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What Does Stab Mean In Pokemon

What Is The Stab Attack Bonus

Pokemon School: STAB (Same Type Attack Bonus)

STAB has been with us since the very beginning, debuting in generation one. It increases the power of a same-type move by 50% . If your Pokémon has two types, both can trigger STAB, meaning Charizard will get a bonus for both Fire and Flying strikes.

Contrary to a widespread myth, Normal Pokémon do receive STAB, and so do Z-moves. However, attacks with fixed damage, like Night Shade and Seismic Toss, won’t ever gain STAB. You can also benefit from it in Pokémon GO!, although there it only boosts moves by 20%.

Blastoise using Hydro Pump

Example Of Attack Bonus

A Blastoise using Surf increases the power of the move by 50%, from 90 to 135, since both Blastoise and Surf are ;;Water;;-type. However, a Blastoise using Ice Beam does not receive an increase in special attack power of the move, since Blastoise is not an ;;Ice;;-type Pokémon.

A Lapras, on the other hand, would receive STAB when using either Surf or Ice Beam, since Lapras is both ;;Water;; and ;;Ice;;-type.

If Protean is activated before a move’s execution, the user will always receive STAB on every move used, regardless of the move’s type.

How Much Does Swords Dance Increase Attack

Swords Dance. Swords Dance increases your Pokémons Attack statistic by an amount equal to its initial value. Thus, the first use of this attack results in double the normal Attack score. The second use results in triple the normal Attack score, while the third use results in quadruple the normal Attack score.

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How Does Stab Work Exactly And How Does It Interact With The Technician Ability

A Pokemon which has the Technitian ability gets x1.5 boosted attack power for all moves used which have an attack power of 60 or less .STAB gives a 50% boost to damage, assuming the attack has the same type as the Pokemon using it . However, I have seen contradicting information, so currently I do not know whether STAB boosts the actual damage or the move’s attack power.

What I would like to know, first, is the precise manner in which a STAB is applied to an attack.Secondly, I would like to know what happens if an attack which would be affected by the Technician ability is also affected by STAB .

For example, my Scyther has the Technitian ability and attacks using the “Wing Attack” attack, which is a Flying-type attack with 60 attack power. Since Scyther is a Bug/Flying type pokemon he should also get a STAB for this attack, so just what is the eventual attack power/damage in this case?

In The Core Series Games

Pokémon ak15 1150 1150

If a Pokémon uses a damaging move that has the same type as one of that Pokémon’s types, the move’s damage is increased by ×1.5. If a Pokémon has the Ability Adaptability, the boost is ×2 instead.

This bonus has been present in all core series Pokémon games.

The type of the move when it is used is used to determine whether it receives the bonus, not its listed type. For example, if a Fire-type Pokémon uses Weather Ball during intense sunlight , it will receive the bonus; however, if a pure Normal-type Pokémon uses Weather Ball during intense sunlight, it will not receive the bonus, despite Weather Ball being listed as a Normal-type move. Flying Press is a Fighting-type move, not a Flying-type move, despite using the type effectiveness of both types.

Pledge combination moves ” rel=”nofollow”>Grass Pledge, Fire Pledge, or Water Pledge performed by the same team on the same turn) always receive the bonus, even if neither of the performers share a type with either half of the move combination .

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Zusammenspiel Mit Attacken Und Fhigkeiten

Ändert eine Attacke beim Einsatz ihren Typ, wird lediglich derjenige Typ berücksichtigt, den die Attacke während der Ausführung besitzt. Der Typ, der im Status-Bildschirm angezeigt wird, ist hierbei unwichtig. Aus diesem Grund ist es für Pokémon vom Typ Normal nicht möglich, Typen-Bonus auf die Attacke Kraftreserve zu erhalten, es sei denn, es besitzt die Fähigkeit Regulierung. Da diese Fähigkeit alle Attacken des Anwenders zu Normal-Attacken werden lässt, greift hier wieder der Typen-Bonus.

Erhält eine Normal-Attacke durch Frostschicht den Typ Eis und auch der Anwender besitzt diesen Typ, erhält das Pokémon auf die so veränderte Attacke zusätzlich zum Frostschicht-Bonus einen Typen-Bonus. Dasselbe gilt für die Frostschicht-Varianten Elektrohaut, Feenschicht und Zenithaut.

Ändert ein Pokémon seinen Typ durch Wandlungskunst, erhält es den Bonus für jede seiner ausgeführten Attacken. Der Schadensbonus erhöht sich außerdem auf 100%, wenn der Anwender die Fähigkeit Anpassung besitzt.

What Does Stab Mean In Pokemon

Its simpler than you might think.

When a Pokémon uses a move in battle, there are a variety of modifiers in play from both sides that affect the amount of damage the move ends up doing. Multipliers provided by type resistance, stats and stat adjustments, moves, and items can drastically change the outcome of any given turn.

STAB is one of the most commonly referenced multipliers in both main-series and spin-off Pokémon games and it can be the difference between a whiff and a turn-ending faint.

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Stab Confusions That Needs Some Clearing

curiousmon said:I just recently found out about STAB after playing Pokemon for how many years? Now, I’m curious on how STAB works and on which attacks it works on. As you know, there are a lot of attacks which are pretty hard to figure if STAB calculates in or not. Return, does? Dang. That’s a problem. I don’t like my pokemons learning moves that won’t provide them STAB, because they’re weaker compared to the bonus I can get from it. Three of my pokemons know Return, now I’m considering of erasing them. Thank you for answering at least one of my questions =D

insanityhand said:Something that can absorb all of your attacks while it either stalls you or simply destroys you. For example if you give a ghost type only ghost type attacks a normal type could switch in and laugh all day, if it wasn’t busy fire punching you to death. How STAB works is 1.5X boost on all non set damage attacking moves if they are the same type as the pokemon using them. Set damage moves include seismic toss, night shade, dragon rage etc. Every other non status damaging move is variable damage meaning they do x%-x% out of your opponents health. Pretty much all of your answers are yes but moves like counter do exactly double to them what they did to you meaning no. The best resource would probably be bulbapedia though if you need more help.

Competitive Abbreviations And Commonly Used Terms


This section is a series of abbreviations and commonly used terms related to the competitive metagames or competitive Pokemon in general. Set or Pokemon related abbreviations are below. All of the definitions of the commonly used terms and abbreviations are listed below, along with an example of how they are used to gain a better understanding of the definition.

The use of four Dragon-type Pokemon and two Pokemon with the ability Magnet Pull. The Magnet Pull users often carry Hidden Power Fire or Ground to easily defeat opposing Steel-types, the only Pokemon resistant to Dragon-type moves. Once the Steel Pokemon are removed, the Dragon-types are free to sweep the opposing team. This name is a coined term, and oftentimes is used even when talking about using a single Dragon-type Pokemon alongside a single Magnet Pull Pokemon.
A DP OU team consisting of Flygon, Latias, Dragonite, Salamence, Magnezone, and Magneton would be considered a 4Drag2Mag team.
A Pokemon whose ability creates a weather effect, such as sand, rain, hail, or sun, when they are brought into play.
Tyranitar’s ability, Sand Stream, allows it to set up an auto-weather effect in the form of a sandstorm.

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Can Anything Modify Stab

Certain abilities can modify or enhance STAB. The ability Adaptability powers up moves that are the same type as the Pokémon that uses them, increasing the modifier from 1.5x to 2x. Pokémon that can have this ability include Eevee, Porygon-Z, Basculin, and Corphish.

The hidden abilities Protean and Libero, which function exactly the same, change a Pokémons type to the type of move its using. For example, if Greninja, normally a Water-type, uses the Psychic-type move Extrasensory, Greninjas type will change to Psychic until it uses a move of a different type. Greninja will also receive the usual 1.5x STAB for using Extrasensory as a Psychic-type.

A similar ability known as Color Change, which changes the Pokémon to the type of the move last used on it, has been unique to Kecleon since Generation III. Kecleon does receive STAB for any same-type moves used when its type has been changed, but since it has a fairly limited move pool, Color Change isnt as useful as Protean and Libero.

What Is The Meta

The Meta is short for the metagame, and refers to the game outside and beyond the game. In Pokémon Go, when people talk about The Meta, they are talking about the strongest Pokémon in that specific cup that will shape the way everyone plays; the Pokémon you will not only want to bring, but also be able to defeat with your team. All good teams must be able to both function within, and overcome The Meta. For instance: think of it like Rock, Paper, Scissors where the Rock is Skarmory, the Paper is Lanturn, and the Scissors are Venusaur. Because they are the strongest in that cup, you should expect to see all three, and you should know how to beat them. Check in on The Silph Arena Reddit from time to time to see what experts think about the developing meta, and check out your favorite Pokémon Go content creators on YouTube for videos whenever a new cup is announced. There are a ton of great videos out there!;

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Are There Any Exceptions To Stab

Some Pokémon moves do a set amount of damage regardless of STAB or other modifiers. These moves, like Dragon Rage , Seismic Toss , and Night Shade , have types but their damage is not increased by STAB.

For example, if the Dragon-type Salamence uses the Dragon-type Dragon Rage, the move will still do 40 damage. These moves are useful when your Pokémons attack stats have been lowered or an opposing Pokémons defense stats have been raised to the point where other moves are ineffective, even with the extra damage afforded by STAB.

The vast majority of Pokémon games feature STAB, including spin-off titles like Pokémon Mystery Dungeon. But the newly-released Pokémon UNITE does not include STAB, mainly because it doesnt include type advantage mechanics at all. Other modifiers are used in UNITE to influence the power of one Pokémons move on another.

Does Dragon Rage Get Stab

How to Use STAB (Same

Future Sight, Doom Desire, Struggle, Bide and Beat Up are technically typeless, and Dragon Rage, Seismic Toss, Counter, Mirror Coat, and Nightshade are near typeless (they do not work against pokemon that are immune to them, but do not get STAB and cannot deal SE damage, though will hit through Wonder Guard when

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Choosing Movesets In Pokmon

Each Pokémon can only learn four attacks, making every slot precious. For Pokémon with two types, you’ll often want a damaging move from each element, letting you utilize STAB while exploiting different weaknesses.

But sometimes versatility matters more than STAB; for instance, Charizard’s Fire and Flying types have many offensive similarities , meaning you’ll often want just one STAB move while devoting the rest to coverage.

So, an ideal moveset for a Charizard might include Flamethrower for STAB, weather-causing Sunny Day for utility, and Grass-type Solarbeam or Ground-type Earthquake for coverage. Of course, this also depends on whether you’re employing Mega Charizard X or Mega Charizard Y , but you catch my drift.

What To Look For In A Pokmon

There are a few things to take into consideration when looking at a Pokémon for your team. First, what you want it to do: Do you need a tank to take a lot of hits and survive? A glass cannon to deal a ton of damage before it goes down? A specific role to counter one particular Pokémon youre worried about? There are many strategies that you can use, but there are four main things you will want to consider:;

  • Typing.;As we covered above, the kind of damage you are likely to take should be part of your decision. If everything on your team is weak to fighting-type moves in a cup that allows them, you will want to consider some team members that resist fighting moves to balance things out.;
  • Moveset.;Some moves are better for PVP than others. Community Day moves are very powerful and make the Pokémon that can use it much stronger than a similar Pokémon without. You should also consider the relationship between the fast and charge moves. Some fast moves hit HARD, like Charm, Razor Leaf and Confusion, but all that power comes at the expense of filling your charge moves slowly. You may want to choose to balance out team members that can hit hard with fast moves, and fast-charging but weaker moves that allow you to use charge moves far more frequently.;
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    How Is The Dps Calculated

    Move DPS is calculated by dividing the damage done by the time that the move takes, with a few tweaks:

    • STAB: If the Pokémon using the move is of the same type as the move, the damage is increased by 20%.
    • Main moves: There is a cast time of 0.5 seconds added to length of the move.
    • Critical chance: Critical chance for moves is not currently calculated for moves, as it has been determined that critical strikes are not implemented in the game yet.

    What Is The Ghost Emoji

    What Do ??? Question Marks ??? Mean on Wild Pokémon? How to Play Pokemon GO Tutorial

    The appearance of Ghost varies across platforms, but the main vendors, including Apple, Google, and Samsung, display a white, cartoon ghost with bulging eyes, tongue stuck out, and arms outstretched. Above : Ghost on Samsung TouchWiz 7.1, Google Android 5.0, Microsoft Windows 10, and emojidex 1.0.

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    Other Stats That Affect Damage

    So, using STAB wisely lets you score extra damage, but don’t forget to pay attention to your Pokémon’s statsuse physical moves if its Attack is higher, or indirect if it favors Special Attack. Your target’s Defense/Special Defense also affects damage, as will typing, critical hits, and some held items.

    Choose your moves wisely, but never forget that Pokémon favor their base elements and reward you for using same-typed attacks. But for now, as we await Nintendo’s next batch of collectible creatures, vote for your favorite STAB type and I’ll see you at our next Pokémon countdown!

    Is Slowking Good Pokemon Go

    Slowking is an interesting entry for our Battledex, as it fills a rather curious niche in the current meta game the bulky bruiser niche. Slowking is a dual type Pokémon: water and psychic….Best Slowking moves in Pokémon GO.Fast MoveCharge MoveCycle DPS Water Gun WaterFire Blast Fire18.315 more rows

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    Do Marines Still Use Bayonets

    The Marines arent the only branch of the military to equip its soldiers with bayonets. The Army issues the M9 bayonet knife, which has been in use since the 1980s, but troops have moved away from the detachable knives in recent years. Others, however, have still found use for the bayonet charge in recent years.

    What Are Ivs

    Pokemon Go Makes Huge Changes to Attack Bonuses

    Every Pokémon has a set of base stats for Attack, Defense, and Stamina which never change -we’ve put together a list of these values so you can compare Pokémon.

    Every single Pokémon that you catch will then have an additional set of values for these threestats, which will range between 0 and 15 – these are the IVs.

    For example, the base stats of Lapras are 186 attack, 190 defense, and 260 stamina.If all IVs were 0 , then these would be the final stats.

    On the other hand, if all the IVs were 15 , then the final stats would be 201 attack,205 defense, and 275 stamina.

    Realistically the difference between the worst and the best is only up to around 10% difference ,it is a key stat for those looking to get the very best Pokémon in the game.

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    What Is Stab

    STAB stands for same-type attack bonus. In most cases, if a Pokémon uses a move whose type matches its own, that move receives a 1.5x increase in damage. For example, the Pokémon Squirtle is a Water-type. If it uses Water Gun, a Water-type move, the damage of Water Gun is increased by 1.5x. Water Guns base damage is 40, so when Squirtle uses it, it would do 40 x 1.5 damage, or 60.

    As of Pokémon Sword and Shield, STAB holds true for all move types, including Normal-type moves, which runs contrary to what some old Pokémon strategy guides say. Pokémon that have two types, such as the Fire and Flying-type Charizard, receive STAB for both Fire and Flying-type moves, making them even more dangerous in battle. In Charizards case, the 4x weakness to Rock-type moves balances out the power that it receives through STAB.

    The 1.5x modifier provided by STAB is so powerful that if youre directly attacking an enemy Pokémon, its usually best to use moves that match your Pokémons type, even if you have a different move that might be super effective against them. A same-type move that correlates with your Pokémons high attack or special attack stat is generally the most effective way to attack. If you can combine STAB with other modifiers, like the move type-enhancing plate series of items or a super-effective bonus on the opposing Pokémon, you can quickly clear out entire teamsprovided you have the right moves.


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