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What Pokemon Has The Most Evolutions

Location & Weather Evolutions

What Mega Evolutions Have the Most Drip? Pokemon Tier List

For years now, certain Pokémon have only been able to evolve if they are in a very specific spot within the game. Take them to the place listed below and watch them grow up.

  • Eevee Leafeon: You must travel to the southwest part of Obsidian Fieldlands and interact with the Mossy Rock located in The Heartwood.
  • Eevee Glaceon: Go to the Alabaster Icelands and travel through the ice cave. Eevee evolves when you interact with the Ice Rock just to the northeast of Bonechill Wastes.
  • Magneton Magnezone: Go to the Coronet Highlands and level it up.
  • Nosepass Probopass: Go to the Coronet Highlands and level it up.
  • Hisuian Sliggoo Hisuian Goodra: While it’s raining, level up Hisuian Sliggoo to level 50.

List Of Pokmon By Evolution Family

This is a list of Pokémon by their evolution family. That is, it is a list of Pokémon in their National Pokédexorder, but it also includes later-releasedevolutions and pre-evolutions closer to the first Pokémon in their family to be released. This means that Pichu will appear before Pikachu, instead of at its National Pokédex position of 172, and Magby and Magmortar will appear next to Magmar. Evolution families are named by their basic evolutionary form. For example, although Azurill is the lowest Pokémon in its evolutionary line, it is still known as the family, because Marill was released first.

The methods of evolution listed include all means of inducing a Pokémon’s evolution in the core series games, Pokémon Colosseum, and Pokémon XD. The first method listed is the first that was available. In some games, some methods may not be available ” rel=”nofollow”> Eevee’s evolution to Espeon or Umbreon in Pokémon FireRed and LeafGreen) or practical ” rel=”nofollow”> Feebas, who will always evolve if its Beauty is high enough, but its Beauty cannot be affected in all games).

Worse: Geodude To Golem

Geodude has a lot of personality and looks pretty dope for an overgrown stone with arms. Being a pretty decent fighter, it seems he can only look cooler when evolved.

AH! Thats right, Geodude turns into a mess of a Pokémon when he evolves into Graveler. Graveler looks like someone dipped Jabba the Hut in lava and let him melt a bit. From there, he evolves into Golem, which isnt the worse look, coming off like a spherical turtle shell with teeth, but theres that Alolan version with clamps and a mustache…

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List Of Pokmon With Branched Evolutions

This is a list of Pokémon which evolve differently depending on certain conditions. It does not include Pokémon with gender differences which evolve differently depending on their gender ” rel=”nofollow”> Espurr). To date, no Pokémon whose pre-evolution has a branched evolution also has a branched evolution Wurmple is the only Pokémon with a branched evolution whose evolutions can both evolve again.

The branched evolutions of a family often have different strengths in their base stats. In some cases, certain stats may be exactly the same, with the rest being distributed differently depending on the branch. One example of this is Gardevoir, with 65 for its base Attack and 125 for its base Special Attack, while Gallade‘s Attack and Special Attack are instead 125 and 65 the rest of their stats are exactly the same. A broader example is the Eeveelutions, whose stats all use the same numbers in different orders.

The majority of evolutionary families that have a branched evolution have only two evolutionary stages. Many evolutionary families with branched evolutions only gained a branched evolution in a generation after the family was introduced for example, Kirlia was introduced in Generation III along with its evolution Gardevoir, and Kirlia’s alternate evolution Gallade was introduced in Generation IV.

Pokmon Legends Arceus Eveelutions: How To Evolve Eevee Into Glaceon And Leafeon Plus Icy Rock And Mossy Rock Locations

Every Gen I Mega Evolution, Ranked

To evolve Eevee into Glaceon and Leafeon, you actually have a choice of two different methods, similar to how you have a couple of methods for Evolving Eevee in Pokémon Go.

You can evolve Eevee into the Ice-type Glaceon by either:

  • Using an Ice Stone on Eevee or
  • Taking Eevee to the Icy Rock in Alabster Icelands and then selecting ‘Evolve’ in the bag menu

You can evolve Eevee into the Grass-type Leafeon by either:

  • Using a Leaf Stone on Eevee or
  • Taking Eevee to the Mossy Rock in Obsidian Fieldlands and then selecting ‘Evolve’ in the bag menu

Here’s where you can find the Icy Rock in Alabaster Icelands:

And here’s where you can find the Mossy Rock in Obsidian Icelands:

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Worse: Spoink To Grumpig

Spoink, the grayish pig face with a bubble gum hat, is one of the more odd looking Pokémon, which says a lot considering their aesthetic. Spoink is a blast, bouncing around and reminding fans of a host of toys even more outdated than Pokémon Pinball.

But, Spoink grows into Grumpig, a marble-draped critter out of a LOtR fever dream. The monster looks jolly, which somehow makes it even more spooky with that twisted tail and ear combo framing a sinister smile. Well stick with Spoink, thanks.

Machamp Is Criminally Underrated

As one of the original pure Fighting types from Generation I, Machamp arguably deserves more recognition and respect in its anime appearances. Aside from Bea’s Gigantamaxed Machamp in Pokémon Journeys, Machamp is often shown to be not much more than muscle and aggression.

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In the games, however, the Machop-line should not be overlooked. Machop is one of the best Pokémon available from NPC trades, and the boosted experience can make it a formidable Machoke before too long. Trading it once more will get the player an exceptional Fighting-type in Machamp, especially if its Guts ability is utilized to its maximum potential.

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Top 5 Pokemon Who Can Evolve Into Different Forms

Evolution is one of, if not the main feature of the Pokemon games and the anime series.

Trainers catch Pokemon, train them, and evolve them so they can reach the peak of their potential. Some Pokemon can evolve more than once or even into more than one form.

The different evolutionary forms in Pokemon are rather interesting. Sometimes, they can completely change appearance, stats, and even type compared to whatever other form is available.

Note: This article is subjective and reflects the opinion of the writer.

Pokmon Evolutions So Powerful They Should Be Banned

Top 10 Pokémon Evolutions That Make Zero Sense

There are many overpowered Pokémon. However, these particular evolutions are so strong that they never should’ve been created in the first place.

The 2019 Pokémon VGC rules were first revealed in August 2018, and they promised a shifting format that would take three different forms, starting in September 2018 and running through till August 2019. The new VGC rules are split into three different series, the Sun series, which started in September and will end in January, the Moon series, which will run from January till April, and the Ultra series, which will run from April to August

Each of the three series will have different rules, with Sun banning Mega Evolutions and Z-Moves, the Moon series just banning Mega Evolutions, and the Ultra series allowing everything. The only Pokémon that will be banned throughout the 2019 VGC tournament are the Mythical Pokémon , and Ash-Greninja. The fact that the 2019 VGC tournament will be allowing almost every item, move, and Pokémon in the game means that the Ultra series is going to be incredibly chaotic.

It’s well-known that some Pokémon are overpowered, yet they will be allowed to run riot over the competitive scene for one last time before the eighth generation arrives.

We are here today to find out which Pokémon should have stayed on the ban list – from the sword with the power to carve up the competition to the dragon from Hoenn that can transform with a single move.

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Pokemon Go Eevee Evolution: Sylveon Leafeon Glaceon Espeon Umbreon Vaporeon Jolteon Flareon Evolve Instructions

With so many classic Eevee evolutions to choose from – alongside the newer additions – you want to make sure that you get your favorite, so let’s talk about how to evolve Eevee in Pokemon Go.

For our money, Eevee is one of the coolest Pokemon. It’s one of the cutest of the original Red/Blue/Green generation of Pokemon games, yes, and it’s just been promoted to starter status for Pokemon Let’s Go – but the coolest thing about Eevee is how it evolves. Eevee can evolve into more different Pokemon than any other species discovered so far – and of course that carries over to Pokemon Go.

From the newest Eeveelution, Fairy-type Sylveon, to the original elemental three, Jolteon, Flareon and Vaporeon, there are guaranteed ways to get each and every evolution – here’s what to do.

Stone And Item Evolutions

By far the most common way to make Pokémon evolve outside of natural level evolution is by using Stones or special items. Just give the Pokémon the required item and they’ll start to evolve. Any Pokémon that previously needed to be traded to evolve now just needs to be given the Linking Cord. All of these items can be purchased from Simona at the Trading Post in exchange for MP.

  • Alolan Vulpix Alolan Ninetails
  • Clefairy Clefable

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Hisuian Zorua And Hisuian Zoroark

The Hisuian Zorua and Hisuian Zoroark are some of the latest additions to Pokémon Legends:Arceus regional forms. The official description of these Pokémon offers, Hisuian Zoroark seems scarybut it also appears to be protective of Hisuian Zorua. This new form of Zorua, of course, is super adorable. It seems that both these new Pokémon are Normal/Ghost types in their regional forms.

Hisuian Zorua

Zorua is fox-like Pokémon that can change its physical appearance at will. However, these changes are only illusions because its primary skillsets and powers dont change.

Zorua can act timid in nature, hence its reliance on illusions. It keeps its form secret to stay safe. Sometimes, it will appear as a child in the hopes of finding food. Sometimes, it even replaces children, especially talkative ones. In its child form, it often stays silent. However, if anyone touches its tail, it will revert to its Zorua form. Though shy, this Pokémon tends towards mischief.

These Hisuian Zorua came to the Hisui region after being driven from other lands by humans, who shunned the Pokémon for manifesting uncanny illusions. But these Zorua actually perished, because they could not survive the harsh Hisuian land and conflict with other Pokémon. Their souls were reborn in this Ghost-type form, powered by their malice.

Hisuian Zoroark

Here Are The Pokemon Legends Arceus Starter Evolutions

Pokémon: The 15 Most Powerful Mega Evolutions Of All Time ...

Pokemon Legends Arceus is bringing with it a whole new style of Pokemon, an open-world experience. With it will be coming new Pokemon that can only be found in the Hisui region. In case it is not obvious, SPOILER ALERT. The three starter Pokemon were revealed months ago to be Cyndiquil, Oshawot and Rowlet. As many expected their evolutions are in the game but their final evolutions are different in Pokemon Legends Arceus. Here is a look at the Pokemon Legends Arceus Starter Evolutions.

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Pokmon: 10 Best Trade Evolutions In The Games Ranked

Trading Pokémon has been a part of the franchise since the beginning, and some of the coolest evolutions are attainable only by swapping monsters.

Throughout all eight generations of Pokémon, evolution has been an important part of the franchise. It adds extra motivation for players and trainers to improve their Pokémon, with different designs, stats, and even type combinations being available after evolution. There are multiple different ways to evolve Pokémon, from using specific Evolution Stones to specific environmental factors. One of the oldest, however, is trading with other players.

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Trade evolutions have not always been well-received becasue trading with others is not always a viable option for everyone. This means that the Pokémon only obtainable through trades are not actually attainable to some players. However, making an extra effort to make these trades will provide players with a whole host of powerful Pokémon to add to their teams.

Worse: Jigglypuff To Wigglytuff

Jigglypuff represented the softer side of Pokémon rather than being a stone cold fighter. What made this pink Pokémon a favorite is the way she floated like a cloud and lived up to her name as a cuddly pink puff, reminiscent of other Nintendo character favorites.

So, her evolution into Wigglytuff is an odd one. The evolved Pokémon sounds like it was named by the same guys behind Waluigi and it also changed the lovable attributes of its previous form. In doing so, they slimmed the figure and extended the ears, removing the cuddly cute parts of the pink character.

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Better: Beldum To Metagross

Beldum looks like an anime version of the arm stashed away by Cyberdyne systems in Terminator. It quite literally looks like a floating intelligent robot arm and has a glowing red eye. So, its fair to say that this Pokémon looks better evolved.

Passing through the more intimidating Metang, Beldum evolves into Metagross: a robotic beast with iron legs and an X logo across its face. Those of us who play PokémonGo know this is the last evolution for the floating, blue robot appendage, but Metagross also evolves into Mega Metagross using the Metagrossite, a rare stone.

Pokemon That Evolve Through Items And Evolution Stones

The Discovery ? | Pokémon Evolutions: Episode 8

Another classic method with a tweak that makes life easy has returned in legends Arceus. Stone Evolutions are common to other Pokemon games as well. Although, previously, you had to have the stone in the Pokemons inventory while trading it for the Pokemon to Evolve.

That requirement has been removed. Now just having the stone is enough for the Evolve prompt to be visible in the menu. And Pokemon that could only be evolved by trading can now be evolved using the Linking Cord.

You can visit most vendors and at the exchange item store to get stones. They are rewarded for completing side quests and requests and can also drop during Space-Time Distortions and finally can be dropped from the Mystery Gifts.

All Pokemon you can Evolve this way are listed below:

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Scizor Is A Considerable Upgrade On Scyther

Despite its dual Bug and Flying typing not being especially desirable, Scyther was often revered and favored by fans in the original games due to its cool design. Things only got better when Scizor was introduced in Gen II.

Scizor’s Steel and Bug combination is particularly impressive, with it having a whole host of resistances and a weakness only to Fire types. A trainer can get their hands on a Scizor by receiving a Scyther holding a Metal Coat by trade, the same process used to evolve Onix into Steelix.

Hisuian Samurott Is A Great Pokmon Legends: Arceus Starter

Hisuian Samurott is one of the best starter evolutions in Pokémon Legends: Arceus thanks to its balanced stats and Type advantages, which can give players a major advantage when exploring the harsh Hisui region. While the original Unova form of Samurott was purely Water-Type, its Hisuian variant sports a dual Water/Dark-Type, which gives it resistance to Fire, Water, Ice, Ghost, Steel, and Dark-Type moves and makes it weak to Grass, Electric, Fighting, Bug, and Fairy. Hisuian Samurott is also immune to Psychic-type moves, which can be extremely helpful when facing off against some of Hisuis powerful Legendary Pokémon like Mesprit, Uxie, and Azelf in the later stages of the game. In addition to having a higher base HP than the other two starter evolutions, Hisuian Samurott also boasts good Attack and Special Attack stats, which makes it comparable to both Typhlosian and Decidueye as an offensive force.

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Pokemon Legends Arceus Starter Evolutions:


Seen above is the official silhouette that has been revealed. As one can see the fire that is normally coming from Typhlosion is looking much different. Other than that, it looks about the same as a normal Typhlosion does in any of the other games. It is why the full picture is revealed that fans can see the big surprise.

Typhlosion will now be a fire and ghost type in Pokemon Legends Arceus.


As for Samurott, the silhouette really does not give much away. The only noticeable differences are that it has more spikes or horns. Also that these horns are a bit more jagged than its previous form. This second typing which should no longer be a surprise is revealed once the full image can be seen.

Samurott will now be a water and dark type in Pokemon Legends Arceus.

Lastly comes Decidueye and the most notable difference in the silhouette is the massive hat-like structure on its head which replaces the hood. Also, the talons for Decidueye are looking much bigger. Now when the curtain is pulled back, one is able to see why it is given its second typing.

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Pokmon Bdsp’s Leafeon & Glaceon Evolutions Are Hard To Get

Which Is The Most Popular Mega Evolution?

Like most of the Eeveelutions in Pokémon, evolving Leafeon and Glaceon poses a challenge to trainers in Pokémon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl. Eevee is a rare catch, only appearing in the Trophy Garden after players defeat the Pokémon League and unlock the National Pokédex, and each of its six evolutions that appear in BDSP have their own methods of evolution. While most of the Eeveelutions evolve with Evolution Stones or high enough friendship, Leafeon and Glaceon have more cryptic evolution requirements and must be leveled near specific rocks in the Sinnoh region in order to evolve.

In order to evolve Eevee into Leafeon, players must find the Moss Rock located in Eterna Forest and level their Eevee in an adjacent space, either through battling or by feeding it a Rare Candy. Glaceon, on the other hand, will evolve from Eevee when leveled near the Ice Rock found on Route 217 near Snowpoint City. While these rocks are hard enough to find on their own, players may never suspect that they can be used to evolve Eevee through this method, making the Gen 4 Eeveelutions some of the most difficult evolutions required to complete the Pokédex in Pokémon Brilliant Diamond & Shining Pearl.

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