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How To Get Raid Passes In Pokemon Go

Go Fest : Raid Day Research And Rewards

How to get 15 Free Raid Passes In Pokemon Go On Raid Day

By Sam Woods

Pokemon GO Fest Day One is now in the rearview mirror, with players all over the globe completing Collection Challenges, smashing Ultra Unlocks, encountering Shiny Pokemon and so, so much more.

However, for many, Day Two of the event promises the most excitement, with every Legendary Pokemon that has ever graced Pokemon GO returning to Five-Star Raids.

Of course, this isnt likely to be cheap for those looking to take advantage, with the cost of a single Remote Raid Pass setting players back close to a dollar.

Thankfully, Niantic has promised players eight free Remote Raid Passes which should help reduce the cost Heres how you get them, plus all the details on the Raid Day Research and Rewards.

Players shouldnt have a tough time receiving their free Remote Raid Passes from Niantic.

Every step of the following Timed Research will offer players a Remote Raid Pass to continue taking down some of Pokemons most powerful creatures.

Wow, Trainers! Youve already completed 16 Global Challenges and unlocked the Ultra Unlock Part 2: Space event. Beginning on August 6, Pokémon from various places will be appearing! Stay tuned for more details! #PokemonGOFest2021

Pokémon GO

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Pokemon Go : How To Get Two Free Raid Passes Daily

Pokemon Go was one of the first mobile games that made use of Augmented Reality, it was developed by Niantic in collaboration with Nintendo and The Pokemon Company adding it to the list of games under the Pokemon Franchise.

The game pushed players to leave their houses and explore their surroundings all while being able to catch various Pokemons and as well battle for Gyms that have been placed in certain locations.

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How To Get Remote Raid Passes In Pokemon Go

Every Monday in April, players have been able to redeem a bundle in the shop for 1 Poke Coin which will contain one free Remote Raid Pass, alongside other useful items. This has yet to be revealed as to whether this will be the case for May 2022, but as soon as we have more information, well be sure to update you accordingly right here.

As well as being able to claim a free Remote Raid Pass in the shop weekly, for the Season of Alola, the amount of extra daily Raid Passes that Trainers can receive will also be increased.

On May 1, 2022, for the Mega Kangakshan Raid Day, Trainers will also be able to earn up to five Raid Passes by spinning Gym Photo Discs during the event, which runs between 11 AM to 2 PM in your local time.

How Many Raid Passes Can You Get In A Day

Pokémon Go Offers Another Set Of Cheap Remote Raid Passes

Technically, there is no limit to how many Raid Passes you can acquire each day, but there is a limit depending on which Raid Pass type:

  • Raid Pass You can only get one per day for free* by spinning a Gyms PokeStop.
  • Premium Raid Pass You can have as many Premium passes as you can purchase and hold in your inventory.
  • Remote Raid Pass You can only hold up to three at a time, but can buy more after using one.

*Note: For the Season of Alola, the limit on free Raid Passes has been increased to up to two per day.

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Pokemon Go Free Raid Passes In March 2022

In the lead-up to and during the all-day Tour: Johto event in February, Trainers got to reap the rewards of collecting two free Raid Passes per day. During Season of Alola , Niantic is keeping the trend going by giving Trainers up to two free Raid Passes a day by spinning the Gym Photos Disc.

If you really dont want to miss the action, you can also receive a free Remote Raid Pass each week. Replenishing every Monday, Trainers can buy a bundle in the shop containing a Remote Raid Pass that is worth only 1 PokeCoin, so it might as well be free. This bundle will give you multiple consumable items, but most importantly, it will give you one Remote Raid Pass.

How To Get Free Raid Passes In Pokemon Go

Acquiring a Raid Pass in Pokemon Go is very straightforward: players need only go to their nearest gym and spin the new Photo Discs. For now, the Photo Disc will only dispense Raid Passes to players who are level 20 or above however, once the Pokemon Go gym overhaul update reaches its widespread release, Niantic plans to lower the level requirement needed for Raid Battles.

Worth mentioning is that players can only earn one free Raid Pass per day from their favorite gym. Fortunately, trainers looking to take part in more than one Raid Battle per day can head over to the in-game store to purchase a Premium Raid Pass for 100 coins. Since coins can be earned from defending gyms against incoming threats, players can continue the cycle of defending, Raiding, and earning items like the new Golden Razz Berries to restore their Pokemons motivation meter.

Players should also be forewarned that Raid Passes disappear as soon as they are used, and any players that backs out of a Raid Battle will be unable to recollect the spent Raid Pass afterward. Luckily, it is possible to get a refund for spent Premium Raid that were wasted due to disconnects or other errors the process should be as simple as filling out a form over on the Niantic support page.

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Using A Raid Pass To Challenge A Pokmon

A Raid Boss can be challenged by Trainers from all teams, regardless of which team currently controls the Gym. However, the team who control the Gym when the Raid Boss gets defeated receives extra Premier Balls, which you use in attempts to catch the Raid Pokémon.

Trainers can join private groups or automatically get matched with nearby Trainers in groups of up to 20 Trainers each. Your Raid Pass will be consumed upon entering a Raid Battle and will grant access to the Raid for as long as it is active.

When a Raid Egg hatches and the encounter is ready to be challenged, a lobby gets created and Trainers have two minutes to join. Youll generally want to try to join a raid right as it begins. The longer you wait, the less likely you are to have additional Trainers to party with, unless youve brought with you a group of friends. If youd prefer to battle the Raid Pokémon only with friends, you can create a private lobby and challenge the Boss together.

The Raid will be available for a limited amount of time from the time it begins, typically one hour, and any number of Trainers can participate in the battle during this time. Legendary Raids will have longer than usual Raid duration.

You can rejoin the battle as many times as you need while the raid is active. This small break gives you opportunities to Revive knocked out Pokémon or change your team if necessary. Once this window has passed, the Gym returns to normal and previously defending Pokémon return to their posts.

Pokmon Go: How To Get Free Remote Raid Passes

How to get and use Remote Raid Passes in Pokemon GO

Remote Raid Passes are premium items sold in the in-game shop in Pokémon GO, yet there are multiple methods of acquiring them for free.

With the active ongoing seasonal and weekly events in Pokémon GO, eager Trainers might be wondering how to collect Remote Raid Passes for free to get the most out of their “catch-’em-all” experience in May 2022. Those familiar with Raiding will presumably know that the Remote Raid Pass is a one-time item used to participate in Raid Battles from anywhere, as long as players have access to the specific Gym’s location in Pokémon GO. Currently, Trainers can possess only three Remote Raid Passes at one time, and once a pass is consumed to enter a Raid, it cannot be reused or refunded.

Remote Raid Passes in Pokémon GO are acquired primarily as in-game microtransactions via the cash shop. As a result, a single pass costs 100 PokéCoins, while a package deal of three is priced at PokéCoin × 300. For reference, PokéCoins × 100 amounts to roughly 1 USD. While the expenditure of one Remote Raid Pass or even three is arguably negligible, diligent Trainers actively participating in the flurry of recent Raids, Tasks, and Events might agree that the cost can add up or simply become a costly inconvenience.

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Alolan Marowak Raid Day

If youre an avid Raid Battler and those three arent enough for you then dont worry, there will be an additional five available throughout the special Alolan Marowak Raid Day.

This takes place from Saturday, October 31 from 11am to 5pm in your local time. During this event youll be able to get five free Raid Passes simply by spinning gyms.

Trainers, for Alolan Marowak Raid Day, up to 5 free Raid Passes will be available from Gyms. Also, as a special bonus, a free box containing 3 Remote Raid Passes will be available in the shop from Friday, October 30, at 1 p.m. to Sunday, November 1, at 1 p.m. Pacific Time.

Pokmon Go Remote Raid Pass: How To Get A Free One

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  • Pokémon GO is a game that requires outdoor activity and is based on location and distance tracking.

    Considering this and what has been going on in the world, people are encouraged to stay at home thus making it hard to advance in the game.

    Dont worry though because Niantic has been developing ways to make the game more playable for indoor players.

    One of these developments is the Remote Raid Pass. This article will guide you through what this is and how you can get it free in the game.

    Without further ado, lets get started.

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    How Can Trainers Participate In Raids In Pokemon Go

    There are currently four types of Raid passes that any trainer can get. The most basic of these are regular Raid Passes. Premium Battle Passes, EX Raid Passes, and Remote Raid Passes form the other three.

    Here is how to acquire each:

    • Raid Pass: Spin a PokePhoto at any gym
    • Premium Raid Pass: Bought at the shop for 100 Pokecoins
    • Remote Raid Pass: Redeem a bundle every Monday in September
    • EX Raid Pass: Invite after defeating an EX gym

    Each Raid Pass gives the player access to different things, albeit they all essentially lead to some form of Raid. The normal Raid Pass will allow the player to participate in any Raid with a Tier 1-5 boss or Mega boss. These can only be used once a day.

    The Premium Battle Pass works very similarly to the ordinary Raid Pass. It gives access to the same Raid battles. The only difference is that Premium Raid Passes can also be submitted for rewards in the Pokemon GO Battle League.

    Remote Raid Passes also give trainers access to the same Raids that a regular Raid Pass would. With this Raid Pass, though, players can participate from a different location rather than having to walk and interact with the raid itself.

    Finally, EX Raid Passes give access to, naturally, EX Raid Battles. The Raid Bosses that are found at these Raids are usually much stronger than normal, and they require many trainers to take out.

    Bonus Tips: How To Earn Pokecoins For Free

    how to get free raid pass in pokemon go 2020

    PokeCoins is a type of in-game currency that is used to purchase great items in Pokemon Go and requires you to buy with real money.

    If you just want the freebies, simply have your Pokemon defending Gyms and youll earn 1 PokeCoin per 10 minutes .

    While these are the most common methods for trainers to get PokeCoins, you can also buy PokeCoins with a Google Play or iTunes card. And there should be a lot more ways that you can get a free gift card and redeem for anything you want. For more details, refer to the guide depending on your playing devices:

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    How To Get Free Remote Raid Passes In Pokemon Go

    A Remote Raid Pass allows Pokemon GO players to join a Raid battle happening anywhere in the world.

    Remote Raid Passes were added to Pokemon GO at the start of the COVID-19 pandemic. This was a way for Niantic to allow trainers to invite their friends from afar or even take on a Raid down the street from the safety of their home.

    These passes typically cost a handful of Poke Coins, but there are times when they are given out for free. Pokemon GO trainers just need to wait for the free event boxes to be given out by Niantic.

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    Pokemon Go Raid Passes

    • Raid Pass
    • Trainers can get one free Raid Pass every day by visiting a Gym, but they can only have one active at any given time. It cant just be taken out of the Item Bag.
  • Premium Battle Pass
  • The Premium Battle Pass can be purchased by the players from the in-game Shop.
  • Remote Raid Pass
  • A Remote Raid Pass that can join any Raid Battle visible on the Nearby screen or tappable on the map.
  • EX Raid Pass
  • Trainers can earn EX Raid Passes by participating in EX Raid Gyms and winning qualifying raid fights. EX Raid Passes will be sent to selected Trainers via their Journal. When the user selects the item in the journal, an invitation will appear, detailing when and where the EX Raid Battle will take place.
  • Indicators That You Are In Cooldown

    How to get an EX raid pass in Pokemon go?

    The following are the simplest ways to tell if you are on Cooldown

    • If the Pokémon you are trying to catch keep fleeing, then you are on cooldown. You just need to wait the specified Cooldown time duration to start catching Pokémon again.
    • You see the Try Again Later notification when you try to spin a PokéStop
    • You are unable to place any Pokémon in the gym or join any gym raids
    • You see the Gym Battle has Already been Completed error when you try to attach a gym

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    Zygarde Is Coming Soon

    On December 3, Niantic released a trailer announcing that more PokéBalls will be available from PokéStops for the holiday period. However, the final frame of this video shows new Pokémon from the Kalos region.

    As you can see, Zygarde is clearly coming to the game soon, as every other Pokémon in the shot is available now. As the video has a holiday theme, we expect them to appear soon.

    The likelihood is that they will be available in raids, like most other Legendary Pokémon, but well update this page with all the information when we know for sure.

    Now, well answer a bunch of questions you may have regarding Pokémon Go raids.

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    How To Get Free Remote Raid Pass

    The easiest way to get Remote Raid Pass is buying them with PokeCoins . You could also expect occasional giveaway from Niantic, which may offer Remote Raid Passes free of charge weekly or daily. However, thats not the common case.

    The best idea to acquire a free Remote Raid Pass at the moment is participating in the . By completing field research tasks, youre able to achieve Research Breakthrough, thus winning the chance to catch Rufflet and getting rewards like double XP a free Remote Raid Pass.

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    How To Invite A Friend To An Ex Raid In Pokmon Go

    You can now also invite, or be invited, to an EX Raid by one of your Pokémon Go friends.

    You’ll be given the option to invite a friend to an EX Raid when you first receive the invite.

    Select the option ‘Invite’ from the menu to open up your Friend’s List.

    From there you can pick which friend you wish to invite to the EX Raid. Keep in mind, however, you can only invite Ultra and Best level friends.

    Once you’ve sent out your invitation, it will appear in your friend’s bag, allowing both of you to attend the EX Raid.

    Remember – you can only hold one gifted EX Raid invite at a time. The only way to receive another one is to decline your current invite or wait till the timer runs out.


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