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How Do You Say Pokemon In Spanish

Poll: How Do You Pronounce These Pokmon

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A few months back we asked you lovely people to tell us how you say certain video game-related words and with your answers we gathered some interesting data. We know, for example, that 55% of people polled pronounce ‘NES’ by saying each letter rather than shortening it to a single syllable with ness or nezz. This might sound trivial but pronunciation is a hot topic when it comes to video games. Recently the internet lost its mind when Sony revealed that the Dual Shock’s ‘X’ is actually ‘cross’.

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, in a cave or somewhere else without internet access, you’ll no doubt be aware that the new Pokémon game Pokémon Sword and Shield is out very soon. With that in mind, we’ve put together this questionnaire focusing on Pokémon-related vocabulary that has tripped many people up in the past. Hey, when you get to over 800 Pocket Monsters, you start running out of words to mix! No wonder there are some tongue-twisters.

Even if The Pokémon Company itself has decreed a pronunciation official, people are free to call these monsters what they like and regional pronunciation variations have created a huge number of ‘alternatives’. We’re keen to find out how you say the following words, regardless of the official dictates.

Pokmon In Latin America

This article is about the Pokémon franchise in the Spanish-speaking countries of Latin America. For the franchise in Brazil, which speaks Portuguese, see Pokémon in Brazil.
Pokémon in Latin America

The Pokémon franchise first reached Latin America in an article that was published and appeared on the cover of the October issue of the Club Nintendo magazine in 1998 and with the release of Pokémon Red and Blue Versions in English in the same month. The Pokémon anime followed after with the first broadcast of Pokémon, ¡Yo te elijo! in Latin American Spanish on Canal 5 in Mexico in June 1999, followed by the debut on Cartoon Network Latinoamérica on September 6, 1999, reaching the rest of Latin America. However, the first broadcast in Latin America was in Chile, on the Chilevision channel, on April 26, 1999, just one month before the premiere in Mexico.

¡Atrápalos ya! was the Latin American Spanish slogan of the Pokémon video games. The slogan is often referenced throughout the Pokémon canon, much like the English slogan “Gotta catch ’em all!” is.Since 2017, Latin American game trailers and official merchandise use the ¡Hazte con todos! slogan that was originally used in Spain until it was changed to ¡Es para todos!

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Poll: How Do You Pronounce These Nintendo

Spanish Numbers 1
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As British film critic Mark Kermode often says, we should never make fun of people for mispronouncing words because – more often than not – it means they learned it through reading. This holds true whether they were found in a book or a video game, and many of us as kids gleaned new vocabulary from instruction manuals or the TV screen itself.

Voice acting these days tends to do away with confusion, but back in the day you generally had to read names off the packaging or in text boxes reading and saying are two very different things, though, especially in the English language. Its the fault of video games that this writers childhood pronunciation of chaos more closely resembled the word trousers for years thanks to collecting emeralds as a blue hedgehog and reading the word on the Special Stage screen.

Below weve collected together a bunch of video game vocabulary that commonly splits opinion for one reason or another. Some come from confusion over foreign names, others from regional variations, accents, abbreviations and more. Under each one youll find a poll feel free to cast your vote and well see what the Nintendo Life community consensus is on the pronunciation of these words. They’ve all become common parlance in the realm of video games, but we cant quite agree on them.

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An Important Note Before We Begin:

Most differences are simply regional. ‘Mario’, for instance, can be said with an elongated ahh in the first syllable, like Peach does, but could equally be pronounced murry-oh or theyre all just variants according to the accent of the speaker.

Ultimately, its important to remember that usage dictates acceptability and theres no inherently correct way to say most of the examples below. Language is a malleable, uncontrollable thing not governed by rules in textbooks dictionaries document, they don’t dictate. Even the intentions of the person who coined a particular word or phrase are immaterial once language has gobbled it up just ask the man who invented the .gif!

Even things that sound nonsensical and ungrammatical to some people become legitimate alternatives over time, no matter how hard you might fight it. Any living language is constantly in flux, and those who insist on clinging unyieldingly to grammatical rules or correct pronunciation will only stress themselves out!

Okay, let’s have some fun!

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In the meantime, here are some more resources on using Pokemon GO! in class:

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Spanish Police Issue Safety Tips For Pokemon Go Gamers

2 Min Read

MADRID – Spanish police issued guidelines on Monday on how to safely use augmented-reality video games after the release of the application Pokemon Go.

The police advice included reminders that users are in the real world and must be aware of obstacles such as traffic lights and cars.

Players of the game from Japans Nintendo Co Ltd walk around real-life neighborhoods to hunt down virtual cartoon characters on their smartphone screens.

The police issued their guidelines after two Japanese tourists were rescued from a motorway tunnel in Barcelona on Saturday, where they had wandered in search of Pokemon characters, according to Spanish media.

The mobile game has become an instant hit just one week after launch.

Police warned players that the use of GPS technology for the game means users location is visible to others, potentially making them vulnerable to muggings or theft, as well as signalling when they are not at home.

Across the United States, players have been drawn down dark alleys and into dangerous neighborhoods in search of the imaginary creatures, only to be targeted by criminals.

The police manual warns players not be distracted by the excitement of catching rare Pokemon characters and to remember their safety is paramount.

Reporting by Catherine Bennett Edited by Amanda Cooper

Examples Of Using Pokemon In A Sentence And Their Translations

PokemonPokémonPokemonPokémonpokemonPokemonsPokemonPokemonspokemonPokemonpokemonlos pokemonPokemonJuego PokemonPokemonJuego PokemonPokemonJuego PokemonPokemonPokémonsPokemonJuego PokemonPokemonPokemonsPokemonPokemonsPokemonde PokemonPokemona unPokemonPokemonlos pokemonPokemonLos PokemonPokemonde Pokemon

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Pokmon Trading Card Game

Spanish-language cards for the Pokémon Trading Card Game were first available in Spain starting in 1999 with the Base Set expansion set. They were sold by the Devir company until 2007, with several expansions missing. Only Base Set, Fossil, Neo Genesis, EX Ruby and Sapphire and EX Unseen Forces were released in Spain prior to the Diamond & Pearl Series.

Afterwards, Panini sold the TCG cards starting with the Diamond & Pearl expansion set, again with several expansions missing. The Majestic Dawn, Rising Rivals and Supreme Victors expansions were never released in Spain.

Currently, Asmodee is selling the TCG since the HeartGold & SoulSilver expansion. Once again, Asmodee decided that some expansions were not worth releasing in Spain, with the Undaunted, Triumphant, , Dark Explorers, Plasma Blast, Legendary Treasures, Dragon Vault, and Double Crisis being absent. However, despite physical cards from these expansions not being printed, all of them were translated and can be found in Spanish in the Pokémon Trading Card Game Online app. From Roaring Skies on, all expansions have been released in Spain.

The most recent expansion set to be released in Spanish is Truenos Perdidos on November 2018.

Spanish language cards are recognized as legal for Play! Pokémon official tournaments in the European Region, the Latin American Region and in the World Championships.

The Treecko, Torchic, Mudkip and Ralts Picture Book Half Decks were released exclusively in Spain.

Pokemon Criticized For Inappropriate Latin

The Pokemon Company recently came under fire for not including region appropriate Spanish localizations in their games. Last month, voice actors Gabriel Ramos and Gabriel Gama highlighted a petition started by Pokemon fans asking The Pokemon Company to include Spanish translations of the game specific to Latin American audiences. The petition notes that Pokemon games commonly use phrases and words that have more vulgar implications to Latin American players and asks that The Pokemon Company bring in a localization team to translate the games for a Latin American audience instead of using a general Spanish language track. Additionally, the petition asks for a second Portuguese translation for the games specific for Brazilian players.

The petition has over 18,000 signees, with more signatures added on a daily basis. And while the soon to be released Pokemon Legends: Arceus won’t have a Spanish language translation specific for Latin America, The Pokemon Company has acknowledged the recent complaints. The Latin American website ANMTV noted that The Pokemon Company provided a standard response when asked about the petition. “Pokémon encourages players/users to submit comments and suggestions so that our products can offer the best possible experience to our customers. Although we do not always implement all the suggestions, we read and pay attention to each comment,” the company’s response stated.

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Fun Pokemon Names In Other Languages

Its easy to grow attached to the names of fictional characters. When youre immersed in a book or a TV series, the names of the characters are forever imprinted on you. It can be shocking, then, to find out that the characters have entirely different names in other languages. There are many examples of this in translated literature, but one of the most interesting is Pokemon names in other languages.

There are two main reasons why a name might differ in another language. One is that the name might be really hard to pronounce in another language, because not every language uses the same sounds, and a foreign-looking or -sounding name can be jarring in a fictional world. Another reason is that the name references something about the character, and that meaning can be lost in translation. Thats a very popular reason for the variations found among Pokemon, because their names often coincide with their abilities. We looked at the names of some of the most famous pocket monsters to find out which names were changed and why.

Is The Spanish Translation Of Pokmon Any Good/ Es La Traduccin Espaol De Pokmon Buena

I have been learning Spanish for the past two years and I think that Im at a level where I can try playing Sword and Shield in Spanish.

However, Ive heard that the Spanish translation of the Pokemon games arent very good and have a lot of mistakes. For example, Slam was translated as Portazo up until Sun and Moon. Also when fishing, the translation doesnt say that the hooked Pokémon attacks, but rather that the wicked Pokémon attacked.

So, can any Spanish speaking trainers give me there opinions on the translation?

Ha estado aprendiendo Español durante las últimas dos años, y creo que mi Español es suficientemente bueno para jugar Pokémon Espada o Escudo en Español.

Sin embargo, he escuchado que las traducciones Españolas de Pokémon no es buenas y tiene mucho errores. Por ejemplo, Slam traducido come Portazo después Sol y Luna. También, cuando pescar, la traducción no es ¡El Pokémon enganchado atacó! sino más bien ¡El Pokémon malvada atacó!.

Entonces, entrenadores hispanohablantes, ¿cuál es tu opinión de la traducción Español de Pokémon?

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What I Found

My conversational Spanish is unarguably improving. I can remember more phrases, understand more sentences, and use context to derive meaning. Surprisingly, Im enjoying the game. I pay more attention to the story, and the plot of their latest game is interesting to say the least. Its only been a few weeks, and Ive already seen significant progress, thus Im excited for whats to come!

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