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How To Evolve Meltan In Pokemon Shield

What Is Gigantamax Melmetal


Melmetal is a Mythical Steel type Pokémon originally introduced in Gen VII and until recently, only available in Pokémon Go. It’s the evolved form of Meltan, the only Pokémon to be introduced in Pokémon Go before the core games. While Meltan is tiny and not particularly useful, Melmetal is a powerful Pokémon worth far more than just a Pokédex entry. Although Melmetal was exclusive to Pokémon Go, now that Pokémon Go can be connected to Pokémon HOME, you can transfer Melmetal into HOME and bring it over to Sword and Shield.

Even better, to celebrate the inclusion of Pokémon Go in Pokémon HOME, Melmetal now has a Gigantamax form. This extra powerful form allows Melmetal to cllimb to towering heights and pose a real threat to Dynamaxed and Gigantamaxed Pokémon. And you can get this awesome Pokémon for free, just for using Pokémon Go and Pokémon HOME.

How To Get A Shiny Meltan

Mystery Boxes arent new to Pokémon Go, nor is Shiny Meltan. But for Pokémon Gos anniversary, Niantic has spiced things up by offering a Shiny Meltan for a limited time through opening Mystery Boxes. If youre fast you can score a Shiny Meltan.

Meltans shiny iteration returned to Pokémon Go on July 6 and will remain until July 15. Youll need the Pokémon Home app to acquire one. The storage application is available for both Nintendo Switch and on mobile and can be used to transfer Pokémon between a range of different games. For Pokémon Gos fifth anniversary, heres how it works for a Shiny Meltan.

Step 1: Pokémon Home

First, make sure you have both Pokémon Go and Pokémon Home installed and set up. When everything is ready, youll need to transfer a single Pokémon before being rewarded with a Mystery Box. Heres what to do.

  • Launch the Pokémon Go app.
  • Press the PokéBall icon to bring up the main menu.
  • Scroll down, press the Pokémon Home option from the list.
  • Under the Nintendo Account, youll want to select Sign In and log in with your details.
  • Once youve completed this youll be taken back to the Pokémon Go app.

Step 2: Transfer a Pokémon

Now that your Pokémon Home account is linked, the next step is to transfer a Pokémon from Pokémon Go into the Pokémon Home app.

Step 3: Open the Mystery Box

Now your last steps are back on the Pokémon Go app.

Send Melmetal To Pokemon Lets Go Pikachu/eevee

You can access your transferred Pokemon from Pokemon Go in Fuchsia Citys Go Park. From there you will need to catch Melmeal, but do not worry, there is no chance it will run away on you. If you talk to the Fortune Teller in the Celadon City Pokemon Center before catching Melmetal in the Go Park, you can change which Nature your Melmetal will end up having for when you send it to Pokemon Sword and Shield!

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Meltan Research Step 9 Of 9

  • Claim reward
  • Claim reward

Reward: 9,000 Stardust, 1 Super Incubator, and 5 Meltan Candy

That is a lot of work for a small Pokémon, but Meltan and its evolved form, Melmetal, is the only Mythical Pokémon that can be placed in gyms. Meltan isnt super great at attacking or defending and is more of a Pokédex filler, but Melmetal is a pretty OK defender. It does, however, require 400 candy to evolve, so unless youre planning on walking a lot with a Meltan, you should work on grabbing extra Meltan through other methods.

How To Evolve Meltan Into Melmetal In Pokmon Sword And Shield

How to evolve Meltan into Melmetal in Pokémon Sword and ...

New Mythical Pokémon have been introduced in Generation VII of the series with Let’s Go Pikachu! and Allons Évoli! It was in the form of Steel-type Meltan, which surprisingly had the ability to evolve into Melmetal.

Mythical Pokémon are creatures of Pokémon lore that are said to have been lost or so rare that they have only been seen by a small number of people, hence the name mythical beings. They join the likes of Mew, Cerebii, and Jiriachi as ultra-rare to obtain Pokémon.

They became available to catch for the first time in Pokémon GO, disguised as Ditto during an event, but remain extremely rare. However, if you managed to find one, you can transfer the Pokémon to both Let’s Go games. And now with Pokémon Home, you can now add them to your team on Pokémon Sword and Shield using Pokémon Home.

However, there is a catch, and it has to do with the evolutionary process. For you to be able to evolve Meltan into Melmetal, the only known way is to give him 400 Pokémon GO Meltan Candy, after which he can evolve. It is currently not possible to evolve Meltan in Let’s Go games or Sword and Shield. You cannot return from Sword and Shield either after the first transfer to the game.

This means that if you want to add both Pokémon to your collection, you will not only need to catch two Meltan in Pokémon GO, but you will need to evolve one before sending both to Sword and Shield via Let’s Go and Pokémon Home.

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How To Use The Mystery Box To Get Shiny Meltan

Pokémon GO has changed a lot in the four and a half years since it launched and quickly became a global gaming phenomenon. What was once a very simple hide and seek style game where you hunted for random Pokémon in the real world has developed into a complex collection game full of different niches to enjoy. And one that most players love is shiny hunting, tracking down all the rare shiny versions of their favorite characters. Well theres a great chance to add to this collection soon with the return of shiny Meltan for the Pokémon Home event. Heres how to get shiny Meltan in Pokémon GO.

How To Find Shiny Meltan In Pokemon Go

Shiny Meltan will begin to appear in the game from Tuesday, July 6th to July 15th. This is the window where the game is celebrating its 5th anniversary. Meltan will appear if players have access to the Mystery Box item. To obtain it, players will need to send a Pokemon from Pokemon Go to either Pokemon Lets Go Pikachu, Lets Go Eevee, or Pokemon Home. This item will exclusively spawn Meltan on the map for an hour. Once the hour is over, players will have to wait 3 days to send another Pokemon to one of these other games to use the box again.

The best way to increase the chances of finding a Shiny Meltan is to use the Mystery Box and focus solely on capturing Meltan. Its completely up to chance if it will make an appearance. Players will still need 400 candy in order to evolve it into Melmetal so capture as many of these as possible. Its Shiny form will be taken away again once the anniversary celebration is over on the 15th. Dont miss out on the chance to capture it. Its unknown when it will return again.

Pokemon Gois available now on iOS and Android.

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How To Evolve Meltan Into Melmetal

Little known fact: Meltan is the first Mythical Pokémon that can evolve into a greater form. Its known as Melmetal when evolved. It becomes substantially bigger and keeps its steel type upon evolving.

It also has a unique special steel-type move called Double Iron Bash. This physical move sees Melmetal using the hex nut in its chest to spin its arms around, building up enough force to unleash a powerful double strike on its opponent. The move has a chance to make opponents flinch.

As cute as Meltan is, youll likely want the much more capable evolution Melmetal at some point down the line. The only way Meltan can evolve into Melmetal is by feeding it candies in Pokémon GO.

Youll get Melmetal by feeding it 400 of those candies. You can earn candies for each Meltan you send to Professor Willow, by walking around with Meltan as your buddy Pokémon, as well as by transferring Meltan from Pokémon GO to Pokémon: Lets Go.

Youll also be able to use rare candies and get candies by trading Meltan to friends. Once youve amassed 400 candies, press the Evolve button on Meltans profile screen. From here, you can either keep it in Pokémon GO or send it back to your Pokémon: Lets Go game.

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Accepting Meltan In The Switch


Now open the Pokémon Home app in the Switch, Select the Pokémon option, connect to Pokémon Sword, and once connected, move Meltan to the Pokémon Sword box

Now click + on your joycon to save your boxes. You now have Meltan available in Pokémon Sword & Shield

You can also get Meltans evolved form Melmetal as a Mystery Box item in Pokémon Home. It will be a LVL 100 hyper beast in Pokémon Sword and Shield.

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How To Get Meltan In Pokmon: Lets Go

Planning on playing Pokémon: Lets Go Pikachu or Pokémon: Lets go Eevee! Later this month? Good! The games will be fun and bring joy to many-a passionate Pokémon trainer.

And you passionate trainers likely want to catch as many Pokémon as you can, but dont miss out on catching one that has very peculiar prerequisites. Namely, a little metal friend called Meltan and the need to play both Pokémon Lets Go and Pokémon GO to catch it. Heres how youll be able to do that once you have the game for yourself.

Keep An Eye Out For Events

This is a fairly passive action in relation to collecting Meltans, but it’s a truth that carries over across all Pokemon media. Nintendo and, by extension, Niantic enjoy their promotional events that keep player attention focused on their games and keep people coming back.

There may yet be an event for Meltan and Melmetal on the horizon that we don’t know about. Heck, they may even put out an event to give a Melmetal to Sword and Shield. Both are easily within the realm of possibility.

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Can You Still Catch Molten In Pokmon Go

Yes and no. While the flood of Meltan immediately following Community Day only lasted for about half and hour, you can still encounter the odd one out in the wild.

When it comes to catching, though, all Meltan immediately revert to Ditto, so you cant add any to your collection or PokeDex. At least for now.

Catch Meltan In Pokemon Go

How to evolve Meltan into Melmetal in Pokémon Sword and ...

You can get Meltan in Pokemon Go in two ways. The easiest way is if you own Pokemon Lets Go Pikachu or Lets Go Eevee. If you transfer any Pokemon to either Lets Go titles, you will be rewarded with a Mystery Box in Pokemon Go. Activating the Mystery Box will cause Meltan to spawn around you as if you have used an Incense. Every now and then during special events a shiny Meltan can appear from these Mystery Boxes as well, so keep your eye out for another shiny Meltan event in Pokemon Go!

If you do not own a Pokemon Lets Go title then unfortunately you will not be able to send any Pokemon from Pokemon Go to Pokemon Sword and Shield for the time being. This will change when Pokemon Home becomes compatible with Pokemon Go. But that should not stop you from getting ready. You can still get access to just one Meltan by completing the Lets Go, Meltan quest.

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How To Connect Pokemon Go To The Switch For Pokemon Lets Go

In order to connect to Pokemon Lets Go with your Pokemon Go account, youll need to authenticate it on both games. Its a pretty simple process, but heres a qujick step-by-step process in case theres any confusion:

  • Boot both Pokemon Go on your phone and Pokemon Lets Go on your Switch.
  • On Pokemon Gos map view, tap the Main Menu and then Settings, in the top right.
  • Once in the settings menu, find the option for Nintendo Switch. Hit it, then inside that menu press Connect to Nintendo Switch.
  • In Pokemon Lets Go, head to the Go Park. This location is found in game in Kantos Fuschia City and youll have to have reached Fuschia City naturally through the course of Pokemon Lets Go to access it. Youll be able to reach it with three gym badges.
  • Enter the Go Park and walk towards the large portal at the end of the room. The man at the desk will instruct you further simply follow the instructions on both screens to sync up the machines and then transfer Pokemon.
  • Once the machines are synced, its easy enough to transfer Pokemon. Take control in Lets Go on the Switch and head to the GO Park complex in Fuschia City. Enter the complex and press Bring Pokemon. At that point switch to your phone and because the machines are synced up therell be a clear icon of a Switch on the Pokemon menu screen. Hit that, then transfer Pokemon by pressing on them and confirming. Simple!

    How To Get G

    To obtain your Gigantamax Melmetal trainers simply have to transfer at least one Pokémon from Pokémon Go to the Pokémon Home app.

    Trainers have to connect their Pokémon Go app to Pokémon Home using the same Nintendo account log-in. Once you’ve done that, find the “Pokémon Home” feature in your Pokémon Go settings.

    After accessing the feature, select one Pokémon to transfer over to Pokémon Home. To learn more about how the transfer process works, read our in-depth guide.

    Once you’ve transferred at least one Pokémon to Pokémon Home, access the Pokémon Home mobile app. Select green button on the bottom of the screen and then the “Mystery Gifts” tab.

    Select the “Gift Box” button to see a list of gifts that are ready to claim. If you transferred a Pokémon using Pokémon Go, G-Max Melmetal should appear at the top of the list. Select it, and then select “claim” to move the special Pokémon to your box in Pokémon Home.

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    How To Get Meltan And Melmetal In Pokmon Sword And Shield Thanks To Pokmon Home

    The mythicals finally arrive.

    Thanks to Pokémon Home and some crazy, convoluted trading mechanics, trainers can finally get Meltan and Melmetal in Pokémon Sword and Shieldbut itll require you to own another Pokémon game in the series.

    Since Pokémon Go transfers arent available to Pokémon Home at time of writing, youll need to go through a long drawn-out process using the Lets Go games to add these creatures to your teams.

    First, you need to have captured a Meltan or Melmetal in Pokémon Go through the weird mystery box feature of the game and transferred either Pokémon to Pokémon: Lets Go, Pikachu! or Lets Go, Eevee! on your Nintendo Switch.

    Next, after opening Pokémon Home, you need to transfer that Meltan from the Lets Go games into a Home box. Then, transfer it from Pokémon Home to Sword and Shield, where youll finally be able to use it.

    Meltan and Melmetal will only receive their abilities after being transferred to Sword and Shield, so you wont know its stats until then. You also cant transfer it back to Lets Go after doing this process.

    Pick Up Let’s Go Eevee Or Pikachu

    No, you can’t evolve Meltan into Melmetal in Pokémon Sword and Shield

    This isn’t an easy one given the price, but picking up Pokemon Let’s Go Pikachu or Let’s Go Eevee may be the easiest way for you to obtain your Melmetal. Evolving Meltan into Melmetal is a lot easier with Let’s Go Pikachu or Eevee for reasons that will be covered later on in this list.

    If you’ve not played a Pokemon game before outside of Pokemon Go, the Let’s Go games are actually a really good introduction to the core Pokemon series. It marries the mechanics of the core games with many of the mechanics of Pokemon Go and does so in a game that is a good bit easier than the other Pokemon games of its kind.

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    Evolve Meltan In Pokemon Go

    Thats right, the only way to get Melmetal right now is to have evolved it in Pokemon Go already! This requires a whopping 400 candy, which will take a long time to get without access to Mystery Boxes. It takes 20km to get just one candy by walking with Meltan as your Buddy Pokemon, so using rare candy or catching more is the best way to stock up. Meltan also counts as a Legendary Pokemon, so it can only be traded as a Special Trade once per day at an increased Stardust cost. However, trading a Meltan per day for a far away Pokemon gets you three times the amount of candy compared to transferring it, which may be worth the 800 Stardust cost for Best Friends.

    Pokmon Go Meltan: How To Catch New Pokmon

    Meltan and its evolution Melmetal were the biggest surprises to come during the lead up to the Pokémon Lets Go Pikachu and Pokémon Lets Go Eevee release date.

    The Steel-type Mythical Pokémon show the connection between Lets Go and Pokémon Go by tying their capture to both games. Information on catching Meltan was released when it was formally announced but if you need step-by-step instructions on how to catch Meltan, we got you covered.


    The first order of business is to pair your Pokémon Go and Lets Go together. You can get the steps to do that, here.

    Once your games are paired, you simply have to make one transfer from Pokémon Go to Lets Go. Again, the process of transferring is covered in the above guide. After a successful transfer, your Pokémon Go account will receive that Pokémons candy, some experience and a Mystery Box.

    This Mystery Box is key to catching Meltan. Trainers can only get one Mystery Box per week, but when you have one you simply have to activate it from your Items list to start catching some Meltan.

    Opening the Mystery Box will put a Lure around your trainer in Pokémon Go. For 30 minutes, youll have Meltan attracted to your avatar allowing you to catch as many of the Mythical Pokémon as possible within the window.

    And once youve captured Meltan, you can transfer it over to Pokémon Lets Go to use in your game.

    Pokémon Lets Go Pikachu and Lets Go Eevee is available now for Nintendo Switch.

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