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How To Check Friendship In Pokemon Sword

How To Check Friendship Level

How To Check Pokemon’s Friendship Level In Pokemon Sword & Shield

Theres just one way to check your Friendship level in Pokemon Sword and Shield, and it involves speaking with a curious blond-haired boy in the town of Hammerlocke. This child is often referred to as the Friendship Checker since he has the uncanny ability to figure out how strong the bond of Friendship is between Pokemon and Trainer.

The boy can be found in a house right across the street from the Pokemon Center in Hammerlocke. Bust into his home and speak with him, then take him up on his offer to check the Friendship level for a given Pokemon. After selecting the Pokemon to be analyzed, the boy will provide one of eight different statements that loosely outline the Friendship level between Pokemon and Trainer.

From lowest to highest Friendship level, these statements are:

  • Maybe youre a bit too strict? It doesnt seem like youre friends at all
  • I guess you two just met? Its still getting used to things.
  • Seems like it likes you an average amount! Dont worryyou two will get closer as time passes!
  • Wow, I think youre on your way to becoming real good friends!
  • Seems like youre pretty good friends! Still, I bet you could become even closer!
  • You two get along great! Together is always betteram I right?
  • You two are almost best friends! I can see you really care about each other!
  • Oh wow, youre best buddies! I can tell youre so happy to be together!
  • Friendship In Generation 2 Pokemon Games

    This is the generation where friendship mechanics truly took off, as they were no longer restricted to a single species thanks to the added memory capabilities gained through increasingly better technology. All Pokemon now have a base of 70 friendship when caught by normal means, though, those caught with a Friend Ball will have this boosted to 200 out of the maximum value of 255.

    Friendship Checker Location In Pokmon Sword And Shield

    If you want to know the friendship level of a specific Pokémon, then travel to Hammerlocke. Once you have arrived, head to the building to the right of the Pokémon Center.

    The Friendship Checker is inside the house.

    Inside, youll find a blond young man who can tell you a Pokémons Friendship level.

    You only have to select the Pokémon you want to raise the Friendship level to and it will give you an idea of the relationship you have with it. You dont have to put the Pokémon in your party to find out your Friendship level.

    He will then give you a line of dialogue that suggests how friendly your Pokémon is. If you are not best friends, then you still have work to do!

    Going from best to worst, here are all the Friendship tips you can get:

    • Oh wow, you are the best friends! I can see that you are very happy together!
    • You are almost best friends! I can see that you care a lot about each other!
    • You get along! Together is always better right?
    • It seems that you are good friends. Still, there could be more!
    • Wow, I think youre on your way to becoming good friends!
    • It seems that he likes you more or less. Dont worry youll be closer with the passage of time!
    • I suppose you just met? Hes still getting used to it.
    • Maybe youre a little too strict? It doesnt seem like they are friends at all

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    Como Diminuir A Tua Amizade Com Um Pokmon Em Pokmon Sword E Shield

    Se não tiveres cuidado, corres o risco de baixares o teu nível de Amizade com um Pokémon. Isto pode ser feito facilmente se deixares um Pokémon numa box durante muito tempo, trocá-lo com outros jogadores ou se ele desmaiar frequentemente em batalhas.

    Existem também certos itens curativos que vão diminuir o teu nível de Amizade com um Pokémon. Todos estes itens vão incluir a palavra “bitter” na sua descrição sugerindo que, apesar de ser útil, o teu Pokémon pode não ficar muito feliz ao comê-lo.

    Estes itens curativos são:

    • Revival Herb

    Pokemon Sword/shield: How To Increase Pokemon Friendship

    Pokémon Sword and Shield: How To Check Pokémon Friendliness

    In Pokemon Sword and Shield, a hidden stat called Friendship boosts Pokemon with a high friendship level. Additionally, some Pokemon require a high friendship level to evolve.

    Raising Pokemons Friendship levels boosts Pokemon like higher chances to evade, higher opportunities to land critical hits, opportunity to cure status conditions dealt with them, chance to endure hits and leave 1 HP, and 20% extra experience boosts. These boosts serve as an incentive to treat your Pokemon better. Also, it gives players a better immersion into the world of Pokemon because of the Friendship stat. In a way, the Friendship stat can decide the outcome of battles. It would seem like the Pokemon will reciprocate your kindness to them.

    Also, as mentioned above, there are some Pokemon that only evolve if their Friendship stat is high, like Azurill, Budew, Cleffa, Eevee , Alolan Meowth, Munchlax, Pichu, Riolu, Snom, Togepi, Type: Null, and Woobat.

    The Friendship stat has been around even in previous Pokemon games. It was called Happiness and Loyalty in previous games, and the Friendship stat is like Pokemon X and Ys hidden stat Affection combined with Pokemon Sun and Moons Pokemon Refresh.

    Check Your Friendship!

    As previously mentioned, the Friendship stat is a hidden stat and can be checked through the Friendship Checker.

    Talking to the older woman on the couch in the same house will tell you how close you are to maxing your Friendship level with your Pokemon.

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    How To Raise Your Pokemons Friendship

    • Walking with your Pokemon raises its happiness slighty.
    • Catching Pokemon through a Friend Ball instantly increases its happiness to 200 or even more.
    • Lomi Lomi Massages that can be found Konikoni City gives your Pokemon large boosts to its happiness. The happiness they receive through the massages give a lot more if your Pokemon has low friendship to begin with.
    • EV Vitamins also boosts your Pokemons Happiness.
    • Eating berries like Qualot, Tamato and Hondew also boosts your Pokemons Happiness.

    Keep in mind, however, that your Pokemons happiness level decreases when your Pokemon faints in battle. So keep this in mind when you are trying to raise your Pokemons happiness and switch them out when they are nearing to faint.

    Friendship Is Needed For Several Evolutions In Pokemon Sun And Moon And If You Want To Evolve Your Favorite Creatures As Soon As Possible Heres A Quick And Easy Way To Do It

    With Pokemon Sun and Moon about to be available worldwide, players everywhere are ready to begin their Pokemon adventures. But with a handful of creatures requiring a maxed out friendship gauge in order to evolve, one Reddit user has come up with a handy guide to help boost friendship fast.

    By raising its friendship level, certain Pokemon such as Pichu and Eevee will be able to evolve into stronger forms, meaning that knowing how to boost the friendship levels a quickly as possible can prove very useful. Reddit user Leafeon111 posted a PSA to the Pokemon subreddit, detailing how to boost a creatures happiness levels as quick as possible.

    As it turns out, teaching a Pokemon a TM move is a process that slightly raises the creatures friendship towards its trainer, something that is a lot more useful now that TMs dont expire after one use. Finding two moves that a Pokemon can learn means that a dedicated trainer can keep teaching the same moves over and over to replace one another, slowly but surely raising the creatures friendship levels until its ready. Then simply level up the Pokemon and it will evolve.

    There are several other ways to boost friendship levels fast, besides using TMs however. Players can use a Soothe Bell, win battles, use vitamins, or use the new festival plaza to give their Pokemon meals, but many of these method will take more time and effort than the Reddit users technique.

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    How To Increase Friendship Level In Pokemon Sword And Shield

    Having high friendship with Pokemon has many benefits. In this guide we tell you How To Increase Friendship Level In Pokemon Sword And Shield as its a longstanding feature but one many new players may have yet figured out.

    A Pokemons friendship level is a hidden stat that develops over time. If a Pokemon is friends with you, it can evolve into different forms, can perform better in battle, and are happier on your adventures. You can check your friendship level with a Pokemon in a house in Hammerlocke. There are many ways to increase a Pokemons friendship level but it can also go down, dont let your Pokemon faint if you want to become better friends with them.

    Pokmon Sun And Moon Cheats: How To Check And Max Out Pokmon Happiness

    How to see Friendship Level Evolve Snom during the Day – Pokemon Sword and Shield

    Theres a somewhat hidden happiness stat in Pokémon Sun and Moon that is actually the key to evolving certain Pokémon, like Pichu and Munchlax. Here is an easy way to juice it up and evolve those Pokémon quickly, according to GamesRadar.

    First, head to Konikoni city and find a woman standing next to the masseuse in a blue and gray shirt. She can tell you how happy your Pokémon are, which is key.

    Then, choose the Pokémon youre looking to evolve and find two technical machine moves that it can learn. Teach it one, then replace that one with the other to boost its happiness level. Keep doing this over and over while checking with the woman until she says, Nothing makes it happier than being with you!

    At that point, the Pokémon is as happy as it can be. Leveling it up should cause your Pokémon to evolve if it requires happiness to do so. This is an easy way to get a Pikachu or Snorlax!

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    Where To Find The Happiness Checker In Pokmon Sword And Shield

    Pokémon has a lot of exciting ways to evolve. Whether it is leveling up, using stone, or trading, they are unique in their methods of evolution. And yet, some evolve through the power of friendship. With a surprising amount of Pokémon that evolve with a high friendship level, here is our guide to find the Happiness Checker in Pokémon Sword and Shield.

    How To Check And Increase Your Friendship Level With A Pokmon

    Some of the more recent games in the Pokémon franchise have given players new ways to interact with their Pokémon and build better bonds. Trainers can have a buddy follow them around in Pokémon GO, or make curries and play with their party in Sword and Shield.

    While having a bond with your Pokémon has always been a part of gameplay, your friendship level with a Pokémon is especially essential in the new title.

    The best way to build your friendship level with a specific Pokémon is to use them often in battle and when gathering resources. The more you reach for a specific Pokémon’s PokéBall, the better your friendship level with them is.

    Of course, you can’t constantly use all six of the Pokémon in your party, so what about the other five slots? So long as your Pokémon is a part of your party, you will continue to raise their friendship level.

    You’ll also want to feed these Pokémon more candies and other items to further increase their friendship level. Again, the more time you spend with a specific Pokémon, the higher your friendship with them will likely be.

    You’ll also want to take good care of your Pokémon while you battle. The less your Pokémon faints during battle, the faster you’ll build a friendship with them.

    A Pokémon’s friendship level only becomes stagnant when you leave them at the pastures. Even if you build a Pokémon’s friendship level as high as it will go, if you leave them at the pasture for an extended period of time, they will return less happy.

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    Friendship And Happiness Battle Bonuses In Pokmon Sword And Shield Explained

    Raising the Friendship Level of a Pokémon unlocks a number of special bonuses when you take it into battle.

    This can be anything from a special movement the Pokémon will make on the battlefield to an increase in its critical hit ratio.

    If you’re planning on making a Pokémon a key member of your party, then raising their Friendship Level and keeping them happy is essential to unlocking their full potential.

    You begin unlocking the various battle bonuses once you reach a three heart Friendship Level with a Pokémon.

    Below you’ll find the various battle bonuses and at which Friendship Level each one unlocks at:

    Three Hearts:

    • Pokémon may move slightly when its sent out into battle.
    • Very small chance that the Pokémon will survive an attack that would usually knock it out.

    Four Hearts:

    • Pokémon will bounce up and down when it enters battle.
    • Medium chance of it recovering from status conditions on its own.
    • Small chance that the Pokémon will survive an attack that would usually knock it out.
    • Pokémon will receive boosted EXP points.

    Five Hearts:

    How To Reach Max Friendship And Happiness With A Pokmon In Pokmon Sword And Shield

    How to Raise Pokemon Friendship (Happiness) and How it

    The only way to continue raising your Friendship level with a Pokémon once you reach a two hearts is through Pokémon Camp.

    Set up your campsite by selecting the ‘Pokémon Camp’ option from the X menu and, once your camp is ready, call out to the Pokémon you wish to raise the Friendship Level of.

    You’ll get an idea about how the Pokémon feels towards you by how they react to your call musical tone and they’re pretty fond of you, a question mark means you have a distant relationship.

    Once they’ve come over, you can talk to them, which will reveal the number of hearts, and Friendship Level, they have towards you.

    You can now either continue talking to your Pokémon or play with them using one of the Pokémon Toys.

    Cooking curries will also make a Pokémon happier, with some curries being more effective than others.

    Finally, your Pokémon will occasionally get into fights with one another. You can easily break up these fights by calling one of the Pokémon over, which will, again, increase their Friendship level.

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    How To Raise Friendship And Happiness In Pokemon Sword And Shield

    Their are multiple methods you can use to raise your pokemons Happiness and in turn, increase its friendship with you.

    • Use Luxury Ball or Friend Ball to Catch the Pokemon
    • Give Vitamins to Pokemon
    • Use Pokemon in battle
    • Give items to Pokemon to hold
    • Keep them in your party as you travel.
    • Feed them Curry in Camp
    • Feed them berries that say raise friendliness.
    • Play with them in Pokemon Camp.

    Things that will Lower Friendship

    • Pokemon faints in battle
    • Use bitter items on the Pokemon
    • Keep the Pokemon stored in the PC
    • Trade the Pokemon

    How To Evolve Eevee Into Leafeon

    Leafeon is a Grass-type Eevee evolution introduced in Pokemon Diamond and Pearl.

    You no longer have to bring Eevee to a certain location with a Moss Rock to evolve it into Leafeon in Pokemon Sword and Shield. Simply give it a Leaf Stone so it will evolve!’

    Like the other evolutionary stones, you can get a Leaf Stone by the circle of rocks in the Lake of Outrage region of the Wild Area, or as a reward from the Digging Duo.

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    How To Raise Friendship In Pokemon Sword And Shield

    • Catch the Pokemon in a Luxury Ball or Friend Ball
    • Use Vitamins on the Pokemon
    • Use the Pokemon in battle
    • Allow the Pokemon to hold the item Soothe Bell
    • Keep them in your party as you travel.
    • Feed them Curry in Pokemon Camp
    • Feed them certain berries that say “raise friendliness.” These also lower Effort Values.
    • Play with them in Pokemon Camp. Playing with a Pokemon in Pokemon Camp will increase its hearts to a higher level than any other method – but this method is not needed to evolve Pokemon. It will have increases critical hit chance and the chance for a Pokemon to hold on with 1 HP “to not make you sad” in battles.

    Note: Trading a Pokemon reverts its Friendship to its base point.

    Pokmon Pinball: Ruby & Sapphire

    How to Max Friendship/Happiness Fast in Pokémon Sword and Shield
    Please feel free to edit this section to add missing information and complete it. Reason: How the player obtains heart symbols

    In Pokémon Pinball: Ruby & Sapphire, the player gets three friendship heart symbols to evolve any of the following Pokémon, which would normally evolve by friendship in the core series games.

    Evolves from

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    How To Evolve Eevee Into Jolteon

    Jolteon is an Electric-type Eevee evolution, and is one of the original three Eeveelutions.

    To evolve Eevee into Jolteon, simply give it a Thunder Stone.

    You can find Thunder Stones by the circle of rocks on the hill in the Lake of Outrage region of the Wild Area, and can also receive them as rewards from the Digging Duo in the Wild Area.

    Friendship In Generation 3 Pokemon Games

    The friendship mechanics of this era were mostly the same as in Generation 2, however, there were a few things added to the games that helped players increase the friendship levels of their Pokemon. In addition to the usual methods , players in FireRed & LeafGreen could also visit Daisy Oak in Pallet Town to have her increase a Pokemon’s friendship once for every 512 steps taken in-game.

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