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How To Get Incubators In Pokemon Go

What Kind Of Pokmon Eggs Are There In Pokmon Go

Pokemon GO – How To Get FREE Egg Incubators!

Each type of Pokémon Egg can hatch different kinds of Pokémon and the potential Pokémon change periodically, along with the rates at which they hatch. The Pokémon in an Egg is determined when it is picked up, as well as where it is picked up. If you picked up an Egg a few weeks ago and new Pokémon are added to the pool this week, your Egg won’t have something new in it. Likewise, if you pick up an Egg in the US, it cannot have a Mime Jr. in it since Mime Jr. is exclusive to the UK.

There are seven kinds of Pokémon Eggs in Pokémon Go:

  • 2 KM Eggs with green spots.
  • 5 KM Eggs with yellow spots.
  • 5 KM Eggs* with purple spots.
  • 7 KM Friend Eggs that are yellow with pink spots
  • 10 KM Eggs with purple spots.
  • 10 KM Eggs* with purple spots.
  • 12 KM Strange Eggs with red spots

  • Note: Weekly Fitness Reward Eggs are visually identical to the standard 5 KM and 10 KM Eggs received from Pokéstops but have a much smaller pool of potential Pokémon.

Other Things You Should Know About Catch Bonus And Medals In Pokmon Go

  • There are medals for attending Go Fest events throughout the year. These are required you to attend the event in question, provided you have a ticket, and remain in your account as a badge afterward. Each individual has an event, so for example, Chicago Go Fest will have unique entry for 2017, 2018, 2019 and so on.
  • Some medals will only display once youve started working towards it. For example, Pikachu wont appear at all until youve caught your first Pikachu , Wayfarer wont appear until you start reviewing entries and so on. The same applies to various Types and other objectives in the game, too.
  • Once you have unlocked a Medal, you can then tap it to see your progress until the next Medal tier. Once you reach Gold, the figure will keep tracking your progress, allowing you to see exactly how many tiny Ratattas or Normal-type Pokémon youve accumulated in your illustrious Trainer career.
  • Fun fact each Medal is named after Trainer classes in the main games .
  • Creatures received through Trading also contribute to Medal progress, including the size specific Medals Fisherman and Youngster.

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Super Incubators Equinox Boxes And Everything Else To Know About The Pokmon Go Equinox Event

Alongside the new Eggs, Pokémon Go is also introducing several other changes and additions for the duration of the event.

1) New Super Incubators and special boxes from the store

Niantic has promised players the ability to buy “special boxes from the in-game shop that feature items like Lucky Eggs, Lure Modules, and all-new Super Incubators which hatch Eggs 1.5 times quicker!”

It’s not clear how much those will cost just yet, and what the best practice is as for clearing space in your bag and using them, but from the wording it seems that they’ll hatch all Egg types faster – so maybe it’s worth putting these new Super Incubators on any 10km Eggs taking up space, and saving your infinite use Incubator for the 2km ones?

2) Increased XP for registering new Pokémon to the Pokédex

Registering any new Pokémon to the Pokédex will get you a tasty 3x bonus XP. Unfortunately for long-time players, there aren’t too many Pokémon left ot register, but on the upside this event does cross over with the shift to the next rotation of the Entei, Raiku, and Suicune Legendary Pokémon becoming available from the end of the month. Hop into some Legendary Raids after the change over if you can!

Otherwise, the Pokémon like Mareep and Chansey are a good opportity for you to get those trickey Ampharos and Blissey evolutions, or even a Tyranitar from your new Larvitars if you’ve yet to capture one.


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How To Catch Tyrunt And Amaura In Pokemon Go

During the Pokemon Go Adventure Week 2022 event both Tyrunt and Amaura will be introduced into the game, but they wont be as frequent as other debuting Pokemon.

On Sunday, June 12 from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m., a special Ultra Unlock Research Day will occur. This will allow trainers to use special research to get Cranidos and Shieldon encounters as well as other Rock-type Pokemon.

However, Tyrunt and Amaura will appear in the wild during specific times of the day. Tyrunt will appear from 12 p.m. to 1 p.m. and 2 p.m. to 3 p.m. local time. Amaura will appear from 11 a.m. to 12 p.m. and 1 p.m. to 2 p.m. local time.

Participating in the Ultra Unlock day is the easiest way to catch both new fossil Pokemon, otherwise, trainers need to stock up on 7km Eggs obtained through friend gifts. Tyrunt and Amaura will be uncommon hatches from these eggs.

Tyrunt and Amaura will also be reward encounters for completing specific Field Research tasks. More on those in the section below.

How To Get Eggs In Pokmon Go

HOW TO hatch an egg in POKEMON GO

Two, five, and 10 kilometer eggs are obtainable from spinning Poké Stops. You can also get eggs as a weekly Adventure Sync reward if you walk over 25 kilometers.

Seven kilometer eggs are only obtainable from gifts. If your friend sends you a gift and you have an open egg slot, you have a chance to get a yellow and pink egg.

The Strange 12 kilometer eggs are only obtainable from beating Team Go Rocket leaders. If you have nine eggs already, extra Strange Eggs will go into your Bonus Storage, which can hold up to three eggs.

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Can You See How Far You’ve Traveled With A Pokmon Go Egg

Yup! As you walk, the Pokémon Egg screen will update to show you the distance you’ve walked each Egg up to one decimal place. For example, if you walk 1.3 KM, you’ll see 1.3 / 2 KM, 1.3 / 5 KM, or 1.3 / 10 KM.

If you tap on a Pokémon Egg, you can see the distance up to two decimal places.

The distance is updated every few minutes so, don’t worry if you walk for a bit and don’t see any immediate changes.

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Hot off the heels of the Celebi event that took place at Pokémon GO Fest in Chicago last month, those of us who werent lucky enough to attend the massive festival are now eligible to snag a Celebi of our very own in the latest Special Research Task released yesterday. Just like Mew, in order to snag this Mythical onion fairy, you need to complete a series of tasks to prove to Celebi that youre a Trainer worthy of its presence.

Below, you can find a majority of the steps you need to complete in order to finish the field research. Keep in mind that not all of the steps are known completely , so make sure to check back often to view updates.

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Where Do You See Pokmon Eggs When You Get Them

Pokémon Eggs are hidden away, but once you know where they are, you can check on which ones you have, and how many, at any time.

  • Tap the PokéBall button to bring up the menu.
  • Tap the Pokémon button.
  • Swipe from right to left to see your Pokémon Eggs.
  • You can have up to 9 Pokémon Eggs at any one time, so make sure you have space for Eggs before attempting to get another. There is an exception, however, for Weekly Fitness Eggs and Strange Eggs. You may hold three additional Eggs if your nine spots are filled when you earn a Weekly Fitness Egg or a Strange Egg.

    Do You Have To Have Pokmon Go Open While You’re Traveling

    Pokemon GO – How To Get FREE Super Incubators!

    Not anymore! With the implementation of Adventure Sync, you can now hatch eggs just by having your phone on your person and turned on, without Pokemon Go running. Go into the Settings menu and make sure Adventure Sync is turned on, and your game will track distance and prompt you to hatch eggs when you open the app next.

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    How To Obtain Super Incubators In Pokemon Go

    Pokemon Go is one of the most interesting and popular games for mobile devices. There you will have to become a Pokemon Trainer that travels across the world, collects different Pokemon, and trains them. The game provides you with a few ways to obtain new Pokemon and one of them is related to Pokemon Eggs.

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    Pokemon Eggs in Pokemon Go are special items that you can get in this game. If you hatch one of these eggs you will get a certain Pokemon. In order to do it, you will have to use special equipment that is called Incubator.

    Super Incubators are the best Incubators in Pokemon Go and you may want to obtain as many of them as possible. These Incubators are able to hatch eggs 33% faster than standard ones and it makes them the most effective. The main way to get a Super Incubator is to buy it in the shop. However, we dont recommend you to do it as it will cost you x200 Pokecoins. Also, you can obtain some Super Incubators as a reward for different events and this way is better. So, if you have an opportunity to get Super Incubators as a reward for some event you should use it.

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    Use Your Incubators Wisely

    Now that you have what you need, use them with a little strategy. The orange infinity incubator can be used, well, infinite times, while the blue incubators can only be used a few times. However, the limited-use incubators hatch eggs quicker than the infinity incubator.

    Typically, you get way more 2 km and 5 km eggs than 10 km eggs. The higher the distance, the better chances you have of hatching a super-rare Pokemon. You can’t just ignore your 2 and 5 km eggs and hatch 10 km eggs, though, because you have limited space and the lower-distance eggs will fill your bag up quickly. You only get nine egg spaces, after all, and eggs can’t be deleted.

    So, you need to get rid of those lower mileage eggs as quickly as possible to make sure you leave room for 10 km eggs. Since it takes more time to hatch a 10 km anyway, pop those in your infinity incubator. Put your smaller-mileage eggs into the limited-use incubators and get them hatched and out of the way.

    Low-distance eggs have been known to hatch rare Pokemon too, so you’re not hatching them for nothing. Plus, every egg hatched gives you experience and candy.

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    Can You Trick Pokemon Go Walking

    If you own an Android device, then you can simply use a GPS spoofing app to manually change the location of your device. This will trick Pokemon Go into believing that you are walking instead. This will unlock the Developer Options settings on your Android.

    How Can You Tell Which Exact Pokmon Is In An Egg


    You can’t. Not until you hatch it. While Pokémon Go determines what you’re getting in an Egg the moment the Egg is granted, until that Egg hatches, there is no way to tell for sure what is inside.

    That means it doesn’t matter where you are or what you do after you get an Egg. What’s inside is already decided. It’s also why, when Pokémon Go makes a change to Eggs for an event or any other reason, it won’t affect Eggs you already have, only ones you get from that point on. This is especially important for players trying to hatch Regional Pokémon from Eggs. If you don’t pick up the Egg in the particular region where that Pokémon can be found, it cannot be in the Egg.

    However, as of April 2021, players can see the complete pool of possible Pokémon in an Egg. The pool will reflect what could be in that Egg at the time it was picked up, so two 5 KM Eggs picked up a month apart will have different pools.

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    The Best Hatching Tips For Pokemon Go

    Hatching eggs is the best way to catch ’em all without traveling the world. We’ve got some tips to get you started.

    Get to hatching and receive achievements.

    Many Pokemon in Pokemon Go are region specific. This means that if you want to catch them all, you need to start traveling to faraway places, right? Wrong, don’t book that plane ticket just yet.

    Incubating and hatching eggs is your ticket to getting those Pokemon that just won’t spawn in your hometown. Hatching is also important for evolution, as getting duplicates of rare Pokemon through hatching gives you a cache of candy you can use to evolve them.

    Don’t just randomly stick eggs into incubators and hope for the best, though. Here are some tips to maximize your time and incubators.

    How Do You Get The Idol Medal In Pokmon Go

    The Idol Medal looks deceptively easy. All you need is three Best Friends to get the gold. But it takes 90 days to get a Best Friend. So, if you increase your friendship status with three different friends every day, the fastest you can get it is 90 days.

    • Bronze: Become Best Friends with one Trainer
    • Silver: Become Best Friends with two Trainers
    • Gold: Become Best Friends with three Trainers
    • Platinum: Become Best Friends with 20 Trainers

    The way to speed this Medal up is to build up multiple Friendships at once. You can Raid, Trade, Battle, and Gift with many different Trainers each day, so its possible you could build up all the necessary Friendships for Platinum at the same time.

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    How To Catch Shiny Tirtouga And Shiny Archen In Pokemon Go

    The fossil Pokemon of Gen 5, Tirtouga and Archen, will finally get their Shiny variants introduced into Pokemon Go with this annual event. Like with Tyrunt and Amaura, these two Pokemon will have specific ways to catch them in the wild and via other methods.

    The Gen 5 fossils can also be hatched from 7km Eggs obtained during the event as common hatches. They are in the same rarity pool as Shuckle, Slugma, Cranidos and Shieldon.

    Both Tirtouga and Archen will be reward encounters for specific Field Research tasks. To get a Shiny, trainers will have to rely on luck and complete as many of these tasks as possible. More information on these tasks can be found in the section below.

    Pokemon Go Adventure Week 2022 In

    Pokemon Go Egg Incubator – DIY PROP SHOP

    During the event, trainers can enjoy the following in-game bonuses:

    • 2 times the XP for spinning PokeStops.
    • 5 times the XP for spinning PokeStops for the first time.
    • Half distance when Eggs are placed in Incubators during the event.

    Trainers will also have the chance at catching Unown F and its shiny variant in Raid Battles during the event.

    The rest of the Raids during Adventure Week 2022 will look like this:

    • One-Star Raids: Geodude, Alolan Geodude, Sudowoodo, Roggenrola, Unown F
    • Three-Star Raids: Rhydon, Shuckle, Tyranitar, Aggron
    • Five-Star Raids: Groudon
    • Mega Raids: Mega Aerodactyl

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    Hatch When Youre Tired

    Not everyone has time, or the energy, to walk 10 km to hatch their eggs, but there are other solutions. Theyre technically cheating, but theyre options.

    One great way to hatch your eggs is to keep the game open while you ride the city bus. The bus typically goes slow enough that the game thinks you are walking, and you should be able to even turn some PokeStops along the way.

    Pro tip: No need to scream that you need to get off the bus when passing a Snorlax or a Pikachu. Just quickly tap on the Pokemon to draw it into battle, slide the AR toggle switch in the upper right-hand corner and start battling. This will turn off the AR and allow you to catch the Pokemon without stopping.

    You can even lay your phone on a record player or tape it to a ceiling fan to rack up distance, but be careful doing this. It may crack more than just some eggs.

    When the game was new, these cheats were easier, but lately Niantic seems to be cracking down on players who try loopholes in the game. If you go too fast while playing Pokemon Go, a notice will pop up and ask if you are a passenger to confirm that you arent driving. This is a nuisance, but there is an even bigger problem.

    When you go too fast, the GPS system in the game gets confused and the incubator count stays the same instead of getting higher. What is too fast? I have been experimenting and it seems that you need to stay under 10 to 15 miles per hour to keep the counter working.


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