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Harry Potter Game Similar To Pokemon Go

What Are The Game Basics

Harry Potter: Wizards Unite iOS Launch Day Gameplay

Wizard’s Unite uses much of the same underlying technology as Niantic’s other games — Ingress and Pokemon Go — to create the map, points of interest and AR environment. If you’ve used the map on those other games to navigate to a portal or a gym and if you’ve traced a glyph or tossed a Poke Ball, you’ve got a head start here. But as familiar as the game feels, it’s distinct enough that I didn’t feel like I was playing a reskinned Pokemon Go. Instead, I was in a new and strange world.

Part of the fresh experience comes from several tricks not found in Ingress or Pokemon Go that improve shared multiplayer AR environments. And unlike in Pokemon Go, you’re armed with spells in Wizards Unite. To cast one, trace a spell hint with your finger on your phone’s screen. The onscreen motions are not unlike the glyphs you trace in Ingress.

Mobile Games Similar To Pokemon Go

Some of the best augmented reality mobile games like Pokémon Go!

After the release of Pokémon Go in the summer of 2016, players have been gifted more and more augmented reality games. An augmented reality game is any game that integrates the real world with the digital one within a game. As far as Pokémon Go is concerned, this mainly is focused on player location while catching or playing with Pokémon with the smartphone’s camera on. Here are five of the top similar AR mobile games that Pokémon Go players might enjoy!

Could It Be As Big As Pokemon Go

Uniting the wildly popular Harry Potter and Pokemon Go franchises looks like a solid bet for a hit game. The game developers also have done a good job of building excitement among Harry Potter fans, providing community members with early access to promotional videos and hints.

A demiguise, confounded.

This isn’t the first time Warner Bros. has tried to create a game for Potter fans. Last year, Portkey Games worked with Jam City on Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery, a roleplaying game set in the 11 years between Harry’s birth and his entering Hogwarts. While players seemed to enjoy the story and gameplay, they complained that much of the game was driven by microtransactions. In the year since its release, Jam City has worked to make the game less dependent on transactions.

Fans will also have to hope Niantic learned from Pokemon Go’s launch three years ago. The company wasn’t prepared for how quickly the game blew up in the summer of 2016 and spent months catching up with the demands of the passionate and vocal player community that shot up. After early stumbles with wobbling game servers and an inauspicious first festival, Niantic has done a better job of rolling out updates over the last year.

Originally published March 11.

Update, April 11: Adds information on reserving your name.

Update, April 17: Adds information on beta testing.

Update, May 2: Adds information about expanded beta testing.

Update, June 19: Adds official launch date.

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Harry Potter: Wizards Unite Is Pokemon Go With Magic Wands

The long-anticipated Harry Potter video game is out now in the US, and we aren’t disappointed.

Clifford Colby

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Out now in the US, the Harry Potter: Wizards Unite augmented reality game will be familiar to anyone who’s played the wildly successful Pokemon Go and even Niantic’s first game, Ingress. Relying on your phone’s GPS, you move around the physical world and interact with beasts, objects, points of interest and other witches and wizards you come across on your game’s map.

The game, first announced in 2017, is a joint effort from WB Games San Francisco and Niantic under the Portkey Games label. The game is out now in the US for iPhone and iPad and Android devices, coming to the UK on Friday, June 21, and to international territories soon after.

Back in the spring, the Harry Potter wizarding AR mobile game was far enough along in development that Niantic invited a handful of journalists to its offices to get an update and then play a prerelease version. Following out short runthrough, Niantic made the game available for beta testing in New Zealand and Australia.

Disney Announces Its Answer To Pokemon Go With New Marvel Game

" Back when Pokemon Go was in all the range, it was announced that a ...

Marvel has been revealing many incredible mobile games over the past few years, including but not limited to , , and . However, none of them have maximized the use of augmented reality, similar to what Niantics Pokemon Go did.

Pokemon Go is a memorable game due to the fact that it swept the globe when it launched in 2016. The mobile AR game pushed players to explore the real world by catching Pokemon in different locations, while also allowing them to unlock equipment and abilities during their playthrough.

Now, it looks appears Niantic will look to similarly maximize the Marvel brand in its brand new offering.

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Players Can Find Portkeys Which Will Teleport Them To Different Locations In The Wizarding World And Give Them The Chance To Look Around

In the Harry Potter universe, portkeys are typically ordinary items that would easily be overlooked by regular people but that wizards can use to travel instantly to another location.

If players discover a portkey, they’ll be able to use their phone as a gateway to an iconic location in the Wizarding World. Using the portkey, players can view a full 360-degree environment, like Ollivander’s wand shop, in augmented reality.

Bonus The Witcher: Monster Slayer

The Witcher mobile game in Augmented Reality is not yet released. However, we already told you about the pre-registration on Android mobiles! So you know that a new AR game will be released soon, based on the Witcher universe! In this game, you will be able to track down and fight monsters of all kinds! What’s more, it’s a game by CD Red Projekt!

So, do you agree with our selection of the best games like Pokémon GO Android and iOS? If we missed a free mobile AR game, feel free to share it in comments to complete our TOP! Share your gaming experience with us and stay tuned for more mobile gaming content. In the meantime, you can always check out our TOP mobile games like Among Us!

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Top Ar Games Like Pokemon Go In 2022

The new era of technology is advancing in every field with the latest inventions for the users. Apart from the digital aspect, Augmented Reality is the new face of playing games. There is no doubt that games like Pokemon Go are an excellent example of how AR is changing the way you play. Also, players love this technology as it decreases the gap between fiction and reality.

Thus, the game became a massive hit in the international community with millions of downloads. However, playing a single game can be quite boring, especially in the long run. Hence, we have compiled some of the top AR games like Pokemon Go for you. All these games have the concept of that will make you go crazy. Therefore, make sure to check out these games and have fun with your friends today!


Top Ar Games Like Pokemon Go In 2020

Harry Potter: Wizards Unite Review

We put together a short list of augmented reality games with location-tracking that are already time tested and trusted by users.

Ever since Pokemon GO launched in 2016, Augmented Reality games have gone from strength to strength in the mobile gaming market. Pokemon GO introduced a range of capabilities to the mobile gaming market based around the innovative AR principles. For example, the real world became an entire fantasy realm where important landmarks were made into Pokestops and Gyms. This meant players would venture into new places searching for opportunities to find new rewards and items. And with GPS tracking players’ journeys, the ability to be rewarded simply for covering a certain distance became available.

It was an unprecedented leap forward in mobile gaming, combining a smartphone’s GPS, camera, mobile data and more to enable players to experience a fictional world based on the real one. Placing the loveable Pokemon in the real world was a thrill for players everywhere. And it brought about superb opportunities to play together, as the Pokemon that appear can be seen and captured by everyone. In the early months, enormous crowds would gather as opportunities to catch the rarest Pokemon arose. And the health benefits of getting people out and walking around enabled the game to break the common stereotype of gamers being lazy couch potatoes!

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Peridot: Unique Pet Breeding Instead Of Much Fighting

Niantic goes back to the Pokémon direction with Peridot, at least in terms of style. The focus is on colorful fantasy creatures, the eponymous Peridots . Players raise Peridots from babies to adulthood, care for them, play with them, and eventually release them.

Each Peridot is unique, Niantic says. A special breeding system based on a mix of hand-crafted assets and procedural generation is designed to provide diversity among the Peridots.

Players receive Peridots as babies and must care for and play with them until adulthood, similar to Tamagotchis. | Image: Niantic

Peridots can multiply from adulthood. This creates new peridots with unique characteristics. But it is a long way to adulthood for a peridot and its friend in real life: From babyhood, peridots have wishes that must be fulfilled every day.

This includes things like petting, going for a walk, or visiting a nearby attraction. Niantic combines the Tamagotchi principle with the Pokémon mechanics and once again focuses on movement and exploring the world.

Once a Peridot grows up, players release it though they can still track it via an item. Niantic did not elaborate on how the bond with the virtual pet is maintained.

  • ohne Werbebanner

Adult Peridots are able to reproduce. This occurs in so-called habitats, around which adult Peridots congregate and are brought by players to breed new Dots via nests with certain characteristics .

‘angry Birds Ar: Isle Of Pigs’

Angry Birds has been a staple in mobile gaming for a long time now, over a decade in fact. Angry Birds AR: Isle of Pigs is the latest in the main series and it’s one of their classic puzzle games. If youve played an Angry Birds game before, you kind of know what to expect with an AR version. Seeing foundations topple right in your own home is a fun experience and is well worth checking out.

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Pokemon Go Test Your Mettle Timed Research & Field Research Tasks And Rewards

Trainers, the Test Your Mettle event has started in Pokemon Go and you can now complete the new Timed Research and the new Field Research tasks and earn cool rewards such as Aggron Mega Energy, Togemaru, and Aron.

The Test Your Mettle Timed Research brings a new set of tasks, and when completed players can earn different rewards. The tasks are focusing on catching Steel-type Pokemon, making Nice, Great, and Curveball throws, and more. The tasks are not that hard and you can complete the Timed Research in no time.

That said, lets take a look at the list of all tasks and rewards for the Test Your Mettle Timed Research quest. Please have in mind that there are two different stages one must complete.

Fun Alternative Games For People Who Love Pokemon Go

A Pokémon GO Style

After launching in Pokémon Go has become a massive success among both kids and adults alike. The augmented reality game that involves locating Pokémon, carrying out raids, and interacting with other players in the real world. If youre a big Pokémon Go fan but want to switch up your gaming experience a little, then there are thousands of alternative AR games out there.

Whether you want another augmented adventuring game or something you can play from the comfort of your own home, theres a mobile game out there for you. Some of these games take a little more effort, knowledge, and strategy than others, but they can all be excellent fun.

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Best Counters Against Celesteela In Pokmon Go

Here is the list of the best counters that one can use against Celesteela and guarantee a win.

Megas that you should use:

  • Mega Charizard Y: Fire Spin/Blast Burn
  • Mega Manectric: Thunder Fang/Wild Charge
  • Mega Houndoom: Fire Fang/Flamethrower
  • Mega Ampharos: Volt Switch/Zap Canon
  • Mega Charizard X: Fire Spin/Blast Burn

Shadow Pokémon that you should use:

  • Shadow Electvire: Thunder Shock/Wild Charge
  • Shadow Moltres: Fire Spin/Overheat

Niantics Upcoming Virtual Pet Ar Game Sounds Like Pokmon Go Crossed With Pikmin Bloom

Youll raise and breed adorable creatures

Niantic has just announced a brand-new collection-based augmented reality game. Seeing that this is just about the only style of game the developer creates, it comes as no surprise. What is surprising is that theres no brand attached this is a fresh creation directly from Niantic, known as Peridot, and it would appear that pet rearing is a focus. Peridot offers Tamagotchi-like mechanics where youll raise and unlock new forms of adorable pets, combined with daily walks, and it will enter soft-launch on Android and iOS sometime soon.

The above teaser trailer offers a quick glimpse of a few adorable Peridots in real-world settings. This is more a cinematic than an actual trailer, as no gameplay is shown, though its still early days. Luckily Niantic has shared a few screenshots illustrating the current UI. More or less, Peridot looks like a Niantic AR game, cute creatures and all.

So far, we know breeding will play a primary role, more than likely taking a page out of Pokémon GOs book. Also, similarly to Pikmin Bloom, you can take your Peridot on daily walks. So it would seem Niantic is taking the lessons learned from previous releases to implement them in this original title.

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How Do I Play

On your game map, you’ll see magical buildings, supplies on the ground and glowing magical traces that signify someone or something displaced by what the game calls the Calamity. The buildings include Inns, where you collect wizarding foods to use as energy for spells, and Greenhouses, where you gather potion-making ingredients. You can also find potion-making materials on the map, including items that appear only in distinct biomes and during different weather conditions.

Along with Inns and Greenhouses, you’ll find Fortresses on the map. A bit like a Gym in Pokemon Go, a Fortress is where you join forces with up to four other players to dispel magical creatures and Death Eaters. You battle in real time with the other players in a shared arena. After you defeat one opponent, you can move on to another until the Fortress is cleared.

The map, with points of interest.

But the main attractions are the magic traces you discover on the map. “Magic always leaves traces, sometimes very distinctive traces,” Professor Albus Dumbledore told Harry. It is true in the books and movies, and it’s true in the game.

The magical traces are items the unexplained Calamity has displaced from elsewhere in the wizarding world, past or present. Each trace points to a pair of items: a “Foundable” and a “Confoundable.”

And finally, you can find on the map and then use a Portkey to transport to an immersive VR-like magical location to explore and gather supplies.

‘harry Potter: Wizards Unite’

Evolution of Harry Potter Games [2001-2022]

Harry Potter: Wizards Unite is one we highly recommend for fans of Pokémon GO because its actually developed by the same people, Niantic Studios. Thats clear when playing the game too, but not in a way that would have you feeling that its too similar. From the start, you pick whether you want to be a Professor, Auror, or Magizoologist. Instead of other peoples Pokémon, here you battle mythical beasts. Instead of Pokéstops, there are Inns. There are a bunch of real-world locations where you can discover artifacts and meet characters from the franchise.

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How Do I Get Started

Learning the Auror profession.

To get going, create your wizarding avatar. Use your phone’s camera to snap a photo of yourself. You can then outfit it with witch and wizard garb.

While cooperative play makes up a big part of the game, your avatar isn’t automatically shared with others and is saved just to your device.

The game lets you pick your Hogwarts house and choose your wand. But don’t agonize over your choices: You can switch houses and wands at any time. If you’d rather be sorted into a house than choose one, head over to the Harry Potter official website and have the Sorting Hat place you.

You also choose a profession — an Auror, Magizoologist or Professor — which each offer job-specific skills and abilities you upgrade to as you go. As with houses and wands, you’re not locked into your profession.

You May Not See Professor Snape In Harry Potter: Wizards Unite But You Can Mix Your Own Potions

In “Harry Potter: Wizards Unite” players can mix potions using ingredients collected in their travels, including from greenhouses. Potions can boost help provide some temporary bonuses, but Niantic warns that you’ll have to go exploring in different real-life weather conditions to collect all the ingredients you might need.

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