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Where To Find Drampa In Pokemon Shield

How To Capture Drampa In Pokemon Sword And Shield

How to catch DRAMPA in Pokemon Sword & Shield

Drampa is a Pokemon exclusive to Pokemon Sword, which is why you can find him and capture him only in this version of the game. This creature can appear as a random encounter in the tall grass to Lake Dragofuria, only in the event of a storm and with a probability of 2%.

As we have explained in our guide to the weather and Pokemon Sword and Shield, it is possible to modify the climatic conditions of the game by changing the system date on your Nintendo Switch. Given that Drampa appears in the wild only with the weather stormy, you have to set the date on the console to. Then you just need to wander in the high grass of the Lake Dragofuria, meet Drampa and capture it.

Where To Find Drampa

Unfortunately, Drampa is completely unobtainable in Sword, and is a pain to obtain in Shield. But, we have some houses to burn down, so where can you find Drampa? Grab your copy of Shield and head to the Wild Area.

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You’re going to need some pretty specific conditions if you want to catch Drampa, as he only appears in three locations in the entire game. He can be located at the Lake of Outrage as a non-overworld spawn. However, he has a very low spawn rate in only one weather type, thunderstorms. If you do find yourself in these conditions, keep searching, and you’ll eventually find the dragon at around level 50. If you’re lucky, you also have the chance to find Drampa in some Max Raid Battles, specifically in Axew’s Eye and Rolling Fields. Of course, Max Raid Battles are random, so finding Drampa under these conditions could take some time. He’s quite the rarity either way you choose to hunt him.

If you’re looking for Drampa in order to add him to your competitive team… well maybe don’t do that at all, actually. Drampa is kind of a pretty bad Pokémon. While its special attack is fantastic, it’s lacking in most other areas, has pitiful speed, and doesn’t have the best type combination out there. However, like most dragons in the game, Draco Meteor is the most powerful move that Drampa has access to, so you’re going to want to teach it that as soon as possible.

All Pokmon Dens And Their Max Raid Battles

The raids offered in each den differ between Sword and Shield. We’ll include the Pokémon that are likely to appear in either version. We also list the Pokémon in order of how likely they are to appear within each den. However, if a den is home to a Gigantamax raid, we list the Gigantamax Pokémon first, even though it’s the least likely to appear. Hopefully that helps you find all of the raids you’re looking for faster.

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Pokemon Sword And Shield Drampa

Pokemon Sword and Shield Drampa is a Normal and Dragon Type Placid Pokémon, which makes it weak against Fighting, Ice, Dragon, Fairy type moves. You can find and catch Drampa in Lake of Outrage with a 2% chance to encounter during Thunderstorm weather when walking through tall grass. The Max IV Stats of Drampa are 78 HP, 60 Attack, 135 SP Attack, 85 Defense, 91 SP Defense, and 36 Speed.

List of Drampa Max IV Stats in Pokemon SW SH.

Speed 36

Based on this pokemon’s stats we consider the best nature for Drampa to have is Quiet, this will increase it’s Sp. Atk and decrease it’s Speed stats.

Drampa Abilities


Sword Pokedex Entry

The mountains it calls home are nearly two miles in height. On rare occasions, it descends to play with the children living in the towns below.

Shield Pokedex Entry

Drampa is a kind and friendly Pokémonâup until it’s angered. When that happens, it stirs up a gale and flattens everything around.

How To Catch Drampa

How to Find (&  Catch) Drampa in Pokémon Sword &  Shield

This is a guide on how to catch Drampa in Pokemon Sword and Shield. Drampa is a single evolution Dragon/Normal type Pokemon originally introduced in Generation VII. Drampa is a rare Pokemon exclusive to the Shield version of the game. Read below to find out where to catch one.

Drampa can be found in the Lake of Outrage in the Wild Area, but only during a thunderstorm. Drampa also does not appear on the overworld, and instead has to be encountered randomly by walking into the rustling grass. To make matters even worse, aggressive Pokemon like Noivern spawn all around the area and will frequently disrupt your hunt.

To avoid the aggressive Pokemon the best strategy is to stand up against the wall to the left of the shoreline and run in tight circles. There is an “!” encounter that appears close to the wall, and you can usually cause it to appear and run to it between encounters before any of the nearby Pokemon notice you.

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How To Find Dragapult In Pokmon Sword & Shield

Dragapult is one of the newest Pokemon from the Galar region and is very powerful. This guide will help players find and capture Dragapult.

Dragapult is one of the best Pokemon available in Pokemon Sword & Shield. This guide will help players locate this Ghost/Dragon-type Pokemon. Pokemon Sword & Shield is currently one of the best-selling games on the Nintendo Switch. Since January, the game has gone on to sell over 16 million copies around the world. This marks the first time ever where a mainline title has appeared on one of Nintendo’s home consoles. Although with the Nintendo Switch, the handheld and console divisions of Nintendo came together to bring it to reality with solid games. Dragapult is one of the newer Pokemon from the Galar region. Here’s how players can capture it.

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The Galar region is full of new and exotic Pokemon for trainers to capture. Dragapult is this generations ‘pseudo legendary’ Pokemon. Every generation has a version of their own. This basically means that while the Pokemon may have stats similar to that of a legendary Pokemon, it does not rank amongst one of the legendary Pokemon. They typically can only be found towards the endgame areas of each Pokemon generation and typically consist of Dragon-type Pokemon. Dragapult is similar to Pokemon like Dragonite and Salamance in that way. Here’s how players can find Dragapult in Pokemon Sword & Shield.

Pokemon The Sword And The Shield: Where To Catch Drampa And Turtonator

Drampa and Turtonator are two of the Pokemon rare in Pokemon with a Sword and Shield. In this mini-guide will explain where and how to catch them in the two new games in the series for Nintendo Switch.

If you plan to complete the Pokedex of Pokemon with a Sword and Shield, Drampa and Turtonator are two creatures that you can not miss the opportunity to capture and add to your collection. Below we will explain where to find them and how to get them.

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Where To Find Drampa In Pokemon Sword & Shield

Since the beginning of the series, version exclusive Pokemon was a thing. Meaning if the player wanted to complete the Pokedex in their game, they either needed both copies of the game or to trade with a player that has the opposite version of your own. This is the case with Drampa. Drampa is only available in Pokemon Shield, meaning that players who own Pokemon Sword must trade with someone who owns Pokemon Shield. To find the Pokemon in Pokemon Shield, it can be found in the Lake of Outrage or by participating in a Max Raid Battle. Make sure to capture a bunch of these. They will make for excellent trader fodder.

Pokemon Sword & Shield is also the first entry in the series to receive paid DLC. The Pokemon Sword & Shield expansion pass will include new wild areas to explore, over 200 Pokemon from previous generations, and new legendary Pokemon to capture. The Isle of Armor, the first part of the expansion pass is available now while the Crown Tundra is scheduled for release later this Fall. This is the best way for Game Freak to release new content in the future.

Pokemon Sword & Shield is available now on Nintendo Switch.

Pokemon Sword And Shield Shiny Drampa 6iv

How to Catch Drampa – Pokemon Sword & Shield
  • Sale

For sale is a trade which will guarantee you obtain Shiny Drampa!Feel free to message me if you have any questions!

Each Pokemon will be:- Battle/Trade compatible

Important Information:

– These Pokémon can only be obtained with Pokemon Sword and Pokemon Shield with an internet connection.

– You will need to have Nintendo Switch Online.

– You will need to have 1 unneeded Pokemon.

– Upon purchase, message me your Trainer name and I will send you a link code.

Trading with a link code: Enter the Y-Comm by Pressing Y. Then connect to the internet inside the Y-comm by using the + button. On the top left-hand side, go to link trade then link code, and enter the 8 digit number I provided. Both players must “Set Link Code.” and put in the same link code. Follow the prompt until it closes the menu. You will be searching on the bottom left-hand side.


This listing is for breeding to trade, and upon completing the steps of the trade you will receive Pokemon exactly like those shown in the photo. I do not own the rights to Pokemon, or anything associated with it. The listing solely regards the time and effort I put into breeding and trading.

Hours of Operation: Monday Through Friday 3PM Eastern Time-12AM Eastern Time. CLOSED ON WEEKENDS! After purchase, message me your order number or name on the purchase and we will get to as soon as possible.


We check messages often, please contact us with any questions prior to purchasing.

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How To Change The Weather To Trap Him In Chance Encounters

To be able to catch this Pokémon in a “fortuitous” way you must change the weather at your convenience, for this there are certain dates that work more than others, however, first you must go to the Home section, from there the menu is displayed, go to the part of the configuration that is like a gear and place in the last section No or deactivated where it says automatic date and time, only then will you be able to set the thunderstorm weather when you want.

In order to enter the thunderstorm climate you need to set a specific date, normally it is very similar to the dates and seasons in real life, therefore if you set the first of November you will achieve this type of weather, you must remember that it can that changes suddenly, however, whenever you have stormy weather you can write it down to have it on hand and so you know how to get Drampa in Pokémon shield quickly.

Go Burn Those Houses Down

Beyond that, Drampa isn’t anything special. It doesn’t have a Gigantamax form, isn’t too competitive, and is the slowest boy in town. Still, he’s an arsonist’s dream, so you have that going for you. Finding this Pokémon is certainly a challenge, so if you manage to get it done, go and burn down the houses of children, you’ve really earned it!

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How To Find Drampa In Pokmon Sword & Shield

Drampa is a Pokemon that originates from the Alola region. This guide will help players find and capture one in Pokemon Sword & Shield.

Drampa is a Pokemon that originates from the Alola region and makes an appearance in Pokemon Sword & Shield. This guide will help players locate and capture one. Pokemon Sword & Shield had the benefits of being the first mainline titles to ever appear on a console. Normally, console Pokemon games were limited to spin-off series where they could flesh out the character animations and tell a unique story in the world of Pokemon. This is the first time trainers were able to go out into the wild area and capture Pokemon in their natural habitats. Many of the resident Pokemon in the Galar region originate from older regions as well. Here’s how players can encounter a Drampa in Pokemon Sword & Shield.

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Catching Drampa In Pokemon Sword And Shield

Pokémon Sword &  Shield: How To Find Drampa

So, theres some good and bad news we need to share with you right now. The good news is that Drampa can be caught in both Pokemon Sword and Pokemon Shield.

The bad news is that it can only be caught in the tall grass in one location, and even then, its got further weather requirements, and an incredibly low spawn rate.

Cutting to the chase, to catch Drampa youll need to go to Lake of Outrage. Youll then need it to be Thunderstorming, so make sure you read up on how to change weather to help with this.

When youre at the Lake of Outrage and youve got it Thunderstorming, youve then got to walk around in the tall grass. You have a 2% chance of Drampa spawning and engaging you in battle.

We highly advise keeping a bunch of Ultra Balls on you at all times, and a Pokemon with False Swipe and a move that can put a Pokemon to sleep will certainly help make catching Drampa easier in Sword and Shield.

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Pokemon Sword And Shield Player Hatches Over 3500 Eggs For The Perfect Shiny

Pokemon Sword and Shield fans will often go to extreme lengths to get the perfect Shiny in the Nintendo Switch game. For example, Reddit user RonJahnPS2 hatched 3,650 eggs in pursuit of a Shiny Drampa before finally acquiring the Dragon-type! The task was apparently accomplished over “a few weeks.” That persistence clearly paid off, with a very nice looking Shiny Pokemon! While searching for the perfect Drampa, the player also ended up obtaining an entire box full of 6IV Pokemon to give away to their fellow Reddit users, with many accepting. The whole thing shows just how generous the Sword and Shield community can be.

The original Reddit post can be found embedded below.

It really is incredible to see the level of dedication that fans have when it comes to seeking out Shiny Pokemon. There are a lot of fans that don’t have the time or patience for that sort of thing, but for others, it’s part of the journey. After 25 years, the Pokemon games have given fans a lot of different ways to collect and catch them all, and there really is no wrong way. At the end of the day, the Pokemon games give fans that freedom, and every player is going to decide for themselves the best way to play.

Pokemon Sword and Shield is available now, exclusively on Nintendo Switch. You can check out all of our previous coverage of the game right here.

Pokmon Sword And Shield: Every Wild Area Den And What Max Raid Battles Spawn From Them

There are 99 regular Pokémon dens in Sword and Shield’s Wild Area and each one hosts a different collection of raids, some common and some rare. We’ve rounded up a list of every den and what Pokémon are likely to show up in that den. Since there are multiple dens in various areas of the Galar map, we’ve assigned arbitrary numbers to the ones in the same sections to help us keep everything straight. There’s also a giant den that only activates for special events. It’s known as The Watchtower Lair. See which Pokémon you might encounter in any given den.

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How To Capture Turtonator In Pokemon Sword And Shield

Turtonator is the Pokemon exclusive to Pokemon the Swordand to capture him apply the same directions given for Drampa, with the difference that this creature will only appear in case of intense sun.

Set the date of your Nintendo Switch to1 July 2020 to change the weather in the intense sun, head to the Lake Dragofuria and try Turtonator in the high grass. Also in this case, you will have a 2% chance of meeting him.

Doubles Special Sweeper Drampa

Pokemon Shield – Where to Find Drampa

Drampa is a fabulous Special Sweeper. It’s goal is to take down the opponent’s team with high-damaging special attacks. Throat Spray activates when a Pokemon uses a sound-based move and boosts Drampa’s special attack stat by 2 stages. With Sap Sipper, Drampa’s attack is raised 1 stage if hit by a grass move grass immunity.

Hyper VoiceHyper BeamDraco MeteorDragon PulseHeat WaveFlamethrowerSurf

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What Does This Pokmon Have

Apart from its exclusivity and being a Pokémon that appeared in the seventh installment of the saga, this does not have much to envy, apart from being exclusive, the most important thing in this pokémon is its special attack of 135 points that does a lot of damage and a hidden special ability that cancels all the effects of the weather.

In other words, the best thing about this pokémon is to use it to exchange with other players and get others that you did not have before or that are usually difficult to get, however, it is quite interesting and if you are a collector then you will not think twice about keeping it. for its cool appearance and for being a type of dragon similar to Sheng Long from Dragon Ball, we just hope that this help from how to get Drampa in Pokémon shield.


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