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Where To Find Ditto In Pokemon Go

Alternative: Catch Ditto In Raids

How to Catch Ditto in Pokemon Go – How-To Guide and Tips

Since the June 2020 update of Pokémon GO , you can also catch rare Pokémon in so-called raids. However, the selection of Raid Pokémon is currently limited and Ditto is not one of the Pokémon that appear there. It is questionable whether this will change in the near future. However, you can always check this yourself:

  • Tap the icon with the wild Pokémon in the lower right corner and switch to the Raid tab.
  • There you can see all active raids in your area including the Pokémon that can be caught in them. If only one large egg appears here, wait until the time shown so that the Pokémon behind it is revealed.
  • If you actually see a ditto in the preview, run to the appropriate arena within the time shown and start the fight. It is best to compete there with several friends , as the raid Pokemon are all very strong.
  • Once you defeat Ditto, you will receive several Poké Balls with which you can catch it as usual.

Tip #: The Nearby Pokmon Tracker Is Your Best Friend

On the map screen, youll have an option in the bottom right which will show you the silhouette of Pokémon appearing nearby.

If youre out of Incense and Lures, you can use this to track them down yourselves, just be aware that the silhouette wont show a Ditto. Tapping on one of the silhouettes will plot a course on your map taking you straight to the tracked Pokémon, which you can then try to catch and hope for the best.

List: Ditto Hides In These Pokmon

According to the current state of the game, Ditto can hide in the following Pokémon, which identify themselves as being Ditto once they are caught.

  • 013: Hornliu
  • 543: Toxiped
  • 590: Tarnpigno

However, since the update you will encounter Ditto in the form of other Pokemon. Usually it is a simple Magikarp, Taubsi, Rattfratz or Zubat. Alternatively, it can also be a Hoothoot, Yanma, Wiesor or Webarakt. Only after the fight is over do you see that there is actually a ditto hidden behind the facade.

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What Does Ditto Disguise As

The same can be disguised as Pikachu and can be obtained by renaming Pikachu with the wrong name, like in the cartoon. It can disguise itself as a rock or even as a rock Pokémon. The same can be spread during the events of Mew, just as Ditto can be found in Cerulean Cave in the original Pokémon games.

Dittos Are The Same For Everyone

[Pokemon Go] Catching monsters, supporting the community ...

Unlike shiny Pokemon, which are entirely random and not shared by fellow players, Ditto can always be found inside a set Pokemon spawn. This means that if you are looking for a Ditto and a fellow player finds one, if you can get to that spot, youll get it too. If you are subscribed to a Pokemon Go Discord group, ask players to keep you updated in your area but be fast as they wont stay around long.

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How To Catch A Ditto Quick Tips

In contrast to all other Pokémon, you will encounter Ditto in the form of another pocket monster . If you want to catch Ditto, consider the following tips :

  • First, make sure you have as many Poké Balls in stock as possible, as the process will take a few tries.
  • Now try to catch as many low-level Pokémon as you can. Its best to use smoke and lure modules to catch as many Pokémon as possible. There is no other special trick to force Ditto to spawn.
  • If you have successfully caught a Ditto, as we described above, an Oh! Text will be displayed like when a Pokémon hatches from an egg and Ditto will reveal its actual shape for you.
  • The actual WP value of Ditto is also much higher than of the fake Pokémon with which it masked itself. So then check the values in the Pokédex .

How To Catch Ditto In Pokmon Go In January : What Pokmon Is Currently Transforming Into

This article belongs to the game guide Pokémon GO

In this guide you will find all the information you need about Ditto in Pokémon GO: how to capture him, what Pokémon he transforms into and what you need to do to find him.

Ditto is one of the most special pokémon in Pokémon GO And it is for a simple reason: it can transform into different pokémon and pretend to be them.

To make his capture more difficult, Niantic often makes the Pokémon that Ditto transforms into change every month. January is here and therefore, here we leave you all the information you need to know about this pink pokémon.

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How To Trade For A Ditto In Pokemon Go

At the start of 2021, Pokemon Go developers added a trading feature to the game. Now, players can exchange their Pokemon with friends, but each monster can only be traded once. If you have no luck in catching a Ditto but your friend has multiple, you can trade one of your Pokemon to Ditto. Heres how to do that:

  • Meet with a friend who owns a Ditto. You must be physically in the same place to trade.
  • Launch Pokemon Go and navigate to your Trainer Profile.
  • Navigate to the Friends tab to see your friend list.
  • Tap the name of a friend youd like to trade Pokemon with.
  • Tap Trade.
  • Youll see a list of all your Pokemon, along with their stats. Select the one you want to give away.
  • Tap Next and wait for your friend to select the Ditto.
  • Youll see the amount of Stardust needed to trade your Pokemon and the amount of Candy youll receive. If youre satisfied, tap Confirm.
  • Congrats! Ditto is now in your Pokedex.
  • Note: Pokemon HP, CP, and other stats are adjusted after trading based on the players level. So, if youre level 13 and your friend is level 26, you wont be able to get as strong Pokemon as they own.

    Ditto’s Move List In Pokemon Go

    Pokemon Go: How to catch Ditto

    Like Ditto in the mainline Pokémon games, Pokémon GO’s Ditto is primarily capable of transforming into its opponent when it engages in a face-off at a Gym. By doing so, Ditto acquires the same moves and CP level as its rival but if Ditto’s base CP is actually lower than the Pokémon it imitates, don’t expect a one-on-one match-up. Ditto also knows “Struggle,” a Normal-type move that damages the opposing Pokémon.

    Ditto is primarily used as breeding fodder in mainline Pokémon games, but since Pokémon can’t be bred in the traditional way in Pokémon GO, it’s more of a curiosity for now. Still, it’s nice to have that missing gap in Pokémon GO’s PokéDex finally filled out.

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    How To Get Shiny Ditto In Pokmon Go

    Shiny Ditto was originally released into Pokémon Go as part of the Tour: Kanto event and was one of the rewards from the Pokémon Go Tour: Kanto Special Research quest, which was only available to players who brought a ticket for the event. It was made available to all players – both in the wild or from completing a specific activity, such as a Research Breakthrough – at the start of the Season of Mischief on Wednesday, 1st September 2021.

    There are two rules, however, for catching a shiny Ditto, which we know thanks to G2gMedia over on Twitter.

    The first is that if one of Pokémon which can be a Ditto, such as Drowzee, appears in its shiny form when you attempt to catch it, this Pokémon will not transform into a Ditto.

    This ensures you won’t miss out on the opportunity to catch a shiny version of this Pokémon, such as shiny Drowzee, which you may need for your collection.

    The second is if you do successfully find a Pokémon which will turn into a Ditto upon being caught, then there is a chance it will turn into a shiny Ditto.

    Basically if you want a shiny Ditto, then you need to keep catching the non-shiny versions of the Pokémon listed above until you get lucky!

    Pokemon Go Ditto December 2021 Shiny And The Chances Of Getting A Ditto

    Not sure if Ditto is still a thing in Pokemon Go, but it would be nice to get a hold of this mysterious and rare Pokemon, and if that Ditto turns out to be a Shiny one, that would be even better.

    Ditto, known as the Transformation Pokemon, is among one of the rarest Pokemon to encounter in the game, and the bad thing is that it is part of many Research tasks and quests. The odds of finding a Ditto in the wild at the moment is roughly 3%, which is extremely low.

    After many Trainer tears, Niantic has made it easier for us to encounter a Ditto by releasing a list of possible Ditto disguises, and here is the list.

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    General Pokemon Go Ditto Information

    Ditto is a Normal Pokemon. While you will get 3 candy for catching it as is standard, there is no evolved form. You can power it up though as with other Pokemon with a combination of candy and Stardust. If you want to walk with Ditto as your buddy, it will earn a candy for every 3km achieved.

    Once you’ve got a Ditto, mission complete! Until it inevitably appears again as a Special Research task, at which point you can refresh your memory by revisiting this page.

    Give me a game and I will write every “how to” I possibly can or die trying. When I’m not knee-deep in a game to write guides on, you’ll find me hurtling round the track in F1, flinging balls on my phone in Pokemon Go, pretending to know what I’m doing in Football Manager, or clicking on heads in Valorant.

    Are There Any More Reliable Methods Of Catching Ditto

    [HOT] How to Catch Ditto in Pokémon GO in October 2021

    You could try joining Pokémon GO Facebook groups for your area, and keeping an eye on them to see if any members report finding a Ditto. If they share which Pokémon they caught that turned into a Ditto, that can really help as that narrows down the type of Pokémon you should prioritise catching. The types of Pokémon nearby that could be Ditto is the same for everybody.

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    Grind With Lures And Incense

    If the community has failed you and you havent caught a Ditto naturally, its time to resort to items. Setting up shop at a PokéStop is your best bet. That way, you can drop a Lure and Incense to attract Pokémon to your location for a half hour or more, depending on how many PokéCoins you have to spare.

    Although this a brute-force solution, it is effective. If you can find a few other people hunting Dittos in your area, you can put together your items for hours for mindless grinding. Although theres no guaranteed Ditto drop rate, it shouldnt be too difficult to find one, especially if youre spending some special items.

    How To Catch A Shiny Ditto In Pokmon Go

    With September comes a new season, a Season of Mischief and shiny Ditto hunting!

    WePC is reader-supported. When you buy through links on our site, we may earn an affiliate commission.

    With Pokémon Gos latest update comes a new season, the Season of Mischief. This new update brings with is a series of goodies. Though more notably is the knowledge that players can now catch Shiny Dittos in the wild!

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    What’s Ditto In Pokmon Go

    Ditto, also known as the Transform Pokémon, is a little, purple blob of a Pokémon that was part of the original 151 Pokémon of Gen I. Although it may not look like much, Ditto is capable of mimicking the appearance and powers of any other Pokémon it sees. In the core games, Ditto is far more useful because it can breed with any Pokémon capable of breeding. While that isn’t super useful in Pokémon Go, you’ll still want it to complete your Pokédex, as well as for certain Special Research. In fact, you cannot catch Mew without first catching Ditto.

    How To Beat Ditto In A Gym

    How to Find Ditto in Pokemon GO! All Current Ditto Disguises in August 2019

    Ditto will transform into the first Pokémon it faces in battle, so you can chuck in a Pokémon and then switch to another that can take advantage of an elemental weakness. Like, say Charmander versus Squirtle.

    Another option is to pick a Pokémon with high HP and stamina, but weak general stats like Chansey. The reason for this is that Ditto keeps his base HP when transforming, so you’ll face an incredibly weak Chansey.

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    Pokemon Go: Ditto Disguises January 2022

    Ditto is a crucial Pokémon despite the fact that it isnt the kind of Pokémon that would be included in the greatest Pokémon tier lists. Its unusual nature means it isnt particularly beneficial for targeting boss raids or shooting down gyms.

    Catching a Ditto is a common requirement for special missions in Pokémon Go. As a general rule, youll need to understand how to catch Ditto and where to look for him in the wild, which can be a difficult and random task!

    How Does Catching A Ditto Work

    Before you catch a Ditto in a Pokéball, theres no way to tell the Pokémon youre about to click on will turn into one. The only clue you have is knowing Dittos disguises. You want to keep up to date with those as much as possible.

    Youll have to keep clicking on these Pokémon in the wild and try to catch them. Eventually, when you do catch it, youll receive this distinct animation after they go into a Pokéball.

    If you see the Oh? above your Pokéball, youll then go to a different screen and see the Pokémon you caught transform into Ditto. The background also looks different from traditional Pokémon captures.

    Outside of this brief animation, after youve captured a Ditto, theres no way to tell where the Pokémon is in the world. You might have a chance to capture one for a special research quest or an event one, but youll have to know its a reward beforehand. When youre told Ditto is a capture reward, then you have a standard Ditto encounter.

    Make sure to keep up to date with the list weve provided to ensure youre on the hunt for catching Ditto. This list rotates out, so expect to see it updated every so often with new Pokémon.

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    Pokemon Go: Tips For Catching Ditto In June 2021

    Catching a Ditto in Pokemon GO can take an extremely long time, but can be done quicker if one understands how Ditto works in this game.

    Given its ability to transform into other Pokemon, Ditto is one of the most unique mon in the entire game. When Ditto Transforms in Pokemon GO, it can copy Attack and Defense stats, but not HP. It isnt the most competitive Pokemon in the game, but its still great to have for the mechanic alone. It is typically one of the rarer Pokemon, though, and thats no different in Pokemon GO. With these tips in mind, however, any trainer can add a Ditto to their party without too much trouble.

    How Do I Use Ditto In Battles

    You can now catch Ditto in Pokemon Go  BGR

    You may think why catch a Ditto if it doesnt evolve and isnt as strong as some other Pokemon? The thing is, Ditto has a unique ability to transform into its opponents form. Ditto then learns the opponents moves and attacks. Bear in mind that Ditto doesnt adjust its CP or HP. And how do you win against someone who knows your every move?

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    How To Find And Catch Ditto In Pokemon Go

    The whole point of Ditto is that it is a disguise-based Pokemon. It likes to shape shift and hide itself as other Pokemon – and that’s what it does in the wild.

    Essentially, to catch a Pokemon Go Ditto you only have one route open to you – to catch the Pokemon that Ditto is hiding as and hope that Ditto will appear from one of them. The Ditto List – Pokemon it disguises itself as – is changed every now and then in Pokemon Go, and we’ll do our best to keep this page updated to match that.

    Ditto doesn’t have any tells – it’ll look & act like the Pokemon it’s hiding at until the moment it’s caught. All you can do is catch the Ditto disguise list Pokemon and hope. In addition, the disguises rotate semi-regularly.

    If you’re struggling to find one of these critters, here’s one tip: Ditto is harder to catch than the Pokemon it hides as. What we mean by this is that a Pokeball is less likely to succeed on a Ditto of the same CP as the Pokemon it’s hiding as – so if you see a lower CP Pokemon from the list on this page that seems to be mysteriously avoiding capture, it might be worth using a berry and an Ultra Ball, just in case. With that said, there’s no guarantee. The spawn rate is pretty brutal.


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