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How Many Chapters Are In Pokemon Masters

Chapter 1: Ghostly Trio


Before the battle, Agatha prepares the team for the battle. Acerola is confident as they are all Elite Four, but Agatha scolds her that individual titles don’t matter in team battles.

The player meets Acerola, Agatha and Phoebe who want to show how strong Ghost-type Pokémon are.

Both Acerola and Phoebe are upset after losing the battle, and Agatha requests if Acerola and Phoebe could join the player’s team to experience more battles and meet new friends. Agatha remarks that she will start from scratch and sit back to watch the tournament and learn more about team battles. Acerola decides to join the player’s team while Phoebe states she wants to join Agatha to learn more about team battles.


Gym Leader Notes

What To Do After Beating Pokemon X And Y

This is a post-game walkthrough, so without further ado, here are the thirty things to do after beating Pokemon X and Y! A new adventure awaits in 3D as Pokémon X offers new Pokémon, new moves, new places, new mechanics, and the newest Mega Evolution innovation! Take a journey through Kalos and explore new sights! 1. Trade with Shauna

Pokemon Masters Ex Adds Final Story Chapter New Sync Pairs

There’s also a new Solo Event to complete.

Pokemon Masters EX was originally released in 2019. The game takes players to the island of Pasio, where they can compete in three-vs-three Pokemon battles using a wide variety of sync pairs .

When Pokemon Masters EX launched, the game had 18 story chapters for players to complete, and more have been added since launch. The story follows the players character on their quest to compete in the Pokemon Masters League.

On July 30, The Pokemon Company and developer DeNA announced the release of a new update for Pokemon Masters EX, which adds the final chapter to the games main story. Chapter 30 is called The Road to Victory, and it allows players to compete in the Pokemon Masters League Finals.

While this update ends the games main story, additional content will still be released in the game in the future.

The games latest update also allows players to add three new sync pairs to their collections for a limited time. Lear & Hoopa, Rachel & Umbreon, and Sawyer & Honchkrow will be available to collect via the Triple Feature Spotlight Scout until August 12 at 10:59 p.m. PT. Remember, the games Spotlight Scouts are like mystery boxes, meaning you wont know which sync pair youll receive before you spend the premium currency.

Pokemon Masters EX is available to download for free on iOS and Android devices. To learn more about the game, check out our previous coverage.

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Pokmon Masters Status Combos

If youre having trouble knocking out a strong Pokémon before it has time to finish you off with a Sync Move, make sure youre making good use of status combos for some easy extra damage. Tapping and holding an attack or skill in battle will show you its power, accuracy, and additional effects.

Some attacks can inflict common status conditions like Paralysis or Flinching, and certain Sync Moves can exploit these for tons of extra damage. One early example is Flannery and her Torkoal. Torkoals base attack, Ember, can inflict Burn with enough luck, and its Sync Move deals considerably more damage to a Burned target. Its best to build a team that synergizes well with these kinds of combos to exploit bonuses and take down foes fast.

Chapter : New Friends New Foes


The team head to the beach to find Barry. On the way, they battle Team Break who attempt to steal their partner Pokémon.

Barry then comes and mistakes them for Team Break and the player ends up battling Barry. After the battle, Barry finally recognizes Rosa and then apologizes for his mistake. The player decides to help Barry out who agrees to join after Team Break is defeated.

At a nearby cave hideout, they find and battle more Team Break thugs. They soon discover Paulo who has also come to defeat Team Break. After defeating more groups of Team Break, Barry asks Paulo to join their PML team. Paulo declines the offer as he plans to form his own team. He informs them that the volcano area is a popular location for Trainers and might be a good place to recruit more Trainers.

The player then enters the Pokémon Center and runs into Lear who insults the player as being an eyesore for his shoddy hat. Lear introduces himself and declares he will be the PML champion.


Buff Blend / Tech Tonic / Aid AdeGreat Buff Blend / Tech Tonic / Aid AdeSkill Capsule

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Dont Evolve Your Pokmon At The Minimum Level

One of the most iconic parts of Pokémon is evolution, and Pokémon Masters introduces a new way of evolving Pokémon. You still need to reach a certain level requirement , but then you need to defeat a powerful enemy in one-on-one combat.

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These battles are tough, and if you try them right away youre likely to fail. The good news is that evolution materials are only consumed if the attempt is successful, so youre only losing time. If you are struggling, however, try leveling up your Pokémon a few times before trying again.

Evolving a Pokémon will slightly increase its stats, but the real benefit comes at the final evolution. Upon reaching a Pokémons most evolved form, its sync power will become significantly stronger.

What Does It Do

One of only two Tech Pokefair units released thus far, Champion & Iris Hydreigon have two primary jobs in this game:

  • Drop enemy offenses
  • Sync nuke anything with lowered stats back to the stone-age
  • Game Modes

    In terms of practical usage, Champion Iris & Hydreigon have a generally solid track record across most of the games modes, making them an appealing sync pair overall.

    Champions Stadium: Master Mode

    Full Force Battles

    Iris & Hydreigon are doubtlessly effective here, but this format does hit one of their weaknesses more than most other modes the fact that their bread-and-butter is lowering enemy stats. Once you take down a foe, a new one will take its place without any of the stat-drops that the player has spent so much time carrying over, so at that point its basically time to start from scratch. Still, their ability to adapt to dropping whichever stat needs to be dealt with quickly and efficiently means that they can circumnavigate this issue fairly well.

    The Battle Villa

    Legendary Arena

    Here, Iris & Hydreigon are a bit of a mixed bag. Their stat-dropping ability can be invaluable, and their sync nuking ability is perfectly suited to what is generally a single-opponent format, but the fact that the opponent resets stat drops at each stage is a genuine problem. For this reason, Iris & Hydreigon are probably best saved for later stages of the fight, where they can cripple the 3rd stage in particular and then sync nuke them out of existence with ease.

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    Calem And Three New Story Chapters Coming To Pokemon Masters

    A new character and three additional story chapters are coming to Pokemon Masters.

    If you played Pokemon X and Y, you will recognize the latest character coming to Pokemon Masters: Calem.

    Calem was one of the main characters in X and Y and will be a Trainer you can interact with in three new story chapters.

    These new chapters will be added to the game on , and will continue the in-game story up to Chapter 21.

    Today, Expert Difficulty, one level above Very Hard, is now available for Strike, Tech, and Support courses within the Training Area. Playing on Expert will allow you to earn items more efficiently.

    New missions are also now available for a limited time. Completing these missions in the Main Story by November 6 will earn you in-game rewards. This includes up to 200 gems, 20 Big Pearls, and various training items.

    There are also Grass and Electric-type training events going on. These too are limited time events. Here, Grass-type and Electric-type sync pairs will earn increased experience points. Win co-op battles during the training event and you will be able to obtain vouchers that are exchangeable for items within the Shop.

    The Grass-type training event runs until October 30, and the Electric-type event until October 29.

    Have fun.

    Chapter : New Adventure New Goal

    [Pokemon Masters] Main Story – Chapter 19

    Brock, Misty and the player head to Centra City to find Trainers to join their PML team. After hearing some commotion, Brock spots Rosa and Cynthia. Rosa defends Cynthia who is not willing to battle a Punk Girl and Street Thug as she would like her Pokémon to rest. Brock and Misty try to cut the argument and end up battling them.

    Brock introduces the player to Rosa. Cynthia greets them and thanks them for their help. She remarks that she senses a great deal of potential in the player and then leaves.

    The player battles Rosa to convince her to join their PML team. After they win, Rosa decides to join the team. She wants to introduce the team to Barry.


    Buff Blend / Tech Tonic / Aid Ade Buff Blend / Tech Tonic / Aid Ade

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    How To Get Star Power

    Leveling your Pokémon is a great way to make them stronger, but the only way to increase their true potential is with star power-ups. Youll need several of them to get to the next star rating, but doing so will increase your Pokémons stats.

    So how do you get star power-ups in Pokémon Masters? The main way to get them is to pull a sync pair more than five times. On the sixth and beyond, the sync power is maxed and you will receive a three, four, or five-star power up instead.

    This requires spending a lot of money on gems, so for the time being collecting star power-ups this way isnt all that viable.

    Another way is through story events which offer rare items like the five star power-up items for a limited time. Be on the lookout for power-up rewards during timed events!

    Pokmon Masters Ex Releases Chapter 30 Of Pokmon Masters League Story Arc

    The Pokémon Masters League story arc for Pokémon Masters EX is finally coming to an end. Thats because the final chapter has been added to the games Main Story mode. Chapter 30, titled The Road to Victory, has players take part in the Pokémon Masters League Finals. This one is not going to be easy since theyll be facing the likes of Red & Charizard, Blue & Blastoise, and Leaf & Venusaur.

    For those who have been with the game since Day 1, there were initially 18 chapters launched in the Main Story. New chapters were then added regularly. Generally, the Main Story mode can be played in single-player but there are parts where co-op mode is possible.

    Pokémon Masters EX is set on an island known as Pasio. Pokémon battles here are different because they are about the bond between Trainers and Pokémon known as sync pairs. Players go through Pasio and meet Trainers from different regions. They battle with other Trainers to get the five Pokémon Masters League badges: Tranquility, Freedom, Patience, Harmony, and Pride. Getting all allows players to take part in the Pokémon Masters League.

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    Chapter : A Telling Aura

    Rosa is preoccupied by Lear and is determined to get stronger. With Skyla’s recommendation, the team sets off to visit the Evolution Fighter for further training. The team spots Korrina who skates up to them and agrees to train with them.

    On the way, they also meet Brendan, who wants to join in with the training.

    After a few battles, Korrina’s Lucario seems to have taken a liking of the team due to their strong bond with their Pokémon.

    They end the training session with a battle against Korrina. Korrina joins the player’s team after the battle.


    Skill Capsule

    Interlude : A Stubborn Obstacle

    Pokemon Masters

    With the fist half of the tournament over, Misty and Brock are confident of winning. Lear interjects and states that they have been lucky so far. He cannot understand how working in a team can lead them to victory and remarks that the only way to true strength is to train hard by yourself without relying on others. Lear then challenges them to a battle. If they refuse or lose he will revoke their right to compete in the tournament.

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    Pokemon Masters: How Many Chapters There Are

    Pokemon Masters, the new game in the long line of Pokemon mobile titles, is out now. As you may your way through the story mode, youll meet new characters and fight different Pokemon. So that you know how far through the game you are, heres everything you need to know about how many chapters there are in Pokemon Masters.

    Each chapter in the game has a few different parts, with you meeting new characters, taking part in a few battles, and recruiting a Sync Pair at the end of it.

    It all takes part in the new area of the Pokemon world, called Pasio, and you play as a trainer who is trying to enter the Master League. Youll earn gems to unlock new Sync Pairs and battle to level up, allowing you to progress through the chapters.

    Chapter : Rise Beyond The Flames

    The team arrive at a volcano and meet Flannery and Blaine who are in the midst of training. Blaine requests the player to battle their way up the volcano to find and battle Flannery at the peak.

    After several battles, Blaine meets the player and explains that he asked them of this favor so that Flannery could learn to depend on others through team battles.

    At the summit, the player battles Flannery and wins. Blaine remarks that although Flannery is a powerful Trainer, she has tunnel vision due to her status as a Gym Leader and that she needs friends she can trust. Blaine then challenges Flannery to join the player’s team and participate in the PML, and Flannery accepts. To her surprise, Blaine states he will be making his own PML team.

    The team head off to find Erika to earn their first Badge.


    Buff Blend / Tech Tonic / Aid AdeGreat Buff Blend / Tech Tonic / Aid AdeSkill Capsule

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    How Battles Work In Masters

    The combat in Pokemon Masters differs from the main series in two important ways:

    • Battles in Pokemon Masters are in real-time combat with the Action Gauge, instead of being Turn-based.
    • Every Pokemon only has one type and weakness. Pokemon of the same type won’t necessarily have the same weakness.

    The beginner’s guide aims to cover the basics and get players running, but for a more comprehensive guide check out the Battle Mechanics and Team Composition Guides below!

    HP – How much damage a Pokemon can take before it’s KO’d.

    Attack – How much damage a Pokemon will do for Physical moves

    Defense – How much damage reduction a Pokemon has against physical moves.

    Sp. Atk – How much damage a Pokemon will do for Special moves

    Sp. Def – How much damage reduction a Pokemon has against Special moves.

    Speed – Determines how fast the team’s Moveslot Gauge will fill up.

    • Enemy Targeting: Enemies in this game will tend to attack Pokemon with the highest Bulk. Bulk is calculated from a Pokemon’s defensive stats, with the formula: HP/2.75 + Def + Sp. Def.
    • Passive Skills: Pokemon can learn passive skills that provide a variety of effects in battle, from preventing critical strikes on them to healing from status effects whenever they attack.

    Co-Op is unlocked after beating Chapter 10. In co-op, players team up with up to two other teams for 9v9 Pokemon Battles!

    New Main Story Chapters Will Be Released For Pokmon Masters Ex On April 7 At 11 Pm Pt

    Pokemon Masters Chapter 7 All Battle

    Pokémon Masters EX, the strategy and battling Pokémon game for mobile platforms, is now available for download on the App Store and Google Play . In celebration of the games popularity, special in-game events and rewards are offered for a limited time on a regular basis.

    New Main Story Content Coming Soon!

    New chapters will be added to the Main Storysoon!

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    Where Can I Play Pokemon Adventure Red Chapter

    See Pokemon Adventure Red Chapter in action, Watch the video here. The Pokemon Adventure is based on Pokemon FireRed US version 1.0 ROM, to play the game you need to have a Gameboy Advance emulator, I suggest using MyBoyor any of the recommended GBA emulator for Android.

    Each element of each Chapter can be replayed as many times as you want to get more rewards, however many of them just have First Time Rewards that will only be available the first time you play. Co-Op? Chapter 19: Rematch VS.

    This is a post-game walkthrough, so without further ado, here are the thirty things to do after beating Pokemon X and Y! A new adventure awaits in 3D as Pokémon X offers new Pokémon, new moves, new places, new mechanics, and the newest Mega Evolution innovation! Take a journey through Kalos and explore new sights! 1. Trade with Shauna

    Chapter 2: Hearts Connected By Fashion

    Koga and Clair are downcast as a kid had commented on their weird fashion. Valerie walks by and recognizes Erika. Valerie, a fashion desginer, comments on how Koga and Clair’s fashion pair well with their partner Pokémon. For all her compliments, Clair offers to help Valerie in any way. Valerie reveals that she wants to become a Pokémon. When Koga explains that she cannot become a Pokémon using a sync stone, Valerie then asks the team to help her find someone she would like to meet.

    At that moment, fans of Elesa come and challenge Valerie to a battle in order to force her to make an outfit for Elesa. After the battle, Valerie and the player’s team go and find Elesa.

    In the forest, they find Elesa battling Leaf. After the battle, Elesa recognizes Valerie and asks of one request from her.

    Leaf, having heard of Valerie’s wish to become a Pokémon, asks the player to battle Valerie. After the battle, Valerie is surprised at how she felt one with her Sylveon when using a sync move. This makes her interested in battles in Pasio and asks Elesa for a battle. Elesa agrees and then asks Valerie to join the player’s team as they will be their third round opponents.


    Gym Leader Notes

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