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What Type Of Pokemon Trainer Are You

Elite Four Pokmon Trainers

What kind of Pokemon Trainer Are You?

Elite Four is a group of trainers from their own respective regions.

86. Aaron is a member of Sinnoh’s Elite Four and is a Bug-type Pokémon trainer.

87. Acerola is the Trial Captain Of Thrifty Megamart and a member of Alola Elite Four. She specializes in Ghost-type Pokémon.

88. Agatha is one of the Elite Four and uses Ghost-types.

89. Bertha is an Elite Four member and uses Ground- Type Pokémon.

90. Caitlin is a member of Unova’s Elite Four and is a Psychic-type Pokémon trainer.

91. Drasna is a member of Kalos’ Elite Four and specializes in Dragon-types.

92. Glacia is the third member of Hoenn Elite Four and specializes in Ice-type Pokémon.

93. Grimsley is a member of Unova’s Elite Four and specializes in Dark-types.

94. Kahili is a member of Alola’s Elite Four and uses Flying-type Pokémon.

95. Karen is a member of the Indigo Elite Four and specializes in Dark-types.

96. Lucian is the fourth and most powerful member of Sinnoh’s Elite Four and specializes in Psychic-types.

97. is a member of Unova Elite four and is a Fighting-type Pokémon trainer.

98. Olivia is the Kahuna of Akala Island and specializes in Rock-type Pokémon.

99. Sidney is the first member of Hoenn’s Elite Four and specializes in Dark-type Pokémon.

100. Will is a member of the Indigo Elite Four and specializes in Psychic-types.

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Which Pokemon Trainer Type Are You Take This Quiz To Find Out

We all know them well the Pokemon Trainers encountered throughout each and every generation. From the Bug Catchers to the Psychics, they all have quirks that make them unique . If youve ever wondered what type of Trainer NPC youd be if you were in a Pokemon game, this quiz will tell you!

Are you more of a Super Nerd or a Lass? Take this quiz to find out which type of Pokemon Trainer youd be!

And if you like this one, make sure to head over to our quiz section for even more fun.

What Pokemon Trainer Are You

What Pokemon trainer are you? Answer the questions about yourself and then we will match you up with the trainer that your personality resembles. Possible results include Ash Ketchum, Misty, Brock, Dawn, Iris, and more. We have mostly focused on Ashs traveling companions from throughout the anime series. He has traveled with so many different people that I think it was a good way to do it.

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Pokmon Sword And Shield: Ballonlea Gym Mission Solution

The Ballonlea Gym mission is simple enough – you just need to answer a few quiz questions correctly , but the questions themselves become a little awkward as the challenge goes on…

Anyway, inside Marnie will turn up and give you her League Card, and there’s a girl in an Eevee costume who’ll trade you her regular Yamask for your Galar one if you have one spare.

Ballonlea Gym Quiz answers and solutions:

Questions in this gym will come mid-battle, and if you answer correctly your Pokémon’s stats will be raised – incorrectly and they’ll be lowered!


Top 100 Pokmon Trainer Names

I am a Compassionate trainer! What Kind of "Pokemon ...

‘Pokémon’ is a Japanese media franchise, comprising of manga, films, anime, and games.

Pokémons are a fictional species of collectible pocket monsters, each with their own unique set of skills. Pokémon trainers are humans that catch and train Pokémons.

You may have come across Pokémon characters through anime series or games. One of the most popular Pokémon charters is trainer Ash Ketchum, and his famous Pokémon character, Pikachu. Pokémon games have been very popular among children and adults alike. Below we have compiled a fantastic list of trainer names for you to enjoy.

For more characters in Pokémon, look at our list of funny Pokémon names or cat Pokémon names.

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What Kind Of Pokemon Trainer Are You

  • step

Hey, it’s Professor Oak! He just offered you and your two best friends a Pokemon!You’ve got first pick… who do you choose?

  • Charmander

Now that your Pokemon journey has officially started, what will you do first?

  • Train my starter Pokemon and level it up
  • Catch new Pokemon
  • Battle my friends for bragging rights
  • Go show off my new Pokemon around town

Do you wanna catch ’em all? Or are you okay with a few?

  • Of course I want all of them!
  • I don’t want all the Pokemon… just the strongest ones
  • I’d rather just form close bonds with my favorites

You see a group of bandits stealing someone’s Pokemon! What do you do?

  • I’ve gotta help them!
  • Well, it depends on how many bandits there are… I’m not going on a suicide mission
  • Stay out of it

How much do a Pokemon’s looks matter to you?

  • I prefer the cool looking ones
  • It’s their personality that matters
  • As long as they’re strong, who cares about looks or personality?

You’ve been offered the title of gym leader at the local gym. Do you accept?

  • No, I want to be the very best, local gym doesn’t cut it
  • No, too much responsibility
  • Uhhh… do I get paid?

How often would you train your Pokemon?

  • Like… 24/7
  • At least 5 or 6 days a week
  • Eh, when I feel like it
  • I’d rather just do something else with them

You’re in a battle with a much weaker trainer. You…

  • Go easy on ’em

Ever Wondered Where You Truly Belong Among Pokemon You Have A Favorite Type But What Are You As A Trainer Go Ahead And Take The Test See Who You Really Are In The Pokemon World And What Your Secondary Type Should Be As Well

How do you enjoy your weather in degrees?

Steak with a Side of Bacon

Chicken with Steamed Veggies

Select the place where you live

Somewhere Hot

Where do you want to live?

Somewhere Hot

If you could have any of these jobs forever, what would you have?


Volunteer: Fire Fighter/ Police Officer

Measure yourself on the productive scale.

Never Keeping Still

Final Question: What type do you think you are, or should be?




You are a burning light among stars! You never quit, never stop, and you spread your light among others. You have a temper, but who doesn’t? Standing up for what you think is right might make you frustrated now and again when things don’t go your way. You work hard, sometimes for more that your worth. You are dedicated, and you work for what you love, and are passionate about.If you have a fire with no reason, you’re setting yourself up to burn down the whole world. The same goes for someone with a lot of fight. If you don’t stand for anything, then you die out like a heart that’s stopped beating. So as a trainer, be both Fire and Fighting, because as a person, you sure do shine bright!















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Pokmon Sword And Shield: Ballonlea

Ballonlea is small but charming, with its glow-in-the-dark mushrooms and drifting Pokémon.

There are a handful of items to collect, including a couple of valuable hidden ones. There’s also a couple of people to talk to, including that man Frank, who the little girl in Hammerlocke had asked you to deliver a letter to – he’s in the first house on the left!

There’s also a breeder in an old lady’s house, who battles you and offers up an Eviolite as a reward; and there’s a strange Artist who wants you to wear something fiery, offering a reward if you do!

Available Pokémon

Are You Professor Oak Or Maybe Ash Ketchum Its Time To Take The Test And Find Out

What Kind of Pokémon Trainer Are You? – Episode 1 – Tamashii Hiroka

What colour do you like the best?

How would your friends describe you?

What is your favourite food?

What do you always like to wear?

;What is your favourite hobby besides training Pokemon?;

;What is your greatest weakness?;

Which Pokemon do you have a soft spot for?

What is your special skill?;

What do you care about the most?

If you lived in the human world, what would you be?;

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Gym Leader Pokmon Trainers

A gym leader is the head of trainers in a Pokémon trainer club. Here are a few of our favorites.

65. Allister is a Galar Gym Leader and specializes in Ghost Types.

66. Bea is a Gym Leader in the Galar region and specializes in Fighting-type.

67. Bede is a rival and Fairy-type Gym Leader.

68. Blaine is the leader of the Cinnabar Gym and specializes in Fire-types.

69. Brawly is the leader of the Dewford Gym and specializes in Fighting-type Pokémon.

70. is the leader of Canalave Gym and is a Steel-type Pokémon trainer.

71. Chili is one of the three Leaders of the Striaton Gym and specializes in Fire-types.

72. Clair is the leader of Blackthorn City Gym and specializes in Dragon-types.

73. Elesa is the leader of the Nymbasa Gym and specializes in Electric-type Pokémon.

74. Falkner is the leader of Violet Gym and uses Fighting-type Pokémon.

75. Fantina is the leader of the Hearthome Gym and specializes in Ghost-types.

76. Gardenia is the leader of Eterna Gym and specializes in Grass-types.

77. Grant is the leader of the Cyllage Gym and specializes in rock-types.

78. Janine is the leader of the Fuchsia Gym and specializes in Poison-types.

79. Kabu is the leader in the gym at Motosoke Arena.

80. Korrina is the leader of the Shalour Gym and specializes in Fighting-types.

81. Maylene is the leader of Veilstone Gym and specializes in Fighting-types.

82. Ramos is the leader of Coumarine gym and specializes in grass-types.

Which Main Trainer From The Pokmon Games Are You

You have a day off of your usual Trainer duties. What do you do with your spare time?


Meet with my friends

Stay in and plan my next busy day

A stranger challenges you to a battle, but you’re in a hurry to get somewhere! Do you accept?

Yes! I’m always game!

No, I have places to be!

You find yourself at an impasse. On the left there is a rare Pokémon that’s about to escape, on the right is a famous Trainer who’s about to leave. Which way do you go?

To the left! I can battle anyone at any time.

To the right! I can find the Pokémon again, it’s battle time!

Forget it, I’ll keep going to the next city.

What kind of Pokémon do you like the most?

Strong ones!

What position would you like in the Pokémon world?

Champion/Gym Leader

If you were forced to join one of the evil teams, which would it be?

Team Rocket

Which building would you visit the most?

Battle Frontier

Your Pokémon is hurt! Do you…

Heal it now with items

Wait until the next Pokémon Center

Which Champion would you most like to meet?




You are Red/Leaf. Hailing from the land of Kanto, you are hard working and determined to really Catch ‘Em All. You’re a jack of all trades for both collecting and battling, but really you just want to discover and use as many Pokémon as you can. Just wait until you find out there’s more than 150…













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Which Pokemon Trainer Are You Most Like

What is your Favorite Color?

What is your Favourite Mega Evolution?

Mega Gyarados

Who is your Personal Favourite Trainer?

What is your Favourite Type Pokemon?


What would you be in the the Pokemon World?


Pick your Favourite Piece of Technology?


Which is your Favourite Season?

Seasons 1-5

Pick the Yummiest looking Food…

What would you do if you saw an Injured Pokemon on the Ground?

Catch It

Carry it to a Pokemon Center

Do Nothing

Catch it and go to a Pokemon Center

What Emotion do you Feel most Often?

Fear feeling afraid

Boredom feeling like you have nothing to do

Nothing You feel no emotion

Anger feeling angry

Disgust feeling something is wrong or dirty

Love feeling happy and lovey?

Which is your Preferred Animation of Pokemon?


Which Pokemon Trainer are you most Like?

There are 18 different results that you can get. If you answer all the questions honestly you will geta true answer.

The Four Types Of Pokmon Trading Card Game Trainer Youll Meet On Your Journey

What Type of Pokemon Trainer are you

Theres more than one path to becoming a Pokémon TCG champion – here are some of the main types of Trainer youll meet

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Just as the hundreds of Pokémon Trainers exploring the videogame series many regions are a diverse bunch Sci-Fi Maniacs, Swimmers, and Bug Catchers, oh my the vast global community of Pokémon TCG fans contains cardslingers of every description. With millions of players the world over, youre never short of opponents for your Pokémon TCG battles and youre liable to have a slightly different experience every single time.

In fact, thats one of the beauties of the game: it welcomes all sorts, from those who simply dig the nostalgic artwork and like to gaze lovingly at their cards, to fresh-faced young Trainers testing out their first decks, and grizzled Pokémon TCG competitors with multiple tournament titles under their belts.

Before you grab your first deck, your trusty flipping coin, and your lucky red-and-white baseball cap, and venture out into the long grass, weve put together this handy spotters guide to introduce you to the main types of Trainers youre likely to encounter in your journey through the Pokémon Trading Card Game.

Everyone wants to be the very best, but everyone has a subtly different way of going about it, so its important to recognise and respect different styles and focuses among your fellow Pokémon TCG Trainers. Here are the main types we know well.

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Which Pokemon Trainer Are You

A Pokemon Trainer is put in place to train pokemon to becoming the best competitor and earn the title of pokemon trainer. Do you know which between the characters created best describes you? Find if you are Red, Leaf, Blue, Ethan, Kris/Lyra, Silver, Brendan, May, Wally, Dawn, Lucas, Barry, Kristen, or Jake by taking up the quiz below. Have a blast!

  • What is your fave region?
  • A.&nbsp
  • Are you a boy or a girl?
  • A.&nbsp
  • What is your fave pokemon out of these?
  • A.&nbsp
  • Do you have a Boyfriend/Girlfriend?
  • A.&nbsp
  • What path are you following
  • A.&nbsp
  • What was your first Pokemon?
  • A.&nbsp
  • What is your fave color out of these?
  • A.&nbsp
  • What stat does your team emphasize?
  • A.&nbsp
  • Do you believe in magic and true love and such?
  • A.&nbsp
  • What is your romantic type?
  • A.&nbsp
  • A Good Kisser yet Protective

  • K.&nbsp

    I dunno…does she like Marills?

  • L.&nbsp
    • Sample QuestionWhat kind of superpower would you rather have?Mind control


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