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How To Invest In Pokemon Cards

Reasons To Invest In Rare Pokmon Cards

How To Invest In Pokemon Cards!!!

Why adding collectibles to your portfolio makes sense in 2020 and 2021.


Pokémon cards were introduced in 1996 as part of the franchises trading card game. Less than 25 years later, some of these first-edition Pokémon have appreciated in price at over 10,000 percent.

Alongside the limited supply and extremely high demand, there are plenty of reasons why Pokémon cards make for excellent investments.

Holographic Shadowless First Edition Venusaur Card

  • Set base

Rounding off the list of the best and most expensive Pokémon cards to have is the Holographic Shadlowless First Edition Mewtwo. It is said to be a member of the exclusive and legendary Pokémon group. It is also considered to be one of the best Pokémon of all time. Still need a reason why it is quite valuable? I didnt think so.

Disney Visa Jump Into Nfts

NFTs are units of data stored on a digital ledger called a blockchain, which also enable cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin. The blockchain certifies originality and ownership. Once an NFT is bought, it’s sent to the owner’s digital wallet. No physical artwork actually changes hands.

NFTs blew up the collectibles scene in March when the artist Beeple sold one he made for $69 million. Now blue-chip companies are getting in on the action.

Disney’s Marvel Entertainment released on Aug. 7 its first officially licensed NFT digital collectible based on Spider-Man on the VeVe Digital Collectibles App. Within 24 hours, all 60,500 digital statues sold out.

A week later, VeVe launched the inaugural Marvel Mighty series featuring some of Marvel’s most iconic heroes, such as Captain America.

And on Aug. 19, payment processing giant Visa bought a CyberPunk NFT digital artwork for about $150,000 using the cryptocurrency Ethereum. Each Cyberpunk NFT resembles a pixelated, video-game-style avatar, which number 10,000. In June, a separate CyberPunk NFT fetched $11.8 million.

While NFTs have soared as collectibles, Visa said they will play an important role in the future of retail, social media, entertainment and commerce.

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Analysing The Collectibles Market From A Sellers Perspective

The modern collectibles market has seen quite a rise over the past few years.

In my opinion, I think people have become more savvy to the fact that:

  • You wont become financially free by simply saving
  • Its possible to make a living doing something you actually enjoy
  • People will pay big bucks for a hit of nostalgia
  • Generation Y value games, toys and figures over art, stamps and coins
  • Mental health and happiness is more valuable than anything
  • Combined with global platforms like eBay, Amazon and Etsy, theres now an outlet for people to pursue their passion and make a business out of it too.

    And I think its important to highlight the bigger picture here, because Pokemon Cards are just one slice of this collectibles pie.

    So if youre thinking about investing in Pokemon Cards because of all the media hype, but the franchise doesnt really interest you, you may want to re-calibrate and analyse the other options available to you.

    For example:

    • Figurines
    • Toys

    However, if youre 100% set on investing in Pokemon Cards, heres all you need to know

    Are Pokmon Cards A Good Investment


    The short answer is yes but you do need to be vigilant and consider several factors. When wealthy people shell out money for art and collectible items, they are not just doing this to show off their wealth but also utilize it as a means of investing as this can be more reliable than the unpredictable stock market. This is the same case with Pokémon cards.

    They will most often go up in value but one needs to consider several factors. They include whether the card is in good condition and whether it is a 1st edition, rare, shadowless, and old. These categories of cards will almost always fetch a good price. One should also know when to buy and sell. For instance, the Keldeo Ex Card released in 2012 previously fetched $40-$50 but today goes for as low as $10. So, those who offloaded theirs in 2012 would be luckier than those who hung on to theirs to date.

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    As Pokmon Card Prices Soar One Company Is Letting Investors Buy Shares In Individual Cards

    Image: Otis

    Rare, classic Pokémon cards have always been an expensive thing to collect, but recent years have seen the value of particular cards soar beyond our wildest imaginations. Now, one company is aiming to jump on this trend by allowing fans and collectors to buy shares in highly-priced cards.

    The company in question is Otis, an investment app that makes it possible for buyers to invest in sought after merchandise like sports cards or collectable stickers. On the app, a potential buyer can grab a share of a Pokémon card from $10 and up, and this can be traded at any time through the app’s dedicated trading platform.

    Here, for example, you can choose to buy shares in a 1999 Pokemon 1st Edition Shadowless Holo Raichu card valued at $10 each, with a minimum of 25 shares needed to be bought to complete the transaction. The listing shows buyers a description of the card, data on how much the card has been worth over time, and offers reasons as to why it might be a good investment opportunity. Mewtwo and Blastoise cards are currently live on the site, too.

    Images: Otis, Otis, Otis

    Here’s how it all works, according to Otis:

    It’s bizarre to think that these little bits of cardboard can hold enough value that people are willing to buy shares in them, yet here we are.

    Do you think this is an interesting idea? A sad reminder of the downsides to Pokémon card collecting? Share your thoughts with us in the comments below.

    See Also

    Collectors That Already Have Cards

    If you already own cards, you need to first figure out which items actually have any value. Once you sort out the ones that have potential, you need to send them off for grading. To put it bluntly, items have lower value until they have been looked over by a professional company.

    • Step 1: Look at your cards, and put aside any holographics or rare items. Go to an auction site like eBay and enter the name of the card, as well as the number listed on the bottom right. For example Charizard 107/105
    • Step 2: Once you see your exact card, tick off the Sold Items box. Now look through all the auctions of your card that have been sold in the last month to get a general idea of what the collectible is actually going for.
    • Step 3: Now that you know which cards you own that have a high-selling potential, you need to send your cards off to either PSA or Beckett BGS grading companies to get them looked over.
    • Step 4: Due to Pokemons popularity, wait times may be longer than usual. But once you get your cards sent back, you will have a more definitive idea what your card is worth. For instance if your card comes back as a PSA 9, repeat Step 2 and look for other PSA 9s that have sold recently.
    • Step 5: Now you can either sit on your graded cards and wait as the prices continue to go up. Or you can sell the item on sites like eBay, trollandtoad, or even put them up at Heritage Auctions or Iconic.

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    Reasons To Invest In Pokemon Cards

    Here are four compelling reasons why a small investment in Pokemon cards this year may pay off down the road:

    • Supply is dwindling and demand is rising. Economics 101 tells us that when demand for an asset outstrips supply, prices rise. Nobodys making new 1st Edition Pokemon cards and demand is rising at the moment, so its reasonable to suggest prices will rise in the short term as well.
    • Theyre easy to buy and sell.Compared to real estate or rare cars, Pokemon cards are among the easiest forms of property to buy and sell. No surprise leaks or expensive brokers you always know exactly what youre buying or selling.
    • Theyre easy to store. Similarly, trading cards are perhaps the single easiest physical investment to store and maintain. Pokemon cards dont need cleaning, climate-controlled storage, or even insurance just a plastic sleeve and a safety deposit box.
    • The upside could be huge.In 2017, if youd invested $500 in an S& P 500 index fund youd have about $1,500 now. If youd put that money into a PSA 9 Charizard instead, youd have $5,500.

    Pokemon Cards Prices Are Skyrocketing: Everything You Need To Know

    How to invest in Pokemon cards strategically. We also pull the BEST card in Darkness Ablaze!

    Chris Butsch|

    Modified date: Jul. 6, 2021

    On October 13th, 2020, rapper Logic shocked the world when he paid $220,574 for a Pokemon card.

    Thats right he paid the price of a new Ferrari or a three-bedroom home in Ohio for a shiny picture of a lizard.

    And yet, perhaps the most amazing part of the news is how little young people judged him for it. Rather than react with memes or mockery, people our age got excited:

    Are any of MY cards worth anything??

    Even if they werent familiar with Pokemon cards, many young investors instantly perked up:

    Wow, $4 in 1999 to $220,574 today is it time to start investing in Pokemon cards?

    Both are totally fair questions that Im going to address in this feature!

    Whats Ahead:

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    How To Get Started

    If youve read this far you are probably thinking to yourself hell yes I need to get in on the Pokemon action. Yes, yes you do. But before you go out to Wal-Mart to buy a booster pack, here are a few things you will need to do to get started.

    Learn about Pokemon TCG

    I remember playing Pokemon as a kid, but I didnt pay attention to nuances in the cards themselves. There are certain insignias that denote a 1st Edition from a reprint and a Base Set card from a later edition. You need to know what these are and how to spot them.

    You also need to learn about the game itself. I stopped playing Pokemon when I entered middle school in 2003 because ya know, trying to be cool and all. That means 17 years worth of new pokemon have entered the fray.

    Arceus, for example, is a Generation IV Pokemon that entered the game after I exited. Its the most powerful Pokemon out there. While Millennials like myself are nostalgic for Charizard, there are current players that may be looking to add a PSA 10 Arceus to their collection in a couple years. You need to have that knowledge as you begin investing in the market.

    If youre just tuning into Pokemon check out Bulbapedia. This is basically the Wikepedia for everything Pokemon. You can learn which Pokemon belong to which generation, how they relate to the video games, and the different attributes that sets a series apart from another.

    Understand the Role of Pokemon in Pop Culture

    Study the Market

    Why Invest In Pokmon

    Pokémon cards are the premier non-sports cards to invest in today. The original 1999-2000 sets have been on an upward trajectory for over 5 years, with 2020 being the mega increase, thus creating a cultural demand similar to the 1999 release.

    High-End Pokémon cards are being viewed as modern art, with the price tag for a pristine 1st Edition Base Charizard at $220,000.00 and climbing if you can get one. Due to correlations to Magic the Gathering, the prices today should increase steadily over the next 5 years. Outside of the economy crashing, Pokémon is very safe.

    Demand for original cards has consistently increased since 2010, but due to awareness, and points mentioned previously, there has been a fearlessness from buyers to set records. All year, record sale after record sale for high-end Pokémon Cards. The fear of missing out on todays price is real.

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    Why Are We Seeing An Increase In Price Of Pokemon Cards

    Since the pandemic started, there have been a lot of things that have gone viral. There was the dalgona coffee craze, baking , Tiktok, and Tiger King.

    So, it came as no surprise when Pokemon Cards took over the internet. Hell, Pokemon was never gone in the first place, but the pandemic surely made its popularity experience resurgence.

    Deborah Norvilla said in a segment of Inside Edition that The pandemic is partly being credited for making Pokemon cards popular again because, during the lockdown, a lot of people became nostalgic for simpler times.. That explains why people belonging to Gen X and Millennials are going crazy about this trend.

    For the younger generation , Pokemon cards have become a trend that they feel they should hop in, primarily because of the hype that Youtubers and other Influencers make. Lucky enough, Pokemon cards are still in the system. With the latest generation named Battle Styles being released just this March, kids and teens have a good chance of getting their hands on a deck.

    That being said, collectors and owners of old and rare Pokemon cards will naturally take advantage of the hype and increase their selling price. The rarer and older your card is, the more people would want to have it. Thats how collectibles work.

    Investing In Pokemon Trading Cards

    How to Invest AND collect in Pokemon cards. 5 MUST HAVE ...

    People can engage in a number of different investments. It just so happens that some prefer investing in unique ones. While others may consider collecting Pokemon cards as just an enjoyable hobby, others consider it as a worthwhile investment. But some may be unaware that these trading cards have acquired such an increase in value over the years, making them an attractive investment option.

    Why Invest In Them?

    Pokemon trading cards have been around since the late 1990s. Due to the continuing popularity of the anime franchise, the trading cards have built up quite community of collectors. This has helped boost up the value as well as the demand to collect those early cards. Therefore, the earlier versions of such trading cards have steadily increased in value, making it an attractive investment.

    What You Need To Do?

    When you decide to invest in Pokemon trading cards, you need to set your goals in order to start it off in the right way. Try to acquire the knowledge you need in order to understand the market better. Relying on so-called expert advice from others can be risky. Understand the value of the trading cards you collect before you get into investing.

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    What Are Pokemon Cards

    For the uninitiated, Pokemon Cards are part of the Pokemon Card Trading Card Game that originally launched in 1996. Back then, the original set contained just 151 cards one for each OG Pokemon.

    In simplest terms, Pokemon cards are baseball cards but for adorable Japanese Pocket Monsters.

    Since then, Pokemon has exploded into the worlds most valuable media franchise, valued at over $100 billion worldwide. For comparison, thats more than Star Wars, Spongebob, and James Bond combined.

    Fueling two decades of meteoric growth was a steady stream of new Pokemon creatures and thus new cards to collect. There are around 898 total Pokemon and over 9,100 Pokemon cards to collect in the English market.

    Not all 9,100 cards are available on store shelves at once, of course. The Pokemon Company International, the folks who make Pokemon cards, publish and release cards one generation at a time, with each generation lasting about two years.

    In total, there have been eight generations of Pokemon cards since 1996. And as the next generation of cards begins appearing on store shelves, the previous generation tends to sell out. At that point, its no surprise that certain cards begin shooting up in value!

    How To Make Money Selling Pokemon Cards

    Before we start, we must get a couple things out of the way. First off, the real money-makers right now are from the 1999 original Base Set. If you dont already have these cards tucked away from your childhood, getting your hands on these collectibles is next to impossible.

    To put things into perspective, a booster box from that set can go for $34k all the way up to $375k . The truth is, these items are not only in extremely short supply, but investors worth millions have been snatching them up.

    This guide will cover selling cards for new collectors, as well as those that may already have cards but arent sure what they are worth. Its important to keep expectations in check, and to understand that it takes a lot of work and research.

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    Lucario And Melmetal Gx

    It’s always fun to see one of Pokémon’s best visual designs with one of its worst, and Lucario teamed up with Melmetal is a perfect example of that amusing disconnect. Still, it’s an excellent recent card with a very good defense ability in Full Metal Wall GX, to the point where it’s one of those cards you could pratically build a deck around. Or just imagine the bizarre buddy comedy between Nutblob and the Kung-Fu Fox, it’s up to you.

    Detailed Information On Each Card Is Easily Available

    Should YOU Invest in Pokemon Cards?

    There are several sites offering convenient search engines for Pokémon trading cards. Those interested only in investing rather than playing will find a wealth of information there, including how many copies of each card are in circulation, which set it belongs to, when it was printed and much more.

    This makes it easy to estimate the value of a Pokémon card investment opportunity, as well as being a useful resource for organizing your collection.

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