much more valuable than others, and some can sell for some truly surprising prices. So which games in the long-running Pokémon series are worth the most?

The Pokémon series burst onto the scene back in 1996, and despite the occasional misstep, the video games have only grown in popularity over the past 25 years. This is most apparent with the most recent titles, Pokémon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl. Despite being run of the mill remakes that generated relatively little hype by Pokémon standards they still sold incredibly well. It’s clear that the Pokémon games’ success and popularity will not be slowing down any time soon.

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How Much Did Pokemon Diamond Cost When It Came Out

Why are Pokémon games so expensive? #nintendo #pokemon #3ds

As with most DS games, Pokemon Diamond launched at $39.99. However, there were some retailers that sold it a little bit more than this.

Of course, in true Nintendo style, Pokemon Diamond never received a discount for its lifespan. Why would it? Everybody was willing to pay the full price for the game, so there was no sense in discounting it. This has really helped to contribute towards keeping the price high.

After all, if it never sold brand-new below $40, why would the pre-owned price be too much below that?

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Why Xbox Games Are So Expensive

Games. Xbox is pricier because there is a low demand for its games, unlike the PS4, which has numerous games which have become a hit in the market. Moreover, the PS4 has a larger variety of games. Therefore, the console is more popular than the Xbox One, making Sony flexible in lowering the price.

What Is The Most Expensive Pokmon Game

Pokémon Heart Gold Ho-Oh figure bundle is the most expensive game of all.

The game costs around $4,300 and offers a wide range of gameplay options.

The opened copies of the game are available at an estimated price of $1,500$2,000.

Take a look at the five most expensive Pokémon games.

1. Pokémon Box Ruby and Sapphire: $3,800

2. Nintendo 64 Pokémon Stadium Battle Set: $3,300

3. Pokémon SoulSilver Lugia Silver Bundle: $3,100

4. Pokémon Crystal: $3,000

5. Pokémon Red & Blue: $1,800

The Pokémon gaming franchise makes huge profits by selling these games every year.

People are willing to pay a higher amount for them for the tons of features they offer.

Even opened copies of Pokémon games sell in the market at expensive pricing.

Pokémon games have been so popular among millions of adults and kids for years.

These games are priced high as they are high in demand and less in supply.

Despite the expensive pricing, the Pokémon games sell at an extremely fast pace.

People know the value of this legendary gaming franchise and never hesitate to pay thousands of dollars for these games.

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Why Is Pokemon Platinum So Rare

Its not being sold at MSRP. It is being sold on a resale market according to supply and demand. Only people who want to part with it constitute the supply, and when there are more people who want to buy it than sell it, the price goes up.

Why do old Pokemon games cost so much? Because people looking for a Pokemon game want to know theyre getting the real deal, they are willing to pay more, making the website that hosts the sale more serious about stopping anyone who tries to sell fake versions for a hefty price. Fake Pokemon games only bring value to the real ones.

What is Blues team Pokemon? Blues team consists of an Alakazam, Aerodactyl, Exeggutor, Gyarados, Arcanine and Machamp. Each Pokemon is given a held item that typically builds off of its strength, making this a fulfiling challenge.

Why America didnt get Pokemon Green? It turns out that Pokémon Red & Green were never released internationally because the original versions of the game had several problems that needed to be addressed, which were fixed in Pokémon Blue. The layout of the Cerulean Cave was changed, while many of the in-game trades and Pokémon locations were switched.

Pokmon Games Sold Millions

Why Are Pokémon Cards So Expensive? Trading Card Frenzy, Explained

The truth is that Pokémon games are some of the most popular games of all time. Nintendo understands the love, and have always made sure there are enough copies for everyone. There has never been an undersupply of Pokémon.

And yet to look at eBay, youd think these games are harder to find than a deodorant stick at a gaming convention.

Ill admit that loose cartridges of Pokémon games arent the most outrageously priced. But they still rank among the most expensive games for any given console, and the price of boxed or CiB copies is insane! Given the massive volume of Pokémon copies in circulation, with millions having been produced, it strikes me as odd that they hold any significant value today. The supply should vastly outstrip demand and keep prices low.

And yet, prices are still well above the console average for pretty much every main-line Pokémon entry.

The only conclusion is that the demand for Pokémon games is just really, really, really high. But is that really the case?

The franchise is definitely popular, but can it really be in such high demand that it outweighs the gluttonous supply of Pokémon games on the market? Particularly when you take into account that every Pokémon game is essentially the exact same game, just with slightly updated graphics and reskinned Pokémon with names that get less and less clever as the series wears on?

Somethings fishy here. And it aint just Magikarp.

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Are Booster Boxes Worth Buying

Each booster box has 36 booster packs of cards. The packs usually contain between 9 and 11 cards. Booster boxes are most worth buying if you are looking to quickly fill out a collection. Many people choose to buy them when a new series is released.

On average, a new booster box will carry around 360 cards. Most series will include 200 new cards, so this option has the best chance of filling out your collection.

Some people use the booster boxes as an investment. They dont open it, then sell it when the boxs value increases in a few years. Doing this can be worth it if you are willing to wait to make more money. Others will open the box and sell the valuable cards they pull from it.

Finally, if you happen to be buying an older box, make sure that you receive a sealed one. You could receive a box with no cards or one that is opened and doesnt have enough of the original cards in it. Check for sealing tape and authentic Pokemon packaging- there is a special seal.

How To Get The Best Deals On Retro Games

If you are feeling masochistic and want to get in on this nostalgic goose-chase, you arent completely out of luck. You should expect to spend more than MSRP if youre looking for a popular rare game, but there are some handy tools and best practices that can minimize the risk of getting ripped off.

  • Do your research before making a purchase. offers a price history tracker that compares current offers with previous transactions. Its also worth checking eBay to get a ballpark estimate, but be wary of suspiciously low or high prices.
  • Set an alert if you are willing to wait for the right deal. Youll get new listings and price drops in your inbox when you click the Save this Search button on an eBay listing. Of course, you can always set a Deal Alert on Slickdeals.
  • Learn how to spot the difference between bootleg games and authentic cartridges. Theres nothing wrong with buying a cheap bootleg for fun, but dont pay the retro premium for a fake product. Different consoles have their own security measures, but verifying the region code is always a good place to start.
  • Check out local marketplaces on Facebook and Craigslist. The nice older lady down the block might be clearing out her kids old video games in the basement with little care for their current market value. Its also worth checking out the used selection at your local game store.
  • More to consider:

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    Demand Is Up For Nintendo Ds Games Fueled By Lockdowns & Nostalgia

    Compounding the situation is the COVID-19 pandemic. Even with vaccinations underway, millions of people have been stuck at home for months, some of them with a surplus of time and money. There’s no doubt an increasing demand – especially amongst those who grew up with the Nintendo DS, now of working age and seeking some nostalgic comfort food. It’s been impractical or even dangerous for many to rummage around used game stores, so online marketplaces are feeling a residual effect. According to PriceCharting, popular Nintendo DS games like Pokémon HeartGold have seen huge price increases since March 2020, when the pandemic began in force. The same sharp uptick hit many retro game prices and other collectibles, like Pokémon cards.

    As time goes on, the Nintendo DS may suffer some of the harshest auction prices of any handheld. Its unique form factor means its games are unlikely to carry on to future generations, especially now that smartphones have made dedicated handhelds less relevant. Some gamers will always be interested in getting their hands on antique hardware, but they’re likely always going to have to pay exorbitant fees to make it a hobby.

    Evergreen Top Quality Game Titles

    Pokémon TCG – Why Are These Pokémon Cards SO EXPENSIVE?

    Ever since Nintendos first game, they have been successfully maintaining the quality of their games. For more than a decade, they have given us dozens of great games. That includes , The Legend of Zelda: Phantom Hourglass, and others.

    In fact, if its a game by Nintendo, it has to soon turn out to be a classic. They have pretty much managed to stay upright and consistent with the quality of games for Nintendo DS. Thats why their games have become the most sold console of all time. With all that value they offer, they are well poised without any price drops in the gaming market.

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    Why Are Pokmon Games So Expensive 2021

    But in 2021, we arent limited by the constraints of Game Boy technology. And the graphics are just a notch better than Game Boy graphics. So the real reason Pokémon games are so expensive is the same as any other collectible. Theyre worth what YOU are willing to pay for them.

    Is there a Pokemon Green? Pokemon Green version was only released in Japan, as Red and Blue became available worldwide. This is because Red and Blue had updated graphics, and they found that releasing Green alongside Red/Blue would be redundant .

    How old is Pikachu? As of last weekend, Pokemon is 20 years old, which means franchise mascot Pikachu is also 20 years old. Like many of the characters in the game, Pikachu is loosely inspired by real-life animals in this case, the pika .

    Professor Layton Vs Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney

    Many gamers only know of Phoenix Wright from his appearance as a playable character in Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3. However, there are several Phoenix Wright story-based puzzle games that involve trials in court. The Professor Layton series are more of a straight puzzle game than the Phoenix Wright games, but are also story-driven. This puzzle game from Capcom combines the two franchises. in addition to being rare, it is also praised by critics and players

    On Ebay, a loose game card costs about $65. A complete-in-box copy ranges from $80 $100, depending on its condition. By itself, the games case costs about $20.

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    The Indie Gaming+ Games Journalism Feedback Loop

    Despite the inter-console price discrepancies, offering 10-year old AAA RPGs for full price, and the high prices of Nintendo-specific titles, I find that where my bank account is really bleeding is in the Indie scene. I may only buy a couple of $40-$60 games a year, because theres a psychological barrier at that price point for me. But a $5, $10, or $20 game? Checking my balance statements, I was shocked to see that I was buying one or two of those a week.

    The level of hype that surrounds indie games is unreal, and its so easy to get caught up in it. And Nintendo has really thrown the floodgates open to Indie Devs on the Switch. With the exception of one or two yearly standout titles, how much quality game time am I getting out of these titles? Unfortunately, the answer is usually less than 4 hours before I never pick it up again.

    We all need to choose carefully whom we trust when it comes to spending our hard-earned money.

    I ultimately blame myself for making bad purchases, but . There are way too many untrustworthy sites giving awful games wonderful reviews without disclosing personal relationships between developers and reviewers.

    Guaranteed positive coverage is traded for insider access to the industry, free games, and other perks.

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    Whats Better 2ds Or 3ds

    Why is Pokémon Platinum more expensive than other Pokémon games?

    As their names suggest, the 3DS and 3DS XL have 3D top screens, while the 2DS has no 3D whatsoever. Its another factor that dramatically reduces the production costs of that lower-end console. Both the 3DS and 3DS XL have little sliders on the side of their screens, letting you choose the power of the 3DS effect.

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