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How To Get Mega Energy In Pokemon Go

How Long Does The Mega Evolution Last In Pokemon Go


Mega evolution doesnt last forever. You can only have one Mega Pokemon at a time, and the buff lasts for eight hours. Afterward, your Pokemon will turn back into its regular final form.

Note that you have a limit of 2,000 Mega Energy of every type, so dont waste it by stocking it up and not using it.

Bonus Candy From Catches

If a mega evolved Pokémon is your buddy, and you catch a Pokémon of the same species , youll get extra candy from your catch.

For example, if Mega Charizard X is your buddy and you catch Charmander, Charmeleon or Charizard in the wild, youll get extra candy.

But if you use a pinap berry, this does not multiply the candy bonus.

Ways To Get Mega Energy In Pokemon Go

There are a couple of different ways in which you can get Mega Energy in order to Mega Evolve different Pokemon in Pokemon GO. All of these methods are mentioned below:

Battle In Mega Raids

Mega Energy can be earned by completing a Mega Raid. This is a special kind of raid in which you will fight against a Mega Evolved Pokemon. These can be pretty tough to power up your Pokemon and get together with friends in order to increase your chances of winning.

Walk Your Buddy Pokemon

In Pokemon GO, you can select a Pokemon to be your buddy and it will walk around with you. Walk enough and you will earn candy for that respective Pokemon. The same can be the case for Mega Energy as well. If you have a Pokemon that can Mega Evolve then make it your buddy and walk around with it in order to earn Mega Energy for that specific Pokemon. The more you walk with your buddy the more Mega Energy you can earn.

Complete Tasks

There are special tasks that you can do which will reward you with Mega Energy upon completion. Such tasks pop up from time to time so keep an eye out for them.

These are some of the ways in which you can earn Mega Energy in Pokemon GO. If you are interested in learning more about the game then you can check out our guide on the best counters for the Latias and Latios raids. For more content related to the game check out our Pokemon GO guides hub.

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Pokemon Go: Beginner’s Guide To Getting Mega Energy

One of the longer and more pain-inducing tasks in Pokemon GO can be farming Mega Energy.

Most of the Mega Pokemon in the game are far superior than the rest of the cast. Many of them boast large stat boosts from their counterparts. For instance, while Gardevoirs Attack is only 237, Mega Gardevoirs Attack jumps all the way to 326!

As a result, Mega Energy has become a highly valuable resource, and trainers are definitely going to want to know the most efficient ways to farm it.

Primal Reversion In Pokmon Go

Pokémon Go Update 0.185.1

In addition to the 46 Pokémon capable of Mega Evolving, the Legendary Pokémon Kyogre and Groudon have forms that are similar to Mega Evolution. These forms, called Primal Reversion, use orbs instead of Mega Stones and don’t require the Key Stone. Otherwise, the process is very similar. Although neither have been introduced yet, dataminers have found evidence that Primal Kyogre and Primal Groudon are coming soon.

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Locations Of Fortnite Bounty Boards

In Fortnite Season 8, there are 18 Bounty Boards. To make it a bit simpler to discover them, weve marked them on the map above and listed them below:

  • Believer Beach
  • The Orchard
  • Weeping Woods

You can start a Bounty in any of these sites, but if you want to complete it and earn Gold Bars, you should choose one near the maps centre or near a busy spot.

Pokemon Go How To Get Lopunny Mega Energy

To mega-evolve a Lopunny into Mega Lopunny for the first time, you need 200 Lopunny Mega Energy. Thats a lot, but thankfully, subsequent evolutions take only 40 Lopunny Mega Energy. Heres how to collect more:

  • If you already have a Mega Lopunny in your Pokedex, make a Lopunny your buddy to receive 5 Lopunny Mega Energy for each kilometer walked together.
  • Defeat a Mega Lopunny in a Raid Battle to obtain 35-90 Lopunny Mega Energy. You cant choose which Pokemon to battle, so you may end up winning a different Mega Energy type.
  • Regularly check new research tasks. They update with every new Event. At the time of writing the article, no tasks earn you Lopunny Mega Energy, but this can change.

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How Mega Evolutions Work In Pokmon Go

Mega Evolutions are an additional, more powerful evolution that certain Pokémon – such as the original Kanto starters – can undertake.

To Mega Evolve a Pokémon in Pokémon Go, you need a resource named Mega Energy. Once a Pokémon has been Mega Evolved, it will stay in that form for a limited amount of time and can be used in a variety of battles.

You will be able to see how much time your Mega Evolution has remaining on its CP screen.

Once it has returned to its normal form, the Mega Energy you need to Mega Evolve it again later will be decreased.

This amount was further decreased on Thursday, 3rd September as Niantic performed a number of adjustments to the Mega Evolution system.

Other things you should know about Mega Evolutions:

  • You can only Mega Evolve one Pokémon at a time. If you Mega Evolve a second Pokémon, the other one will return back to normal.
  • Shadow Pokémon cannot undergo a Mega Evolution.
  • Clone Pokémon cannot undergo a Mega Evolution.
  • Mega Evolutions will be listed in your Pokédex under the ‘Mega Pokédex’. So that’s another thing to collect!
  • There will be two new Medals added to the game – one for collecting Unique Mega Evolutions, the other for total Mega Evolutions.

How To Get Valorant Loot Drops For Prime Gaming

600 Mega Charizard Energy without Raiding in Pokemon GO | Dragon Breath Charizard Community Day

After youve connected your accounts, you may begin earning your rewards. Heres how its done:

  • Visit the Prime Gaming websites Valorant page once the awards are available.
  • Go to your Prime Gaming account and sign in.
  • Next to your reward, click the Claim Now button.
  • Valorant, please start up.
  • Select the cosmetic option that corresponds to your award from the Collections tab. It will be waiting for you to equip it!
  • These incentives are only available for a month before being changed, so take advantage of them while you can!

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Every Mega Evolution And How Much Mega Energy Is Required In Pokemon Go

When Mega Evolution was introduced in Pokemon GO, only five Mega Pokemon were added: Mega Beedrill, Venusaur, Blastoise, and Charizard X and Y. Since then, more Mega Pokemon have been introduced usually during special events.

As for Mega Energy, each Mega Evolution has two costs. The initial Mega Energy cost is the amount needed to Mega Evolve a species for the first time. This is the highest cost. Every subsequent Mega Evolution of that species after is significantly reduced.

There are a lot of Mega Pokemon that have yet to be introduced in Pokemon GO, but heres every evolution introduced so far with the initial Mega Energy cost and the cost to Mega Evolve after the first time.

Every Mega Evolution and the Mega Energy required

Mega Pokemon

Strategies Involving Mega Energy

Mega evolution isnt permanent and it remains just for 4 hours and therefore the Pokémon would force mega energy again to evolve but the quantity will be worth only a fourth of the first cost. It implies that if any trainer has already Mega evolved Gengar with the requisite 200 energy, then to evolve it again itd only charge 50 energies.

This might sound to you very difficult but with the assistance of few strategies youll be able to have a high chance to realize mega energy

  • Take advantage of each Mega raid, unless the owner may be a Pokémon, they need no plans of Mega evolving ever as they alter each month.
  • Trainers also are advised to raid with multiple teammates to maximize the result and must enter with help to ensure that the owner is treated quickly.

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How Do You Mega Evolve Pokemon In Go

As previously mentioned, Mega Evolution works a bit differently in Pokemon Go than in the mainline Pokemon games. Rather than a Mega Stone, you’ll need to gather a new resource called Mega Energy to Mega Evolve your Pokemon. You’ll receive Mega Energy by participating in Mega Raid Battles, which feature a Mega-Evolved Pokemon as the Raid boss. The faster your team is able to defeat the Mega Raid, the more Mega Energy you’ll receive as a reward.

Once you’ve amassed enough Mega Energy, you’ll be able to Mega Evolve the corresponding Pokemon. Unlike in the mainline games, Pokemon will remain Mega Evolved in Pokemon Go for a limited time, even outside of battle. As such, you’ll be able to see your Mega-Evolved Pokemon following you around on the map if you set it as a Buddy. You’ll also be able to take Snapshots with it and use it in battle against Team Go Rocket, other players, and Raid bosses.

After you Mega Evolve a Pokemon for the first time, its Mega Energy requirement will decrease, letting you Mega Evolve it again in the future much more quickly. It will also be logged in your Mega Pokedex, so you can easily keep track of which Pokemon you’ve Mega Evolved.

How To Get Mega Energy Fast In Pokmon Go

Top Mega Pokemon for Raids in Pokemon GO

There is something more than just Regular Evolution, that is, Mega Evolution, and now, they are Live! Mega Evolution allows temporary evolution of Pokemons, resulting in improvement of stats and performance, at last, giving some unique benefits. However, for mega evolution to occur, you need to get Mega Energy. But again, that isnt an easy task.

Nevertheless, using the method that we are going to tell you to makes it easier for you to get or farm Pokémon Go Mega energy because in this guide, we are more focused on Pokéstops that have the potential to drop quests to get quests with up to 10 Pokémon Go Mega Energy rewards per quest. So without any more wasting time, lets directly get into the article.

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How To Get Mega Energy In Pokemon Go

Aaron DonaldRead more October 27, 2021

Mega evolutions were added to Pokemon Go in August 2020. The feature has been a part of the game for a while now. But its rules still arent clear to many players. If youre struggling to understand how to collect Mega Energy while others are killing you in battles with their Mega Pokemon, were here to even the odds.

In this guide, well explain how to obtain different types of Mega Energy. Additionally, well answer some of the most common questions related to Mega evolution in the game, like which ones can evolve, how long it lasts, and why you should do it. Keep reading to make your Pokemon stronger than ever.

How Mega Evolutions Work

When you mega evolve a Pokémon, it becomes temporarily more powerful and gets a range of bonuses.

You can see which Pokémon can mega evolve by selecting them in your Pokémon storage.

If you see a Mega evolve button and Mega energy beside its candy indicator, you can mega evolve that Pokémon.

All Pokémon that can mega evolve are the final form of a Pokémon species. So while you can mega evolve Blastoise or Charizard, you cant do the same for Wartortle or Charmeleon.

For hardcore collectors, the main reason to get mega evolved Pokémon is that they appear permanently in your Mega Pokédex.

But, on the downside, your mega evolved Pokémon will only stay in its brawny new form for 8 hours. After that, it devolves into its original form.

To see how much time your mega evolution has left, look for the timer counting down on the right-hand side of the map screen.

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How Do You Get More Mega Energy

Mega Energy is crucial for Pokémon to be able to Mega Evolve and you can quickly run out of it. The best way to gather more Mega Energy is to go out and look for Mega Raids which will net you Mega Energy for the Pokémon thats featured in that certain raid. Youll have to do this multiple times, so make sure to seize every opportunity.

More Pokémon:

Which Pokmon Gets Mega Energy

HOW TO GET MEGA POKÃMON IN POKÃMON GO! (Mega Raids & Mega Evolution Explained)

You can Mega Evolve any of your Venusaur, Charizard, Blastoise, and Beedrill once you have enough of their corresponding Mega Energy!

Players can Mega evolve these Pokemon as long as they have an ample number of their respective Mega Energy.

  • Venusaur
  • Manectric
  • Lopunny

Every Mega evolved Pokemon is the final form of that species. Therefore, you may mega evolve Charizard or Blastoise but the same does not apply to Charmeleon or Wartortle.

The main reason for hardcore collectors to get mega evolved Pokemon is they can stay permanently in their Mega Pokédex.

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How To Get Mega Gengar Energy In Pokmon Go

Dont look into its eyes.

Image via Niantic

For those looking to mega evolve your Gengar in Pokémon Go, youll need to acquire enough energy to transform it. Unfortunately, the only way youll be obtaining Mega Gengar energy will be by completing specific field tasks or battling against Mega Gengar in the game.

Mega Gengar raids will be available from October 1 to 22. For those who have already been battling against Mega Gengar before this time, its a good opportunity to refresh your energy reserves and hold onto those for later. Like the Pokémon candy you receive for capturing and transferring a Pokémon, the mega energy does not contain a place for your inventory, so you dont have to worry about making room for it.

There are also a handful of field research quests that you can receive by spinning Pokéstops. Youll have to find these locations in-game and receive them in one of your three field research task slots. Of the two, the Mega Gengar raid battles are much easier to guarantee Mega Gengar energy, so long as you work together with a group. However, the field research tasks are easier to do by yourself, but the task you receive from a Pokéstop is random.

Mega Gengar will be available for a limited time. Mega Absol will be the next Pokémon to appear in mega raids starting on October 22.

Mega Evolution In Pokmon Go

On August 27, 2020, Mega Evolution finally arrived, confirming some of what was suspected, some of what dataminers had found, and more. Mega Raids were added and the ability to Mega Evolve some species was added as well. Mega Evolution looks a little different in Pokémon Go than it did in the core games, but we have everything you need to know about how Mega Evolution works and how to make the most of it in Pokémon Go.

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Everything We Know About Pidgeot

Pidgeot is the final evolution in the Pidgey evolution tree from Gen 1 and helped begin the tradition of every Pokémon generation having a three-staged, bird inspired, evolution chain.

Despite what Pidgeot’s name suggests, it resembles a bird of prey, especially a falcon, far more than it does a pigeon. This connection is furthered when you realise that the black markings around Pidgeot’s eyes are similar to the markings that often appear on depictions of the Egyptian gods, Ra and Horus. Both of these gods were often portrayed as having the head of a falcon.

The Mega Evolution for Pidgeot was introduced in Pokémon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire and, unlike some Mega Evolutions, doesn’t alter Pidgeot’s typing.

Finally, Pidgeot plans a role in the very first series of the Pokémon anime series, as Pidgeotto is the second Pokémon Ash catches.

It would later evolve in the episode ‘Pallet Party Panic’ in an effort to protect Ash from the Fearow, which he threw a rock at when it was a Spearow in the very first episode of the anime. The episode ends with Ash letting Pidgeot free, so that it can keep a flock of Pidgey and Pidgeotto, with the promise that he will someday return for it.

Ash is yet to follow through on this promise.

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‘a Mega Discovery’ Quest Steps In Pokmon Go


Below you’ll find all the steps and confirmed rewards for A Mega Discovery. Be warned – this section does contain spoilers for both the tasks and rewards for this Special Research, so, if you don’t want to know, we suggest skipping this section.

Thank you to mrmousepad from reddit for the help with this information.

‘A Mega Discovery’ Step 1 of 4

  • Send 3 Gifts to Friends – x10 PokéBalls
  • Earn a Candy walking with your Buddy – x10 Super Potions
  • Catch 15 Pokémon – x25 Beedrill Mega Energy

Rewards: 5,000 XP, x3 Rare Candy and Weedle encounter

‘A Mega Discovery’ Step 2 of 4

  • Power up Pokémon 5 times – x20 Weedle Candy
  • Evolve 1 Weedle – x2,000 Stardust
  • Defeat 3 Team Go Rocket Grunts – x1 Premium Raid Pass

Rewards: 5,000 XP, x1 Charge TM and x100 Beedrill Mega Energy

‘A Mega Discovery’ Step 3 of 4

  • Win a raid – x6 Revives
  • Battle in a Mega Raid – x2 Silver Pinap Berry
  • Catch 10 Pokémon – x6 Hyper Potions

Rewards: 5,000 XP, x3 Rare Candy and x25 Beedrill Mega Energy

‘A Mega Discovery’ Step 4 of 4

  • Claim reward – 1,500 Stardust

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