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How To Evolve Spritzee In Pokemon Go

Pokmon Go: How To Evolve Spritzee

How to Evolve Spritzee into Aromatisse in Pokémon Go

Its interesting how you can take advantage of almost anything in the domain to create an idea for a Pokémon. Spritzee, such as, use to be effectively a cross between a bird and a perfume bottle, with a bit of doctor plague sprayed on for a slightly creepy aftertaste. That great schnoz has empathy for pleasing aromas, and it is through those lovely aromas, it happens to reach its complete perspective. For more info, visit .

Here is how to evolve Pokémon GO Spritzee

In leading Pokémon game, Spritzee would evolve to Aromatisse if swapped whereas holding a sachet. For those who dont pay much attention to aromatherapy, it is a sachet filled with aromatic potpourri that is generally used to infuse specific scents into things like handkerchiefs and clothing. Now clearly, there happen not to be any envelopes in Pokémon GO, but in the event that scent used to be the name of the game, there is something else that will work just fine: Frankincense.


Like Pokémon that can only evolve in the area of definite initiated Decoy Modules, Spritzee can only grow into Aromatisse in Pokémon GO if you have an Incense running at the time as 50 Spritzee Candy obtained by walking with it or by catching more Spritzees.

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Evolve Spritzee Into Aromatisse In Pokmon Go

The first thing that you should do to evolve Spritzee is to catch a few of them. You then have to collect a good amount of Candy, which you will need to evolve Spritzee into Aromatisse in Pokémon GO.

Heres how you can evolve Spritzee into Aromatisse:

  • First, tap on the Buddy icon in the bottom right corner of your screen.
  • Scroll down and select Swap Buddies.
  • Choose the Spritzee you wish to evolve to make it your buddy.
  • After that, activate an Incense or Mystery Box.
  • Lastly, spend 50 Spritzee Candy to evolve.
  • Make sure to select Spritzee as your buddy before going into an adventure and activating an Incense.

    Some players dont know that they have to put Spritzee as their buddy before they can evolve it, so dont forget this step to avoid wasting time and Incense.

    Using Lure Modules To Evolve Pokmon

    Image: The Pokémon Company

    If youre near a PokéStop, installing a special lure module can help you fill your Pokédex with new evolutions.

    If you use a lure module, it can also be used by other trainers in the area.

    So co-ordinate with your Pokémon pals and spread the joy by using one lure to help everyone get the evolutions they need.

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    Find Spritzee In Pokmon Shield

    There are many locations of Pokémon Shield where you can find Spritzee, including Route 5, the Glimwood Tangle, Stony Wilderness, and Giant’s Mirror. Pokemon trainers can have more chances to catch this Fairy Pokemon in the Lake of Outrage during the Max Raid Battles. The spawn rate of this Fairy Pokemon is also increased during special events, such as the Luminous Legends X Timed Research event.

    Pokmon Go: Easy Guide To Evolve Spritzee

    Pokémon GO: Easy Guide to Evolve Spritzee

    If you want to evolve Spritzee in Pokemon Go, then follow this guide in every possible way.

    Pokemon Go Evolving Spritzee Hope you guys are doing well. So we are back again with another guide on how to evolve Spritzee in Pokémon Go. Just hang on tight and make sure you guys follow each and every step to evolve this beautiful Pokémon.

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    Using Trades To Evolve Pokmon Without Candy

    Image: The Pokémon Company

    To save yourself a bunch of candy, some Pokémon can be traded and evolved immediately.

    If you get a lower evolution of a Pokémon in a trade, it will also get the zero candy benefit.

    For example, if you get a Machop in a trade, you can evolve it to Machop using 25 candy. Then you can evolve it into Machamp, but without the normal 100 Machop candy cost.

    • Boldore to Gigalith

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    How Do I Evolve Spritzee In Pokemon Go

    To evolve a Spritzee in Pokemon Go, you have to prepare 50 Spritzee Candies and an Incense. Then, you need to select a Spritzee to be your buddy Pokemon before popping the Incense and let Spritzee evolve itself.

    Below are the details of the Spritzee evolution process and the reason why you should evolve it.

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    How To Catch And Evolve Spritzee

    Spritzee, the Perfume Pokémon, a Fairy-typefrom the Kalos region also made its Pokémon GO debut with the Luminous LegendsX event.

    Unlike Goomy, Spritzee only has oneevolution, Aromatisse and requires 50 Spritzee Candy to evolve. However, evenif you accrue enough Candies, Pokémon Go will tell you that you must adventuretogether to evolve.

    Getting Spritzee Candies shouldnt pose agreat challenge. During the event, the new Pokémon is available in the wild,can be hatched from 7km eggs and is a reward in the field research tasks Catch 10 Fairy-type Pokémon and Use 7 Berries to help catch Pokémon. Forboth tasks, the reward can also be a Swirlix.

    To evolve Spritzee, in addition to the 50Candy requirement, you will have to use an Incense. Once you have your Incenseactivated, you will be able to evolve the new Fairy-type Pokémon.

    As the Incense is one of the premium itemsin the game, it is wise to wait until you have time to use the Incense to catchPokémon and not waste it on simply evolving Spritzee.

    Evolving Spritzee In Pokemon Go:

    How to evolve Spritzee in Pokemon Go

    Just like other pokemon Spritzee will also evolve at a particular point of time. For that, you have to activate all kinds of lure modules for Spritzee. For this, you will need incense. This will be continuously running so that a sweet smell would be around the pokemon. You will also need 50 Spritzee candies. As usual, you have to obtain it by spending some time with your pokemon like walking around or catching another Spritzee.

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    Pokemon Sword And Shield Spritzee

    Pokemon Sword and Shield Spritzee is a Fairy Type Perfume Pokémon, which makes it weak against Poison, Steel type moves. You can find and catch Spritzee in Route 5 with a 30% chance to appear during All Weather weather. The Max IV Stats of Spritzee are 78 HP, 52 Attack, 63 SP Attack, 60 Defense, 65 SP Defense, and 23 Speed.

    List of Spritzee Max IV Stats in Pokemon SW SH.

    Speed 23

    Based on this pokemons stats we consider the best nature for Spritzee to have is Sassy, this will increase its Sp. Def and decrease its Speed stats.

    Spritzee Abilities

    Protects itself and its allies from attacks that limit their move choices.

    Sword Pokedex Entry

    A scent pouch within this Pokémons body allows it to create various scents. A change in its diet will alter the fragrance it produces.

    Shield Pokedex Entry

    The scent its body gives off enraptures those who smell it. Noble ladies had no shortage of love for Spritzee.

    How To Catch Spritzee In Pokemon Go

    Make sure you get a Spritzee before knowing how to evolve a Spritzee in Pokemon GO. In case you havent had one, heres how to catch it.

    You can catch Spritzee in the wild. The chance to catch this Pokemon is not low. This Fairy-type Pokemon often appears in many Pokemon GOs events, such as Pokemon Go Catch Challenge. During that event, there are 500 Spritzee for Pokemon trainers to catch. Moreover, there are some ways to find and catch this Fairy-type Pokemon in the wild.

    Yooki May 13, 2021 | Mobile Games

    Spritzee is a lovely Pokemon of the Fairy type. Check out this guide on how to evolve Spritzee in Pokemon GO to get an Aromatisse.

    The interesting game Pokemon GO brings you to the fantastic Pokemon world with lots of lovely creatures, including Spritzee. You can become a professional Pokemon trainer and catch your favorite Pokemon. Check out this guide on how to evolve Spritzee in Pokemon GO.

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    How To Catch And Evolve Swirlix

    Swirlix, the Cotton Candy Pokémon is also aFairy-type coming from the Kalos region. Like Spritzee, this Pokémon also hasonly one evolution Slurpuff, the Meringue Pokémon.

    To get Slurpuff, you will need 50 SwirlixCandies. You can stack up on the Candy during the Luminous Legends X event byfinding Swirlix in the wild, hatch it from 7km eggs and earn an encounter bycompleting the Catch 10 Fairy-type Pokémon and Use 7 Berries to help catchPokémon research tasks. For both tasks, the reward can also be a Spritzee.

    Once you have your Swirlix and 50 Candies,theres an additional requirement to evolve it into Slurpuff. You can unlockthe evolution by making your desired Swirlix your buddy and feeding it 25treats.

    Make sure to take advantage of the ongoing eventand get enough candies for the evolutions of the three new Pokémon. There isstill a week ahead before the Luminous Legends X event comes to a close on May17.


    Pokemon Sword And Shield: How To Evolve Spritzee

    Pokémon Sword &  Shield: How To Find &  Evolve Spritzee Into ...

    The first step to preforming this evolution is to catch a Spritzee, and players with Pokemon Shield should have little trouble doing exactly that. Indeed, Spritzee spawns at a rate of 30% in the overworld on Route 5, which means that fans should see it in this area fairly consistently. Additionally, this Gen 6 Pokemon has a 14% spawn rate in the tall grass found along Route 5, giving Shield players even more opportunities to catch one.

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    Things do get more complicated for those fans with Pokemon Sword, though, as Spritzee will simply not appear in their games. Instead of catching a Spritzee, these players will need to trade for one, and that can be done in a number of way. Perhaps the fastest of these ways is to utilize the Pokemon trading communities that are found on sites like Reddit, though it always possible that a fan could get lucky and receive a Spritzee during a Surprise Trade in Pokemon Sword and Shield.

    After obtaining a Spritzee, players that are interested in evolving it will need to procure a Sachet. However, that will not be possible until a fan has beat Pokemon Sword and Shield and unlocked a special vendor that stands along the right wall in the Hammerlocke Pokemon Center. This vendor will sell players a Sachet at a cost of 10 BP, and fans should have their Spritzee hold the item once it has been acquired.

    Pokemon Sword and Shield are available now for Nintendo Switch.

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    How To Evolve Spritzee Into Aromatisse In Pokmon Go

    Take advantage of Spritzee’s love of fragrances to evolve it.

    The Luminous Legends X event has begun in Pokémon Go and with it marks the debut of Spritzee and Aromatissepure Fairy-type Pokémon first discovered in the Kalos region.

    Spritzee was originally a Pokémon exclusive to Pokémon Y. But now, Pokémon Go trainers can find it all over the world in increased amounts. Its evolved form, Aromatisse, is also now accessible within the game, but the manner in which Spritzee evolves has changed drastically.

    In the mainline Pokémon titles, Spritzee evolved into Aromatisse by trading it to another player while holding the Sachet item, which is said to emit strong-smelling perfumes that only these Pokémon enjoy. Pokémon Go takes this emphasis on Spritzees love for fragrances and places a twist on it that aligns with features in the game.

    To evolve Spritzee into Aromatisse, players must take advantage of Incenses. First, Sprtizee must be your Buddy Pokémon, which can be changed by going into the Buddy menu and scrolling to the bottom. Next, use an Incense while Spritzee is your Buddy Pokémon, regardless of whether the Incense is attuned for a specific event. The option to evolve Spritzee will then be available via the menu for the price of 50 Spritzee Candies. Then, youll finally have your hands on the Fragrance Pokémon, Aromatisse.

    Catch Spritzee In Pokmon Shield

    You can make use of its weak points to catch this Pokemon easily. For example, Poke hunters can use Poison and Steel-type Pokemon to catch Spritzee. Dont use Dragon-type Pokémon to fight Spritzee to catch it. Instead, you can use Hydreigon or Goodra. This Gen-6 Pokemon is boosted by the Cloudy weather. Moreover, it best moves Thunderbolt and Charm.

    Those are things you need to know about Spritzee and a detailed guide on how to evolve Spritzee in Pokemon GO. If you havent got a Spritzee, go out and catch one for you.

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    How To Get A Sachet In Pokemon Sword And Shield

    Unfortunately, the only way to find this item in Pokemon Sword and Shield is to use Battle Points, which means beating the game. Youll have to head to the Hammerlocke Pokemon Center and speak to the trader standing to the right of the Pokemart vendors. She will sell you a Sachet for 10 BP, a currency you can only earn by taking part in the Battle Tower which is unlocked once you beat the campaign of Pokemon Sword and Shield. Beyond the above, you could trade with a friend who has one if youre too early in the game.

    Sachet Effect And How To Get It


    This is a page on the item Sachet and its effect, as well as how to get it. Read on for more information on this item and where to find it.

    List of Contents

    Update: Pokémon Sword and Shield: How to Spot a Fake Pokémon & Get a Gigantamax Pokémon

    Pokemon Sword and Shield have been out for a week now, and many trainers may have missed the special evolution conditions required for some Pokemon. Among them, there are Pokemon like Spritzee and Swirlix that can only be evolved during the games end-game content.

    Heres how you could evolve Spritzee and Swirlix into Aromatisse and Slurpuff, respectively. Towards the end of this article, there are also instructions on how to evolve Pokemon with special evolution conditions introduced in Pokemon Sword and Shield.

    Evolving Swirlix and Spritzee

    Swirlix and Spritzee are two Pokemon with special evolution conditions introduced in Pokemon X and Y. They were version exclusives of either game. Swirlix can be found in Route 7 of Pokemon X, while Spritzee can be found in the same location at Pokemon Y. The same is true in Pokemon Sword and Shield: Swirlix is a Pokemon Shield exclusive, while Spritzee is a Pokemon Sword exclusive.

    Both Swirlix and Spritzee can be caught at Route 5, fairly early in the game. However, the requirements needed to evolve them are locked until you beat the Pokemon Champion.

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    Pokemon Sword and Shield Special Evolution Conditions

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    Pokmon Go Special Evolutions How To Get Pangoro Sylveon Glaceon Aromatisse Slurpuff Sirfetchd Galarian Cofagrigus And More

    • 0

    Image: The Pokémon Company

    Scraping together enough candy to evolve a new Pokémon can be a grind. But to bring more fun to filling your Pokédex, a handful of creatures need a little extra attention before theyll blossom into their next form.

    Evolving Pokémon using items has always been part of Pokémon GO. But recently Niantic has introduced more interesting ways to evolve Pokémon and if the online rumours from data miners are true, this number will swell as more creatures are introduced.

    Well update this guide as more special evolutions are introduced. But, for now, heres everything you need for evolution expertise that would put Darwin to shame.

    It Takes More Than Using An Incense

    If youve been playing a lot of the Luminous Legends X event in Pokémon GO then you may have come across your very own Spritzee. While this new species has been added along with its evolution, Aromatisse, the game isnt quite clear on how to handle the evolution between the two. It tells you how its done, in its own way, but players around the world have been confused due to a lack of clear direction. To help out, heres how to evolve Spritzee into Aromatisse in Pokémon GO.

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    Pokmon Go How To Evolve Spritzee Into Aromatisse

    If youve been playing a lot of the Luminous Legends X event in Pokémon GO then you may have come across your very own Spritzee. While this new species has been added along with its evolution, Aromatisse, the game isnt quite clear on how to handle the evolution between the two. It tells you how its done, in its own way, but players around the world have been confused due to a lack of clear direction. To help out, heres how to evolve Spritzee into Aromatisse in Pokémon GO.

    Mossy And Glacial Lure Modules

    Pokemon Sword and Shield: How to Evolve Spritzee into ...
    • Training with a team leader

    Unova stones are even rarer, but can be nabbed randomly from:

    • Weekly field research breakthroughs
    • Beating a Team GO Rocket leader

    If youre planning to use a stone, be patient.

    Dont squander your stones on evolving low power Pokémon. Hold on until youve made an impressive 3-star catch, then use your precious stone to get a hard-hitting fighter.

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    Make Spritzee A Buddy In Pokemon Go In Order To Evolve It

    Players need to go to the Spritzee that they want to evolve in Pokemon GO, and they need to make it their buddy. To do that, players simply need to tap the buddy icon next to the player avatar on the bottom left of the screen. From there, scroll down and select the swap buddy option. Spritzee can then be selected, and buddies can be swapped 20 times per day.

    With Spritzee chosen as a buddy, the next step is to use an incense item. Players can then evolve Spritzee into an Aromatisse by spending the 50 candy and tapping the evolve button.

    When players initially catch Spritzee, some text under the evolve button will say players need to adventure with the Pokemon to evolve it into an Aromatisse. Its vague, but these steps will allow players to get their first Aromatisse in Pokemon GO.


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