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How To Beat Ho Oh Pokemon Go

Cp Range And Perfect Ivs

First Look at How to Beat Giovanni SHADOW HO-OH Team in Pokemon GO

Ho-Ohs IVs will make his CP range from 2119 to 2207 CP without weather boost. If you get to the catch screen and see 2207 CP then be sure to use Golden Razz Berries and go for excellent throws, cause thats a 100% perfect IV Ho-Oh. If the weather shifts to either Sunny or Windy then the range will change to 2649 to 2759 CP, so be even more cautious catching at that 2759 CP level since it will be a level 25, perfect IV Ho-Oh if you get it. But to do that you have to win the fight, so heres the best counters against Ho-Oh in Pokémon GO for January 2021.

How To Beat Giovanni Shadow Ho

In order to defeat Giovanni in Pokémon Go in August 2021, you must first defeat his pokemon lineup.

Trainers should be able to counter what Giovanni brings to the battle with the following lineup of possible counters. There are certainly loads of different Pokemon that can fill in for this suitable lineup, however, most should have no difficulties putting together the team suggested here!

Currently, he always uses Persian as the;main Pokémon.;You can battle with one of these Pokémon at random:

  • First Pokémon: Persian
  • Second Pokémon: Kangaskhan, Garchomp, or Nidoking
  • Third Pokémon: Shadow Ho-Oh

How To Beat Team Leaders In Pokemon Go

If youre looking to take on the other Team Go Rocket Leaders, check out our guide to take down Arlo, defeat Cliff, and finally, our guide to beat Sierra.

So, there you have it, everything you need to know about the best counters to beat Giovanni in Pokemon Go for September 2021.

For all of the best tips and tricks to become the very best, make sure to check out our other guides:

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Tips For Defeating Arlo

Unlike standard Team GO Rocket Grunts, Leaders can use Shields. Leaders will use up one of their shields every time you use a Charge Move, so its good to have a Pokemon with a Charge Move that has a low energy requirement such as Machamp with Cross Chop so you can burn through their shields quickly and hit their later Pokemon hard with a stronger Charge Move with a higher energy requirement.

According to a set of tips from user Paraprosdokian7 and LanAkou, the Pokemon used by Team GO Rocket Leaders have souped up attack stats. That means that its not only important to use Pokemon that can deal super effective damage but ones that can resist their attacks. You can bait the leaders into using up all their shields quickly if you use fast charging Charge Moves constantly in the beginning. That way your more powerful Charge Moves can hit the opponent without a hitch. If you can kill a Pokemon easily with Fast Moves, save up your Charge Moves for the next Pokemon they send out especially if that Pokemon isnt weak to your Fast Moves. Click on the links on each user for more info.

Rewards include 1,000 Stardust and two of the following rewards: one Unova Stone, one Sinnoh Stone, one Max Revive, three Revives, one Max Potion or three Max Potions according to The Silph Road Subreddit. Youll also get to capture one of the Shadow Pokemon used by the leader with a chance of them being shiny, according to Pokemon GO Hub.

Which Pokmon Does Arlo Have


To keep things exciting in Pokémon GO, the Team Rocket leaders will have their Pokémon pool rotated roughly every month. This means that it wont always be the same fights when going up against a leader like Arlo, forcing players to stay up to date with the most recent changes.;

As of June 2021, Arlo has a good mix of potential Pokémon but most of them are fairly simple to counter. Only the first Pokémon that Arlo sends out is guaranteed, followed up by a pool of three potential Pokémon for his second and third respectively. Here is Arlos Pokémon in June 2021.;

1st Pokémon:;

  • Shadow Vileplume

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Pokmon Go Fest Team Rocket Leader Counters: How To Beat Arlo Cliff Sierra And Giovanni

This post was updated with details on the team I used in each fight

Pokémon GO Fest Day 2 is here, and everything revolves around a large-scale Team Rocket invasions: balloons, Pokestops, leaders and more. While the grunts shouldnt be all that difficult to take down, completing the Rocket Straight to Victory special research will require you to take down all four leaders: Cliff, Sierra, Arlo and Giovanni.

Lucky for us, each leader seems to have a set lineup for the event, which makes it a lot easier to take them down. Early reports also suggest that theyve received significant nerfs from their pre-event states, so even if youve been struggling with them before you should be able to complete the special research. Three of these lineups were on the Pokémon GO Blog, but credit to Serebii for Giovannis:

Sierra: Beldum, Houndoom, and Zapdos

Beldum is Steel and Psychic, and Id recommend bringing a strong Fire-type to counter the steel part of that. Charizard, Moltres, Flareon, Entei or Chandelure should do the trick. For Houndoom, fighting, water or rock will do it: Machamp, Kyogre or Tyranitar will have it down. For Zapdos, Rock-type or Ground-type will be excellent counters: think Tyranitar, Rhyperior, Mamoswine or one of your new Garchomps.

My Team: Entei, Kyogre, Rock Tyranitar

Cliff: Pinsir, Tyranitar, and Articuno

My Team: Entei, Machamp, Rock Tyranitar

Arlo: Mawile, Scizor, and Moltres

My Team: Entei, Moltres, Rock Tyranitar

Giovanni: Persian, Sandslash, Mewtwo

What Is The Optimal Team

This all depends on what Pokemon Giovanni brings with him, however, you can definitely be smart about it.

Giovannis Persian will always be out first, so youll want to start your team with a Fighting-type Pokemon to counter this, plus maybe Kangaskhan in second place.

Thats Persian/Kangaskhan covered, so now onto Nidoking and Garchomp both of which are weak against Ice-type moves.

Finally, seeing as Rampardos is the best counter for Ho-Oh, thats who Id bring. However, any Rock-type Pokemon are solid choices.

Overall, Id choose:

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Pokmon Go: How To Find Shadow Ho

Shadow Ho-Oh is Giovanni’s next Shadow Pokemon in Pokemon Go. This guide will show players how they can find and capture this legendary bird.

Shadow Ho-Oh will soon be joining the Pokedex in Pokémon;Go. This guide will show players how they can find and capture it. Pokémon;Go is kicking off Summer with a ton of new events taking place in June. The first event saw;the legendary golem trio making an appearance in raid battles, and a surprise legendary will replace them later in the month. Not only that, but Giovanni, leader of Team Rocket, began the month with a Shadow Zapdos. Players had the chance to save this Pokémon;by defeating him in battle. Zapdos will be available until June 17 but will soon be replaced by another legendary bird, Shadow Ho-Oh.

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Giovanni will begin to carry around a Shadow Ho-Oh starting from June 17 and continue to do so until September 1. All through the summer, players will be able to participate in a new Special Research task known as “A Seven-Colored Shadow.” If players complete this Special Research, they will be rewarded with a Super Rocket Radar for tracking down Giovanni. He is one of the toughest AI characters available in the game, but;he is worth fighting to capture this;shadow Pokémon. This guide will show players how they can find and capture Shadow Ho-Oh in Pokémon; Go.

How To Encounter Arlo In Pokmon Go

This Team DESTROYS Giovanni Shadow Ho Oh Below 1000 CP in Pokemon GO

Meeting Arlo in a battle in Pokémon GO requires a Team Rocket Radar, which can be bought in the in-game store for 200 Pokécoins. For players who dont want to spend money on the game, its also possible to earn a Team Rocket Radar by defeating Team Rocket Grunts.;

Every time a Team Rocket Grunt is defeated, every player will be rewarded with a Mysterious Component. Getting six Mysterious Components will turn them all into a Team Rocket Radar, which will then spawn one of the three leaders at random when activated. One out of three times, the encounter will be against Arlo.;

In some rare cases, its also possible to obtain a Super Rocket Radar which will give an encounter with Team Rocket leader Giovanni himself.

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Pokemon Go: How To Beat Giovanni July 2021

Last month, the Team GO Rocket Leader Giovanni returned with a vengeance.

He said goodbye to Shadow Zapdos and returned to battle with a formidable Shadow Ho-Oh.

To capture the Shadow Ho-Oh and free it from Team GO Rockets clutches, players first have to take down the leader and his three fearsome Pokemon which can often be easier said than done.

So, lets take a look at how to beat Giovanni in July 2021 and consider the weaknesses and counters of all of his Pokemon.

Pokémon UNITE is coming this summer!

What Weather To Watch For

Given his dual typing of Fire and Flying Ho-Oh will be boosted by both Sunny and Windy weather. If you want an extra challenge with a better reward of a stronger Ho-Oh waiting at the end then you can watch for either of these to catch the powered up Pokémon. However, if you want an easier time in your legendary raid you can wait for Partly Cloudy weather, which will boost the Rock type Pokémon youll be using to counter Ho-Oh.

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How To Get A Seven

A Seven-Colored Shadow is available to those who signed into Pokemon GO between June 17 and September 1, 2021. Players should have it made available as soon as they sign in. If this isnt the case, its likely because the player needs to complete other Team Go Rocket-related special research missions. A Seven-Colored Shadow should pop up after those are cleared.

How To Get Shiny Ho

Pokemon GO: How to beat Ho

Once you do defeat the legendary bird you have a chance at getting a shiny Ho-Oh as your reward. Theres no way to boost these chances, so the only tip for how to get shiny Ho-Oh in Pokémon GO is to do as many raids as you can while you can. Once one appears just know that the catch is guaranteed if the ball connects, so feel free to use a Pinap Berry to get extra candy.

And thats our Pokémon GO Ho-Oh raid guide for January 2021, showing you all the best counters and how to beat the legendary bird.


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How To Beat Ho

| Jun 20, 2021

Shadow Ho-Oh is now available for players to catch in Pokemon GO, but not before you beat it first. The legendary fire- and flying-type Pokemon is now a member of Team GO Rocket boss Giovanni’s team, and players must defeat it before they can rescue it from Giovanni’s clutches.

Here’s our guide for how to beat Shadow Ho-Oh, and add the legendary Pokemon to your collection.

Weâre hearing reports that Giovanni will have Shadow Ho-Oh in his grasp! Complete the Team GO Rocket Special Research, A Seven-Colored Shadow, to earn a Super Rocket Radar. This will help you track down the Team GO Rocket Boss and save Shadow Ho-Oh!!

â Pokémon GO

Pokemon Go: How To Beat Arlo In May 2021

As Team GO Rocket continue their attack on Pokestops during the Pokemon GO Grunt Challenge, defeating Arlo remains a challenge for trainers.

As many Pokemon GO trainers are aware, Team GO Rocket are a team of infamous villains that will battle anyone who interacts with them. They are currently invading Pokestops worldwide with their shadow Pokemon, and defeating them can be pretty tricky for players.

However, once a Team GO Rocket member is defeated in a battle, players are granted the chance to capture one of their shadow Pokemon, which comes with many benefits. For example, when a shadow Pokemon is caught, trainers can either let the Pokemon remain dark for higher attack stats or be purified for higher CP.

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How Do You Beat The Legendary Ho

Since Ho-Oh is a Flying- and Fire-type Pokémon, it’s weaknesses will be familiar to anyone who has battled Charizard or Moltres in Legendary Raids, but it’s strengths are all new ;thanks to its different movesets, including Solar Beam.

So, Golem and Tyranitar with Stone Edge will still serve you well. Unless Ho-Oh has Solar Beam. Then Raikou and Zapdos should be your go-tos. If you need to round your squad out, hit up Dragonite and Vaporeon or

Hydro Pump

How To Counter And Catch Shadow Ho

HOW TO BEAT HO-OH IN POKÃMON GO (UPDATED Ho-oh Raid guide: Jul 2020)

If history in Pokemon GO tells players anything, it’s that Giovanni will begin the fight with a Persian. After that, there is a gamble between Nidoking, Garchomp, and Khangaskhan, which there is a guide for. Then it’s time to battle Shadow Ho-Oh. Keep in mind that Ho-Oh is weak to Rock-types, followed by Electric and Water-types as a secondary.

Shadow Ho-Oh counters

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Pokemon Go: How To Beat Ho

Pokemon GO’s newest legendary raid is giving players a fair bit of trouble, but knowing which Pokemon to bring into battle should give trainers the best shot at victory.

Now that the;Pokemon GO Global Catch Challenge has come to a conclusion, trainers everywhere have access to double stardust and XP until December 1st. In addition, the legendary;Pokemon Ho-Oh has finally arrived in Raid Battles, and is proving to be quite the difficult opponent so far.

In order to assist players in defeating, and hopefully capturing, the popular Rainbow;Pokemon, fan group PokeWreck has put together an infographic that will help players choose the optimal;Pokemon GO;team to take on the challenging raid. As a Fire/Flying-Type;Pokemon, Ho-Oh has a weakness to Rock, Electric, and Water-Type attacks which trainers should take full advantage of when picking their opening line-ups.

As shown in the image above, Ho-Oh’s best counter is Omastar due to its Water/Rock typing and its powerful super-effective attacks. Golem is also a good choice against the legendary bird, due to its strength against both Fire and Flying-Type attacks. The two counters can each learn powerful Rock-Type moves and players should make good use of their Quick and Charge TMs to ensure that Rock Throw is the;Pokemons’ standard attack.

Pokemon GO is out now for Android and iOS.

How Do You Catch The Legendary Ho

Legendary Raid Bosses are really hard to catch and Ho-Oh, like Lugia, should be one of the hardest. But here’s the thing… Ho-Oh doesn’t backflip like Lugia did. It’s also really close, so it’s easy to hit. And it’s catch ring is HUGE, so it’s easy to get bonuses. Still:

  • ABC. Always be curving. Once you can nail Curve Ball every time, you’ll get a 1.7x bonus every time.
  • Max out your medals. If you have both the Flying and Fire medals, it’s an automatic 1.1x to 1.3x bonus to your catch.
  • Play patient. Raid bosses defend better than normal Pokémon, so wait until 3/4 of the way through their attack animation and then make your catch. You should hit just as the ring appears.
  • Consistency counts. Aim for the smallest throw bonus you can nail every time. If that’s Nice, it’s nice. If that’s Great or Excellent, even nicer. But better the bonus you get then one you miss, and every extra 1.3 to 2x counts.
  • Nanab over nothing. If you have a hard time even hitting the Ho-Oh, use a Nanab. Some chance is better than no chance.
  • Go Golden: If you have Golden Razz Berries, and the Raid Boss you’re trying to catch is either your first or the higher stats you’ve encountered, lay them on. Their 2.5x modifiers are the best in the game.
  • Keep hitting. Your chance to catch with any one Premier Ball is low but your chance to catch with multiple Premier Ball hits over multiple Raids becomes close to a statistical sure thing. So never give up!
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    How Do I Find Arlo

    Take down Team Rocket grunts at PokéStops to get six Mysterious Components. After obtaining six, theyll piece together into a tracker to find a Team Rocket leader. Youll battle one of the three gym leaders at various PokéStops marked by the tracker. You wont know which gym leader is there, but their locations only change once per day so you should have plenty of time to find the one youre looking for.

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    How To Beat Ho Oh Pokemon Go

    Pokémon GO: How to Beat and Capture Ho

    Ho-Oh is a strong and powerful Pokemon and to catch him during the event you should know about the counters and weaknesses, so if you dont know about these things then have a look at the weakness and counters of Ho Oh.

    Ho-Oh Weakness:;Ho-Oh is a strong Pokemon and it is very difficult to beat him but all Pokemon have some weakness, doesnt matter how strong the Pokemon is. So, Ho-Oh is weak against Electric, Water, and Rock-type moves. Ho-Oh is a fire and flying type Pokemon and you should not use Bug, Fairy, Fighting, Fire, Grass, Ground, and Steel types against him.

    So what you can use? Have a look.

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