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Value Of New Pokemon Cards

Pokmon Base Set 1st Edition Shadowless Holo Nidoking #11


A dual-type poison and ground Pokémon that is the evolved form of Nidoran, Nidoking is classed as a grass-type for the purposes of this card.

This means that it comes wrapped in the green background you would expect, although the foil is more reminiscent of a burning flame thanks to the orange and yellow that sparkles.

It might not have been the most popular Pokémon when it was originally released, but its one of the more valuable in the present day.

Just 90 have earned the elusive gem mint grade from PSA.

Black Star Ishihara Signed Gx Promo Card

A card featuring the Pokémon Company’s President himself.

Sold for $247,230 in April 2021

The most recent card to make headlines for pure value, this card sold for nearly a quarter of a million dollars at auction on April 26th 2021. You can find the full details at our story here, but this card depicts Pokémon Company founder and current president Tsunekazu Ishihara, and was given to the company staff as a celebration of the man’s 60th birthday in 2017.

That makes the card rare, but this specific version is even rarer, as Ishihara actually signed this near-mint card to boost its price even further. The “2017 P.M. SM Black Star #TPCi01 Tsunekazu Ishihara Signed Pokémon GX Promo Card”, to use its full title, is a testament to the raw power apparently held by the Pokémon president. The ability “Red Chanchanko” is in reference to the red vest traditionally worn on 60th birthdays in Japan, and prevents the effect of any attack, ability or trainer card against Ishihara. Meanwhile, its GX move “60 Congratulations”, tells you to flip 60 coins, and take a present for each one. A truly legendary card.

How Much Are My Pokmon Cards Worth

Many former collectors are asking themselves How much are my Pokémon cards worth?, but if you know much of anything about collectibles, you already know the answer will vary substantially from one card to the next. Anything from the physical condition of the card, to the prominence of the character it depicts, to minor details such as misprints could mean the difference between a card going for a few dollars or a few hundred thousand.

As of this writing, the most expensive Pokémon card ever sold was a Japanese promotional Illustrator Pikachu card. Only 39 copies of the card were produced in 1998and were given away to the winners of a drawing contest. A near-mint specimen sold for $900,000 at auction in February 2022.

Unless you were a Pokémon fan artist in Japan in 1998, you probably dont have an Illustrator Pikachu. But if you liked big, tough, and dragon-esque Pokémon, you might have a Charizard. The fearsome Pokémon has been turned into dozens of different cards over the years, but a pristine 1999 Charizard took the record for most expensive of its kind when it sold for $420,000 in March 2022.

While were on the subject, lets get into what those condition grades mean for how to value Pokémon cards.

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Super Secret Battle No 1 Trainer: $90000

These cards were so cool. Awarded to regional champions in 1999, they served as both the prize for winning a regional heat and as the ticket to enter the Super Secret Battle finals held in an undisclosed location in Tokyo on August 22, 1999.

There are estimated to only be seven of these cards in existence, all of which have been graded by the PSA. A PSA 10 copy of the card sold at auction in 2020 for a massive $90,000, but the seller is hoping to get even more for it, as it is now up for offers from a starting price of $198,000.

Pokmon Base Set 1st Edition Shadowless Holo Machamp #8

Value/Condition of this TCG Card? : pokemon

Heading back to before the turn of the millennium, the 1999 set contains yet another expensive card featuring one of the original 151 Pokémon.

The fighting-type Machamp is the third and final evolution, starting with Machop and Machoke.

As for Machamp, hes flexing two of his four arms in the image, surrounded by a holo swirl of energy.

There are just a handful of pristine shadowless first edition versions, which makes sense as it wasnt particularly sought after in the first place.

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Ex Dragon Frontiers Charizard Gold Star

Sold in November, 2020 for $30,300

Released in November 2006, the EX Dragon Frontiers set marked the fifteenth main expansion of the EX Series.

Of the 101 cards in the set checklist, there are two rare Gold Star cards: Charizard and Mew .

With the odds of pulling a Charizard thought to be roughly 1 in 144 packs, many collectors never had the fortune of pulling this card from a pack, giving it a reputation as one of the toughest Charizard pulls of any set.

Featuring a stunning image penned by the gifted hands of Masakazu Fukuda, the eye-appeal of this card is also tough to match as the powerful creature breathes fire onto the edge of the card.

How To Value Your Pokmon Cards

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If you want to sell your Pokémon cards, it’s important that you value them first so you know you’re getting a good deal. Fortunately, Pokémon cards are easy to value once you know what to look for and where to look.

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Pokmon Base Set 1st Edition Shadowless Holo Chansey #3

Another Pokémon who featured heavily in the cartoon, Chansey is a basic holo with a difference. It has a massive 120 HP, while its Double-edge attack hits for 80.

However, the stats arent the reason why gem mint shadowless first edition versions have sold for over $36,000.

As a normal-type Pokémon, the card is wrapped in a white background which contrasts heavily with the yellow border. Chansey is essentially a pink blob, while the holo that surrounds it will flake away instantly.

Its exceedingly condition-sensitive, and there are only 48 copies that have earned gem mint status.

Dragon Frontiers Gold Star Holographic Charizard

I Graded My Prototype $10,000 Pokemon Card

Despite being released in 2006, this shiny black Charizard has become an incredibly valuable Pokémon card. According to PSA, only 59 of these cards have been graded a perfect 10, and these mint condition copies have regularly sold for between $20,000 and $30,000 at auction.

This cards highest recorded sale to date took place on eBay for upwards of $60,000 in 2020. Impressively, this Delta Species Charizard competes in value for some of the rarest first edition Pokémon cards.

This chonky boy is worth some serious green.

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What Are My Pokemon 1st Edition Base Set Cards Worth

If you own any of the cards listed below, condition is the biggest factor in figuring out what your cards are worth. The prices below illustrate what these cards are worth after grading in mint condition as PSA 9’s & 10’s.

Important to note: It is very unlikely that your cards will grade this high if they have been played with. If you have these cards laying around in less than mint condition, it still may be worth getting them graded as long as they are in pretty good shape.

Pokemon Pop Series 5 Gold Star Espeon

Sold in February, 2021 for $22,100

Like its Umbreon counterpart that we covered a little bit ago, the 2007 POP Series 5 Gold Star Espeon is one of the two most-desired cards in the 17-card promotional set.

The Gold Star symbol next to the characters name in the upper-left side of the card denotes the increased rarity of the card.

Masakazu Fukuda mixed an intense color scheme with a striking outline of Espeon to deliver a fantastic card with tremendous eye appeal.

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Reasons Not To Invest In Pokemon Cards

Theres a potential upside to investing in Pokemon cards, but as with all unique investments, the cons deserve to be heard:

  • Pokemania may end soon. As with any investment, hype, and influencer marketing drive up the price of investments. So, prices may quickly deflate.
  • Appraisal is difficult and expensive.If you plan to invest in a card worth $5,000+ one day in the future, youll have to pay PSA $300 just to reappraise it and if the markets hot enough to sell it, theres a chance the company will become overwhelmed again and suspend services, jeopardizing your timing.
  • Cards could get lost, stolen, or damaged.Pokemon cards only hold their value if they remain in 100% pristine condition. If a PSA 10 Charizard drops to PSA 9 while its in your possession, it loses 80% of its value.
  • Demand for rare collectibles is extremely fickle. Sure, demand for rare Pokemon cards may be high right now, but it could easily disappear overnight as young investors and collectors turn to something else. The same thing happened with Beanie Babies, some of which sold for $10,000 in the late 90s and are worth less than $10 now.

Whether The Pokemon Card Is Useful For Players

eBay Pokemon Cards Selling Price

Some Pokemon cards have attack/defence stats or special abilities that are especially valuable to people who play the Pokemon trading card game, as they can use them in battle against other players.

This is why certain trainer cards and ultra rare cards sometimes spike in value unexpectedly.

Most often, Pokemon battlers play with the newest cards, so your card will need to be from a recent set if its in demand from Pokemon players.

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Charizard Gold Star Holo Dragon Frontiers

  • Release Date: 2006
  • Grading: PSA Gem Mint 10
  • Pokemon card value at auction: $25,405

Prepare to see more Gold Stars in the list, as the specially marked Pokemon cards will continue to make their appearance throughout the top 20. Next up is Charizard from 2004s Dragon Frontiers.

It should come as no surprise that the marked item would be a massive hit with fans, considering it features artwork depicting a Shiny Charizard. The rare variant of the Kanto mon looks stunning with its artwork depicting it scorching fire all around it.

According to PWCC, one of these scarce collectibles went up for bidding in a February 2021 auction. When all was said and done, the unique item fetched an eye-popping $25,405 which is makes it one of the rarest Pokemon cards of that generation.

Holographic Masters Scroll Card

The Pokémon Daisuki Club is Japans official Pokémon fan club which awards points to members for competing in tournaments and participating in the community . Players can turn in these points to obtain exclusive cards that arent available anywhere else.

In 2010, the Pokémon Daisuki Club offered this exclusive Masters Scroll card to players for 8,600 points. The exact number of copies of this card is unknown, but we do know that only 26 have earned a PSA 10 grade.

Since 2020 this card has consistently sold at auction for over $24,000, with the highest sale to date at $35,200.

A Pokemon tournament in Hawaii feels so 90s!

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How Much Are Pokmon Cards Worth In 2022

Find out how much you could make from your old collection thanks to the Pokémon card boom

The first set of Pokémon cards hit Japan in October 1996, sparking a new collectible obsession. Though the trading card game wouldnt keep grabbing headlines and spurring school-wide bans forever, it continued as a favorite among enthusiasts for the next two decades. Then something began in 2020 that got fans around the world pulling out their old collections and wondering, How much are Pokémon cards worth?

While a steady stream of new cards arrived in the intervening years, nothing about the game itself changed much it was still about translating the strategic battles and nigh-endless collecting elements of the video games to a trading card format. Yet sales of Pokémon cards on eBay were 60% higher in September 2020 than they were in January of that year. Rapper Logic spent $220,000 on a top-graded first edition Charizard card, and YouTuber Logan Paul dropped $300,000 on his collection.

These high-profile purchases helped drive awareness and demand for the cards, especially among old fans who were rediscovering the hobby with their now adult-sized pocketbooks. On the flip side, the exploding market means lapsed collectors may be sitting on fortunes. If youre one of the many people digging out those old shoe boxes and binders full of Pokémon cards and hoping for gold, heres how to get started finding out your Pokémon card collection value.

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Evolving Skies: Rayquaza Vmax

It’s $500! Are Premium Pokemon Cards Worth It?

Rayquaza’s back, and this time it’s his VMAX form. Even though the art for this one is a bit less impressive than the V art with Zinnia on it, it’s still got a ridiculously large Rayquaza flying through the mountains in a rain of VMAX energy.

Rayquaza VMAX has the dubious distinction of being the card with the biggest decreased value over the year. It debuted in August at around $390.22, plummeting by over $200 to today’s price. $165.25 for a piece of card is nothing to sniff at, though, and its price has stabilised since its biggest drop in August.

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What Pokmon Are Available On The Spinners/coins

While we could not verify its authenticity, it appears Pokémon will be returning to McDonalds next month with TCG cards, coins and spinner in Happy Meals

PokéJungle: Gen IX

The Pokémon featured on the coins and the Match Battle spinners will change weekly. Each will feature a Pokémon that is also seen on the cards and each Pokémon will have several color variants.

Thankfully, signs found in some McDonalds restaurants give a breakdown of what character is available during what week.

  • Week 1 Rowlet , Smeargle
  • Week 2 Rowlet , Smeargle
  • Week 3 Pikachu , Victini
  • Week 4 Pikachu , Victini
  • Week 5 Gossiflueur , Growlithe
  • Week 6 Gossiflueur , Growlithe
  • Week 7 Rowlet , Pikachu

Store Your Cards In Self Storage

Central Self Storage is the perfect place to store your Pokémon cards and other collectibles. Thats because our climate controlled storage units are perfect for storing temperature sensitive belongings. With storage units across the United States, you can easily find a storage unit near you. Rent your climate controlled storage unit today.

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Classic Pokmon Tcg Cards Will Still Be Valuable

Unfortunately, players want to rebuild their childhood pokemonTCG Collections may continue to struggle, as classic Pokémon cards will likely remain quite expensive. Unlike modern sets, 90s detailing is out of print. Scalpers and investors trying to make money were able to take advantage of the markets bullishness and bought a large number of leftover old sets. rare pokemon tcg Collectors Edition items and retro sets such as forest And team rocket The price will likely continue to climb over time.

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However, vintage TCG Card prices may start to calm down, with prices continuing to decline over the past year. For example, the rare Base Set Charizard card has seen price volatility through 2022. by grading company PSA, the Grade 10 version of the collectible sold for $17,000 in June. Fall is enough, that same Charizard Pokémon card sold for an astonishing $75,000 in 2021. being a classic TCG Items are still incredibly expensive, their downward trend may make some cards more obtainable to players who want to purchase them.

Next up: Pokémon cards that should be worth a lot of money

Source: Joe Merrick/Twitter, Charlie Harlocker/Polygon, The Pokémon Company, PSA

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What Makes Pokemon Cards Valuable

Pokemon cards In amazing condition (prices in description)

Over the past two years, online personalities such as Logan Paul have propelled Pokemon card collecting back into mainstream popularity. With some cards being valued at over $300,000, its understandable why theres been an explosion in excitement around the hobby.

But what makes Pokemon cards valuable? It all comes down to the rarity of the card and what condition the item is in. These two factors determine how much collectors are willing to pay and why some cards go for mind-boggling amounts of money. Below we will list the 24 most expensive TCG collectibles ever sold at auction.

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Pokemon Japanese Design Promo 4th Grade Winner Illusion’s Zoroark

  • Pokemon cards value: $40,800

During a tie-in event for the Ruler of Illusions: Zoroark movie, these were given out to winners of an illustration contest. The six winners were all granted 100 copies of the card they designed, which means there are only 100 copies of this specific card in circulation, making it one of the rarest Pokemon cards ever made.


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