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Pokemon Sun And Moon 2016

I Played EVERY Pokemon Game in ONE video…

Platform: Nintendo 3DSNew Pokemon Introduced: 88

Copies sold: 16.2 million

Pokemon Sun and Moon were released in 2016, two decades after Nintendo published the first Pokemon games. The games feature improved 3D graphics, customization options, new starter Pokemon, and several minor changes in the core gameplay. Like any other handheld Pokemon games, Sun and Moon are played from an overhead perspective.

The games are set in the Alola region, where the player character battle against powerful Pokemon trainers in a turn-based manner. Winning battles allow your Pokemon to gain experience and learn new moves. Sun and Moon introduced 81 new Pokemon species along with Alolan forms of certain Pokemon from the previous generation.

They also feature a special type of move called Z-Moves. It combines the energies of a Pokemon and its trainer to release a powerful attack. Z-Moves can only be performed once per battle, and it is exclusive to the seventh generation games.

Critics largely praise Pokemon Sun and Moon for their overall improvements in gameplay compared to their predecessors. However, fans have mixed reactions to the games. Many have criticized the games for too many tutorials and a boring opening, strictly linear gameplay, and a bad online gameplay experience. Sun and Moon are one of the least replayable games in the franchise.

Pokmon: Lets Go Pikachu And Lets Go Eevee

  • Generation: 1st
  • Platform: Nintendo Switch
  • Release Date: November 16, 2018

In 2018, Nintendo of America released another remake of the original Red, Blue, and Yellow games. Journey through Kanto once more, this time with a Pikachu or Eevee by your side. There are no more random Pokémon encounters now you can see the Pokémon as they roam the world around you!

Link up to your Pokémon Go account and explore all the exciting new features this generation has to offer. The Elite 4 awaits.

Pokmon Black 2 And White 2

These versions are the sequels of Pokémon Black and White and they are also part of the fifth generation games.


Most of the events in these occur in new locations in Unova Regions western side where the player can also find new Pokémon.

Developer: Game Freak

Publishers: The Pokémon Company Nintendo

Release: June 23, 2012 , October 7, 2012 , October 11, 2012 , October 12, 2012

Platforms: Nintendo DS


In the beginning, the main character and their rival start the journey in the Unova Region.

Why players should play this game

Some great features of this game include:

  • There are 300 new Pokémon available in these versions.
  • Special unlocks called keys that the player receives after completing tasks.

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Pokemon Lets Go Pikachu And Lets Go Eevee

Release Date: November 16, 2018

Platform: Nintendo Switch

Released nearly two decades after Yellow, Lets Go, Pikachu! and Lets Go, Eevee! took the traditional formula and added many of the catching and battling mechanics found in Pokemon Go, a spin-off AR-based mobile game that skyrocketed in popularity in 2016.

Players return to the Kanto region for a familiar adventure, this time featuring fully 3D, high-definition visuals thanks to the capabilities of the Switch.

Pc And Computer Titles

List Of Pokemon Games In Release Order

Pokémon TCG Online

Pokémon TCG Online is the official digital version of the Pokémon Trading Card Game available for PC, iPad, and Android.

Pokémon PokéROM Gotta Learn ’em All!

Pokémon PokéROM Gotta Learn ’em All! is a series of playable and collectable mini CD-Roms released by Mattel Interactive in 2000. Each CD features math puzzles, print programs to print out Pokémon, build a desktop Pokémon collection, observe Pokémon and much more. The Premier Series Collection Limited Edition Box contains all ten discs in the series.

Pokémon 2000

Pokémon 2000 was a first-person online only adventure game released by Cyberworld International Corporation in 2000. Created as a promotion for the second Pokémon film for AOL Time Warner, Pokémon 2000 played within Cyberworld’s specialized web browser which could display web pages on one side and simple Wolfenstein 3D like 3D worlds on the other. Due to a contract dispute, the game was pulled and is no longer able to be played after being available for four weeks with over one million downloads.

Pokémon Project Studio

Pokémon: Masters Arena

Pokémon: Masters Arena is a Pokémon game compilation developed by ImaginEngine designed for young children. It contains eight games, testing the players’ knowledge to prove themselves as a true Pokémon Master. On mastering all eight games, the player earns 8 posters, which can be printed.

Pokémon: Team Turbo

Pokémon PC Master

Pokémon Team Rocket Blast Off
Pokémon Poké Ball Launcher

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Pokmon Red And Green Japan

This version of the game was the very first installment of the series and its still a favorite for many expert gamers. This certainly is another reason to include it on top of our list.


The goal of this game is to become the champion of the league and to capture all Pokémon for the completion of the Pokédex.

Developer: Game Freak

The player explores the environment looking for wild Pokémon and finding the gems.

Why players should play this game

Some great features of this game include:

  • The player can choose from 3 starter Pokémon Squirtle, Bulbasaur, and Charmander.
  • After completing the Pokédex, the player gets an actual Diploma.

Pokemon Black & White

Unlike the Johto and Sinnoh games, there are little to no clues about how many years have passed when the events of Pokemon Black & White happen. Matsumiya’s tweet did reveal that Black & White take place after the Johto and Sinnoh stories, though.

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Besides the tweet though, there is plenty of evidence. For example, Caitlin of the Unova Elite Four actually appeared in Platinum and HeartGold & SoulSilver first as a trainer in the Battle Castle and Battle Frontier. She is around 14-years-old then, and appears to be an adult woman in Black & White.

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What Other Games Have Pokemon Characters Been In

One of the most popular games from the Pokemon franchise is Pokemon GO, initially released in 2016.

The free mobile game uses GPS to locate and capture Pokemon, which appear as if in the real world.

Pokemon Snap is another fun one – a first-person photography game, based on a 1999 Nintendo 64 original.

Some of the Pokemon characters also appear in Nintendo’s Super Smash Bros, a crossover fighting game series featuring characters from various Nintendo universes.

Generation 3 Pokmon Games


Onto Gen 3 now, and these were all games that were released on the Game Boy Advance! Again, the world got a little bit brighter and more colourful, and there were even more new creatures to catch. This is also the generation that first introduced remakes to the mix, with the Game Boy Advance playing host to some new versions of the original generation.

  • Pokémon Emerald
  • Pokémon LeafGreen
  • Pokémon FireRed

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The Beginning Main Timeline

Games: Pokemon Red, Blue, Green, Yellow, Fire Red, Leaf Green, Lets Go, Ruby, Sapphire, Emerald

The key to understanding the Pokemon timeline is a now-deleted from Game Scenario writer Toshinobu Matsumiya, whos credited on almost every major Pokemon release. The message confirmed that the series begins with the original games, Red/Blue/Green/Yellow and their respective remakes.

In some circles, the Leaf Green and Fire Red remakes are seen as replacing the originals as they also include the Sevii Islands these are basically bonus content islands that add a little more bulk to the main story. Other fans believe they all essentially take place in different universes that slightly diverge from one another.

Matsumiyas tweet confirms that Pokemon Ruby, Sapphire, and Emerald take place at the same time as the original games. The remakes of these can also be seen as replacing the originals however, they also take place on a different timeline thanks to the introduction of Mega Evolutions. But well get onto that in a bit

Pokmon Omega Ruby And Alpha Sapphire

  • Platform: Nintendo 3DS
  • Release Date: November 21, 2014

Another Pokemon game, another remake. Cue DJ Khaled soundtracks. People still lapped it up happily. With the Nintendo 3DS for support now, the graphics were revamped.

  • Platform: Mobile
  • Release Date: July 6, 2016

Easily one of the most recognizable games in the Pokemon universe. This game took the world by storm, quite literally. Almost every second person was out hunting Pokemons on their phone. A cultural phenomenon.

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Pokemon Omega Ruby & Alpha Sapphire And X & Y

While X & Y introduced Mega Evolution to fans, there is evidence that shows that Omega Ruby & Alpha Sapphire take place first in the story narrative. These remakes actually introduced the idea of different timelines in the Pokemon universe in the Delta episode.

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In the Delta episode of these games, Zinnia says this about a scientific discovery of a whole other universe:

“A Hoenn region that’s almost exactly like this one we live in . . . Pokemon took a slightly different path, where Mega Evolution is unknown.”

It is due to this quote that most hardcore fans believe there is a Mega Evolution timeline that separates itself from the others. In this sense, the Pokemon timeline is actually a little similar to the complexities of Zelda’s.

Next in the Mega Evolution timeline is X & Y. It is there where Matsumiya’s tweet ends.

All Pokemon Games In Order A Detailed Guide

All the main Pokémon games in chronological order

The game developers introduced more than 18 Pokemon games within 25 years. All the Pokemon game titles were released considering their generations. This means that every game had different Pokemon and characters. And, it makes the games more interesting to the players by increasing the Pokedexs size.

Pokemon first came out as a role-playing game on Nintendos Game Boy. This is a video game console which was released in Japan in 1989. Nintendo also included popular games like Super Mario Land and Adventure Island. But, among them, Pokemon became the third best-selling game in the 90s.

Each of these Pokemon games has unique storylines. Moreover, new regions were added to attract more players to the video games. Nintendo released the eight generations of Pokemon games on different platforms. Besides, the developers made these games easy to access for the worldwide players.

Now, lets see all the pokemon games in order and their features:

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Pokemon Heartgold Version And Soulsilver Version 2009

Platform: Nintendo DSGeneration: Fourth

Copies sold: 12.72 million

Pokemon HeartGold and SoulSilver are, without a doubt, one of the best games in the Pokemon franchise. HeartGold and SoulSilver are enhanced remakes of Pokemon Gold and Silver games. They were released in 2009 and are the final games in the fourth generation of Pokemon games.

They take place in the Johto and Kanto regions of the Pokemon Universe. The main object of the games is to become the Pokemon champion by defeating all the opponent trainers. In order to do that, players must capture and train various Pokemon.

Though the core gameplay of HeartGold and SoulSilver are largely the same as the original titles, they did introduce new elements. One of the most noticeable additions was that the players initial Pokemon can now follow them while they navigate the overworld. It is similar to the mechanic Pokemon Yellow, where the player is followed by Pikachu. The games also allow players to interact with their Pokemon.

A minigame called Pokeathlon is also added. It is an athletics Pokemon contest that features track and field events such as relay races and hurdling.

Pokemon Sun & Moon And Ultra Sun & Ultra Moon

While Matsumiya’s tweet ended at X & Y, there was a ton of evidence within the Sun & Moon games of where they stood in the Pokemon timeline. Since Mega Evolution still exists, it is not far-fetched to believe they take place in the same universe as the Generation VI games. These games also have a ton of characters from previous games. Red and Blue are two of them, and they have aged a lot since their Kanto adventure.

There are much deeper cuts into the timeline though. There is a popular theory for the character Anabel. She actually appears in the Battle Frontier in Emerald. Within Sun and Moon though, it is said she was discovered unconscious on a beach with memory loss. Due to this, many fans believe she accidentally traveled to the Mega timeline from the original one.

The multiverse theory is even stronger in Ultra Sun & Ultra Moon, where Giovanni assembles a team of villainous team leaders, who have come from other universes where the player character did not stop them from succeeding with their evil plans.

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Popular Pokemon Games Available On Different Gaming Platforms

Do you use Nintendo 3Ds? Play the Pokemon X and Y game. Its one of the most played Pokemon video games out there. Moreover, it has new game locations and Team Flare characters. You can play Pokemon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire on this gaming console.

Play Pokemon Sword and Shield if you use Nintendo Switch. It has an eight-generation Pokemon. Further, the developers added the Galar Region in this game. Players can also take part in the Raid Battles. So, what are you waiting for? Explore these latest Pokemon games now!

Pokmon Diamond And Pearl

THIS is What Another Pokémon Legends Game Could Look Like

These are the first installments in the Pokémon series fourth generation.


One key feature of this game is the Internet play that allows players to go online and play using a Wi-Fi connection.

Developer: Game Freak

Publisher: The Pokémon Company Nintendo

Release: September 28, 2006 , April 22, 2007 , June 21, 2007 , July 27, 2007 , February 14, 2008

Platforms: Nintendo DS


The main settings of these games are in Sinnoh that has massive mountains covered in snow.

Why players should play this game

Some great features of this game include:

  • There are 107 new Pokémon introduced in this game.
  • These games include five time periods from morning until night.

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Connectivity To Other Devices

Along with the many additions that X and Y introduced, various improvements to the communication features were also implemented. Using the Player Search System , players can encounter and keep track of various online players, including strangers, allowing them to easily initiate battles or trades. The Holo Caster allows the player to receive messages and updates from NPCs via StreetPass and SpotPass. Wonder Trade is a new trading feature which allows players to trade one of their Pokémon in exchange for a random one from another player. Other features include O-Powers, temporary powers that can increase stats and can be exchanged with other players, and improvements to the Global Trade System, allowing players to request Pokémon they have not encountered. At certain points in the game, players will be able to take in-game screenshots, which they can then share on the Pokémon Global Link website.

List Of Pokmon Video Games

Jump to navigationJump to searchPokémon

Pokémon is a series of role-playingvideo games developed by Game Freak and published by Nintendo and The Pokémon Company. Over the years, a number of spin-off games based on the series have also been developed by multiple companies. While the main series consists of RPGs, spin-off games encompass other genres, such as action role-playing, puzzle, fighting, and digital pet games. Most Pokémon video games have been developed exclusively for Nintendo handhelds, video game consoles, dating from the Game Boy to the current generation of video game consoles.

Main series release timeline
  • Developed by Nintendo EAD.
  • Known in Japan as Pokemon Sutajiamu Grudo Shirub and also as Pocket Monsters Stadium Grudo Shirub.

Other side games

Pokémon Card GB series

Pokémon Card Game: How To Play DSOriginal release dates:
Pokémon Trading Card Game Card DexOriginal release dates:
Original release dates:

  • JP: November 17, 2005
  • Released on 2 separate platforms:
  • Red Rescue Team was released on Game Boy Advance.
  • Blue Rescue Team was released on Nintendo DS.
Original release dates:

  • JP: September 13, 2007
2015 Nintendo 3DS

  • First Pokémon Mystery Dungeon game to have all 720 Pokémon, all of which could be recruited.
  • Remake of the 2005 video games Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Blue Rescue Team and Red Rescue Team.
  • First remake of a Pokémon game outside of the core series.

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Pokemon Black Version And White Version 2010

Platform: Nintendo DSNew Pokemon Introduced: 156

Copies sold: 15.6 million

Pokemon Black and White are the first installments in the fifth generation of Pokemon video games for Nintendo DS. They were released in September 2010 in Japan and March 2011 in the United States. Both the games take place in the Unova region, a fictional Pokemon region based on New York and New Jersey area.

As expected, the core gameplay of Black and White remains largely the same as its predecessors. The player character begins with a single Pokemon and must navigate the region to capture more wild ones. Black and White introduced 156 new Pokemon species, the most in any generation.

Throughout the journey, you will battle Gym leaders and other powerful trainers in order to become the new Pokemon champion. Youll also come across Team Plasma and its nefarious plans, which you must subdue.

Some of the most notable changes introduced in Pokemon Black and White include a season cycle that affects the availability of certain Pokemon and two new types of battles Triple Battles and Rotation Battles. A special battle element Combination Moves, is also added.


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