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How Do You Sell Your Pokemon Cards

Sell Pokemon Cards On Tcg Player

How To Sell Pokemon Cards on eBay! *2022 Beginner’s Guide*

If youre looking to sell your Pokemon cards, TCG Player is a great option. With over 10 million monthly users, its one of the largest platforms for buying and selling collectable cards. And best of all, its free to list your cards on the site. Heres a quick guide to getting started:

  • Create an account on TCG
  • Choose the Pokemon category from the drop-down menu
  • Select the cards youd like to list for sale by clicking on the Add to Inventory button
  • Enter information about each card, including condition and price
  • When youre finished, click on the List for Sale button

They provide additional features like live pricing of cards and you also get feedback from buyers that can level up your seller account. Listing hundreds or even thousands of cards is very easy on the sites.

Thats all there is to it if you want to sell a large amount of Pokemon cards. With a little effort, you can quickly start selling your Pokemon cards on TCG Player.

Final Thoughts On Selling Pokemon Cards

Pokemon cards have millions of fans worldwide and trading/selling these cards gives an option of earning some money for these enthusiastic people.

If you are one of these fans and have a good collection of Pokemon cards, you can make hundreds or thousands of dollars depending on what you have.

When it comes to selling Pokemon cards, there are a few different options to choose from.

Which method you use will depend on factors like the value of your cards, the size of your collection and your personal preferences.

If youre looking for the quickest and easiest way to get rid of your cards, selling them to a local store is probably your best bet.

If youre looking to get the most money for your cards, selling them online is usually the way to go.

Whatever you decide to do, make sure you take the time to compare your options and choose the method thats right for you.

Tournament And Promo Cards

Not all Pokemon cards come from booster packs. Some of the rarest Pokemon cards were only given out as tournament prizes or promotional giveaways. These cards usually bear a stamp on the art to identify where they came from or have a special promo star in the bottom corner, so make sure to keep your eyes peeled for these sorts of markings on your cards.

Some of these special cards were quite commonplace back in the day–such as the promotional Mew card given out in 1999 to those who bought tickets for Pokemon: The First Movie– so theyre not worth more than a few dollars now.

Card image courtesy of

But some, like the 2011 and 2012 Tropical Beach card from the Pokemon World Championships, can easily fetch hundreds of dollars.

Card image courtesy of

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What Is The Most Valuable Pokmon Card

The most valuable Pokémon card is the Pikachu Illustrator. It is one of the rarest cards ever made because it was originally given to the winners of a CorCor Comic contest in 1997 and 1998. Only 39 copies were awarded, but an additional two were made. This means that there are only 41 cards in existence.In February of 2021, a Pikachu Illustrator card sold for $375,000. Before that, one of the cards sold for $195,000 in 2019.

How To Find The Right Appraisal

Totem World Pokemon Cards GX Lot with Card Case, 1 Pokemon GX Card ...

Many professional appraisers will give you an honest opinion on the value of your collection. But how do you find the right one?

  • First, look for someone who other collectors and dealers trust. Theyll probably know what theyre talking about if theyre an American Society of Appraisers If not, ask around for recommendations from other collectors and dealers.
  • Next, ensure that the appraiser knows about baseball cards in general and specific sets that might be valuable to you .
  • You should also look at each appraisers qualifications before deciding who should evaluate your card.
  • Finally, check out the appraisers credentials carefully before hiring them.

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Old Blastoise Card Questions

Why Dont I See My Blastoise Card In Your Price Guide?: Our price guide mainly shows the older generation Blastoise cards. Youre in luck we definitely buy all Pokemon cards even from newer sets.

What Is An Error Blastoise Card Worth?: Misprinted, or error, Blastoise cards are extremely scarce and when they do appear, the errors are super minor. Ive never seen a dramatic error on a Blastoise card due to the limited quantity of them printed. We wrote a bit more in-depth about Pokemon card errors in a section located above. Error Blastoise cards typically bring a small premium above their normal value.

How Much Is A Blastoise Worth?: The quick answer is most Blastoise cards will be worth $25 to $10,000. Some are only worth $50 if theyre in very poor condition. In very rare instances your Blastoise card could be worth close to $20,000. It depends upon multiple factors including condition, set, edition, eye appeal, market demand, and more.

Can I Get A Blastoise From A Store Today?: Sure. You could go to a local store right now, buy a pack and potentially pull a Blastoise card.

How Do I Know Blastoise Is Real?: We touched on proxy Blastoise cards earlier in the guide. Essentially there are multiple factors that help determine the authenticity of your Pokemon card. To learn more, find the section above that talks more in-depth about counterfeit Blastoise cards.

Selling Pokemon Cards Online

If you want to get the most money for your Pokemon cards, selling them online is usually the way to go.

There are a few different ways to do this, but the two most popular options are online marketplaces and auction sites.

The first option is to list your Pokemon cards on an online marketplace like eBay or Amazon.

This is probably the easiest way to sell your cards since you can reach a large audience of potential buyers with just a few clicks.

Make sure to take good photos of your cards and write accurate descriptions in order to attract buyers.

Youll also need to be comfortable shipping your cards to buyers, which can be a hassle if youre not used to it.

Youll need to be prepared to haggle with buyers who want to lowball you on price.

If youre not comfortable with any of these things, selling your cards on an online marketplace might not be the best option for you.

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The Quality Of The Product Is Key To Maximizing The Profit

The quality of the product you are selling matters a lot. If customers like the quality of the product being sold, they will buy more of it, resulting in the maximum profit in your sales.

Be sure that all of your cards are not torn or damaged. Even a minor bend or fold in the card lowers its quality. Check for dented edges, scuffs on the design and picture, stains, and tears before you offer them for sale on eBay.

Gym Heroes – Page 1 – Cards 1 – 9

MicrosoftPokemo – Personal Vintage Collection

Investing Time In Understanding The Culture

HOW to sell Pokemon Cards Online?

If you truly want to make the most out of selling your Pokemon cards, it is best to do so by immersing yourself in the culture surrounding Pokemon cards as well as the collectors who keep the culture alive.

The more familiar you become with the culture surrounding Pokemon, the easier it is to understand why certain cards are more valuable and in-demand than others.

Take time to research base sets, rare cards, and even cards in mint condition that are difficult to stumble upon today.

Read on and research the lore of Pokemon characters, shows, and the history of Pokemon itself. When you feel as though you are a part of the community and culture, selling your own Pokemon card collection will begin to come naturally.

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Facebook Marketplace And Craigslist

are other options to find people buying Pokemon cards in your area.

Not only will the buyer be able to see the card in-person to help you sell quicker, but you can probably find buyers who are interested in collections and box sets, so bulk selling is fast.

Another great thing about these marketplaces is that you can set a specific radius from your house so you dont have to go out of your way to sell at a far distance.

Keep in mind that pricing isnt easy when you sell through Facebook or Craigslist, so you have to do some research to know the value of your collection.

Extra Reading .

Help Is My Blastoise Fake

Good news, Ill start by saying there is a good chance your Blastoise is real. If its fake, aka a proxy card, its worth $0. Weve handled literally millions of Pokemon cards during our time collecting. If theres one thing were good at, its spotting a fake Pokemon card.

We have seen nearly every single fake counterfeit Blastoise 1st edition card under the sun.

Seeing images over a computer screen can sometimes be difficult when determining authenticity. Thats why when we get offered a Pokemon collection we cant offer our best price until we see the cards in hand.

While it may be second nature for us to spot them out, we wanted to take some time and put together this guide to help you spot fake Pokemon cards and better educate yourself.

If your Blastoise is any/all of the following, your bill is fake:

  • It feels like printer paper
  • Its smaller than Pokemon today
  • Its much bigger than Pokemon today
  • It does not have a holographic layer
  • It looks blurry
  • It doesnt feel like a Pokemon card

There are many other factors that go into finding out if a Blastoise card is fake or real. These are the quick indicators that are easiest to spot when first learning.

First edition Blastoise cards are typically one of the most highly counterfeited Pokemon cards in the world. This comes as no surprise when it is one of the most sought-after Pokemon cards in the game.

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Different Types Of Appraisals

Three types of appraisals are used:

  • Free:The most common type of appraisal is a free one. Anyone can do this with a lot of knowledge about baseball cards, and its a great way to get an estimated value for your collection.
  • Paid: Paid appraisals are the next level up from free ones, and theyre worth the money if you want to know the exact value of your collection. A paid appraisal will include more information, such as specific card numbers and condition details.
  • Premium:Premium appraisals are the most detailed types of appraisals available. This service will give you all the details you need about your collection, including every card number, condition, and year released.

Best Places To Sell Pokemon Cards For Cash

Pokemon cards. Album. 14 pages (holds 122 cards) card collectors album ...

posted on July 20, 2022This post may contain affiliate links. Please read our disclaimer for more information.

Chances are, if you grew up in the late 90s/early 2000s or had a kid around the time, youve owned Pokemon cards at one time or another.

With over 800 different Pokemon species and millions of fans around the world, theres no doubt that Pokemon is one of the defining shows and card games of multiple generations.

Plus, with thousands of cards and a variety of different sets and expansions, the world of Pokemon trading cards has a pretty insane amount of depth to itand a ton of monetary value.

Some Pokemon cards are worth nothing, some are rare, and some are extremely valuable.

In fact, if you can get your hands on cards like a first edition, perfectly rated Charizard, you might be looking at over $300,000 in value with just that single card!

The point is, the world of trading Pokemon cards is insanely valuable, and many collectors view Pokemon cards as both a piece of history and lucrative investment opportunity.

So, if you have any cards saved up from when you were younger or if you still collect, you could potentially be sitting on hundreds or even thousands of dollars.

Of course, theres a lot you should know in order to avoid undervaluing your Pokemon cards.

Where do you sell them? How do you price them? And what else can I take advantage of?

Stick around until the end to find the answers to all those questions including the best place to sell Pokemon cards!

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Recently Updated Pokemon Card Values

The following is a list of all Pokémon cards that have recently had their price values updated. Clicking on a specific Pokémon card image will take you to that cards listing. Selecting the cards name will bring you to the individual Pokemon listing pages which are further broken down by TCG set.

Card Image

Organize Your Card Collection

Buyers will always want as much detail about the cards as possible, including the set the card came from, its symbols , and the value. That means you will have to do a bit of organizational work.

Grab your box of Pokémon cards from under your bed and look through them to find the high-value cards: those with stars on the bottom right corner, are shadowless or have a holographic illustration. And if you have a card with three stars on it, protect it with your life, as that is a super rare card and could be worth loads of money.

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How To Find The Value Of Your Cards

Taking your old cards out of the closet and researching to find their current value is the most common way people are getting back into Pokémon. When trying to figure out a cards value, make sure to follow these steps:

Step 1. Find the year of the card. Check the bottom year of the card.

Step 2. Find the set the card belongs to. If there is no logo on the right side, its Base. Every other set has an indicator.

Step 3. Identify the card with the name and number in the set.

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How To Sell Your Pokemon Cards

With the ever-growing popularity of vintage baseball cards, its no wonder were seeing more people trading them with their friends and family and selling them. And why not? If youve got a genuine Baseball card in great shape, you have a gem that can sell for thousands of dollars.

In terms of vintage baseball cards, you will find more to these collectibles than meets the eye. Moreover, these cards were issued for many years, so there is potential for a wide range of decades in value. If you are an eager collector that wants to know just how much their collection may be worth, then you will be wise to use the services of appraisal service.

So, if you are looking for the best baseball card appraisal services? Here is a complete guide to Baseball cards, their value, and the best baseball card appraisal services available to help determine your baseball cards value.

Lets read more to know the basics!

The first baseball cards appeared in the early 1900s. Tobacco companies initially issued them to promote their products, but as the popularity of baseball cards grew, they became collectible items.

The first known baseball card was issued in 1869 by Peck & Snyder Sporting Goods Co., which made tobacco products and other supplies for sporting goods stores. It featured an image of a baseball player named Fred Goldsmith, who was credited with being the teams first professional baseball player ever hired.

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Understand Different Card Buying Strategies

  • Long Term Investing
  • With 1999-2000 Pokémon cards, the long term investing would be towards Mint raw cards and Near Mint graded cards. Graded cards have been on a blistering pace the last 12 months. Lower grades of the most expensive cards or PSA 8 and up for the rest of the 1999-2000 cards are great long-term investments.

    Flippers will buy a card with the goal to make a profit on it ASAP. Education is what sets the flipper from the casual collector. They know the sales, population reports and what cards are coveted by monitoring the market. If a card takes off, flippers often look to capitalize. If you only know the main Pokémon characters and not much else about the cards, flipping is probably not for you. You have to study sets, know errors, sales, population reports and have a deep understanding of why cards/sets get hot. All of this is covered here.

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    Option #: A Mix Of Both

    Obviously, this is an option, as it is just a mix of what is offered above. Doing this can be beneficial as it is a little taste of both worlds. Here are some reasons why doing a mix of both could be the best choice or what you end up going with.

    • Sometimes buylists just have good prices on certain cards, which can be useful to make use of even if you are trying to maximize your payout by selling the cards yourself.
    • This option allows you to get quick cash for certain cards, while allowing you to take your time selling others. This can mean being able to cover what you were looking to do with the money, while maximizing some other sales that would not have been made use of right away anyways.
    • This is the pinnacle of customization, as doing it this way can allow you to pivot at any moment, decide not to sell, or continue with your plan.
    • If you decide to go with a buylist, taking a quick scan of some online groups could allow you to sell some cards at a higher price, prior to dumping the rest for a quick sale.

    Honestly, even if this is not your intended route headed into things, it is a good idea to keep your mind open and consider all the options you have. It requires minimal effort in most cases and can mean an easier or more profitable transaction.

    When it comes to shipping your cards, you do have options to choose from, but the main things that effect this option are going to be value and size of order.

    Other facts:

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