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What Pokemon Evolve With Magnetic Lure

How To Get Magnetic Lure Module

How to evolve Magneton to Magnezone using magnetic lure on Pokemon Go

Magnetic Lure Modules are fairly new to the world of Pokemon GO and it’s used to attract more Pokemon to a Pokestop and can be used for evolution purposes, as we mentioned before. And Nosepass isn’t the only Pokemon that can evolve using this method Magneton evolves into Magnezone this way as well.

Players can buy the lure module by heading over to the Pokemon GO shop and spending 200 Pokecoins. If a player doesn’t have enough Pokecoins in their digital pockets, they can always take down local gyms and keep their Pokemon team there for as long as they possibly can. Of course, players who don’t want to do that can also use real-world cash to purchase Pokecoins, but that should be done only if it’s an emergency or something.

The lure will last for approximately half an hour, allowing all trainers to capture more Pokemon in the designated area, as well as evolve some of their Pokemon. As of writing, Nosepass and Magneton are the only two Pokemon that can evolve via this method, but that could change in the future once more Pokemon are added to the mobile game.

Pokemon GO is currently available for Android and iOS devices.

How To Get Magnezone In Pokemon Go Here Is Everything You Need To Know About Getting A Magnetic Lure Module And Magnezone Gen 4 In The Game Read More

Pokemon Go, which one of the leading AR-based virtual reality games, has been bringing many dreams to life. A few years ago, players did not ever anticipate that they will be getting a chance to get their virtual Pocket monster to fight battles and evolve them. This game is not only helping many Pokemon fans to fulfil their dream to be a Pokemon Master but it also allows them to make their pocket monster evolve from small tier-one Pokemon to the highest evolution stage.

However, there is a certain pocket monster called the Magnezone in Pokemon Go that tat many players are trying to obtain. This is why many players are wondering about how to get Magnezone? If you have been wondering about the same, then do not worry, here is all you need to know.

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How To Get An Unova Stone In Pokemon Go

Get on those research tasks and make sure you complete one a day as you will have a chance to get an Unova stone once every seven days if you do.

They tend to drop the most commonly from these research tasks, specifically when you collect the rewards for completing seven days worth but, and this is frustrating, it is no guarantee. You could also end up with a Sinnoh stone but the best advice is to just keep doing these and hope that you get lucky.

The word is that you will also be able to get one from PVP battles at some point but right now that hasnt been added so we just have the research tasks at the moment.

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Pokemon Go Has A Plethora Of Other Items That Players Can Use For Special Purposes Such As Evolution Learn More About Pokemon Go Kings Rock Here

Pokemon Go is a handheld game that has risen to popularity over the years. Pokemon Go constantly provides new updates with content for the players to be occupied with. This new content involves, new pokemon to collect, new events to complete, new rewards to collect, and more. One of the latest things that Pokemon Go players are talking about is the Kings Rock. Numerous players wish to learn more about Pokemon Go Kings Rock.

How To Get An Ice Lure Foam Lure And Magnetic Lure

3/4 of the new evolutions via Glacier/Mossy/Magnetic Lure ...

The only guaranteed method to get Frozen Lure, Mossy Lure, and Magnetic Lure is to purchase them from the in-game store for 200 coins each.

These decoys are sometimes one-time rewards for specific quests, so keep an eye out for that.

It should be noted that decoys are also available in the game for all local players. As long as another player has used it, you can also benefit from it yourself.

The Pokémon Go Kanto Throwback Challenge 2020 has arrived. Did you know that you now also have Pokémon Go Trading, which you can use to trade Pokémon with friends? Or do you need more Pokémon Go tips and tricks? Like the new Pokémon Go research quests to catch the Pokémon Go Mew. Do you already know all about Pokémon Go Raids and Pokémon Go Gyms? Also, keep in mind that you can hatch Pokémon Go eggs or use a Pokémon Go card to catch the legendary Pokémon Go and Pokémon Go Gen 3 from all different types of Pokémon Go.

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When Does Magneton Evolve Into Magnezone In Heartgold

Magneton evolves into Magnezone when it gains a new level at specific locations in Diamond, Pearl, Platinum, Black, White, Black 2, White 2, X, Y, Omega Ruby, and Alpha Sapphire. The location you need to visit depends on which version of the game you are playing. If youre playing HeartGold or SoulSilver,

Which Pokemon Can Upgrade Evolve

Upgrade. The Upgrade is another of the new Evolution Items that can be used in conjunction with Pokemon Candy to evolve some of the Gen 1 Pokemon to new Gen 2 evolutions. Currently, the applicable Pokemon for this item is Porygon, who can use an Upgrade along with 50 Porygon Candy to evolve into Porygon2.

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How To Evolve Lampent Into Chandelure

Evolving your Lampent intoChandelure works in the same way aswith the other evolution above:

To evolve your Lampent intoChandelure, you will need to havea Unova Stone with you in your bags.You will also need to have all 100 candy, in the same way as with a normal evolution.

On your Lampent pokémons screen, select theevolution through the usual in-game menu. The Unova Stone and candywill be consumed, and youll have a newChandelure.

How To Use The Magnetic Lure In Pokemon Go

Pokemon GO: Magneton and nosepass evolve ‘magnetic lure’

The Magnetic Lure is one of three new types of lure in the game and it works much like a normal lure, with some slight modifications. For 30 minutes, extra Pokemon will be attracted to the lure, but while a normal lure can attract any type of Pokemon, a Magnetic Lure will only attract electric, steel, and rock type pocket monsters.

Its also an evolution item! If youre within the vicinity of a Poke Stop with a Magnetic Lure applied, you can evolve Magneton and Nosepass into Magnezone and Probopass respectively provided you have enough candy, of course. If you dont want to fork out 200 coins for one yourself, you could also wait until the next Pokemon Go Community Day and find someone else whos used one!

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Pokemon Go Magnetic Lure List With Glacial And Mossy Modules On Deck

Today were looking at the latest update to Pokemon GO with special emphasis on the list of Pokemon attracted by the Magnetic Lure Module. This lure was given a kick in the pants this week as its part of the latest Pokemon GO event. Now that relatively massive numbers of Pokemon GO trainers have a Magnetic Lure in their possession, naturally theres a greater call for a Magnetic Lure list of Pokemon whats this thing do, anyway?

The Lure Module are Pokemon game items exclusive to the game Pokemon GO. In Pokemon GO, a standard Lure Module is attached to a PokeStop and, once attached, remains active in the game for 30 minutes. During that effect time, a Lure on a PokeStop will increase spawns of Pokemon in the nearby area.

Each Lure is effective for every person in the game, not just the player who placed the Lure. Only one Lure can be placed on a PokeStop at one time. Where a standard Pokemon Lure attracts random Pokemon, several more specific lures are more targeted, attracting smaller lists of Pokemon and/or Pokemon types.

Pokemon Go Unova Stone: How To Get The Unova Stone And Which Pokemon It Can Evolve

Pokemon Evolution is a key part of growing your Pokedex and powering up the creatures under your command in Pokemon Go, but to perform some evolutions youll need evolutionary stones including the Unova Stone.

The Unova Stone is one of several evolutionary items or evolution stones in Pokemon Go, and like the Sinnoh Stone, it represents an item to evolve certain Pokemon that made their debut in a certain region: Unova. Unova is the region where Pokemon Black and White took place, thus the stones black and white color scheme and its Pokemon that made their debut in that game that are evolved by the item.

Unlike the Sinnoh Stone, the Unova Stone doesnt evolve existing Pokemon into new forms rather, it forces Pokemon from Unova to evolve into other forms that also made their first debut in Unova.

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How To Evolve Magneton

So there are a few steps that players need to take to get their hands on a Magnezone a strong Electric-type Pokemon with some high attack and defence stats. This means that it would be ideal for trainer or Rocket GO battles.

To start off, get yourself a Magneton and either make it your buddy or catch some wild Magnemite in the wild, as you will need to accumulate 100 Candies.

Next up, you will need to be within range of a PokeStop. Magneton can only be evolved in exceptional circumstances but you may already have what you need in your Item Bag without realising.

Finally, ensure to activate a Magnetic Lure Module. This will attract Electric-, Rock- and Steel-types for a limited amount of time.

But during this timeframe, and while you are still in range, you will notice that the evolve button will appear on Magnetons general information. Press it, and voilà! You have your very own Magnezone.

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How To Evolve Probopass And Magnezone In Pokmon Go

The Magnetic  Lure module can also spawn Rock types like ...


Things are mighty complicated with this new drop of Gen-4 creatures in Pokémon GO. Not only do we have some new semi-branching evolutions, weve got a whole new suite of lure modules that attract particular kinds of Pokémon as well as cause others to evolve. Weve already been over Leafon and Glaceon, but read on to find out how to evolve your Nosepass and Magneton into Probopass and Magnezone.

The method for evolving Probopass and Magnezone is the same as evolving Leafeon or Glaceon. First off, youll need a magnetic lure module. The easiest way to get one is just to buy it in the store, and then drop it on the Pokéstop of your choosing. You need to go within range of the Pokéstop and then select either Magneton or Nosepass: youll get a new evolution option that will allow you to evolve them one step further so long as you have enough candies.

You dont technically need to buy the magnetic lure module. Someone does, I should say, but it doesnt need to be you. You can use other peoples lure modules, just like normal lure modules, so you could either coax a friend into buying one or go into a populated area and hope someone else has done so: Community Day is a good day for that.

But we gotta catch em all. In my case, that means grumbling about microtransactions even as I make them. Which I have to imagine is a fairly common experience.

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How Do You Get Evolution Items In Pokmon Go

Most Evolution Items are rewarded as rare drops from PokéStop spins. They can also be earned by completing certain Research, winning in the Pokémon Go Battle League, defeating the Leaders of Team GO Rocket, or participating in events. The elemental Lure Modules can also be purchased in the PokéShop.

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Leafeon With The Mossy Lure

Eevee is a Normal-type Pokemon that can evolve into seven different forms after eating 25 Candy. Leafeon, a Grass-type Pokemon, can be obtained by evolving Eevee within range of a PokeStop that has a Mossy Lure Module attached. This item is available for purchase in the shop for 200 PokeCoins.

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Leafeon’s Quick moves are Quick Attack and Razor Leaf . Its Charge moves are Energy Ball , Leaf Blade , Solar Beam , and Last Resort . At Level 50, Leafeon has a Max CP of 3,328, an Attack stat of 216, a Defense stat of 219, and a Stamina stat of 163.

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How To Get Magnezone In Pokemon Go

Keep in mind that the players will still require to collect about 100 Magnemite Candies to evolve their Pokemon Go Magnemite. But the players will also need to be around a Magnetic Lure Module placed on a PokéStop to evolve their Magnemite to Magnezone. Get in the range of this Magnetic Lure Module and use your 100 Magnemite Candies to evolve your Pokemon. There is no other way to get Magnezone in this game thus following the above-mentioned steps might be the best bet at evolving this classic Electric/Steel-type Pokémon from Generation One. Here is also a Youtube video that can help the players with a visual representation of how to evolve Magneton in Pokemon Go. Read more

Evolving Sliggoo Into Goodra

Pok̩mon Go РHow to get Magnezone and Probopass (New Evolution) РMagnetic Lure Module

The Rainy Lure can be used to enable a Pokemon evolution like the other Special Lures. When in range of a PokeStop fitted with a Rainy Lure Module, you can evolve Sliggoo into Goodra. This will also cost 100 Goomy Candies.

Unlike the other Lure-based evolutions, Sliggoo can also be evolved into Goodra when the overworld weather is rainy in your game.

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How To Get A Magnetic Lure Module

This Magnetic Lure module is very similar to the other lure modules available in the game. This lure is mostly used to evolve their Pokemon to Magnezone. These lure modules are extremely necessary to evolve any electric-type Pokemons like Magnamite, Forretress, Steelix and more. The players can directly open the Pokemon GO store and buy the Electric Lure Module for 200 coins. It is essential to reach a PokeStop before using it. This will also help the users to evolve a Gen 1 Magneton to their favourite Gen 4 Magnezone in this augmented reality mobile game. Keep in mind that the 100 Magnemite candies can be used later if you do not want to spend this money.

Pokmon Go Unova Stone: How To Obtain New Evolution Item

Among the many new additions to Pokémon Go with the Unova Region update, the one players will want to know most about are the Unova Stones.

Unova Stones are similar to the Sinnoh Stone, in that they are used to evolve certain Pokémon from a particular region. The Sinnoh Stone was used to evolve certain Pokémon from the Sinnoh region that, in the mainline games, needed needed to be traded while holding a special item. To eliminate that step, Niantic introduced this new evolutionary stone to make it easier to obtain evolutions.

While there are more new Pokémon to catch and new Shiny Pokémon to collect, trainers will want to try and add the Unova Stones into their inventory as much as possible.

If youre looking to obtain this special item and achieve evolution with some Unova region Pokémon, heres everything you need to know about the Unova Stone.


There is currently only one way to obtain Unova Stones in Pokémon Go, and thats through the Research Breakthrough.

Research Breakthroughs are when trainers receive seven stamps for completing at least one research task each day. Trainers dont need to complete one research task for seven straight days to obtain a Research Breakthrough.

Pokémon Go players have discovered that Unova Stones are through the Research Breakthrough, so at this point its up to luck.


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Magnetic Lures: How To Evolve Nosepass Into Probopass / How To Evolve Magneton Into Magnezone

A couple of conditions conspire to make Magnezone and Probopass two of the easiest to miss Pokémon in Pokémon GO. Firstly, they do not appear in sequence with their pre-evolutions in the Pokédex. Secondly, they are unique in that if you look at a Magneton or Nosepass Pokémon page, theres no button hinting that they can evolve.

In fact, this evolution button will only appear when you stand near a Pokéstop with an active Magnetic Lure. Before you rush out and drop a magnetic lure, its also worth knowing that you will need 100 Magnemite and 50 Nosepass candies for each evolution we recommend saving up for both before you drop the lure.

Niantic Says To Evolve Nosepass Into Probopass In Pokmon Go If You Want A Pokmon With An Even Bigger Nose Than Nosepass

All You Need to Know About Items

The Searching for Legends event has been announced for Pokémon GO. Read on below to learn more:

Sniff out Legendary Pokémon in the Searching for Legends event!


Were kicking off the Season of Legendswith a search for Legendary Pokémon! Anysuccessful search requires a good sense of directionand if theres one Pokémon equipped to help in that regard, its Nosepass. The Compass Pokémon will be appearing in greater numbers to help you sniff out leads alongside a variety of Ground-, Rock-, and Steel-type Pokémon.

Date + Time

Tuesday, , 2021, at 10:00 a.m. to Sunday, March 14, 2021, at 8:00 a.m. local time


  • The following Pokémon will be appearing more often in the wild: Diglett, Geodude, Magnemite, Nosepass, Aron, Baltoy, Roggenrola, Drilbur, and more. If youre lucky, you might find a Shiny Nosepass!
  • The following Pokémon will be attracted to Incense: Alolan Diglett, Alolan Geodude, Magnemite, Nosepass, Aron, Lairon, Beldum, Roggenrola, Drilbur, and more.
  • The following Pokémon will be hatching from 5 km Eggs: Magnemite, Nosepass, Aron, Baltoy, Beldum, and Drilbur.
  • The following Pokémon will be appearing in one-star raids: Alolan Diglett, Nosepass, Roggenrola, Drilbur, Ferroseed, and Klink.
  • The following Pokémon will be appearing in three-star raids: Alolan Graveler, Magneton, Skarmory, and Metang.
  • Complete event-exclusive Field Research tasks and Timed Research to encounter Pokémon like Nosepass!

The Pokémon GO team

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