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How To Get Evolution Shards In Pokemon Masters

Pokemon Masters: How To Evolve And Mega Evolve Pokemon


The latest pocket monster game has people immensely confused about how to evolve in Pokemon Masters, because it’s not made immediately clear. To clear it up, we’ve got this Pokemon Masters evolution guide which includes everything on how to evolve Pokemon in Pokemon Masters, including which Pokemon can be evolved, and even how to mega evolve. Read up for everything you need to know about how to evolve Pokemon in Pokemon Masters.

What About Mega Evolution

While it sadly isnt returning in the upcoming Pokémon Sword and Shield main series games for Nintendo Switch, Mega Evolutions make a grand return in Pokémon Masters. First seen in Pokémon X and Y, Mega Evolution temporarily transforms an unevolved Pokémon into a stronger form for a single battle.

In Pokémon Masters, Mega Evolution is available for a select number of Sync Pairs when you trigger their Sync Moves. A Mega Evolved Pokémon will then have increased stats and different attacks for the rest of the battle.

Below is a list of all the Pokémon that can Mega Evolve in Pokémon Masters at the time of writing:

  • Agatha and Mega Gengar

How To Evolve Pokemon In Pokemon Masters Ex

Pokémons been out for years now and one of their core mechanics, Evolution, is one of the reasons for how exciting the series has been. After all, its a tangible thing that allows players to see how much stronger their beloved Pokémon has become. In Pokémon Masters, however, Evolution is handled differently, and were going to be talking about it below. Heres a guide to help you know how to evolve Pokemon in Pokemon Masters EX.

First, before we talk about how to evolve Pokemon in Pokemon Masters EX, we need to know what evolution is.

Evolution is when a Pokémon, upon leveling up to a certain point, evolves into another Pokémon. There are other methods, of course, like using elemental stones, learning moves that facilitate it, or being traded to another Pokémon. Professor Elm, an expert on Pokémon, is also an expert on their evolution. Hes the one that discovered Pichu was the baby form of Pikachu. There are also instances of unusual evolutions, like multiple Pokémon combining into another Pokémon. Case in point 3 Magnemites into a Magneton, Slowpoke and Shellder into Slowbro, and a few others.

Anyhow, this is just the normal evolution, we havent even talked about Mega Evolution yet.

Next in this How to Evolve Pokemon in Pokemon Masters EX guide is taking a look at Mega Evolutions.

Mega Evolution is Evolution taken up to a level that affects certain Pokémon. The Pokémon transforms into another form of themselves, stronger and generally with empowered moves.

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Pokmon Can Temporarily Mega Evolve

Pokémon Masters completely revamps its standard evolution system for Pokémon, but the game still features the more recent Mega Evolutions, albeit in a limited and temporary capacity. Mega Evolutions have been a creative way for Pokémon to gain a second life, so its exciting to see them worked into Pokémon Masters. Mega Evolutions are featured in the form of temporary boosts for Pokémon for a single battle and theyre triggered by the use of Sync Moves. Some of the Mega Evolutions and Sync Pairs include Agatha and Mega Gengar, Blue and Mega Pidgeot, Korrina and Mega Lucario, and several others.

How Can I Evolve Pokmon In Pokmon Masters Ex

Pokemon Masters

Youre going to have to complete a few steps to evolve your Pokémon, including reaching the requisite evolution level and completing an evolution mission.

The evolution level in Pokémon Masters EX is level 30. This is how you will unlock the mission to reach Stage 1 for your Sync Pair. If your trainers Pokémon can go to a third evolution or Stage 2 Sync Pair, then you can earn access to that mission at level 45.

Once youve hit the required level, youll unlock the mission which will be a story battle with the trainer that can be located in the Sync Pair Stories tab.

Youll need evolution materials to begin this mission. These can be obtained via the Evolution Material Area of the Training Area.

If you arent above the minimum level for the mission, we dont recommend trying it. They tend to be quite challenging, but you can attempt an unlocked battle several times even if you fail to complete it.

If youre attempting the level 45 mission, it will cost more for entry and also be substantially more difficult. Make sure you are ready before attempting it.

Once you complete these missions, your Pokémon will evolve into its next form. In Stage 2, Sync Pairs will also receive a small stat increase.

Not every Pokémon is eligible to evolve, unfortunately, so youll want to research if your Sync Pair can do so before investing the time into leveling them up.

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What Do They Need For Evolution

First things first what level does your Pokémon need to be to evolve? Well, they need to be at level 30 quite a bit higher compared to the original games. This is universal to all Pokémon on Pokémon Masters EX if you want to evolve Pokémon like Mudkip or Treecko. AKA, Stage 0 Pokémon. Stage 1 Pokemon, like Groovyle, have to be at Level 45 before they can evolve further. However, heres the thing there are a few things players need to do before they can evolve.

Even if a Sync Pair manages to reach level 30, the Pokémon in the Sync Pair wont evolve instantly. In addition, there are Sync Pairs that cant evolve their Pokémon. Well put them in another section but we digress. To start the evolution process, players need to have 5 Evolution Shards. The players need to access the shop and use coins to purchase Evolution Shards.

To evolve for a second time, players need to be at level 45 and have 3 Evolution Stones. To get an Evolution Stone, you need to buy them in the shop with coins.

5 Evolution Shards cost 1000 coins the first 2 times you purchase them. After that, players need to spend 10000 coins. Meanwhile, you can get 3 Evolution Stones for 5000 Coins the first time, and then 1 per 300000 coins. In total, after the discounts are finished, players need 910000 coins to max evolve their Pokémon.

What Are The Benefits Of Evolving A Pokmon

After reading our How to Evolve Pokemon in Pokemon Masters EX guide, here are some benefits to strengthening them.

The first benefit of Evolution in Pokémon Masters EX is the power boost that they gain. However, theres also the fact that certain Sync Pairs can gain additional stat bonuses when evolving. However, the main benefit that evolved Pokémon have over non-evolved Pokémon is the fact that only evolved Pokémon can maximize Sync Moves. If you dont do this, youre pretty much screwed.

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Pokemon Masters How To Evolve: Levels Evolution Missions What Pokemon And Full Details

Evolving Pokemon is a core component of the series, even in Pokemon Masters!

Released during the Summer of 2019, Pokemon Masters has become one of the most popular mobile games across the world.

In a game where you collect Sync Pairs, which consist of a trainer and their Pokemon one would assume evolution would not be a big component of it.

However, like the main series Pokemon games you are still able to evolve certain Pokemon!

Here’s how to evolve your Pokemon in Pokemon Masters!

Theres A Hard Mode That Can Be Unlocked

Pokemon Masters Evolution Shard Mining Event

Pokémon titles can sometimes have a steep difficulty when it comes to the final stages and post-game content, but typically the games are on the easier side when it comes to completing the main objective of the game. Pokémon Masters can vary in difficulty depending on how quickly players take to its new features. However, gamers that want more of a challenge can access a Hard Mode that turns up the difficulty. Hard Mode isnt a requirement, but itll become available after Chapter 4 in the games Story Mode is completed.

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Pokemon Masters: Mega Evolution

As the Pokemon evolve, your sync pairs will learn more sync moves and will unlock the ability to mega evolve for some Pokemon. A Pokemon will be able to mega evolve when a sync move is complete but this can take up to nine moves. It will stay in mega evolution for the remainder of the battle, too, which gives you a significant edge.

These are the Pokemon we know can mega evolve so far:

  • Blue and Mega Pidgeot

How To Evolve A Pokemon

Its worth noting that each Pokemon also comes along with a trainer. Together these are called Sync pairs. By using them in battles you level them up, same as any other Pokemon title. As you might expect, you need to get them to a specific level before their Pokemon can evolve.

Every Pokemon in the game that can evolve unlocks its first evolution at level 30. Once you reach that point, a special Sync Pair Story mission will unlock. Youll need to pay 5 Evolution Shards to take on the mission. You can get these from Tricias shop in the Pokemon Center.

The good news is that this is a one time fee. If you fail you can try again at no extra cost. Keep in mind that even though youve unlocked the mission, you may not be strong enough to complete it. Once youve finished the Story mission, your Pokemon will evolve.

Some Pokemon can evolve yet again to a Stage 3 Sync Pair. Its the exact same process except at level 45. Youll also need to use 3 Evolution Stones instead of 5 Shards.

When a pair is fully evolved it unlocks the teams unique Sync Move.

There are a few exceptions to all of this, of course, like Brock and the Trainer who can not evolve and start the game out their unique Sync Move.

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Sync Pair Evolutions Are Gated By Level Currency And Missions

Evolution works a little bit different in Pokemon Masters. To evolve Pokemon in Pokemon Masters you need to meet a couple of different requirements and complete an objective to finish the evolution. To evolve youll first want to make sure that youre leveling up the Pokemon that you want to perform an evolution on. Youll need to raise the level of your Pokemon dependent on which level you are trying to evolve.

  • Stage 1 Evolution: Reach level 30 and complete Sync Pair story mission
  • Stage 2 Evolution: Reach level 45 and complete Sync Pair story mission
  • Stage 3 Evolution: Reach level 60 and complete Sync Pair story mission

After youve reached the required level you will need to purchase Evolution materials and then complete a special mission to perform the evolution. The only way you will have access to the special mission is if you have enough of the evolution materials.

You can purchase the Evolution Shards and Evolution Crystals in the Pokemon Center. Youll want to visit the blue vendor Tricia on the left of the Pokemon Center and go to the Item Exchange section of the shop. This will allow you to use coins to trade for Evolution Materials. You can purchase Evolution Share for 1000 Coins or an Evolution Crystal for 5000 Coins.

Once youve performed an Evolution in Pokemon Masters your Sync Pairs will get new moves that you can use in battle and they will be stronger.


Pokemon Masters: Which Pokemon Can Evolve

Pokémon Masters evolution guide: How to evolve your Pokémon!

There’s hundreds of Pokemon that can evolve in the world of Pokemon, but the rules are different here in Pokemon Masters. Only specific sync pairs can evolve, and unfortunately, your starting Pikachu isn’t one of them. Unlucky, Raichu fans. Here’s the full list of sync pairs that can evolve in Pokemon Masters, that we know about at the time of writing:

  • Barry and Piplup
  • Kris and Totodile
  • Lyra and Chikorita
  • Pryce and Seel
  • Rosa and Snivy
  • Viola and Surskit

These are all the ones we’ve discovered so far, so we’ll be sure to update this list if there’s any more.

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Evolution In Pokmon Masters

Though Pokémon Masters doesnt follow all the same conventions as the mainline series games, one of the most iconic aspects of the series reappears nonetheless. As you play through Pokémon Masters, you can still evolve your beloved companions after reaching certain breakpoints. Both regular evolution and Mega Evolution are available for certain Pokémon. As of the games open beta, there are very few available evolutions, but this will undoubtedly change going forward.

Example of Regular Evolutions Available in the Beta

  • Kris and Totodile
  • Rosa and Snivy
  • Pryce and Seel
  • Barry and Piplup
  • Lyra and Chikorita
  • Viola and Surskit

Example of Mega Evolutions Available in the Beta

  • Agatha and Mega Gengar
  • Noland and Mega Pinsir
  • Blue and Mega Pidgeot

How To Unlock Sync Pairs

As the main draw of Pokemon Masters, there are two ways to unlock trainers and their Pokemon, referred to as Sync Pairs in-game. The first is to unlock them through playing the story, while other trainers will need to be scouted.

Check out the full pair of Sync Pairs below!

There are 22 Sync Pairs that are unlocked naturally as one plays through the Beginner’s Phase of Pokemon Masters. As the player progresses through the campaign, they unlock more mechanics. The Beginner’s Phase ends after Chapter 18, where Gear farming is unlocked. More story characters can be unlocked as DeNA gradually extends the campaign, or through Special Events. Pictured below is a brief unlock chart for the Beginner’s Phase.

Most other Sync Pairs, such as Karen and Brendan, are only available through Trainer Scouting. Trainer Scouting requires 300 gems per try, or 3,000 for 10 tries, with a daily discount available for 100 paid gems. It is accessible from the “Shop” Menu.

The story-unlock Sync Pairs have various rarities, but for Trainer Scouting each rarity has a different drop rate, with the probability for specific characters depending on the banner and general pool. The general drop rates are below:


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Obtaining Evolution Shards And Stones

While the existence of Evolution Shards and Stones in Pokemon Masters isnt exactly unusual, the way of obtaining them is a bit strange. As we said, Tricia sells them at her shop, but she only has a small number on sale for cheap.

Evolution Shards are available in bundles of five for 1,000 Coins. You can only purchase two per month at this price, however. Evolution Stones on the other hand come in bundles of three for 5,000 Coins, but theres only one available each month.

Technically, you can buy more than that per month, but the price skyrockets after that. So make sure to buy these at the reduced rate each and every month.

Medals Have Been Added To The Game

EVOLUTION OF ALL THESE SYNC PAIRS (Evolution shards and crystals requirements) | Pokemon Masters

For a long time in Pokémon Masters the challenge of PML Badges was enough, but theres been the recent addition of Medals, which greatly adds to the titles longevity. Medals are achieved through Mission Rewards or through specific tasks, like obtaining a certain amount of coins or using a specific move a set amount of times. Medals can then be viewed on the Poryphone. There are currently 17 Standard Medals, 8 Arena Medals, and 6 Event Medals. Their only purpose is for players to display them on their profile and earn bragging rights.

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Pokemon Masters Explainer Guide: How To Evolve And Mega Evolve

You need to do a lot more than find a magic rock.

GameSpot may get a commission from retail offers.

Pokemon Masters has officially released, giving you a brand-new Pokemon experience to play on the go. Though Masters shares several similarities with previous Pokemon games, it does a lot differently too. One such difference is in how Pokemon can evolve. If you’re having trouble, we’ve outlined the process below.

First things first: not every sync pair you recruit features a Pokemon that can evolve. The Pikachu that you start with cannot be evolved into a Raichu, for example. As far as we can tell, there’s no definitive rule for discerning which Pokemon partners can evolve in Masters, though we have noticed that the only Pokemon that can evolve are the ones found in their first-stage form. If you recruit a sync pair with a Pokemon that’s already in its second-stage evolution, it doesn’t seem capable of reaching its third .

Android Authority has compiled all of the sync pairs with Pokemon that we know can evolve in Masters, which are listed below. There’s a chance that more sync pairs feature Pokemon that can be evolved, but we’ll need more time with the game to be sure. Evolving Pokemon can be a lengthy process.

Pokemon Masters Evolution Cost

Before heading on the evolution mission for a certain Pokemon, you’ll need to get yourself some Evolution materials. These will cost you coins, and the cost will vary depending what deals are live in the store. Pick these up in the ‘Exchange Items’ menu in the Shop. It’ll cost you three evolution shards to enter the first evolution battle. The next evolution will cost you three Ecolution Crystals, these will cost you more than the shards.

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Evolving Pokmon In Pokmon Masters Ex

Certain sync pairs can gain asmall power boost through Evolution! Evolved Pokémon don’t receive the largestat boost in Pokémon Masters EX that they do in most other Pokémon games, butif a Pokémon can evolve, you’ll need to fully evolve it to maximize the powerof its sync move.

The first sync pairs with Pokémonyou can help evolve are likely to be those with first partner Pokémon from pastgamessync pairs such as Barry & Piplup and Rosa & Snivy, for example.Each of these sync pairs will need to be at least Lv. 30 to evolve the firsttime, at which point you’ll obtain area info related to their Evolution. You’llalso need Evolution materials, which you can earn in the Evolution Material Areaof the Training Area.

Once you have the necessary items,you’ll need to complete a special sync pair story battle unique to that syncpair. But be ready for a tough fight if you run off to battle the moment yoursync pair reaches the minimum level requiredthe opponents in these bouts areno pushovers! If you win the battle, however, the Pokémon in your sync pairwill evolve.


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