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How To Beat Thundurus Pokemon Go

What Weather Boosts Incarnate Forme Thundurus And Counters

HOW TO BEAT TORNADUS IN POKÉMON GO (Tornadus & Tornadus-Therian Raid guide: Mar/Apr 2021)

Incarnate Forme Thundurus is boosted by Rainy and Windy weather that raises his CP, making him tougher to take down. Incarnate Forme Thundurus Electric moves will be especially strong in Rainy weather, so you might be better off taking it on outside of those if you are struggling. Fighting in Snow or Party Cloudy conditions will give Ice and Rock attacks a boost respectively though, though finding Snow conditions will probably be pretty difficult this time of year in the US at least.

How To Beat And Capture Incarnate Forme Thundurus In Pokmon Go

You better strike before it bolts.

The Season of Legends is already off to an electric start in Pokémon Go, and the voltage will only increase once the Bolt Strike Pokémon Thundurus returns to five-star raids once more.

As the devastating Tornadus rotates out on March 11 at 8am local time, Thundurus will strike, appearing in its Incarnate Forme until March 16. But dont expect Thundurus to just vanish, as on March 16 you will be able to encounter the Electric-type in its Therian Forme for the first time.

Incarnate Forme Thundurus can also be Shiny as it reappears in Raids and prepares to transform, so be on the lookout for the darker clouds and slight color change.

When you do encounter Thundurus, you need to be wary since it is both Electric and Flying-type. This means you should avoid Water-types at all costs unless you plan to bring a Swampert for some reason.

Because of that Electric-typing, you should rely on Ground-types to negate any advantage Thundurus might have. Doubling down with Ground/Rock-types like Rhyperior or Golem is a sound strategy, with Ice-types like Kyurem and Mamoswine also being very viable to ground the legend.

Pokemon Go Thundurus Counters

Boosted Weather: Windy/Rainy100% IVs : 1911 / 2389

When it comes to Thundurus counters, it’s essentially Zapdos in disguise. Both Thundurus and Zapdos are Flying/Electric-type legendaries and the result is that Rock and Ice-type Pokemon dominate the counters. It’s a trickier fight than Tornadus though, which is a sole Flying-type, so you’ll want to enlist the help of three or four trainers at a minimum to take Thundurus down. Here are the best Thundurus counters in Pokemon Go.

Brick Break

Four different types feature in the possible Thundurus movesets, but you don’t have to worry about any of them causing you too many troubles if you use the above counters. Three of its moves are, as you’d expect, Electric-type, which are worth noting if you’re using Landorus or Aerodactyl to counter it, but otherwise you should be golden. In terms of the best moveset for Thundurus when you catch it, Thunder Shock and Thunder take the prize as long as you’re not fighting something resistant to Electric.

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Pokmon Go: Thundurus Incarnate Raid Guide

Starting Saturday, March 11, 2021, Thundurus is back in Pokémon Go as part of the Season of Legends. A lot has changed since we last faced off against the Bolt Strike Pokémon, including the introduction of Mega Evolution, as well as many new Shadow Pokémon, but we here at iMore have everything you need to know to beat Thundurus. And be sure to check out our best Pokémon Go accessories so you can be fully equipped for the battle!

How Many Players Are Needed

How to find and beat Tornadus, Thundurus, and Landorus in ...

As before, Incarnate Forme Thundurus is one of the easier five star raids due to how weak it can be to Ice and Rock attacks. Having two players that are high level, best friends, and with the best counters likely can beat Incarnate Forme Thundurus, but it isnt exactly recommended. Due to this, we recommend having at least three or four players, especially if you are not leveled up or have the best counters.

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What Are The Best Counters For Thundurus In Pokmon Go

As an Electric and Flying type, Thundurus only has two weaknesses: Rock and Ice. It also has a wide range of attack types, including Electric, Ghost, Dark, and Fighting. With the introduction of Mega Evolution and Mega Abomasnow, the best strategy is using Ice types with Mega Abomasnow leading. However, if you cannot safely coordinate with your fellow Trainers, a mix of Rock and Ice counters will still work.

Landorus Pokmon Go Raid Battle Tips

If you’ve been keeping up with collecting Legendary Pokémon asthey’ve appeared in Pokémon GO, you might already have Tornadus and Thundurusin your collection. You’ll have the opportunity to reunite the trio bydefeating and catching Landorus in Raid Battlesbut only for a limited time.Landorus in Incarnate Forme will appear in Raid Battles from March 31, 2020, at1:00 p.m. PDT until April 21, 2020, at 1:00 p.m. PDT, so make sure to catch onebefore it’s too late.

If you aren’t sure how best to lasso Landorus, we have some earth-shatteringtips to make sure you aren’t left behind.

The Premier Balls you earn by defeating Landorus are the only PokéBalls you can use to catch it, so it’s crucial to be prepared. Maximize yourchances by helping your team take over the Gym before the raid starts, battlingalongside your friends, and picking Pokémon for your party that’ll perform wellin battle. Be sure to learn how to trainPokémon in Pokémon GO to get your team up to speed, and then readon for more about Landorus.

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‘pokemon Go’ Raid Guide: How To Beat Therian Forme Thundurus

  • The Therian Forme Thundurus is weak to Ice and Rock
  • The new Thundurus uses Poison instead of Ghost-type attacks
  • Glaceon and Rampardos are effective against this boss while remaining relatively easy to get

The Therian Forme of the legendary Thundurus Pokemon is now available to fight in Pokemon Go, but this raid boss is everything a raid boss should be and is strong enough to give any unprepared trainer a proper walloping.

This new Forme has a few key differences from the previous Incarnate Forme. The Therian Forme has a new Poison-type move, and it sacrifices defense for offense, making it hurt more at the cost of being squishier than before.

These new attributes mean Pokemon Go players will have to prepare accordingly in order to outlast the encounter. Its important to note that the Thundurus is a Flying-type Electric Pokemon, so it would be best to use Rock and Ice Pokemons to counter it.

While high-level Pokemons that fall in these categories should be able to score some degree of success, there are some ideal choices for this particular raid. Here are a few Pokemon picks that can be used to great effect, according to iMore:

The Thundurus in Incarnate Forme in Pokemon GOPhoto: Niantic


Mega Abomasnow


Mamoswine is an Ice/Ground-type Pokemon that resists both Electric and Poison damage types but is vulnerable to Fighting damage. A Mamoswine with Powder Snow and Avalanche will be able to last long in this boss fight while also dealing tons of damage.

Tips For Battling Landorus In Pokmon Go


Take advantage of Landorus’s weaknesses. Landorusis famous for being one of the more impressive battling Pokémon in the PokémonRPGs, but that doesn’t mean it’s without type weaknesses to exploit. As aGround- and Flying-type Pokémon, Landorus is especially weak to Ice-type attacks,so if you have a powerful Weavile, Mamoswine, Articuno, Glaceon, Jynx, or evena Mewtwo that knows Ice Beam, you’ll be off to a great start . If you run out of Ice types, Landorus’s other weakness isto Water-type attacks, but Water-type attacks will typically do far less damagethan Ice-type attacks in this encounter.

Consider the weather. While the weather shouldn’t impactyour choices as much against Landorus as it might against some other RaidBosses, you may want to change your strategy a little if it’s raining. The bestWater-type Pokémon will still deal less damage in the rain than Ice-type Pokémonof equivalent power, but since several of Landorus’s attacksFocus Blast, RockSlide, and Rock Throware super effective against Ice types, you may findyourself better off using Water-type Pokémon with Water-type attacks againstmany of Landorus’s possible attack combinations because the Water types will beso much easier to keep on the field. We have to give a special shout-out toSwampertnot only will it do impressive damage if it knows Hydro Cannon, but italso resists Landorus’s Rock-type attacks.

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After Landorus And Tornadus It Is Time To Give Way To The Fearsome Thundurus The Pokmon Lightning Bolt We Detail Their Best Opponents

The Season of Legends is offering us many events and changes in Pokémon GO. The arrival of the Trio of Clouds to raids in both Avatar and Totem forms are the main incentives for iOS and Android players in the raids, and after Landorus and Tornadus, it is Thunduruss turn in his Avatar Form. As always, from FreeGameTips we offer you a guide with all the statistics and the best strategy to defeat him in level 5 raids.

Pokmon Go Therian Forme Thundurus Weakness And Counters

Therian Forme Thundurus has a weakness to Ice and Rock-type attacks in Pokémon Go, meaning suitable counters include Rampardos and Rhyperior.

Other suitable counters to exploit the weakness of and beat Therian Forme Thundurus in Pokémon Go include Mamoswine and Terrakion.

Pokémon Legends Arceus: A familiar region. A new story.

You should know that the creature is boosted by Windy and Rainy weather, and that its maximum CP is 2,091 but 2,614 when boosted.

Its Fast Moves are Volt Switch and Bite, and its Charged Moves are as follows:

  • Thunder

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The Best Incarnate Forme Thundurus Counters In March 2021

Our complete Incarnate Forme Thundurus is further down below, where we answer all of the important questions about its raids and how to beat Incarnate Forme Thundurus. Before that though you need to have a team of solid counters, so heres a list of the very best. As a Electric/Flying Pokémon, Incarnate Forme Thundurus has one of the rarest typings in the game, with Emolga being the only other besides the two Thundurus forms. Due to the Flying type, Incarnate Forme Thundurus shares most of the same major weaknesses as both Landorus and Tornadus, which are both Rock and Ice. But be sure to read below the chart to find out the rare exceptions and special cases that pop up, since so much has been added to Pokémon GO prior to March 2021.

Smack Down Rock Slide

More and more Mega Evolutions and Shadow Pokémon have been introduced since we last saw Incarnate Forme Thundurus in raids, which means there are some additional options besides the basic list of Pokémon counters above. Taking in a Shadow version of any of the above Pokémon is always going to be recommended above the regular version. The best Mega obviously is Mega Abomasnow, which can be incredibly useful with a moveset of Powder Snow and Weather Ball. Now lets get on with the full Incarnate Forme Thundurus raid guide down below.

Best Pokmon Counters To Therian Forme Thundurus

Pokémon GO: how to beat and capture Thundurus  best counters

The best Pokémon you want to use to counter Therian Forme Thundurus is Rhyperior, Galarian Darmanitan, and Mamoswine.

Rhyperior is a Ground and Rock-type Pokémon. Its the final evolved form of Rhyhorn, and its reliable Pokémon plenty of trainers regularly use in the Master League. We highly recommend using it against Therian Forme Thundurus as Rhyperior has a variety of Rock-type moves available to it. The best attack it can use is the charged move rock wrecker, but it is an exclusive Community Day move, so not every trainer might have access to the attack. Even without the move, Rhyperior is a tough Pokémon for Thundurus to crack. We recommend to use a Rhyperior that has the fast move smack down, and the charged moves rock wrecker and stone edge.

The next Pokémon were going to recommend is Galarian Darmanitan, an Ice-type Pokémon. Its a glass cannon, so you dont want to save it for your last Pokémon when battling Thundurus. While it will do quite a bit of damage against it, Galarain Darmanitan wont be able to take too many hits before fainting. The best moveset Galarian Darmanitan can use against Thundurus will be ice fang for its fast move, and then avalanche and superpower for its charged moves.

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How To Catch A Shiny Thundurus

All legendaries with a shiny form in Pokemon Go have a 5% chance to be shiny after a raid. This is considerably higher than the standard wild Pokemon shiny rate, because it means that on average, 1 in 20 post-raid legendary encounters will be shiny. If you do find a shiny Thundurus, use a Pinap Berry because it will have a 100% catch rate.

Give me a game and I will write every “how to” I possibly can or die trying. When I’m not knee-deep in a game to write guides on, you’ll find me hurtling round the track in F1, flinging balls on my phone in Pokemon Go, pretending to know what I’m doing in Football Manager, or clicking on heads in Valorant.

Who Is Thundurus And What Are The Forces Of Nature

Introduced in the Gen V games Pokémon Black and Pokémon White, the Forces of Nature are a Legendary Trio. Fans have also called them the Legendary Genies, the Kami Trio, and the Cloud Trio. They include Tornadus: the Cyclone Pokémon, Thundurus: the Bolt Strike Pokémon, and Landorus: the Abundance Pokémon. Landorus, the strongest of the three, was said to have stopped the other two from wreaking destruction across the Unova Region. In more recent times, the Mythical Pokémon, Meloetta was able to calm all three of the Forces of Nature to save the Unova Region from their destructive powers.

The Forces of Nature are also some of the select few Pokémon with multiple Formes. Normally seen in their Incarnate forms where they resemble genies, they can also take on a Therian forme where they resemble a bird, a dragon, and a large cat. The Therian formes of the Forces of Nature will make their Pokémon Go debut in just a couple weeks. Guides for the other Forces of Nature and the Therian formes can be found here:

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Pokemon Go: How To Beat Thundurus

As March is nearly halfway over, Pokemon GO has decided to pay homage to the Spring season for trainers with a new assortment of events. This time, there is a new electric-themed Pokemon GO event happening with all sorts of bonuses and Pokemon spawns.

One of the new things Niantic is bringing to the event is a new chance to encounter Thundurus in Pokemon GO, with the legendary Pokemon first appearing yesterday at 8 am local time in his Incarnate Forme. Sadly, players will only have the opportunity to catch Thundurus Incarnate for the next five days, ending on March 16 at 10 am local time.

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Incarnate Thundurus has a different type match-up from when it last appeared in Pokemon GO. However, this does actually benefit trainers who know how to take advantage of that properly. So for fans looking for ways on how to beat Incarnate Forme Thundurus, here is a quick guide on how to beat him.

Similar to Incarnate forms of Tornadus and Landorus in Pokemon GO, Thundurus has his own unique typing as a Thunder and Flying-type Pokemon. And with the Flying-type, this effectively makes him weak to Rock and Ice-type moves just like his fellow nature trio. Luckily, there are plenty of Pokemon that can fit this mold.

Pokemon GO is available on Android and iOS.

How To Beat Therian Forme Thundurus In Pokemon Go


The Charge Up! event launches in Pokemon GO today, and that means Therian Forme Thundurus is also making a debut in the game. Players will need to defeat the Legendary in a raid battle if they want to catch it, and having a good team can make all the difference.

Therian Forme Thundurus can be found spawning in five-star raids next week as the Charge Up! event plays out. It’s the first Therian Forme to appear out of the Forces of Nature trio, and as an Electric-type, it’s perfect for the new event in Pokemon GO.

Unlike the rest of the Electric-type Pokemon roaming around the game, Therian Forme Thundurus will be a lot more of a challenge to catch. Like almost every other Legendary Pokemon in Pokemon GO, players will need a small squad of players and six good Pokemon in order to beat something like a Therian Forme Thundurus.

The first tip for getting into a good raid, is to look for a five-star raid that hasn’t started yet. Mark the time and make sure to appear as soon as the raid starts. If the area is populated, there’s a high chance that a handful of players will jump into the raid at the same time. Five players in total that are at level 35 or higher should be able to take down Therian Forme Thundurus, but that is the minimum.

Once players are in a raid with enough members, the next step is to pick a good Pokemon team to counter Thundurus.

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