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When Did Pokemon Red Come Out

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Red from Pokemon – Did You Know Gaming? Feat. Dazz (Nintendo)

Video games, movies, TV series, a trading card game, an amusement park, and so much more, Pokemon has deeply embedded itself into our culture and lives. Loved by fans of all ages, the cute little creatures have stood the test of time. From its humble beginnings as a Game Boy game to causing stampedes in New Yorks Central Park, this was all made possible through one mans persistence and imagination Satoshi Tajiri.

As a child, Satoshi loved collecting insects he was fascinated by the idea of having different species, and enjoyed trading them with his friends. This would later inspire him to create Poketto Monsuta, or Pocket Monsters, now more commonly known by its abbreviated name, Pokemon.

Creating his first Pokemon game would take six long and gruelling years, that almost forced his game development company Game Freak into bankruptcy but lets look how far its come.

List Of Pokmon Main Series Video Games


Pokémon, also known as Pokémon the Series to Western audiences since the year 2013, is an anime television series based on the Pokémon video game series. It was originally broadcast on TV Tokyo in 1997. More than 1,000 episodes of the anime has been produced and aired, divided into 7 series in Japan and 22 seasons internationally. It is one of the longest currently running anime series.

The anime follows the quest of the main character, Ash Ketchum , a Pokémon Master in training, as he and a small group of friends travel around the world of Pokémon along with their Pokémon partners.

Various children’s books, collectively known as Pokémon Junior, are also based on the anime.

An eight part anime series called Pokémon: Twilight Wings aired on YouTube in 2020. The series was animated by Studio Colorido.

In July 2021, it was announced that a live action Pokemon series is in early development at Netflix with Joe Henderson attached to write and executive produce.

An eight part anime series in celebration of the Pokemon 25th anniversary called Pokémon Evolutions will air on YouTube in 2021.

Pikachu Becomes A Hit

The TV animation series Pokémon first aired in April 1997, spreading Pokémons popularity to younger audiences and to people who didnt, or couldnt, play the games.In the Pokémon Red and Pokémon Green games, players could choose to partner with Bulbasaur, Charmander, or Squirtle but in the TV animation, Pikachu became the partner of the main character, Ash.

In the games, Pikachu was a rare Pokémon who could be caught in the Viridian Forest. Because there were signs that Pikachu was popular even before the TV animation was produced, he was chosen to be Ashs partner. Thanks to the TV series, Pikachu became a well-known presence around the world, and nowadays the cute yellow creature is so recognizable that many people immediately picture it when they think of Pokémon.

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Why The Pokmon Red & Blue Intros Have The Wrong Date

The intro for Pokémon Red & Blue on Game Boy mentions the year 1995, even though they were released in 1996, likely due to a late release date delay.

The intro to Pokémon Red and Blue has been witnessed by millions of gamers around the world. The same is also true of Pokémon Red and Green, which are the best selling games ever in Japan. There is an oddity in the intro sequence of all these Pokémon games that fans might not realize, as the date at the start is technically incorrect, seemingly due to a last-minute delay.

The development of Pokémon Red and Green was tumultuous, as the entire Pokémon concept took a long time to nail down. Leaked Pokémon Red and Green content shows just how much the games changed over time. It didn’t help that Pokémon Red and Green was the biggest project Game Freak had tackled up to that point, and it had to use the limited hardware of the original Game Boy for such an ambitious set of games.

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When a player boots up Pokémon Red and Blue, they’re shown three dates: ’95, ’96, and ’98. The ’96 refers to the year Pokémon Red and Green were released, and ’98 refers to the year Pokémon Red and Blue were released in Europe and North America. Pokémon Red and Green, meanwhile, only have 1995 in their intro sequence. The Pokémon franchise is celebrating its 25th anniversary this year, so what does the ’95 refer to?

Pokmon Diamond And Pearl

How did you get into Pokemon?�� �� We picked up Pokemon ...

These are the first installments in the Pokémon series fourth generation.


One key feature of this game is the Internet play that allows players to go online and play using a Wi-Fi connection.

Developer: Game Freak

Publisher: The Pokémon Company Nintendo

Release: September 28, 2006 , April 22, 2007 , June 21, 2007 , July 27, 2007 , February 14, 2008

Platforms: Nintendo DS


The main settings of these games are in Sinnoh that has massive mountains covered in snow.

Why players should play this game

Some great features of this game include:

  • There are 107 new Pokémon introduced in this game.
  • These games include five time periods from morning until night.

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As Red Green And Blue

Female player character

There were originally plans for a female protagonist as suggested by the artwork on the cover of the official guidebook for Pokémon Red and Green and Pokémon Blue. Green from Pokémon Adventures seems to be based on her. The character was redesigned and included in the remakes of the games, to continue the standard of including a female protagonist.

No Mew present

According to the interview by Satoru Iwata with Tsunekazu Ishihara and Shigeki Morimoto about the release of Pokémon HeartGold and SoulSilver, localized as Iwata Asks, they admitted that after the debugging tools were removed, they added Mew in the remaining space on the ROM. Nintendo thought that this would have been risky because altering the internal data after completing the testing period meant that any new bugs and/or glitches created by adding data without referring to debugging tools would have been much harder to fix. Standard programming practices usually discourage altering the and not testing it just before releasing the software to the customer.

Poké Balls

Main article: Poké Ball

Some concept art depicts Poké Balls on the ground, in two pieces. This is most likely just a carryover from when Pokémon was still the concept of Capsule Monsters. Strangely, the original Poké Ball sprites from Pokémon Red and Green lack the button in the center of the Poké Ball.

Rebattling Trainers

Concept art

GameCenter CX


Pokmon Heartgold And Soulsilver

These are the enhanced remakes of Pokémon Gold and Silver with features from Pokémon Crystal.


The setting of these versions is in the Johto region where the main goal is to raise, catalog, and evolve Pokémon while trying to defeat other trainers.

Developer: Game Freak

Publisher: The Pokémon Company Nintendo

Release: September 12, 2009 , March 14, 2010 , March 25, 2010 , March 26, 2010

Platforms: Nintendo DS

For these versions, the main character hails from a small town called New Bark Town.

Why players should play this game

Some great features of this game include:

  • For these versions, the player can speak to the Pokémon to check how theyre feeling.
  • There is a new mini-game entitled Pokéathlon.

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Omega Ruby & Alpha Sapphire Chapter

In the thirteenth chapter, Red gets a call from Bill, who informs him that the Ruby and Sapphire shards that were taken from Team Rocket have begun transforming into Orbs. Fearing something may happen, Bill asks Red to come over to help him with the shards. When Red, Green, and Daisy arrive at Bill’s cottage, they find that Bill has been attacked. Bill reveals that two men attacked him and stole the Orbs and his boat. Red and Green leave Bill in Daisy’s care while they use a tracking device to find the thieves.

They travel to the Hoenn region and catch up with the thieves, who are revealed to be Maxie and Archie. Overhearing their plans to use the Orbs for some purpose, Red and Green decide to battle Maxie and Archie to avenge their injured friend and take the Orbs back. When Maxie and Archie start the battle by using Mega Evolution to power up their Pokémon, Red and Green counter by using their own Mega-Evolved Pokémon. Red and Green eventually manage to defeat their opponents, but are startled by the appearance of Groudon and Kyogre. Maxie and Archie use the Orbs to revert Groudon and Kyogre into their Primal forms. With its increased power Groudon easily defeats Red and Green by smashing them under a pile of rubble.

Pokmon Red & Blue’s Intro Date Mistake Explained

Which Starter Pokemon Did Red Choose?

The answer to this question can be found in old adverts for Pokémon Red and Green . The original release date for Pokémon Red and Green was December 21, 1995. This means the games would have launched just before the holiday season, but they were pushed back to February 27, 1996. This delay was apparently so sudden that the original copyright date was retained. Despite this, The Pokémon Company ignores the original date when referring to the anniversary of the series.

It’s likely Pokémon Red and Green were pushed back due to glitches. The first generation of Pokémon games are notoriously buggy, so it wouldn’t be surprising to learn they needed some last-minute work before hitting store shelves. Pokémon Red and Blue were superior in terms of polish, as the developers had time to iron out some of the worst bugs – not that this stopped glitches like MissingNo. from slipping through. The 1995 copyright is likely a result of this seemingly hasty delay, but it might have been necessary in order to make sure the first Pokémon games were working properly.

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Pokmon Black And White

These versions are the first installments in the Pokémon series fifth generation RPGs.


Some key features of these versions include rotation battles, a seasonal cycle, triple battles, and more.

Developer: Game Freak

Publisher: The Pokémon Company Nintendo

Release: September 18, 2010 , March 4, 2011 , March 6, 2011 , March 10, 2011

Platforms: Nintendo DS


The basis of the Unova Region is New York City that has a more modern feel to it.

Why players should play this game

Some great features of this game include:

  • Improved graphics compared to the previous versions of the games.
  • Speech balloons appear over the heads of the characters.

It Is The Most Popular Franchise Of All Time

Out of every media franchise, Pokémon is the highest-selling series in the entire world. It is worth over $100 billion overall, with the video games, card game, and merchandise being worth billions on their own. The only other franchises that are worth over $50 billion are Anpanman,Star Wars, Mickey Mouse & Friends, Winnie thePooh, and Hello Kitty. The video game series is also in the top three highest-selling video game series in the world. Tetris is in second place and is in first. Pokémon truly is a champion franchise.

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Seven’s A Lucky Number

The seventh generation of Pokémon was announced on February 27, 2016, the franchise’s 20th anniversary with the new games Pokémon Sun and Moon and was released on November 18, 2016.

The anime was quick to follow with a new series, Pokémon the Series: Sun & Moon. As with the previous four series, Pokémon the Series: Sun & Moon began with Ash Ketchum, headed off to the new region with his Pikachu. His previous companions, Clemont, Bonnie and Serena, have left the series. Ash Ketchum heads off to a new region, Alola, wearing a new set of clothes with his partner Pikachu. He receives a Z-Ring and becomes a student at the Pokémon School on Melemele Island. Lillie, Kiawe, Mallow, Lana, and Sophocles joined him in the series as his classmates. For the first time in the anime’s history, Ash wins a game-original Pokémon League and becomes a Champion.

The seventh generation broke several trends within the core series, such as abandoning HM moves, replacing Gyms with island challenge trials, and introducing Legendary Pokémon part of an evolutionary line.

Nes/famicom Super Mario Bros And The Legend Of Zelda

Pokemon Facts: Did You Know? Part 11

Super Mario Bros.

Nintendo released its first home video game console, the Family Computer . While this happened, Miyamoto created two of the most famous games for the console and in the history of video games as a whole: and .

In both games, Miyamoto decided to focus more on gameplay than on high scores. This was different from most games at the time.Super Mario Bros. was a linear game. The player moved the stage by running, jumping, and dodging or defeating enemies. Miyamoto used in The Legend of Zelda. This requires the player to think their way through riddles and puzzles. The world was big and it seemed to never end. It had a lot of different choices and depth never seen before in a video game. With The Legend of Zelda, Miyamoto wanted to make an in-game world that players could relate to. He said it was like a “small garden that they can put inside their drawer.” He was influenced from his time as a boy around . When he was a boy, he explored nearby fields, woods, and caves each Zelda title has this feeling of exploration. “When I was a child,” Miyamoto said, “I went and found a . It was quite a surprise for me to find it. When I traveled around the country without a , trying to find my way, finding amazing things as I went, I realized how it felt to go on an adventure like this.”:51 He recreated his memories of becoming lost in the maze of in his family home in Zelda‘s maze-like .:52 In February 1986, Nintendo released the game as the first game for the ‘s new .

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The Beginning Main Timeline

Games: Pokemon Red, Blue, Green, Yellow, Fire Red, Leaf Green, Lets Go, Ruby, Sapphire, Emerald

The key to understanding the Pokemon timeline is a now-deleted from Game Scenario writer Toshinobu Matsumiya, whos credited on almost every major Pokemon release. The message confirmed that the series begins with the original games, Red/Blue/Green/Yellow and their respective remakes.

In some circles, the Leaf Green and Fire Red remakes are seen as replacing the originals as they also include the Sevii Islands these are basically bonus content islands that add a little more bulk to the main story. Other fans believe they all essentially take place in different universes that slightly diverge from one another.

Matsumiyas tweet confirms that Pokemon Ruby, Sapphire, and Emerald take place at the same time as the original games. The remakes of these can also be seen as replacing the originals however, they also take place on a different timeline thanks to the introduction of Mega Evolutions. But well get onto that in a bit

Game Freak 1997 Interview

A few early Pokémon sprites were also revealed in an interview which took place in December 1997 interview which used to be hosted on Game Freak’s official website. As seen by the selection of Pokémon shown, it appears these sprites date back to mid 1993-1994, when these Pokémon where first conceived.

Weedle Line

Game Freak Interview Final Game

An early look at the Weedle line. Here, Weedle appears as a rather chubby smooth grub rather than a thin worm with a segmented body, its iconic head spike nowhere to be seen, in its place some sort of bowler hat-like orb. The tail stinger is also missing, and two “cheek stickers” can be seen under Weedle’s eyes, something never seen in the final design. Also worth noting is Weedle’s early name, with it being known as rather than the final

Poliwag Line

Game Freak Interview Final Games

An early version of the Poliwag line. Here, Poliwag appears to have be larger overall, at about Poliwhirl’s height, with longer and more defined feet, a thicker belly spiral, a missing mouth, and a naked droopy tail as opposed to the final design’s tadpole tail. Poliwhirl, meanwhile, is virtually unchanged aside from a wider body, longer gloves, more defined shoes and eyes, as well as having a different name, with it being instead of .


Game Freak Interview Final Games

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How Tajiri Came Up With The Idea

When he was a child, Satoshi Tajiri enjoyed playing with bugs. When he saw the Game Link Cable, an accessory used for the Game Boy, he came up with the idea of trading bugs with other Game Boy users. The Game Link Cable allowed two Game Boys to connect and was used for gamers to play with each other prior to Nintendo having wireless and online multiplayer modes. It took six years for the game to release after Nintendo and Miyamoto agreed to work on the project. The hard work and patience paid off when Pokémon released and fans loved it.

Pokmon Sword And Shield

Pokemon Sapphire and Red: Out of Bounds Adventures

Here comes the latest game thats making waves across the gaming fraternity. Its 18th on our list of 18 Pokémon Video Games in Order but its the most anticipated one.

These are upcoming games which will be the first installments in the Pokémon series eighth generation.


These versions include cooperative raid encounters. Gigantamax allows Pokémon to grow temporarily while Dynamax allows the Pokémon to take different forms.

Developer: Game Freak

Publisher: Nintendo The Pokémon Company

Release: November 15, 2019

Platforms: Nintendo Switch


The setting of these versions is in the Galar Region which is a long and narrow piece of land. It has a modern setting as several landmarks in the region take their inspiration from Great Britain.

Why players should play this game

Some great features of this game include:

  • More intensive and improved graphics.
  • Several new Pokémon to capture, train, and evolve.

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