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Where To Find Applin Pokemon Shield

Not Far From The Tree

Where To Find Applin In Pokemon Sword & Shield

Applin is a low-level Pokemon, and as such can be found quite early in the game. Players wanting to catch one should search along Route 5, just east of Turffield, where they can be caught by chasing down exclamation marks in the long grass. Once an Applin has been caught players should keep it around until Hammerlocke, where theyll get the first opportunity to evolve it into one of its later forms.

As a Grass/Dragon-type Pokemon, Applin is strong against Ground, Water, Grass and Electric, but should avoid facing off against Pokemon of the Flying, Poison, Bug, Ice, Fairy or even Dragon-types, such as fellow new addition Dreepy. Like most Pokemon, Applins evolutions keep the same type, though with extra HP and some more powerful moves.

How To Evolve Applin Into Flapple Or Appletun In Pokemon Sword And Shield

You can only get one of Applin’s evolution per version of the game, because it uses a specific item to evolve, and there’s one per game. It works like this:

  • Applin evolves Flapple using the Tart Apple in Pokemon Sword
  • Applin evolves into Appletun using the Sweet Apple in Pokemon Shield

Once you have your Applin, you’ll need to travel to Hammerlocke, follow the road around to the left, past the shops and the second Pokemon Centre.

Just before you reach the last drawbridge, you’ll see a man wearing a red jacket with brown hair. Talk to him, and when he asks whether you’ve ‘heard’, say no. He’ll then explain he needs to give an Applin to a girl to show her that he loves her. Give him yours , and a short cutscene will play out.

After that’s over, the man will return your Applin and give you a special gift – a Tart Apple for Pokemon Sword players, and a Sweet Apple in Pokemon Shield. It’ll go into the ‘Other’ section of your bag.

Use either the Tart Apple or Sweet Apple on your Applin and it’ll start evolving into Flapple or Appletun respectively.

From The Boy In Hammerlocke Who Wants An Applin

The soonest youll be able to guarantee a Sweet or Tart Apple is in Hammerlocke Head to the west-most exit inside the city of Hammerlocke which leads to Route 6.

Here, a boy will be loitering by the exit, requesting an Applin. Give him an Applin. After a sweet mini-cutscene, the man will return your Applin to you and give you an item.

In Pokemon Sword, the Applin guy will give you a Tart Apple.

In Pokemon Shield, the Applin guy will give you a Sweet Apple.

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How To Get Sweet Apple

You can get the Sweet Apple in the following ways:

After catching Applin, you have to talk to the man towards the west of Hammerlocke. You will give your Applin to him and after a cutscene, it will be returned to you. If you have Pokemon Sword then a Tart Apple will be returned to you. Getting Sweet apple this way is exclusive to the Pokemon Shield.

You can also pick the Sweet Apple from the base of trees in Axews Eye and Drapped Gove. Check daily in these areas and you will get your hands on the apple. Make sure to obtain the Rotom Bike and the sixth badge before accessing Axews Eye.

What Does Max Honey Do

How to Evolve Applin in Pokemon Sword and Pokemon Shield

Aside from being used to Gigantimax Urshifu or revert it to a normal Dynamax form at the Dojo kitchen, Max Honey can also be used to revive a Pokemon in battle with full health. Yes, it’s a new kind of Max Revive, one of the game’s most valuable items. This means that having at least a few Max Honeys in your inventory can turn the tide of many battles, so make sure to hold onto them when you can, or grind out some by fighting Vespiquens.

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It Can Evolve Into Two Different Pokemon

One of the most exciting experiences in a Pokemon game is still when a creature evolves. The games continually create new ways for Pokemon to evolve and the process can be far more involved than simply reaching a certain level.

Applin is an extremely unique case. The Pokemon evolves into either a Flapple or an Appletun based on whether it is contained within a tart apple or a sweet apple. Both Flapple and Appletun are Grass and Dragon-types and aren’t that dissimilar, but it’s an interesting way to add a bit more of a surprise element to Applin.

Pokemon Sw And Sh Applin Moves List

What moves can Applin learn from TMs, TRs, and Leveling?

Applin can learn the ghost type move Astonish at level 01. This Physical move May cause flinching. Bolded Pow numbers are adjusted for this pokemon’s Grass and Dragon type +50% STAB damage.

TM Moves Applin can learn

If opponent is the opposite gender, it’s less likely to attack.

Applin TR Moves

2 years ago on October 23, 2020 by RankedBoost

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This Pokemon’s Evolution Is Version

While Applin may be available in both Pokemon Sword and Pokemon Shield, its evolutions, Flapple and Appletun, are exclusive to Sword and Shield respectively. Also, this isnt one of those Pokemon you can evolve just by leveling it up. Just like Snom and Milcery, Applin has an atypical means of evolving.

Pokemon Sword And Shield: How To Evolve Applin Into Appletun And Flapple

Where to Find Applin in Pokemon Sword & Shield

Applin is perhaps one of Pokemon Sword and Shields least imposing Pokemon, so heres how to evolve it into the more impressive Appletun or Flapple.

You Are Reading :Pokemon Sword and Shield How to Evolve Applin Into Appletun and Flapple

Pokemon Sword and Pokemon Shield are out now, bringing a host of new Pokemon and features to Game Freak and Nintendos long-running series. Not all of these changes have found a favorable reception with the fanbase however, with many people angered by developer Game Freaks re-using of old assets and removal of favorite Pokemon from Sword and Shields Pokedex.

#Dexit, as the latter scandal is known, hasnt been the only change to the new titles roster however, as a variety of bonus evolutions and brand new Pokemon have also been introduced. A lot of these additions are British-themed, to fit with the inspiration for the Galar region, including Applin, a tiny Pokemon that lives inside a red apple, along with its branching evolutions Appletun and Flapple.

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Where To Find Applin

Players can first encounter Applin on Route 5 after they complete the Grass gym in Turrfield City. The Grass and Dragon-type will be between levels 16 and 18 and can only be found in random encounters in the routes multiple grassy areas. To encounter the worm-like Pokémon, players will need to interact with the exclamation marks that pop up from the grass.

As they progress through the game, players will be able to catch Applin in the Wild Area as well. The Apple Core Pokémon lingers around the Dusty Bowl, Giants Mirror, and Stony Wilderness areas and can only be found in certain types of weather. Like on Route 5, the Pokémon hides in the grass as a random encounter.

In the Dusty Bowl area, Applin appears as a random encounter in normal weather. The Pokémon will only appear in the Giants Mirror or Stony Wilderness sections when theres a thunderstorm, however.

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How To Get Max Honey In The Pokemon Sword And Shield Isle Of Armor Dlc

Pokémon Sword and Shield: How to evolve Applin

The first time you get Max Honey in the Pokemon Sword and Shield Isle of Armor DLC will be while searching for it with Hop after evolving Kubfu into Urshifu, as part of a mission to unlock Urshifus Gigantimax form. Hop will lead you through a series of easy steps that are more focused around the story than the challenge, but if youre not sure what to do next, weve laid it out below:

  • Talk to Hop at the Dojo to start the quest.
  • Meet him at the Southern entrance to the Forest of Focus.
  • Head in and find Petilil ahead.
  • Go across the bridge behind Hop and follow the path around to find Lilligant.
  • Follow Hop again to find Applin. Its at a berry tree in the North of the forest, which you need to shake to get it out.
  • Head to Honeycalm Island .
  • Talk to Hop, whos waiting there.
  • Shake the huge tree in the centre and defeat the Dynamax Vespiquen.
  • Joel Franey/USG, Nintendo

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    Pokemon Sword And Shield Applin

    Pokemon Sword and Shield Applin is a Grass and Dragon Type, which makes it weak against Flying, Poison, Bug, Dragon, Fairy, Ice type moves. You can find and catch Applin in Route 5 with a 10% chance to encounter during All Weather weather when walking through tall grass. The Max IV Stats of Applin are 40 HP, 40 Attack, 40 SP Attack, 80 Defense, 40 SP Defense, and 20 Speed.

    List of Applin Max IV Stats in Pokemon SW SH.

    Speed 20

    Based on this pokemon’s stats we consider the best nature for Applin to have is Relaxed, this will increase it’s Defense and decrease it’s Speed stats.

    Applin Abilities


    Sword Pokedex Entry

    It spends its entire life inside an apple. It hides from its natural enemies, bird Pokémon, by pretending it’s just an apple and nothing more.

    Shield Pokedex Entry

    As soon as it’s born, it burrows into an apple. Not only does the apple serve as its food source, but the flavor of the fruit determines its evolution.

    Evolution Chart Of Applin

    Applin has two different evolutions depending on what type of Apple you give it. Applin evolves into Flapple if given the Tart Apple, while it evolves into Appletun if you give it the Sweet Apple.

    Evolution Line

    Find by Shaking a Tree

    There are no maps where this Pokemon appears.

    Raid Encounter

    This Pokemon currently has no moves learned in this way.

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    Pokemon Sword And Shield Applin Weakness

    Applin is a Grass and Dragon Type pokemon. This will cause it to take More Damage from Flying, Poison, Bug, Dragon, Fairy, Ice Type Moves and will take Less Damage from Ground, Water, Grass, Electric type moves.


    What pokemon is Applin Weak Against?


    What pokemon is Applin Strong Against?


    Is There Any Way To Get The Tart Apple In Shield

    How to Evolve Applin to Appletun or Flapple – Pokemon Sword and Shield

    The only way to get the Tart Apple in Shield is to trade it from Sword, where you can get it from the cutscene, under trees, and in the Battle Cafe. In Shield, Sweet Apples will replace the rewards previously mentioned.

    Hope I helped! SourceThis article has a small error- it says that Sweet Apples are exclusive to Sword, and Tart Apples are exclusive to Shield, when in fact it is vice versa. .

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    Its Biggest Predators Are Bird Pokemon

    Whats so much fun about the Pokemon universe is that its distinctly original in many areas, but in other circumstances, it directly pulls from real life for the inspiration behind its Pokemon and land regions. The series has introduced an abundance of Flying-type Pokemon based on birds, so it makes sense that these Pokemon would be the ones that are most interested in Applins worm-like state.

    Applin primarily stays hidden in his apple for protection because bird Pokemon pose such a significant threat. Strangely enough, its likely that humans that mistake him for roughage are another problem.

    Pokemon Sword And Shield Isle Of Armor Dlc: How To Get Max Honey

    A powerful healing item and used to Gigantimax your Urshifu, Max Honey is a potent resource thats difficult to get.

    Guideby Joel Franey, Guides Writer

    As part of the main plot in the Pokemon Sword and Shield Isle of Armor DLC, youll go searching for Max Honey with Hop in order to unlock the power to Gigantimax your Urshifu. However, it also has valuable secondary effects that make it worth collecting, so well show you how to get Max Honey as fast as possible below.

    On this page:

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    How To Evolve Applin Into Flapple Or Appletun

    Like many species found in the Galar region, Applin doesnt evolve through traditional means. The Pokémon requires new evolutionary items: Tart and Sweet Apples. The Tart Apple is exclusive to Pokémon Sword while the Sweet Apple can be found only in Shield. To get the other type of Apple, players will need to receive a Pokémon from a trade with the item equipped.

    After consuming a Tart Apple, Applin will evolve into Flapple, an attack-heavy evolution of the Pokémon. Applin evolves into Appletun, its defensive evolution, with the Sweet Apple.

    Players can receive one Sweet or Tart Apple from an NPC in Hammerlocke near the west entrance to the city. The man will ask the player to gift him an Applin, and upon receiving the Pokémon, he tries to then re-gift it to a second NPC. She rejects his gift and he returns the Pokémon to the player before giving them one of the two Apple items depending on their version of the game.

    Additional Apples are difficult to come by, but they are one of the many items that can be found beneath the center tree in the Axews Eye section of the Wild Area.

    Where To Find & How To Evolve Applin In Pokemon Sword & Shield

    Pokémon Sword and Shield guide: How to evolve Applin into Appletun or ...

    To find Applin in Pokemon Sword & Shield, you can look for it in several different areas of the game. You can find it on Route 5 in all weather, and theres a 10% chance of it appearing. In Dusty Bowl, theres also a 10% chance of it appearing in Normal Weather. If youre in the Stony Wilderness, and theres a Thunderstorm, you again have a 10% chance of meeting an Applin. Lastly, theres a 30% chance of an Applin in Giants Mirror, but only in a thuderstorm. Also, Applin only appears in grass.

    To evolve Applin in Pokemon Sword & Shield, head over to Hammerlocke. From the entrance into the city, head left and keep going until you cross the wooden drawbridge. Continue left and find the boy in a red hoodie just before you go through the next gate. Speak to him and let him borrow your Applin. In return, youll get a Tart Apple or a Sweet Apple . So, yeah, these forms are exclusive to their respective versions, and you have to trade to get the one you cant get. Anyway, here are the evolutions of Applin:

    • Applin Flapple

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    How Do I Get Appletun In Sword Or Flapple In Shield

    Unfortunately, Flapple and Appletun are entirely exclusive you cant evolve Applin into the Pokémon that doesnt belong in its version. You can, however, make friends with someone who has the opposite evolution and trade, or join a friend with the opposite version for a raid battle against whichever one you dont have. Thats the only way to get the version not available in your game.

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    Its Technically A Pokemon Egg

    Pokemon has found areas where the species can be expanded upon in ways that feel natural. The games added Baby Pokemon, but there are also Pokemon Eggs that demonstrate an even earlier step in the growth process.

    Theres not much going on with Applin in terms of attack power and the Pokemon is more like a cocoon thats meant to endure until it can evolve into something more active. Applin is actually a Pokemon Egg and the only one that is a Grass and Dragon-type. The apple aesthetic is just a fancier package for it all.

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