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How To Restart Pokemon Let’s Go Eevee

How To Open A Trading Card Shop From A Shop Owners Perspective Part 1

How to restart your save file in Let’s Go Pikachu and Eevee

Recently we shared our first post on how to open up a trading card shop with some great tips from our friends at Southern Hobby Supply. I found some of the responses to the post interesting where fans shared they didnt think opening a shop was a viable business opportunity. In the past it can be argued that it most certainly was not, but the industry has changed and manufacturers are doing more to not only support, but defend brick and mortar retailers.

I saw some responses from former shop owners who opened their shops only to close them down soon after. One reason this happened could be from a lack of education about what it takes to run a profitable trading card store. There is just not a lot of information out there about how to put together a business plan, get a loan, acquire inventory, hire staff, get insurance, etc. My hope is that by putting together a series of videos and stories about how to open a prosperous retail business in this industry, we can help provide the tools these business owners desperately need to have success.

So lets hear from some of these trading card shop owners who have established themselves as leaders in the industry and hear what they have to say!

We pulled Brad Krysko aside from Cloutsnchara. We asked him about how he got into the business and how he went from managing a collector website to becoming a partner in a trading card shop and well-regarded online collector community.

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Which Pokemon Can Learn False Swipe

Some Pokemon, like Fraxure, Marowak, and Ninjask, generally know False Swipe by default. The entire Haxorus and Ninjask families can also learn it by leveling up, alongside Gallade, Farfetchd, Scyther, and others.

However, with the False Swipe TM, your options are far more varied. Heres a list of all the Pokemon who can learn False Swipe via TM in Pokemon Sword and Shield, in alphabetical order so you can quickly check whichever species youre curious about:

  • Absol

How Many Players Does It Take To Beat Genesect

Genesect wasnt a particularly challenging Raid before Mega Evolution. Now, that there are three Fire type Mega Pokémon available, you should be able to easily take out Genesect with just a couple high level Trainers. If you dont have the Mega Energy to spare, cannot coordinate with your fellow Trainers, or are a lower level, you might want to aim for four or more Trainers.

Weather Conditions that could impact this Raid include:

  • Partially Cloudy Weather will boost Genesects Normal type moves
  • Rainy Weather will boost its Bug type moves
  • Snow will boost its Steel type moves
  • Sunny/Clear weather will boost Genesects Fire type move, as well as your Fire type counters

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Pokemon Go Ultra Bonuses

The Thousand-Year Slumber questline isnt the only Ultra Bonus reward that Niantic is offering. Beginning September 2, the developer will be making a variety of other bonuses and special Pokemon available in the game for a limited time. There will be a new set of bonuses each week between September 2 and 23, and they include the appearance of new Shiny Pokemon as well as the first Gen 5 monsters. You can see all of the bonuses below.

  • Entei, Raikou, Suicune, and other Johto Pokemon will appear in Raid Battles
  • Unown U, L, T, R, and A may hatch from 10 km Pokemon eggs
  • Shiny Sentret and Shiny Gligar will appear in the wild
  • Farfetchd, Kangaskhan, Mr. Mime, and Tauros may hatch from 7 km eggs. You may also hatch their Shiny forms
  • All four forms of Deoxys will appear in five-star Raid Battles
  • Pokemon effective against Deoxys will appear in other tier Raids

Hunkeler Ag Paper Processing

How To Restart Pokemon Lets Go Eevee

Boca Raton Resort, Florida, USA

Das heutige Thema befasst sich mit dem Bogenfinishing. Aber wenn Sie dies lesen, geht es


Why at talking about sheet vs. roll?Read the new Hunkeler blog about


Todays topic is #cutsheet finishing, but when you read, its maybe a bit


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How Do You Do Secret Techniques Chance

At about half-full, you will only be able to pull off a standard secret technique. Once both requirements are met, youll be able to perform a Linked Secret Technique by hitting Triangle, Triangle, Triangle, Circle on the PS4 or Y, Y, Y, B on the Xbox One. If it connects, you can sit back and enjoy the show.

Collect All 60 Technical Machines

Theres a total of 60 TMs in Pokémon: Lets Go Pikachu and Eevee. If youre planning to become the best trainer in the world, then you need to be able to teach your Pokémon all the necessary moves they can learn for you to be able to strategize as needed.

To help you with collecting them all, heres a location guide for all 60 TMs in the region of Kanto.

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Can I Use Pokmon Home To Transfer My Original Gen 1 And 2 Pokmon From Pokmon Red / Blue / Yellow / Gold / Silver / Crystal On Game Boy To Pokmon Sword And Shield

Unfortunately, no. The Pokémon you first caught two decades ago are forever trapped on those original Game Boy cartridges or on Pokémon Stadium. Of course, using various shady tactics and compromised hardware, enterprising Poké Trainers have been known to dump their original saves from the Game Boy carts, upload them to the 3DS Virtual Console versions of Pokémon Red and Blue, and then move those to Pokémon Bank, but we shall not delve into those dark arts here.

No, it seems that Stinkypoo the Pikachu, Wormy the Weedle and Metapoo the Metapod will die on our Game Boy carts along with the battery. Probably for the best, to be honest.

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Fight Against Gym Leaders Once More

Tutorial: Reset, Restart, and Delete Save Data on Nintendo Switch (Pokemon Let’s Go) Eevee/Pikachu

You can face the gym leaders once again after youve won the Pokemon League! Theyll still be at the same gyms where you last fought them.

Gym Leaders Will Have More Powerful Pokemon

The fight wont be the same and gym leaders will have more powerful Pokemon at a higher level, with stronger moves!

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How To Evolve Nosepass In Pokmon Go

Of the third generation of Pokémon, Nosepass was definitely one of my favorites. I love Pokémon inspired by occult and esoteric stuff, and theres just something adorable about a little walking Moai head with a huge schnoz. His evolution into Probopass in gen 4 got some mixed reactions, but personally I loved the bushy mustache and little mini noses. If youve been missing that stache, heres how you can evolve your Nosepass into Probopass in Pokémon GO.

In the gen 4 Pokémon games, Nosepass needed to be in the presence of a special magnetic field like Chargestone Cave or Mt. Coronet to evolve into Probopass. That same principle applies in Pokémon GO, but unlike Sinnoh or Unova, I sure dont know of special magnetic fields out here in the real world. Luckily, you can make your own.

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What Can I Evolve With A Unova Stone

Pokemon Go Unova Stones: Who to evolve

  • Pansage evolves into Simisage with an Unova Stone and 100 candy.
  • Panpour evolves into Simipour with an Unova Stone and 100 candy.
  • Pansear evolves into Simisear with an Unova Stone and 100 candy.
  • Lampent evolves into Chandelure with an Unova Stone and 100 candy.

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Tropical Mega Battle Trainer Number 1 Card

Like the Secret Super Battle cards above, the Tropical Mega Battle cards were awarded to elementary school student winners and this competition welcomed kids up to third grade. Here, the card featured an Exeggutor and the events logo with artwork by Ken Sugimori and Hiromi Ito.

Whats it worth? This card makes our list of rarest Pokemon cards simply because of the age of its recipients and the commonly held belief that fewer of these cards still exist. Its rarity makes its value nearly priceless, but a high-grade example of another Tropical Mega Battle card sold for $50,300 via eBay in October 2020. This makes us confident that the Tropical Mega Battle Trainer Number 1 card would command a similar price point in such condition.

Pokmon Go Rare Locations: How To Get Dragonite Dragonair Porygon Snorlax And Gyarados

Pokémon Let

Pokémon GO has a number of rare Pokémon, but a few of them are far more in-demand by players who are either looking to finish off their Pokedexes, or are looking for a rare and powerful Pokémon to take over a gym with.


Dragonair, Dragonite, Gyarados, Snorlax and Porygon are, to some degree, the closest well get to legendary Pokémon until the special events start rolling in.

Porygon, oddly enough, tends to hatch from 5km eggs fairly often, although you can also find them in 10km eggs occasionally. Other than that, the best place to find a Porygon is in a crowded urban area.

Specifically, if you are somewhere near a casino, Porygons will be found far more frequently.

This makes sense considering thats where Porygon was found in the original games. So if you live near Reno, Vegas, Atlantic City, Biloxi or another casino hub, take a day trip for some Pokémon hunting.


Dragonair can most commonly be found near water sources, as can Dratini, which can evolve into Dragonair when you have 25 Dratini Candy.

This can include oceans, lakes and rivers, so if you live near a large body of water, make a road trip to catch Dratini or Dragonair. Eggs are also a common way of earning Dratini and Dragonair. Use the Ingress trick to find a good water spot crowded with Pokémon.

Dragonite, unlike the other two dragons, is most commonly reported in wooded areas or parks, but predictably, its a far more rare find than Dragonairs and Dratinis.

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Pokemon Go Genesect Burn Drive Moveset For Raid This Week

This week, Pokemon Go is going to feature the Genesect Burn Drive Genesect with unique changes. With a slight change in the look, Genesect, a Bug and Steel-type Pokemon will have a Fire-type move. Below is the list of all the Genesect moveset that you will be able to see in the Burn Drive raid.

  • Metal Claw

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Missing Shiny Hoenn Pokemon

The Hoenn region is also missing a number of Shiny Pokemon originally from the region. These missing Pokemon are:


Like with Heracross, the Shiny form of Palkia will be released on;August 6, 2021 at 10:00 AM in players local times. This is once again due to the Space; Ultra Unlock Part Two event starting at that time and date.

Of the above Pokemon, Phione, Manaphy, Shaymin, and Arceus are not available in Pokemon GO in any form. It is still unknown if or when they will be implemented into the game fully.

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Best Nature For Pokemon Lets Go Pikachu And Eevee Starter

The best Natures for your starting Pikachu in Pokemon Lets Go are either Hasty or Naive. Both will increase your Speed, which is really useful for Pikachu. Hasty will lower your regular Defense, and Naive will lower your Sp. Def, or Special Defense. Pick whichever you like.

The best Natures for your starting Eevee in Pokemon Lets Go are Jolly, Adamant, or any Nature that basically has no effect: Serious, Hardy, Docile, or Quirky. The four no-effect natures are good because Eevee is a nice and balanced Pokemon overall . Jolly gives you extra speed, at the cost of Sp. Atk. which isnt much to speak of anyway. Adamant also costs you your Sp. Atk., but boosts your regular attacks, which is a good trade-of in Eeevees case.

Ultimately, though, these are guidelines, not strict rules. Youre free to chose whichever combination best suits your gameplay style. Consult the table above, and see what you like.

How To Take On Genesect In Pokmon Go

How to Soft Reset For Legends in Pokémon Let’s Go Pikachu & Let’s Go Eevee!

Genesect, a Mythical Bug and Steel-type Pokémon, is coming to Pokémon Go soon. Although there are plans to support EX raids in April and participate in a special paid search event before that, Genesect may be delayed by due to COVID-19 issues, but you can still start preparing your team now. We have everything you need to know to face this legendary Pokémon!

Mythical Pokémon resurrected from a fossil, Genesect was introduced into the modern era by scientists working for the infamous Plasma team. These scientists were not satisfied with simply resuscitating a Pokémon that had disappeared 300 million years ago; they also added technological improvements to the Mythical Pokémon. These modifications include a barrel on its back which can contain different types of discs. These discs change the type of their signature move: Techno Blast; however, it looks like the different types of Genesects in Pokémon Go have access to different loaded moves. Fortunately, only one of these loaded movements really poses a threat to Genesect counters.

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Is Eternatus Shiny Locked

Eternatus. Eternatus is another legendary Pokemon that has been shiny-locked, though hopefully, future games and events will see a non-locked release/appearance of the gigantic Pokemon. Players can find and catch Eternatus at the Tower Summit of the Power Plant during the precipice of the main storyline.

What Does A Unova Stone Evolve

Pokemon Go Unova Stones: Who to evolve Panpour evolves into Simipour with an Unova Stone and 100 candy. Pansear evolves into Simisear with an Unova Stone and 100 candy. Lampent evolves into Chandelure with an Unova Stone and 100 candy. Minccino evolves into Cinccino with an Unova Stone and 100 candy.

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How Do I Get Kangaskhan 2020

Unlike many other Pokemon in Pokemon GO, Kangaskhan cannot be caught by simply walking around and hoping for the best. Instead, it is a part of the raid collection section of the Pokemon GO tour. There are a total of eight Pokemon to collect in that section, and they are only available through the completion of a raid.

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How To Battle In Pokmon Gos Great League


The newest Special Research storyline in Pokémon GO, A Seven-Colored Shadow, has a particular challenge for its third step: earning a Charge TM by battling another Trainer in the Great League. Because its the lowest rung, the Great League is sometimes forgotten by enthusiasts for the game, but if you want to finish that storyline, youre gonna have to downsize a bit. Heres how to battle in Pokémon GOs Great League.

Unlike the Master League, where you can use any Pokémon you want regardless of their CP, the Great League has a hard cap of 1,500 CP on all entered Pokémon. In theory, this is to keep the League low-level and make it easier for newer players to take the games PvP features for a spin. If youre a seasoned player, though, it becomes something of a puzzle: whats the strongest team of Pokémon you can employ without going over the limit? Solving that puzzle is the key to victory in the Great League. Technically, you dont actually have to win to earn the Charge TM for the storyline, but hey, if were gonna do this, were going all the way with it.

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Pokmon Japanese Promo Tropical Mega Battle Tropical Wind

An ultra-rare promo card one of only a dozen ever made

Sold for $65,100 in October 2020

Only 12 Tropical Wind cards were produced as promo cards for the 1999 Tropical Mega Battle, a precursor to the Pokémon World Championships, making it one of the most valuable Pokémon sets around.

The Tropical Mega Battle saw 50 players from around the globe take part in a tournament for the trading card game in Honolulu, Hawaii. The only way to participate was to win a battle in your local region and earn an invite, making it an exclusive event for the best Pokémon trainers in the world and the cards offered as prizes some of the rarest Pokémon cards in existence.

This particular Tropical Mega Battle promo card, the 1999 Japanese-language copy of Tropical Wind, has sold at auction for as much as $65,100 in PSA Gem Mint 10 condition, with the most recent record-breaking sale taking place in October 2020. PSA estimates its value to be as high as $148,482, making the ultra-rare card a contender for one of the most expensive Pokémon cards ever made.

How To Move Pokmon From Black And White And Virtual Console Games Using Pokmon Transporter

There are a handful of non-3DS Pokémon games playable on the 3DS that can be transferred to Pokémon Bank, and in turn, Pokémon Home. These are:

  • Pokémon Black and White
  • Pokémon Black and White 2
  • Pokémon Red, Blue and Yellow
  • Pokémon Gold, Silver and Crystal

To do this, youll need to use the Poké Transporter app. This comes bundled free with your subscription to Pokémon Bank, and like Bank is accessed via your 3DS home screen like you would a standard game. You can find it within the 3DS eShop or via a shortcut from Pokémon Banks main menu.

Once you have Poké Transporter downloaded, you must:

  • Open up your copy of the game you want to transfer them from, and fill the first box in your in-game PC with only the Pokémon you want to transfer.
  • Open the Poké Transporter app, and use it to transfer all of the Pokémon in the first box over to the Pokémon Banks transfer box.
  • Head to the Pokémon Bank app now, and transfer those Pokémon in the transfer box to the other Pokémon Bank boxes of your choice.
  • Make sure that transfer box is empty before you repeat the process, to avoid any unwanted complications!
  • Use the Pokémon Bank to transfer these Pokémon into Pokémon Home
  • So what if you wanted to go back even further?

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