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How To Get Shiny Mew In Pokemon Go

How To Get Shiny Mew In Pokemon Go

HOW TO GET SHINY MEW in Pokémon GO! Research Details Kanto Celebration Event Vlog

We can all agree that Mew is a great addition to our Pokedex, but what about its Shiny version, you may ask?

To get Shiny Mew, you have to finish a series of tasks that are not that easy to get the tick from. First and foremost, only the ones that competed in the Pokemon GO Tour: Kanto have the opportunity of encountering Shiny Mew through the Masterwork Research.

The thing is, to even get to the Masterwork Research, you would need to complete the Special Research that is unique to the adventure known as Pokemon GO Tour: Kanto.

Once you overcome that obstacle, the main and hard part comes, which is completing the Masterwork Research.

Now, some of the requirements will give you headache, but hey, look at the bright side, youll end up getting a shiny Mew.

How To Capture Shiny Mew In Pokemon Go

As mentioned, players will need to have purchased the Kanto Tour event pass during the event itself. Players can no longer purchase it, thus making it impossible to get a Shiny Mew at this moment. For those who have the pass, the Masterwork Research task will take a while for players to complete. Here is everything you need to do to unlock and capture that Shiny Mew.

Stage 1:

  • Get the platinum Kanto medal
  • Send 151 gifts to friends
  • Make 151 great throws

Stage 2:

  • Catch a Pokemon 30 days in a row
  • Catch 151 different species of Pokemon
  • Catch 30 Normal-type Pokemon
  • Catch 30 Fire-type Pokemon
  • Catch 30 Water-type Pokemon
  • Catch 30 Grass-type Pokemon
  • Catch 30 Fighting-type Pokemon
  • Catch 30 Psychic-type Pokemon
  • Catch 30 Rock-type Pokemon
  • Catch 30 Ground-type Pokemon
  • Catch 30 Flying-type Pokemon
  • Catch 30 Poison-type Pokemon
  • Catch 30 Electric-type Pokemon
  • Catch 30 Ice-type Pokemon
  • Catch 30 Bug-type Pokemon
  • Catch 30 Dragon-type Pokemon
  • Catch 30 Ghost-type Pokemon
  • Catch 30 Fairy-type Pokemon
  • Catch 30 Dark-type Pokemon
  • Catch 30 Steel-type Pokemon

Stage 3 and 4 are currently unavailable until players complete stage 2, making it impossible to know what is to come next until the 30 days are over. Although, players will be spending much of their time trying to complete stage 2 anyway. Regardless, completing all of these tasks will allow players the chance to capture a Shiny Mew.

Pokemon Go is available now on iOS and Android.

Pokemon Brilliant Diamond And Shining Pearl: How To Get Mew And Jirachi

You can get the two mythical Pokemon if you have save data for other Pokemon games on your Nintendo Switch.

Players who have save data for other Pokemon games on their Switch can receive a Mew and Jirachi in Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl.

Pokemon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl are out now on Nintendo Switch, and fans who’ve played other Pokemon games on the system will receive a special bonus: the mythical Pokemon Mew and Jirachi. To get them, you’ll need to have save data for Pokemon Sword/Shield and Pokemon: Let’s Go, Pikachu/Eevee on your Switch. Here’s how to claim the mythical Pokemon.

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How Will Player Gets A Shiny Mew Pokmon Go In 2021

It is agreeable to say that the Shiny Mew is the most significant addition to Pokémon Go. But, there are many Shiny versions of that you have to understand. To obtain a Shiny Mew, there are so many tasks to accomplish. But that is not flexible to complete. First, you have to compete in the Pokémon Go Tour Kanto. That is the entrance to the Shiny Mew. When you get into the Masterwork Research through that, you will face some Special Research to complete. That is a unique adventure to accomplish. That is also known as the Pokémon Go Tour: Kanto.

When you are done with this barrier, you will have to face onto the most difficult part. That is the completion of the Research Masterwork. Then you will see some requirements to complete. Once you complete those tasks, you can get a Shiny Mew at the end. There are few requirements to meet in Shiny Mew Masterwork Research. They are as follows.

  • You have to obtain a Platimum Kanto Medal.
  • You have to get into Trainer Level 40.
  • You have to collect 30 Pokemon, including one Pokémon from every time. Finally, the total will be 540 Pokeom at the end.
  • You have to spin 151 Pokestops.
  • There will be a requirement of walking 151 Km.

Apart from that, there is a massive list of tasks and rewards that you can get. As there is no time limit to the Masterwork Research, you can spend as much time as you want to complete these steps. After this, you must complete the Shiny Mew All in One 151 Masterwork Research Tasks in the four steps.

Icipate In The Mewtwo Quest

Pokémon GO!  Mewtwo Event Concept  Albert Choi  Medium

Mewtwo is a legendary Pokemon that is amazing in raids. Nevertheless, only a few could get a Mewtwo, as it is challenging to catch it and might take a while to make it yours. This method makes use of completing the Mewtwo quest to unlock it. All you have to do is join Dr. Willow in his research and complete the tasks that come with it. The step below shall guide you further.

  • Step 1: On the main screen, tap on the flashing image on the right-hand side.
  • Step 2: “An Inter-egg-sting Development” research would show up, it would present you with some tasks.
  • Step 3: Complete those tasks, and it would turn into a shadow Mewtwo encounter. The research isn’t going to be easy and might need some time to complete, but the reward is worth waiting.
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    Pokemon Go: How To Find Shiny Mewtwo

    Shiny Mewtwo is returning to Pokemon Go in the near future. This guide will show players how they can find and capture this Shiny legendary Pokemon.

    Players will soon be given a chance to capture a Shiny Mewtwo in Pokemon Go. This guide will show players how they can find and capture this Pokemon. Shiny Pokemon are amongst the rarest creatures to exist in the series. Players travel across the land to capture every Pokemon for their Pokedex and that in itself is already challenging. There are trainers out there who will not rest until they have captured Shiny versions of every Pokemon out there. In the case of Pokemon Go, not every Shiny Pokemon is available at the same time as its normal colored counterpart. Most Shiny Pokemon are introduced at a later date as part of a special event. For those looking to capture the Shiny version of the world’s most powerful Pokemon, the chance is fast approaching. This guide will show players how they can find their very own Shiny Mewtwo.

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    How To Get Mew And Mewtwo In Pokemon Go

    Wondering how to get Mew and Mewtwo in Pokemon Go? You’ve come to the right place. These two legendaries are classics in the world of Pokemon and Mewtwo is also one of the strongest Pokemon in Pokemon Go right now, so read on to discover more about how to get Pokemon Go Mew and Pokemon Go Mewtwo.

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    Pokemon Go Tour: Kanto

    On Saturday, February 20th, Pokemon GO players will be able to participate in the Pokemon GO Tour: Kanto Event. This event will introduce the rest of the shiny Pokemon from the Kanto region and offer players many valuable encounters and rewards for participating.

    The majority of the event’s festivities and tasks will be locked behind a ticketed paywall that players can purchase in the in-game Pokemon GO store. One of these perks from buying a ticket includes a special research task line that is meant to be completed over a long series of time. This means that players do not have to complete it all in one day like many of the other parts of the event.

    As players can probably guess, the end of this special research task line will give players an encounter with Mew. This Mew however is special due to it being a shiny Mew, making it far rarer than a normal Mew obtained by any other means.

    Pokemon GO is available on Android and iOS.

    How To Get Shiny Mew In Pokmon Go

    HOW TO GET SHINY MEW IN POKÉMON GO! (Pokémon GO Tour: Kanto Event)

    Earn an encounter with the original 151.

    Shiny Mew is appearing for the first time in Pokémon Go during the Go Tour: Kanto event, but it wont just be popping up in the wild.

    In order to encounter the special Psychic-type, you will need to earn it by completing some of the events special research. Specifically, you will need to complete all our pages of the All-in-One 151 Masterwork Research to get a Shiny Mew. But as a bonus, the encounter is static, meaning you will always encounter Shiny Mew when you finish the tasks, nothing is up to chance.

    Because some of the Masterwork Research tasks are extremely taxing, such as needing to send 151 Gifts to friends and make 151 Great Throws on just the first page, Niantic hasnt limited it to just the Kanto Tour on Feb. 20.

    There is no deadline on finishing the Masterwork or Special Research as long as players acquire it during the event by being active. Some of the tasks are easier to do with the event bonuses, so it is best if you get as much done during the Kanto Tour and following Kanto Celebration event as possible.

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    How To Get Mew

    Players who have save data for Pokemon: Let’s Go, Pikachu or Pokemon: Let’s Go, Eevee on their Switch will instead be able to get Mew in Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl. To collect the Pokemon, you’ll need to speak to the madame in the same flower field near the southern entrance of Floaroma Town.

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    Speak to the madame to receive Mew.

    Keep in mind that you can only claim one of each mythical Pokemon. Even if you have save data for both Pokemon Sword and Pokemon Shield on your system, for example, you’ll only receive one Jirachi in Brilliant Diamond or Shining Pearl.

    Those aren’t the only free mythical Pokemon that Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl players can get. Everyone who purchases a copy of either game before Feb. 21, 2022 will be able to receive a free Manaphy egg via the Mystery Gift function. You can also catch older legendary Pokemon in the games through a brand-new facility called Ramanas Park.

    After Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl, Pokemon Legends: Arceus will launch for Switch on Jan. 28. It, too, has an extra bonus for Sword and Shield players. Everyone who has Sword or Shield save data on their console will be able to get the mythical Pokemon Shaymin in Pokemon Legends, as well as a Shaymin kimono set for their trainers. Players with Let’s Go save data will also receive a Pikachu and Eevee trainer mask.

    How To Win The Challenge To Get Shiny Mew In Pokemon Go

    For starters, all players have to pay to be a part of the premium challenge. Those who have missed out on the challenge can in no way get the tickets. This was a one-time opportunity for all players.

    Players who have paid cash to be in the challenge are some of the most dedicated players of Pokemon Go. Those who have the pass can get Shiny Mew in just two stages.

    • Get the platinum Kanto medal .
    • Send 151 gifts to friends .
    • Make 151 great throws .

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    What Is Mewtwo Weak Against In Pokemon Go

    Mewtwo is weak against

    • Ghost
    • Bug

    The best Pokemon to beat Mewtwo as efficiently as possible are Tyranitar, Houndoom, and Gyarados with a dark moveset. It also helps if you have a MewTwo already but perhaps that a bit greedy. Use these Pokemon and youll have no problems getting to the reward catch screen.

    How To Get Mew Jirachi And Manaphy In Pokmon Brilliant Diamond And Shining Pearl

    instinct_for_everything on Twitter: " Got a shiny Mewtwo in ...

    There are several rewards you can redeem while playing Pokémon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl . Perhaps the three most exciting are getting a free Mew, Jirachi, and Manaphy simply for playing previous Pokémon games. These are three rare Mythical Pokémon that have been relatively hard to come by in the past. Remember that Manaphy is only available for a limited time, so grab it while you can. Also, you must be on version 1.1.1 of Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl on your Switch in order to get these rewards. Here’s how to get Mew, Jirachi, and Manaphy.

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    How To Capture The Shiny Mew In Pokmon Go

    As we described, the players need to possess a ticket at the Kanto Tour Event to participate. Unless they cannot get a Shiny Mew now, if you have the pass named the Masterwork Research task, you can use it while the other players are completing. There are a few unlocking that you have to do during the game. There will be three stages.

    At the first stage of Shiny Mew Pokémon Go, you have to complete these tasks.

    • You have to obtain the Platinum Kanto Medal. That will be 51 Ultra Balls.
    • You have to give 151 gifts to your friends. That will be a Poffin.
    • You have to make 151 great throws. That will be 1510 Stardust.
    • The rewards will be 5100 XP and a Premium Battle Pass. With that, there will be 1510 Stardust.

    At the second stage of Shiny Mew Pokémon Go, you have to complete these tasks.

    Until you complete the second level, you cannot see the third and fourth levels. So, you dont get to know what will come in the next 30 days. You might have to spend a lot of time to complete the second stage of the game. However, by completing these tasks, the players can capture a Shiny Mew. But, there are some notices about the functions and rewards that you will get in the third and fourth steps as follows.

    At the third step in Shiny Mew Pokémon Go, you have to complete these tasks.

    At the fourth step in Shiny Mew Pokémon Go, you can get the following worthy rewards.

    Best Eevee Solutions in Pokémon Go can be viewed from here.

    S To Encountering Shiny Mew In Go

  • Purchase a ticket to the Pokemon Go Tour: Kanto event.
  • Log in to Pokemon Go on February 20. Players will need to complete a Special Research with Professor Willow, which will get them a Shiny Ditto.
  • After completing this quest line, you will receive a Masterwork Research for Shiny Mew which you will need to finish.
  • Now you will have as much time as you need to complete the goals which will end with you encountering Shiny Mew. Below we will cover the objectives currently known.
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    Mew Research Step 8 Of 8

    • Claim reward
    • Claim reward

    Reward: 10,000 Stardust, 1 Super Incubator, 20 Mew candy

    Once completing all the steps, Mew will pop up with AR on and unlimited plain Pokéballs handy. Mew moves around a lot, but dont worry too much about landing excellent curve balls. Mew will eventually be caught, as long as you hit it with balls.

    Mew isnt a very good attacker for raids or gyms, but can learn an extremely versatile number of moves. However, players will need a massive amount of TMs to make Mew work to their favor, making the cute Legendary Pokémon more of a Pokédex filler than anything else.

    If this is your first special research quest, there should be three more to complete:

    Is There Shiny Mew Pokmon Go


    If you are a newbie, you may have to pay to obtain the premium pass during or after the Kanto Tour Event. If you have missed the event, there is no opportunity of purchasing the ticket now. Anyway, this is one challenge that players will have a miss in the game. Sometimes, you might have invested more money in some dedicated events in the game. These challenges will move around the time, and players need to have more patience on activities in the game.

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    Catch Shiny Mew After The Pokmon Go Tour: Kanto Event

    The Pokémon GO Tour: Kanto event is perhaps the biggest shiny hunting event in the history of the hit mobile game. The rare variants have always been sought after by players, with special events set up to make those hunts easier. But nothing compares to what were seeing in this February 2021 event. And the crowning jewel of it all is shiny Mew. This Mythical Pokémon has only been available in rare circumstances and never in its shiny form. But that changed today. Heres how to get shiny Mew in Pokémon GO.

    How To Get Mew In Brilliant Diamond And Shining Pearl

    In order to get Mew, players must have save data from Pokémon Let’s Go, Pikachu! or Let’s Go, Eevee! on their Switch. Note that you must have the game data on the same Switch as the one you are playing BDSP on. If you haven’t played those games yet, all you have to do is borrow a cartridge from a buddy. Pop it in your Switch and save as soon as you can. Then return to BDSP and collect your Mythical Mew.

  • Go to Floaroma Town.
  • Talk to the elderly woman in the flowers on the left of the entrance to the city.

  • Mew is shiny locked, so there is no way to get a shiny blue Mew in BDSP. It also cannot be bred in the nursery.

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