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How To Tell If Pokemon Gx Cards Are Fake

What If Im Looking To Buy Online And Cant Hold The Card In My Hand


As a rule of thumb, it is best practice to take a card out of a sleeve and examine it for yourself. As mentioned, a fake card will feel different to a genuine card. However, this isnt always an option, especially now during the pandemic and as Facebook groups have become a popular and convenient place to buy and sell.

There are a few tips in this case. First, ask for a photo of the card youre buying and examine it visually using all the aforementioned tips. Then, evaluate the credibility of the seller. If someone cant provide you with a unique photo of the card, thats a bad sign. Also look for previous reviews of the seller. For context, there arent any reported cases of mass Pokémon card fraud so you dont need to be overly anxious about buying a card. Just cover the basics and you will generally be fine.

Another great and reliable option if you buy online is to purchase the card from a registered business. Look up your closest card dealer and reviews of the store. A store will be more invested in customer satisfaction than a random person on the internet.

Whos More Powerful Mew Or Mewtwo

As we know, Mew can use any move, so it has access to an extremely wide variety of powers, but Mewtwo does not have that much abilities. Mewtwo was created to be a better, stronger, and more powerful version of Mew, and, in terms of raw power, its much stronger than Mew, but it cant do as much things as Mew can.

Authentic Vs Replica Pokemon Trade Card Game Yellow Borders

Proceeding to the fourth method on how to identify replica Pokemon Trade Card Game cards, we are going to have a look at the yellow borders on the interior side of the fake vs real Pokemon cards.

Basically, we are going to check the important side of the cards when in a battle between your Pokemon and the enemys Pokemon.

For this comparison, weve picked the cute Pikachu card, and for the replica, we have the powerful Slingshot card.

But, leaving these guys aside and moving to the yellow borders, you can see how the fake Pokemon card has its border slightly bigger than the authetic border, in terms of height.

In fact, the genuine Pokemon TCG card has its border looking narrower and shorter in height when put side-by-side with the fake cards border.

This flaw can be visible both at the top and at the bottom of the fake card highlighted in the real vs fake Pokemon TCG comparison image above.

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Start With The Obvious

One of the quickest and easiest ways to check a cards authenticity is to see if its designed and printed as it should be.

If youre a parent, or youre new to the hobby/game, you may not be familiar with what a card should look like. Thats okay! simply perform a google search of the card in question to see what it should look like and then compare the two. Some things that are commonly wrong on fake cards are:

  • Misspellings and typos
  • Upside down pokeball on cards back
  • Misprints and miscuts
  • And more

An important thing to keep in mind is that a card may show one or two signs from above but still be legitimate! Misprints and miscuts for example can happen on legitimate cards and are actually more valuable because of it!

The best way to check for a fake card is to have a real card on hand to compare it to. If you cant do that, you can use an image online, but the real thing is always better.

If youve done this and found a few things that cause alarm, dont call it a fake just yet! similarly, if nothing here was amiss it doesnt mean its legitimate. There are a few other test you need to do before being sure.

The Condition Of The Pokemon Card

Pokemon Images: Fake Pokemon Gx And Ex Cards

Pokemon card collectors really care about the condition of the cards they buy.

Even just a few minor scratches on the card, or minor edgewear on its borders, can reduce the value of a Pokemon card significantly.

Pokemon card conditions are described in terms of how close to mint condition they are. Here are some common Pokemon card grades and what they mean.

Mint: flawless, looks like it was just pulled from a booster.

Near Mint: near to mint condition, except the card may have minor edge wear or surface scuffs from being stored in plastic sleeves.

Excellent : slightly worse than near mint, card may have more extensive edge wear or scuffs, may also have other marks. Still playable and collectable. No creases will be on the card.

Good : card may start to have creases, more damage or more major damage in extensive areas.

Played: card will have folds, splitting, peeling, big creases or major damage to many areas of the card.

This Base Set Charizard Pokemon card is in played condition due to the scratches on the front of the card and the edge wear visible on the borders.

Collectors are looking for near mint or mint condition Pokemon cards. If your card is in worse than near mint condition, this will reduce its value.

This isnt to say it isnt worth selling Pokemon cards that have been played with. Since old Pokemon cards are often slightly worn due to their age, these types of cards in particular can often still sell for decent money even if not in perfect condition.

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Pokemon Go Gible Community Day: How To Maximize Gible Candy

Community Day event is always a delight when it comes to Pokemon GO, especially if it is a Pokemon that many are after it.

June Community Day will feature Gible as the main Pokemon during this event, so this means that many players will be stacking the Candies for a Garchomp evolution later on. A post on Reddit has appeared in which the user u/gerbetta33 explains how to get the maximum out of the Community Day.

First and foremost, they suggest that you might earn close to 1,200 Gible Candy by using Pinap Berries on 100 Gible. If you happen to get this number, you can rest because you will have enough Candy to have a full team of level 40 Garchomp, but you might need to get those Pinap berries.

Next Sunday, as said in the post, you might want to clear your Research and farm tasks so you can begin Community Day with a clean Task screen. To get even more, you can evolve a Mega Dragon on Tuesday and it will give you 100 more Candies.

If you catch a lot of Gible that either has low CP or something else you did not like, the Reddit user suggests that you keep those for the next Spotlight Hour which is on June 15th, where we will have a bonus of x2 Candy for transferring Pokemon. This might even give you +200 Candies.

Will you be doing this? What do you think about the number of Candies?

How To Get Kings Rock

It should come as little surprise to Pokemon trainers on the prowl for evolution stones, but the Kings Rock evolution stone is found the same way as the rest of them. Unless Niantic updates the game to allow players to obtain a Kings Rock using other methods, the only way to get one at the time of this writing is to get lucky at a PokeStop.

To increase ones odds of finding a Kings Rock, its a good idea to hang out near areas with a high concentration of PokeStops. This may mean traveling to a bigger city, but taking the time to do this will make the search for a Kings Rock go much faster. Not only that, but players can advance their progress in other areas of the game while farming for Kings Rock at PokeStops.

While walking between PokeStops, players can earn XP by catching new Pokemon and hatching eggs. Furthermore, they may acquire one of the other evolution stones in their attempt to get a Kings Rock, like the Up-Grade or the Metal Coat, which could go a long way in filling out the Pokedex. So even though walking around between different PokeStops may seem boring, its actually a great way to advance in Pokemon GO.

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How To Evolve Panpour Into Simipour

Evolving your Panpour intoSimipour works in the same way aswith the other evolution above:

To evolve your Panpour intoSimipour, you will need to havea Unova Stone with you in your bags.You will also need to have all 50 candy, in the same way as with a normal evolution.

On your Panpour pokémons screen, select theevolution through the usual in-game menu. The Unova Stone and candywill be consumed, and youll have a newSimipour.

How To Get Tm54 False Swipe

When I Thought I Purchased Fake Pokemon Cards… | GX Tag Team

In Pokémon Black and White, you can get the TM for False Swipe as soon as your Pokédex says that you have seen30 different types of pokémon.

Once you have seen 30 types, go back to Nuvema Town and talk to Professor Juniper in her lab.When she checks on your Pokédex and sees that you have seen at least 30 different pokémon types,she will give you TM54 False Swipe.

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Wait Arent There Misprints In Pokmon

Yes, misprints – also known as error cards – do happen, but they are generally documented. In these cases, collectors look for a specific misprint of a card. If you think you have a misprint, look it up online and see if anyone else has noticed the same mistake. If you do have a misprint, you could have an even more valuable Pokémon card than you initially thought!

How To Use The Magnetic Lure In Pokemon Go

The Magnetic Lure is one of three new types of lure in the game and it works much like a normal lure, with some slight modifications. For 30 minutes, extra Pokemon will be attracted to the lure, but while a normal lure can attract any type of Pokemon, a Magnetic Lure will only attract electric, steel, and rock type pocket monsters.

Its also an evolution item! If youre within the vicinity of a Poke Stop with a Magnetic Lure applied, you can evolve Magneton and Nosepass into Magnezone and Probopass respectively provided you have enough candy, of course. If you dont want to fork out 200 coins for one yourself, you could also wait until the next Pokemon Go Community Day and find someone else whos used one!

  • Spin PokeStops
  • Take a Snapshot with Genesect

However, a Niantic rep informed Newsweek that the research tasks have shifted to make it so trainers can complete them on their own. They will include the following tasks:

  • Catch Pokémon of various types
  • Play with your Buddy
  • Hatch Eggs


As for in-game bonuses, Normal, Fire, Water, Electric, and Ice-type Pokémon will be appearing more frequently in the wild.

Nincada, the Ground and Bug-type Pokémon will be hatching more often from 5km Eggs and its Shiny form will make its debut in Pokémon Go. Karrablast and Shelmet will also hatch more often from 5km Eggs.

The Raids will shift to feature more Steel and Bug-type Pokémon. We will update this section with the Raid Bosses when the event goes live.

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How To Evolve Nosepass In Pokmon Go

Of the third generation of Pokémon, Nosepass was definitely one of my favorites. I love Pokémon inspired by occult and esoteric stuff, and theres just something adorable about a little walking Moai head with a huge schnoz. His evolution into Probopass in gen 4 got some mixed reactions, but personally I loved the bushy mustache and little mini noses. If youve been missing that stache, heres how you can evolve your Nosepass into Probopass in Pokémon GO.

In the gen 4 Pokémon games, Nosepass needed to be in the presence of a special magnetic field like Chargestone Cave or Mt. Coronet to evolve into Probopass. That same principle applies in Pokémon GO, but unlike Sinnoh or Unova, I sure dont know of special magnetic fields out here in the real world. Luckily, you can make your own.

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Pokemon Go: How To Evolve Magneton Into Magnezone

Unboxing 50 GX Pokemon Trading Cards from Aliexpress ...

Everything you need to know!

Magneton is a very unique Pokemon in Pokemon Go, since it can only be evolved under very particular circumstances. Heres what you need to know about evolving Magneton into Magnezone!

Magneton can only be evolved into Magnezone when youre within range of a PokeStop that has an active Magnetic Lure Module. Magnetic Lure Modules were added to Pokemon Goin 2019 along with Glacial and Mossy Lure Modules. When a PokeStop is boosted by a Magnetic Lure Module, Electric-, Steel-, and Rock-type Pokemon will be attracted to the PokeStop for a limited time.

While some of these special Lure Modules have been given away to players for free, you can purchase a Magnetic Lure Module at any time in the in-game Item Shop for 200 PokeCoins .

When youre ready to evolve Magneton into Magnezone, head to a nearby PokeStop and activate the Magnetic Lure Module. While youre still within range of the PokeStop, open up your Pokemon storage and tap the Magneton you want to evolve. Youll see the evolve button has appeared! You can then evolve Magneton into Magnezone using 100 Magnemite Candy.

Heres something important to keep in mind: Anyone near a PokeStop with an active Magnetic Lure Module can take advantage of its effects. Its possible you may come across a PokeStop that someone else has already boosted with a Magnetic Lure Module, and if thats the case, you can easily evolve Magneton into Magnezone without using any of your own Lure Modules.

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Where To Get False Swipe In Pokemon Sword And Shield

To get False Swipe you will want to advance the story until you reach the city of Motostoke. Inside this city make your way to the Poke Center on the west side of the city before Route 3. Inside this Poke Center head over to the right merchant and speak with him. This merchant sells the False Swipe TM94 for 10,000 Poke Dollars. Purchase this TM and then teach it to a Pokemon.

How To Level Togepi In Pokemon Sword And Shield

The key to leveling Togepi will be a high friendship level. Players should head to the Pokemon Camp and stuff little Togepi with some curry. Also consider attaching a soothe bell to Togepi, or try playing with him. Most of all, Pokemon Sword & Shield players should keep the little bugger in their lineup so he gets some experience.

While Togepis spawn rate is typically 2%, factors such as Heavy Fog can raise that to 5%. There isnt necessarily one place that players should look, as Togepi will only appear at random.

The short answer is to include it in battles and on your team, feed it curry at camps, feed it berries and vitamins, and have it hold a Soothe Bell if you have one. Do all of this and eventually your Togepi will evolve to Togetic.

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Pokemon Go Has A Plethora Of Other Items That Players Can Use For Special Purposes Such As Evolution Learn More About Pokemon Go Kings Rock Here

Pokemon Go is a handheld game that has risen to popularity over the years. Pokemon Go constantly provides new updates with content for the players to be occupied with. This new content involves, new pokemon to collect, new events to complete, new rewards to collect, and more. One of the latest things that Pokemon Go players are talking about is the Kings Rock. Numerous players wish to learn more about Pokemon Go Kings Rock.

Pokemon Go: Top 5 Pokemon Picks For Great League By Role

Opening Fake Pokemon GX Cards!

When it comes to picking top options in Pokemon GOs Great League, its important to know which role they perform well. A Pokemon that performs well as an offensive attacker may not be able to hold its ground without shields, which obviously plays into a strategy when team building.

In Pokemon GO PvP, Pokemon can be categorized into certain roles, such as:

  • Leads Pokemon who perform well at a battles outset. These Pokemon typically have enough stamina to drag out a fight while also dealing solid damage.
  • Closers The reverse of Leads, Closers are Pokemon who drag out the back end of a fight and attempt to take down whats left of the opponents team. Typically these Pokemon sport great defensive stats and can survive without assistance from shields.
  • Switches If a player ends up in a bad matchup, thats where Switches come in. Switches are utility Pokemon that can make up for lost ground in a battle when a Lead ends up in a bad situation.
  • Chargers Charge Moves are vital to dealing damage in Pokemon GO, and Chargers can stockpile energy quickly and use their Charge Moves to powerful effect.
  • Attackers These Pokemon dont merely deal high damage, but also ramp up significant pressure on opponents to use their shields. Some perform so well in shield pressure that they can get by without shield assistance themselves.

With these facets in mind, here are some great role-based picks for Pokemon GOs Great League in Season 8 :


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