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Japanese Exclusive Pokemon Cards

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INCREDIBLE! Opening a JAPANESE EXCLUSIVE Leon’s Advice Trainer Card Collection Box of Pokemon Cards!

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Release date: November 18, 2022

Description: This is a set that contains exclusive pre-order bonuses from Pokemon Center Japan. Includes Pokemon Scarlet, A5 size Pokemon Scarlet artbook with cover illustrated by Game Freak, and exclusive Pikachu Promo Card pre-order bonus.

Region: Games are region free, plays in English and all other languages

Language Support: Japanese, English, Spanish, French, German, Italian, Korean, Traditional Chinese, Simplified Chinese

Shipping: Express Mail Service takes 2 to 5 working days, ships directly from Japan


Pokemon Scarlet physical copy for Nintendo Switch

Pokemon Scarlet A5 size artbook

Pikachu Promo Card

Start Your Japanese Pokmon Tcg Collection With Neokyo

Pokémon card boosters are not just for dueling with friends or in competition. Pokémon booster are often very popular with TCG collectors. Pokémon cards are available in many countries and languages, but the Japanese market often benefits from exclusives, special releases, and also dedicated accessories, which are only available at the Pokémon Center Japan or from certain suppliers and specialty stores. There are many collectors among the Japanese, which makes it quite easy to find cards or decks, either by buying them from specialized stores or by buying them directly from Japanese collectors. Neokyo gives you easy access to these Japanese product offerings Indeed, with Neokyo, you can buy from stores like Pokémon Center, Card museum or Yuyu Tei, but also Magi and . These last two shops are platforms of sales between individuals. We strongly advise you to have a look at the offers available on Magi. This site is a platform specialized in TCG sales between individuals. You can also try bidding with Neokyo by bidding on Yahoo Auctions.

Some examples of products available with Neokyo:

Spoiler: Trying To Catch Them All Will Lead To A Gruesome And Untimely Death

The Pokémon Trading Card Game was originally released on October 20, 1996, in Japan, and later released in English on January 9, 1999. Since then, there have been countless sets and expansions to this ever-changing TCG, with tons upon tons of different cards to collect and admire. But just how many of these cards exist in the world? How many unique types of Pokémon cards are out there, and how many different cards exist in total? The answer might be surprising to hear dependent on different guessesbut its certainly a lot.

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Fast Shipping Careful Handling

We ship your order directly from Japan, and we strive for a completely hassle-free experience. Most orders ship from our Pokemon shop within two business days, so all of your new Pokemon items will get to you before you know it. We offer three shipping methods, so you can choose the best one for you based on speed and price range. All of your shipments are insured, so you can rest easy knowing that your new Pokemon products will arrive safe and sound.

Pokmon Tcg More Than A Game

Starmie Holo Neo Revelation Japanese EX

Originally released in Japan in the 1990s to complement the Pokémon video games, the Pokémon trading card game has become one of the most popular collectible card games of all time, and while the surrounding excitement has risen and fallen, it’s never gone away.

Rare cards – expensive, valuable, unique or irreplaceable cards – have been a huge part of that. From the legendary allure of the shiny Charizard to cards that are only given to the greatest players, some Pokémon cards are worth more than you might imagine. Due to the franchise’s tremendous popularity, some of the most expensive Pokémon cards can sell for six figures

This may seem shocking at first, but since Pokémon is a worldwide phenomenon, there is a large base of avid collectors around the world just waiting to get their hands on these highly valued cards.

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Playing The Japanese Formats

If youre interested in building decks with some of these unreleased Japanese cards, you may also be interested in playing the formats as they were played in Japan. Japan not only had access to cards the rest of the world would never see, they also had some cards much earlier relative to other sets. I break down the most significant differences between the Japanese and international formats for the games earliest years below.

A Closer Look At Fan Club Porygon

C: All ClearAll Pokémon Powers stop working during this attack. Discard all Trainer cards in play. If any Pokémon in play is Asleep, Confused, Paralyzed, or Poisoned, remove all of those effects from that Pokémon. Remove all counters and markers from all Pokémon.

CC: Hyper ConversionChoose a type and 1 of your opponents Pokémon. Put a Coloring counter on that Pokémon. That Pokémon is now the type you chose.

Porygon offers two unique attacks. All Clear by itself is enough to warrant a spot in many BaseNeo decks, offering a way to clear the board of Focus Bands & Gold Berries, as well as any pesky Stadium card. Its second attack, Hyper Conversion, is even better and can be used to perform a variety of crafty tricks. Heres a few neat things you could do with it:

  • Change a Darkness-type Pokémon (like Sneasel
2x Recycle Energy

This list is nearly identical to the Dark Vileplume/Murkrow/Smeargle deck in my BaseNeo article, but replaces Smeargle with the more reliable Porygon. It uses the same strategy, aiming to get a game-winning Mean Look, usually by changing the type of a Pokémon to Psychic so that Murkrow resists it.

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Mischievous Pichu Is The Pokmon Tcg’s Best

The Mischievous Pichu Promo card was created as part of a collaboration between the Pokémon Trading Card Game, the video creator Hajime Syacho, and the Japanese fashion brand Graniph known as P-Lab. Customers who purchased P-Lab. items, many of which feature the Mischievous Pichu art, would also receive the Mischievous Pichu Promo card as an extra gift. This gives the card extra value, since it can only be found by purchasing P-Lab. products rather than through booster packs like most cards. While promotional cards often become widely sought after for this reason alone, Mischievous Pichu has gone above and beyond to become the most desired card in Japan unlike other prized Pokémon cards that ended up being worthless.

Ironically, despite being such a big seller, Mischievous Pichu is actually somewhat terrible in competitive play. It only has one attack that is as likely to damage the user as it is the opponent. However, competitive viability is not the point of Mischievous Pichu. Much like Yu-Gi-Oh! cards that came packaged with video games, the scarcity caused by its limited run is a source of its popularity. The fun card art also plays a significant role, as does the fact that it is tied to some rather significant names. These traits make the Mischievous Pichu Promo an excellent collectible for Pichu fans as well as Pokémon card collectors, even with Pokémon cards likely to lose value soon.

Complete Or Start Your Collection Of Japanese Pokmon Cards

Unboxing NEW Japan Post x Pokemon Exclusive Cards!

Long after its release, the Pokémon license continues to be the talk of the town with its many creatures. Many people have collected Pokémon in video games, Pokémon cards, stickers, or other Pokémon merchandise. If like us, you share the Pokémania or the love of Pokémon, no doubt you are also interested in Japanese Pokémon cards. Japan often has exclusive releases or versions that are hard to find outside its borders. Neokyo is therefore becoming a great ally in the life of any collector.

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Amount Of Pokmon Cards

What about the cards themselves? There are also a lot of cards in generalan enormous amount, in fact. As of April of this year, there are 6,959 Japanese cards and 9,110 English cards for a staggering total of just over 16,000 total unique Pokémon cards that have been manufactured in the past 23 years. And as of March earlier this year, statistics report that over 43.2 billion cards have been sold worldwide to all kinds of customers. Now, imagine trying to collect that many unique Pokémon cardssuch a feat would be nearly impossible for any serious collector to process.

The short answer to how many Pokémon cards are out there is a lot, surebut the long answer is also still a lot. That number will probably continue to climb as time goes on, but the number of truly valuable cards within the TCG will still be subjective to the fans. Maybe this is one time where we probably shouldnt try to catch em all.

What Is Pokmon Trading Card Game

In the Pokémon Trading Card Game, players build around their favorite Pokémon and then play against each other, sending their Pokémon into battle to prove who the best Pokémon Trainer is.

Players can begin with theme deckspreconstructed decks designed to cover the basics of the game. Then, they can augment their card collections with booster packs that provide more cards, letting players develop more diverse decks. With thousands of cards to choose from, the game is never the same twice.

The Pokémon Company releases approximately four sets of cards, called expansions, each year, so the game continues to evolve and expand for both players and collectors. You can check them all on the official Pokémon website.

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No 3 Trainer Promo Card

Just for a minute, let’s ignore a card’s resell potential and focus solely on its personal value. After all, children and competitive players are presumably not to interest in whether they can turn a profit. The Pokémon Trading Card Game provides a sense of pride and satisfaction, especially if victory comes at the expense of a competitor’s own pride and satisfaction.

No. 3 Trainer was handed out to the third highest ranked player of the annual World Championships. Who cares some of these cards fetch $30,000? Money does not compare to owning a No. 3 Trainer card. Wear it like a badge of honor.

Crafted For An International Audience

The 10 Most Expensive &  Valuable Pokemon Cards In The World

Japanese consumer culture is familiar with and accepting of smaller , consistent releases with chase cards that push sales. In general, this kind of Gacha sale style is less approved of if not outright regulated in international markets. It is then no surprise that TPCI focuses on releasing more traditional sets that more readily meet international needs, though it does make some Japanese releases particularly interesting collectors pieces! In particular, unique promos are a serious consideration for interested collectors, such as the special Japanese Post promotional Pikachu!

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Why Does Japan Get Different Pokemon Tcg Sets And Cards

Whether youre a veteran Pokemon TCG collector or new to the scene, if youve seen Japanese cards youre bound to notice a distinct difference between their cards and ours. The set names are different, the card backs vary from ours, packs contain only five cards, youre not guaranteed a rare in a Japanese pack, and the cards themselves can vary slightly based on international censorship and other considerations.

Where To Buy Japanese Pokmon Tcg

The principle of the collectible card game is to trade them with other players in order to expand your collection. However, it is not always easy to find the cards you want, especially if you are looking for original Japanese Pokémon cards outside of Japan. Fortunately, you are leaving in an era where the Internet can remove many limitations.

There are online marketplaces or stores where you can order Japanese card games, but be careful with your choice, you don’t want to spend your precious money to receive fake cards or even never receive them at all because the sender doesn’t know how to handle international customs controls properly.

And even when you find a legitimate online store that sells Japanese Pokémon cards, it’s often messy, not up-to-date and poorly translated, so you’re not always sure what you’re buying. But worry no more, Ichiba Japan is born to help you avoid this kind of things.

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What Pokmon Cards Are Worth The Most Money In 2022

The Pokémon Trading Card Game has eight generations of expansions since launching in 1999. Here are the most expensive TCG Pokémon Cards in 2022.

With the Pokémon Trading Card Game seeing a major revival in popularity in 2022, there are many TCG cards that are now worth a lot of money. Following the release of the Pokémon Red and Blue Kanto RPGs in 1998, Game Freak launched the Pokémon TCG in North America a year later. Just like the Gen 1 games, the TCG became an instant worldwide phenomenon as players obsessively tried to collect their favorite Pokémon in card form. Despite being worth little decades ago, there are many Pokémon cards that now sell for hundreds of thousands of dollars in 2022.

The Pokémon TCG made its worldwide debut with the release of the Base Set expansion in 1999. The classic Gen 1 card set featured some of Kanto’s most popular Pokémon such as Blastoise, Mewtwo, and Alakazam. However, the card every kid in the ’90s wanted was the rare Base Set Charizard Pokémon card which featured artwork from renowned Creatures Inc artist Mitsuhiro Arita.

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In 2022, the legendary TCG Charizard card has now sold for over $400,000 at various auctions. The Kanto Fire-type Starter isn’t the only expensive TCG collectible though, as the Nintendo tabletop game now has quite a few cards that are worth record-breaking values. Below is a list of the top ten Pokémon cards that are worth the most money in 2022.

Ichiba Japan Real Experts In Tcg

EXCLUSIVE Japanese Pokémon Cards Pulled!

A large part of our team is made up of what we like to call Ninja Shoppers. They are Japanese anime fans, who have dedicated their lives, both personally and professionally, to their love of Japanese anime. Collectors and TCG players themselves, they are true experts in Pokémon cards. As such, they will make sure to collect the best items for you. You wont find a better selection of official Japanese Pokémon cards, directly shipped from Japan to allover the world, especially not at these extremely competitive prices.

If you have any questions, dont hesitate to reach to our friendly and helpful support staff by email at .

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A Word From The Pokmon Team

For more than 15 years, kids all over the world have been discovering the enchanting world of Pokémon. Today, the Pokémon family of products includes video games, the Pokémon Trading Card Game, the Pokémon animated TV series, movies, toys, and much more. The games encourage strategic thinking and, in many cases, basic math skills. Pokémon puts a strong emphasis on good sportsmanship and respect for other players, as well. And many parents feel that the Pokémon TCG and Pokémon video games encourage their children to learn to read, since reading is required in most Pokémon games. – The Pokémon Company.

A Dripfeed Of Releases

Outside of all the above mentioned variations between English Pokemon cards and Japanese cards, the biggest difference is how the cards are released. In Japan, Pokemon cards are released in a steady drip of small releases- these include smaller full sets, new starter decks with unique cards, micro sets, Pokemon Center promos, and Pokemon Gym promos. The Pokemon Company International , who is responsible for English Pokemon TCG releases, takes a combination of these releases to make up their full sets. For example, the English set called Pokemon Sun & Moon: Cosmic Eclipse, was made up of Pokemon Sun & Moon: Remix Bout and Pokemon Sun & Moon: Alter Genesis in Japan.

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Japanese Pokmon Cards: Between Adventure And Passion

For more than 20 years, Pokémon has immersed fans in a world of travel, combat, and the discovery of creatures with extraordinary powers. The Pokémon phenomenon arrived in France at the end of the 1990s and quickly aroused the interest of children and TCG card enthusiasts. Among Pokémon merchandise, Pokémon trading cards are still the most popular products in the franchise. In 2021, more than 34 billion cards have been sold worldwide! Very popular among collectors, the game has also made a name for itself in the world of competition, where worldwide tournaments are held every year. Some rare Pokémon cards are among the most sought-after items for TCG collectors. Apart from collecting Pokémon cards, buying Pokémon cards and booster packs allows you to participate in duels with friends or in international competitions where tens of thousands of dollars are at stake. Each season sees the arrival of new cards and new Pokémon to collect. Today, some models are traded for several thousand euros! And among them, Japanese versions and Japanese exclusives are among the most sought-after. Despite the distance and the language barrier, it is finally very easy to get them thanks to Neokyo.

Get Your Authentic Japanese Pokmon Cards

Holo Rare Pokemon Card Zapdos Japanese

Whether youre a casual Pokémon TCG player, an already experienced Pokémon Trainer, or an avid collector searching for your next treasure, if you’re looking for authentic Japanese Pokémon cards, youve come to the right place.

At Ichiba Japan, we offer all the latest Japanese Pokémon cards, including some very rare ones that you will hardly find anywhere else! Buy today to strengthen your game with the most powerful Pokémon in the Pokéverse. Shop the game’s latest Pokémon TCG Expansions, like Sword & ShieldEvolving Skies, Chilling Reign or Battle Styles. Check out our pre-order packs, as well as the packs you can buy now to add to your collection.

We are always up-to-date with the latest exclusive Japanese Pokémon cards, Ichiba Japan picks up your favorite Pokémon TCG directly from the Pokémon Center in Japan and delivers it to your door. Themed , Booster Packs, Booster Box, Case, Sleeve and everything you need to be the best Pokémon Trainer!

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