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Easter Eggs In Pokemon

The Hisui People Have Strong Genetics

Pokémon scarlet & violet Easter egg!? #pokemon

Odds are you’ve seen pictures of your grandparents and noticed that, in their prime, they looked remarkably like your parents. That’s just how DNA works. But, how far back do you have to rummage through your family tree before ancestors lose all resemblance to modern family members? In the world of “Pokemon,” pretty far.

Since “Pokemon Legends: Arceus” takes place in the past, the developers apparently decided to reference previous games by populating Hisui with the ancestors of Gym Leaders, Trainers, and other prominent characters. Almost every NPC in “Legends: Arceus” resembles their far-flung family. For instance, Cyllene’s blue hair and sharp features indicate a clear lineage with Team Galactic Boss Cyrus. Meanwhile, Volo shares Pokemon Champion Cynthia’s face and hair, and to solidify the connection, Volo’s battle theme combines Cynthia’s encounter and battle themes to an intimidating degree. But, some of the most surprising ancestry Easter eggs crop up in characters who don’t physically appear.

Not only do these Easter eggs honor the legacy of “Pokemon,” but they also imply that future “Pokemon Legends” sequels might sport even more ancestors of prominent franchise characters and villains.

Change The Colour Of The Joy

When you first started out on your Pokémon Sword and Shield adventure, you probably noticed the Nintendo Switch console sitting on your character’s desk at home. What you may not have noticed is the fact that the Joy-Con attached to it will be exactly the same as the ones you have attached to the system at the time. Swap them for different colours and the change will take effect when you leave the house and return to your room. Neat!

How To Catch Pikachu As Your Starter Pokemon

Though most Pokemon found in the game are semi-random, there’s a way to catch Pikachu as a starting Pokemon.

Video Guide: How to Catch Pikachu Starter

You will notice upon creating your character that Charmander, Bulbasaur, and Squirtle will appear around you.

However, if you refuse to catch these three starting Pokemon, and ignore them long enough, Pikachu will appear on your map alongside the others, ready for you to catch!

You’ll need to refuse these Pokemon at least four times before Pikachu will appear. Once you see Pikachu, zoom and catch him and he’ll be yours forever!

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You’re Not The Only Time Traveler In Hisui

When “Pokemon Legends: Arceus” begins, players are treated to a cutscene of Arceus spiriting away the main character back in time. The rest of the game is populated by the ancestors of different characters throughout “Pokemon” history. However, one important face is a startling exception.

As players progress through the story, they meet Wardens who teach them how to ride certain Pokemon. One of these Wardens is Ingo, which should sound familiar to anyone who completed “Pokemon Black” and “White” or their sequels. In those games, players can fight in the Battle Subway, the final boss of which is Subway Boss Ingo. Warden Ingo isn’t an ancestor of Subway Boss Ingo, though. He’s straight-up Ingo from those games.

The more you look at and listen to Warden Ingo, the more you realize he’s the same character. He’s got the same jacket and hat albeit tattered the same signature battle poses, and he talks about Hidden Moves and spouts train lingo. Of course, Ingo’s inclusion isn’t just an Easter egg but an important plot point since, well, his presence indicates the protagonist isn’t the only time-displaced character in Hisui. Of course, we know why the main character is in Hisui, but we don’t know why Ingo is there, especially since he’s got a bad case of amnesia.

If Ingo was whisked through time like the protagonist, who’s to say they were the only ones? Ingo opens up the door to more time-displaced Trainers in future sequels and DLC.

The Onomatopoeia Of Kricketune

Pokemon Gold Easter Eggs

The “Pokemon” series has a complicated relationship with the sounds of its title creatures. In the games, Pokemon cries are a mix of bleeps, bloops, and the occasional fart, but how do you translate those sounds into words? The anime showrunners decided to invent their own Pokemon voices , while the game developers do their best to provide onomatopoeia. Some Pokemon cries are easier to translate than others.

When “Pokemon Diamond” and “Pearl” premiered on the Nintendo DS, developers used the handheld’s improved audio hardware to invent Pokemon cries that surpassed previous games. Kricketune is the face of this advancement, as the creature sounds a living violin. Audiences struggled to translate this crazy cry into words but eventually settled on “Delele whoooooooop.” The idea eventually became a meme but remained unofficial as Game Freak never interpreted Kricketune’s cry until “Pokemon Legends: Arceus.”Early in “Legends: Arceus,” players will get their first taste of an Alpha Pokemon either by encountering a giant Rapidash or, more likely, an Alpha Kricketune. While the Rapidash is more powerful, the game gives the Kricketune its own cutscene and mission. More importantly, the Alpha Kricketune’s cry is transliterated as “De-le-le woooooop,” which is identical to the fanmade onomatopoeia but with some hyphens and minus the “h.”

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You Can Spin And Strike A Pose

If you spin around as fast as you can in one place, your trainer will start spinning a bit like a ballerina. Once you let go, she or he will strike the same pose at Champion Leon.

While it may just seem like a cute little trick, this is actually an important thing to know for evolving certain Pokemon. This mechanic is actually used to evolve a Milcery into an Alchremie and how you do the spin dictates what design the Alchremie will have .

/10 Mystery Of The Stolen Berries

The Galar region is based on Britain, so how fitting is it that the developers put in a Sherlock Holmes style mystery for the player to solve. If the player enters a room on the second floor of the hotel in Motostoke they will stumble upon a man confronting a group of people about his missing berries which he is convinced were eaten by someone in the room. The player must ask the suspects about the berries and find out who the guilty party is this isnt that complex of a mystery. After discovering who took the berries the player is rewarded.

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Pokemon Sword Easter Eggs

TikTok video from richardjefferson64 : “Secret Easter egg in Pokémon sword and shield #Nintendo #GameFreak #NintendoSwitch #Pokémon #Gamer #YouTuber #streamer”. Did you know this. She Share Story .


3.1K Likes, 75 Comments. TikTok video from Mordecais_Mons : “GEN 9 EASTER EGG CONFIRMED #pokemonviolet #pokemonscarlet #gen9 #pokemoncommunity #pokemontheory #pokemonswsh #pokemonswordandshield”. It was right in front of us this whole time | Pokémon Violet | Pokémon Scarlet | …. Ultra Instinct.


TikTok video from Nikachu : “Wow! Huge Easter egg for Pokémon scarlet and Violet found in sword and shield! #pokemon #pokemonscarlet #pokemongo #pokemonviolet”. HUGE EASTER EGG FOR Pokémon scarlet and Violet found in sword and shield | Credit to Reddit user DDD hero for finding it. original sound.


2.7K Likes, 50 Comments. TikTok video from poke.gpa : “#pokemon #pokemontiktok #pokemon25 #pokemon25thanniversary #pokemontheories #gpatheories #brilliantdiamond #shiningpearl #gen4remakes”. Pokemon Statue Easter Egg for Gen 4 Remakes in Sword and Shield! | Something looks odd in the background! | Same Statue! | …. Blade Runner 2049.


Xp Trick For Lucky Eggs

Pokemon I Choose You movie Easter egg season 1 reference breakdown in Tamil

The Lucky Egg doubles all XP earned for 30 minutes! Combine this with Incense or a Lure Module and you’ll be raking in XP just by catching lots of Pokemon, as seen in the video above.

What you may not know is that evolving Pokemon grants you the most XP out of anything in the game, and Lucky Eggs actually double your normal 500 XP reward to 1000XP for each Pokemon you level up.

To really reap the benefits, you should capture a lot of common Pokemon, like Pidgey or Caterpie, that require relatively few Candy to evolve. This has been referred to as the Pidgey Exploit, as Pidgey is very common for some people, and only cost 12 Candy to evolve for 1000 XP. Even better: If you’re evolving a Pokemon into one you haven’t caught before, you’ll get 2,000 XP!

The Step-by-Step Process to the “Pidgey Exploit”:

  • Step 1: Don’t Transfer Pokemon

Collect easy-to-catch-and-evolve Pokemon, like Pidgey. Pidgey are easy to come by and only cost 12 Pidgey Candy to evolve. The more the better. Save them for a Lucky Egg evolution binge. Favorite all the Pokemon you want to evolve with a star to keep things in order.

If you have Pokemon that you know will evolve into something you haven’t caught before, save them for your Lucky Egg XP spree, too.

  • Step 2: Plan for After Your Evolution Spree

You have 30 minutes to exploit the Lucky Egg, so only use it when you can also go out and catch Pokemon, using a lure or incense.

  • Step 3: Activate the Lucky Egg
  • Step 4: Get to Evolving!

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Alice In Wonderland’s Butter

Users on Reddit found an odd piece of text once only spotted as a placeholder in the beta. When a user has moved the required distance before hatching an egg – but inspects the egg incubator just before it begins hatching – instead of seeing the full kilometer filled, they will instead find it reads:

Hatch this egg by feeding it butter. It likes all kinds of butter, every kind. The best kind.

This text is possibly a reference to Alice in Wonderland, in a scene at the Mad Hatter’s Tea Party where the Hatter exclaims that “butter wouldn’t suit the works!” and the March Hare replies “It was the BEST butter.”

Still, others believe there may be an item not yet introduced to the game, a type of butter that may be used with the egg to somehow influence what it hatches.

The Diamond And Pearl Clans Are Based On The Ainu

It’s no secret the “Pokemon” franchise draws inspiration from the real world. More recent regions, such as Kalos and Galar, take cues from France and the UK, respectively, but earlier entries and their regions were based on Japanese geography. For instance, Sinnoh is based on Hokkaido, and since “Pokemon Legends: Arceus” takes place in ancient times-Sinnoh, the game fittingly draws from Hokkaido’s pre-modern Japan, specifically its original inhabitants.

In “Pokemon Legends: Arceus,” Jubilife Village is the only sign of “modern” civilization in Hisui. The rest of the game world is covered in untamed wilderness and mysterious, ancient ruins. The only exceptions are the Diamond and Pearl Clans, who predate Jubilife, and their camps. These clans aren’t so much an Easter egg as they are a reference to the real-life Ainu people.

Long ago, possibly as far back as prehistoric times, the Ainu were the sole inhabitants of Hokkaido, which mirrors the whole “Diamond and Pearl Clans living in a land based on Hokkaido” thing. The Ainu relied on the Yezo sika deer for food and clothing, and the Diamond and Pearl Clans revere Wyrdeer, an evolution of Stantler supposedly based on the sika deer, and use its fur to make warm winter clothes. Coincidence or intentional reference? How about the new Ursaring evolution, Ursaluna? Not only is it a bear, but its new Ground typing and mountain-like body link it to the Ainu god of mountains and bears, Kim-un-kamuy.

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You Can Unlock More Camp Toys By Completing The Curry Dex

Who could have predicted that we would have another Pokedex, but it filled with curry instead of Pokemon in a base game?

If you already filled your Pokedex, the curry dex is next! By filling it, you actually get to unlock more toys for your Pokemon to play with while camping. As you fill the curry dex, talk to the camp master in the wild area and he typically gives you a new toy for every five new curries you have made.

More Easter Activities For Kids

Pokemon Go Easter Eggs &  Basket  Pokemon Go Easter Basket  The ...

There are so many great Easter books for kids, but these are some of our favorites. Grab them from the library or buy them to add to your childs collection! Theyre great for helping your child develop a larger vocabulary, focus, and more!

Happy Easter Mouse Everyone knows Mouse from the classic If You Give A Mouse A Cookie book, but now hes back and ready to celebrate Easter! Kids will love watching him as he goes on an Easter egg hunt!

Pete the Cat: Big Easter Adventure Join Pete as he races to help the Easter bunny just in time for Easter! This is another new classic kids rate as a must-have!

Its Not Easy Being A Bunny Follow PJ the bunny as he tries to discover what kind of animal hed rather be instead of a bunny! Its a silly story with a great lesson.

Want more Easter craft ideas for kids? Check out some of our most popular one:

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/10 Maxie & Archie Portraits

Arguably the smallest detail that players have spotted lies hidden in a few tents out in the wild. In the northern region of the Crimson Mirelands, players will come across the settlement for the Diamond Clan. It is a modest area, with just a circle of tents set up out in the wild for them to live.

Enter one of these tents, and players may find a portrait on the wall of a man with a striking resemblance to Maxie of Ruby & Sapphire‘s Team Magma. Similarly, in another tent, there is a portrait of a man who looks a lot like Team Aqua’s Archie. Next to both of those portraits is another one, with a man who looks like the Unova region’s former champion, Alder.

Pokemon Legends: Arceus is available on Nintendo Switch.

Use Html To Change Pokemon Names

When choosing what to nickname your Pokemon, there are more subtle choices than you might think. While you edit a name, you can insert specific HTML code to change how your pokemon’s name looks, making the name either bold or italic.

It’s important to note that the HTML brackets count toward the overall character limit! Only short names will work!

To make a pokemon’s name italicized, enter a nickname, and the pokemon’s name on its personal page will have an altered font. However, it won’t change when looking at the list of pokemon in your storage, instead showing the full string of HTML formatting.

To make a Pokemon’s name Bold, enter a nickname, and the Pokemon’s name will be noticeably more bolded on its own page. Again, it won’t change when looking at all the Pokemon in your storage, instead showing the brackets until you tap on that Pokemon.

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/10 Getting His Steps In

Another reference in Detective Pikachu now and this one not only links back to the original video games but also the Pokémon Go mobile game that once took the world by storm. In an offhanded comment, Pikachu says he’s walking around to try and get his steps in.

It’s a small comment but fans of the games will recognise the task of walking around to try and hatch eggs in both the game itself and indeed in Pokémon Go. It’s a minor reference but a fun one nonetheless.

Pokemon Legends: Arceus Easter Egg Has Been 18 Years In The Making

Secret Message & Easter Eggs in the Halloween Event | Loomian Legacy


15th Feb 2022 11:38

They did it, they only went and did it. Although the Pokemon games are known for stuffing themselves with Easter eggs, the recent release of Pokemon Legends: Arceus has the ultimate throwback that’s been some 18 years in the making.

Pokemon Legends: Arceus has some deep cuts to the franchise’s past, with Commander Kamado being the ancestor of Diamond and Pearl‘s Professor Rowan, an active Stark Mountain volcano, and speculation Galaxy Team will eventually evolve into the villainous Team Galactic. However, another sneaky Easter egg stands out more than most.

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Pokemon Easter Egg Decorating Directions:

Depending on the age of your kids, you may need to do some prep work to get the eggs ready for decorating. You can hard boil your eggs or use a sewing need to punch two holes in the eggs and blow it out.

Or you could go use these wooden eggs.

After your eggs are ready, paint each egg the corresponding color.

I painted each egg with about 4-6 thin coats to get a more even look.

Print out all the printables on thick, heavy, white paper. Cut out the base wraps and the corresponding heads, ears, tails and Bulbasaurs flower.

Wrap the base piece around the egg to determine the size needed, then secure with tape or a glue dot.

Place the egg on the base wrap and then use a glue dot to secure the face to the front of the egg.

For the ears, I like to use Elmers glue or a hot glue gun instead of a glue dot because then there wont be a gap between the paper and the egg.

To attach the tails and Bulbasaurs flower, simply use a glue dot and press to the back of each egg.


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