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Pokemon Trading Card Game Cards

Pokmon Japanese Base Set No Rarity Symbol Holo Venusaur

How To Play The Pokemon Trading Card Game

A very rare Pokémon card made ever more valuable by its artists autograph

Sold for $55,000 in November 2021

Image: PWCC

Many of the rarest Pokémon cards date from the trading card games early days, with first edition cards released in the 1990s ranking as among the most valuable Pokémon cards today.

While the first edition stamp on cards is highly sought-after in the English edition of the Pokémon card game, the rarest Japanese Pokémon cards are instead identified by their lack of a stamp. Specifically, a missing black star in the bottom-right of a Japanese-language card is whats known as No Rarity – meaning that the card is missing the common symbol used to signify a Pokémon cards rarity.

No Rarity Pokémon cards are among the rarest Pokémon cards in existence, and few come rarer than the Venusaur Pokémon card from the games first print run in 1996. Just five copies of the Bulbasaur evolution – famous for appearing on the original video game Pokémon Green – have been graded at a perfect Gem-Mint 10 by PSA, making a flawless copy of the card extremely rare.

While a No Rarity Venusaur card commands a high price by itself, a copy sold in November 2021 set a new record for the rare Pokémon card by fetching $55,000 at auction. Helping the record sum was the signature of the cards illustrator Mitsuhiro Arita – the legendary artist behind many Pokémon cards from the last 20-plus years – on the cards case, making the already rare Pokémon card truly one-of-a-kind.

The Power Of Hydration

Watch out! Blastoise is preparing to launch a wily Ambipom into battle. Blastoiseâs Vitality Spring Ability ends your turn but is the perfect refreshment for Ambipom, attaching up to 6 Energy cards from your deck to any of your Pokémon. You can power up Ambipom while itâs getting a little rest and relaxation on the Bench, or in a pinch, Ambipomâs Primate Dexterity Ability has a 50/50 chance of preventing all damage done to Ambipom by attacks. Then, Ambipom will be ready to get to work with Full Tilt Fling, flipping a coin for each attached Energy and doing 60 damage for each heads.

How To Play Pokemon Trading Card Game The Basics

If youre wanting to know how to play Pokemon TCG, this short guide will help cover the basics to get you started.

Pokemons a massive brand in anime and video games. Pokemon is considered pop culture. However, some Pokemon entertainment gets overlooked, such as the Trading Card Game. Although popular, many do not know how to play the Pokemon TCG. While this game has been out for decades, it is still a popular card game and collectible hobby. The Pokemon TCG isnt dead!

One of the most significant aspects of the TCG is that fans can become actual trainers and battle their friends using their favorite cards. This strategic game is appealing to a vast majority of Pokemon followers, and even though who knows little to nothing of the game can enjoy this excellent pass time.

So to help the fans of the franchise expand their love for Pokemon, we have decided to do a short outline on how to play the Pokemon Trading Card Game. Heres the Official Rule Book.

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List Of Pokmon Trading Card Game Sets

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This is a list of Pokémon Trading Card Game sets which is a collectible card game first released in Japan in 1996. As of April 2022, there are 98 card sets released in America and 91 in Japan, including special sets. As of September 2017, Collectively, there are 6,959 cards in the Japanese sets and 9,110 cards in the English sets. The large difference stems from non-holofoil duplicates of rare cards included in English sets that are not printed in Japanese sets. As of March 2017, 23.6 billion cards had been shipped worldwide.

The sets are generally broken into two lists: one for the first line of Wizards of the Coast cards and the second after Nintendo‘s acquisition of the card game after Wizards.

Pokmon Tcg Online Info For Parents

Pokemon Trading Card Game

The Pokémon Trading Card Game Online is an online versionof the popular Pokémon Trading Card Game enjoyed by millions of players aroundthe world. The rules are the same for both the paper and online versions, sothe Pokémon TCG Online is a great way to continue the fun when not playing livematches against friends, and an excellent way to learn how to play the game.

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Pokmon Blastoise #009/165r Commissioned Presentation Galaxy Star Hologram

A two-of-a-kind card that suddenly became one of the most valuable Pokémon cards of all time

Sold for $360,000 in January 2021

One of only two such Pokémon cards in existence – making it extremely rare – this Blastoise suddenly became one of the most valuable Pokémon cards of all time after it sold at auction in January 2021 for a whopping $360,000 .

The ultra-rare Pokémon card was created in 1998 as a presentation piece by Magic: The Gathering maker Wizards of the Coast to convince Nintendo of Japan executives to allow it to handle the TCGs English-language release. The game would eventually make its international debut one year later in 1999.

While two Blastoise Presentation cards were produced, this is the only one that has been seen publicly. Even more impressively, it has been graded at a NM/Mint+ 8.5 level by certification website CGC, meaning that the 20-plus-year-old card is in near-perfect condition. The location and state of the other Presentation card remains unknown – meaning that this may well be the only such card of its type left.

Get More From Pokmon Tcg Online

Players can expand their online collection by redeeming codecards found in specially marked Pokémon TCG booster packs and theme decks. Playerscan also earn Trainer Tokens in the Pokémon TCG Online that can be redeemed tounlock additional digital cards, decks, and customization items. Build newdecks with the cards you unlock to expand your Pokémon TCG Online experience!

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The New Decks Make This No Fun

I really enjoy playing the Pokémon TCG. Its a game with a lot of thoughtful strategy and is balanced in such a way that for the most part, smart play can help you come back from being behind and can also even out new players with veterans so that there isnt a horrible barrier to entry. The app is also totally free to play and offers a lot of variation so that you can endlessly play. But I started getting really irritated with this game within the last 6 months or so. They released two new decks, the Mach Strike and Imperial Command decks. These decks are so overpowered compared to all the decks released. Its very easy to do essentially one-hit kill damage within three, if not two turns. Occasionally you can come back to win if you get really lucky and if you quite literally play your cards right. But good luck getting to that point, because half of the people I play with use this deck to just grind. They quit out immediately if things start going south, and it drives me up the wall. I love playing a game that goes for a solid 10 minutes and provides a good challenge between two equally matched players, and this has become so few and far between because everyone just uses the same two decks because theyre the best, and no one actually wants a challenge. I wish Pokémon would change these decks or get rid of them entirely, because theyve ruined the fun and balance of the game.

Pokmon Trading Card Game

Trading Pokemon Cards in a Parking Lot!
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Pokémon Trading Card Game logo and cardback
Skills required Reading

The Pokémon Trading Card Game , abbreviated as PTCG or Pokémon TCG, is a collectible card game based on the Pokémon franchise. It was first published in October 1996 by Media Factory in Japan. In the US, it was first published by Wizards of the Coast. in June 2003, Nintendo transferred the publishing rights from both Media Factory and Wizards of the Coast to The Pokémon Company. As of March 2022, the game has sold over 43.2 billion cards worldwide.

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How To Start A Pokemon Tcg Battle

When the game starts, both trainers will shuffle their decks and flip a coin to decide who takes the first move. Your opening hand will consist of 7 cards, and you are able to place a basic Pokemon card in the Active Zone face-down. You can also place 5 basic Pokemon cards face down on the bench.

If a player doesnt draw a basic Pokemon on their opening hand, they have the option to reveal their hand, shuffle the deck and redraw. There isnt a limit to how many times a player can do this. However, your opponent can draw after each turn.

Each player confirms their ready to play and places the top six cards face down within the prize zone. Then, all face down Pokemon cards are flipped over, and the game starts.

Pokemon Trading Card Game: Eevee V Premium Collection

  • 9 Pokémon TCG booster packs
  • 1 promo card featuring Eevee V
  • 1 promo card featuring Vaporeon V
  • 1 promo card featuring Jolteon V
  • 1 promo card featuring Flareon V
  • 1 promo card featuring Espeon V
  • 1 promo card featuring Umbreon V
  • 1 promo card featuring Leafeon V
  • 1 promo card featuring Glaceon V
  • 1 promo card featuring Sylveon V
  • A code card for Pokémon TCG Live

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Pokmon Neo Genesis 1st Edition Holo Lugia #9

A legendary Pokémon on a legendarily rare Pokémon card

Sold for $144,300 in May 2021

Lugia is one of the most iconic and popular Pokémon in the entire series, having starred on the front of early Game Boy game Pokémon Silver and its Nintendo DS remake SoulSilver. A legendary bird Pokémon from Gen II, Lugia is one of the most powerful and hard-to-find Pokémon that players can catch in the video games – so its only fitting that its Pokémon card is also extremely rare.

The Neo Genesis 1st Edition Holo Lugia #9 Pokémon card is described by auction house PWCC as one of the most difficult Pokémon cards to grade, as the result of a number of errors and misprints that were included in the early runs of the Neo Genesis set for the Pokémon TCG. Later print runs were corrected, but many of the cards from the expansion remain more common in their earlier uncorrected forms.

As of May 2021, PWCC claims that only 41 Gem Mint 10 condition Neo Genesis 1st Edition Holo Lugia #9 cards have ever been graded by PSA, with just three earning the maximum BGS 10 Pristine rating from grading company Beckett Grading Services. The Lugias rarity means that it ranks almost as highly as the legendary first-edition Charizard when it comes to the most valuable Pokémon cards.

Japanese Pokmon Heartgold And Soulsilver Sets


When the Heartgold and Soulsilver Pokémon trading card lineup was released in Japan, it was done differently from in America. It also had an abnormally long waiting period in between the first and second sets.

Heartgold and Soulsilver Collection

Heartgold and Soulsilver Collection is the first Japanese set based on the Heartgold and Soulsilver games. It has 140 cards in total, including the following special cards: Alph Lithograph, Ursaring Prime, Crobat Prime, Typhlosion Prime, Meganium Prime, Blissey Prime, Donphan Prime, Ampharos Prime, Feraligatr Prime, Lugia LEGEND, and Ho-Oh LEGEND. Starting from this set, the Trainer cards in Japan have been renamed Goods cards. It has been renamed in America as HeartGold SoulSilver, or HS.

Heartgold and Soulsilver special decks

The Heartgold and Soulsilver special decks were released in between the releases of the first and second Heartgold and Soulsilver sets. Expert Deck: Leafeon vs. Metagross is a set of two 60-card decks with a CD for online play. In addition to being more powerful than most theme decks, the Leafeon and Metagross decks have special cards that weren’t released in any other Japanese sets. There are also Battle Starter decks, which were released with special cards only available to their specific deck. The decks are named Offense , Defense , Speed , and Skill .

Heartgold and Soulsilver Revived Legends

Lost Link Mini-Series

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Pokmon Trainer Club Account

Your child can play as a guest without a Pokémon TrainerClub account. However, having an account will allow your child to keep track ofhis or her win-loss record, play against friends, create a custom avatar, andmuch more. A Pokémon Trainer Club account will also provide benefits on other Pokémon websites, including

Your child can sign up for a Pokémon Trainer Club forfree at at any time. You may need to create an account of your ownto manage your child’s account if he or she is under a certain age.

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First Edition Shadowless Holographic Charizard #4

A very valuable version of a classic fan-favourite

Sold for $420,000 in March 2022

Shiny Charizard has been one of the Pokémon card games most popular cards since it first released in 1999, so theres no surprise that 20-plus years later, it remains one of the most sought-after cards for collectors and fans alike.

While a number of first-edition cards from the Pokémon TCGs early days are worth some money – assuming theyre still in good nick – due to their limited availability and age, this specific version of the holographic Charizard absolutely stands out as one of the rarest and most valuable Pokémon cards ever released.

A PSA 10 Base Set 1st Edition Charizard just sold at auction with an ending bid of $183,812.00 via @IconicAuctions. Including the 20% buyer’s premium, the total transaction value exceeds $220k. As of now, this is the highest known sale of the card.

Extremely expensive, extremely rare – the Holy Grail of Pokémon cards

Sold for $5.275 million in July 2021

The Pikachu Illustrator is the most expensive Pokémon card in existence, and is the true Holy Grail of Pokémon card collecting – only one PSA 10 is known to exist, and was snapped up by YouTuber Logan Paul for a whopping $5,275,000 in July 2021.

.@LoganPaul wearing the most expensive @Pokemon card in the world right now at #WrestleMania!

The New App Brings Pokmon Tcg Action Everywhere So You Can Play At Home Or On The Go

Best Deck?! ⶠPokemon Trading Card Game GBC Gameplay ð´ Part 3 – Let’s Play

There are many ways to play the Pokémon TCG, and now, withthe announcement of Pokémon TCG Live, Trainers can add phones to that list. Thenew free-to-play app lets Trainers enjoy all their favorite aspects of thePokémon TCGbuilding decks, developing strategies, and battlingin an updateddigital format. The new Pokémon TCG Live will also be available on PCs, Macs,and tablet devices.

Notice: If you click on the YouTube video above, you will leave The Pokémon Company International is not responsible for the content of any linked website that is not operated by The Pokémon Company International. Please note that these websites’ privacy policies and security practices may differ from The Pokémon Company International’s standards.

Trainers of all skill levels will enjoy the new Pokémon TCGLive. Those who are just getting started in the Pokémon TCG will find it easyto learn, while experienced players will discover fresh challenges to improveand test their skills. In addition to familiar activities like battling anddeck building, Trainers can personalize the experience with customizableavatars and accessories. And Pokémon TCG Live will be updated periodically withnew content and features following the initial launch to continuously offerexciting new challenges and experiences.

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The Best Pokmon Tcg Sealed Products To Invest In Right Now

One of the best sealed products a Pokémon TCG investor can purchase right now is the Celebrations Elite Trainer Box. Released earlier this year for the 25th anniversary of Pokémon, the Pokémon TCGCelebrations Elite Trainer Box is perfect for investments because of its importance to the Pokémon series as a whole. Additionally, supply is already becoming low, meaning prices are only expected to rise in both the short and long terms. According to YouTuber Eva’s Binder, even the 10 Celebrations packs inside the box are already worth more than the box itself, ensuring that the Elite Trainer Box is a strong investment.

A smaller sealed product investment collectors can make is the Shining Fates Elite Trainer Box. So many of the cards in this set are highly desirable because it is themed around Shiny baby Pokémon, which are inherently valuable. On top of this, availability for the set is only going to decrease with time, meaning investing now can result in huge gains in the future.


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