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How To Get Shedinja Pokemon Go

How Rare Is Axew


Axew is another rare Pokemon in the game. Although its rarely found in the wild, Axew can be hatched from 10KM eggs as well. Silph Road marks its hatch rate at 4.7% in Pokemon GO, making it slightly rarer than Gible. For those who want a Haxsaurus in their arsenal, Axew is a must have in Pokemon GO.

Bug Event: How To Catch Nincada Ninjask And Shedinja In ‘pokmon Go’

Pokemon GO

If you’ve got a big gaping hole in your Pokédex, now is the time to go fill it. Pokémon GO is currently running a big-type event, and as many had suspected, that means the return of rare Pokémon Nincada. Nincada was missing from the game for a long time, but showed up in October alongside a Field Research Bonus that included Shedinja, one of its two evolved forms. And now the little cicada thing is back in the game as a field research reward.

If you’re looking for a Nincada, you’re going to want to keep an eye out for the “evolve 3 Bug-type Pokémon” field research task. Completing this will reward you with one Nincada, and you can stack them up to make your way up to a Ninjask. So that’s two Pokedex slots filled: the third one is going to be a little bit trickier.

Nincada is a bit of an odd Pokémon. In the main game, Nincada had what you could call a branching evolution, just not a normal one. The idea is that when it evolves into Ninjask, it sheds its skin, and that skin then becomes a new Pokémon: Shedinja. Pokémon GO isn’t great at handling unusual evolution patterns, and so in the game it works much more like a normal Pokémon. Nincada evolves into Ninjask, and Shedinja is kept separate despite using the same candies.

How To Get Shedinja

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Shedinja is a mysterious Pokémon that floats motionless in the air with a halo on its head. It only has 1 HP, but cannot be hit by the majority of attacks in the game. Obtaining a Shedinja requires evolving a Nincada and meeting a few other requirements. Shedinja can make a powerful and unexpected addition to your competitive team.

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What Is The Best Way To Get A Shedinja Sword

Game Freak / The Pokémon Company Youll have to track down a Nincada. Remove a party Pokémon when your Nincada reaches level 20 so you have five monsters and a sixth space open this is vital if you want to obtain a Shedinja. Go ahead and attain level 20 with your free slot to start the evolution process.

Im Looking For A Nincada Sword But Im Not Sure Where To Look

Pokemon GO: How to Get Shedinja

Nincada Location in Pokemon Sword & Shield: You can find Nincada in the following locations:

  • West Lake Axewell is a small lake on the west side of Axewell. Sandstorm 30 percent chance NON-OVERWORLD
  • Miloch Lake in the south. NON-OVERWORLD 10% Chance of Intense Sun .
  • NON-OVERWORLD All Weather 5% Chance. Route 5.

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Can You Evolve Shedinja In Pokemon Go

Shedinja is currently available as the weekly Field Research Breakthrough in Pokémon GO. This Pokémon has only ever been available through research and, despite the Candy needed to power it up being classified as Nincada Candy, Nincada cannot evolve into Shedinja in the game. This is not how it works in Pokémon GO.

How To Get Shedinja In Pokemon Go

As of writing, Shedinja cannot currently be captured in Pokemon GO. However, Shedinja was previously available through research breakthroughs during the Halloween event in 2020.

As for the ways that Niantic could incorporate ways to get Shedinja in the future, there are a few ways they could do this:

  • Seasonal Evolution – Shedinja could be an evolution exclusive to the autumn season
  • Random Evolution – Much like how Eevee evolves, Nincada could evolve to be either Ninjask or Shedinja. This evolution could be dictated with a certain nickname.
  • Spawn after Evolution – After the player evolves their Nincada, a Shedinja could spawn nearby
  • Let the player choose – A simple option. Let the player choose what they want to evolve their Nincada into.

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Hoenn Research Tasks And Rewards

1 of 9

Catch a Rock-type Pokemon x500 Stardust

Catch 3 Fire, Grass or Water-type Pokemon x10 PokeBall

Claim Reward x5 Rare Candy

Rewards 1 Pinap Berry, 2 Razz Berry, Nosepass encounter

2 of 9

Catch a Fighting-type Pokemon x500 Stardust

Power up a Pokemon x5 Pinap Berry

Make 3 Nice Throws Lairon encounter

Rewards 2 Pinap Berry, 1 Razz Berry, Hariyama encounter

3 of 9

Catch an Electric-type Pokemon x500 Stardust

Send a Gift to a Friend x1 Incense

Make 3 Curveball Throws Wailmer encounter

Rewards 1 Pinap Berry, 2 Razz Berry, Manectric encounter

4 of 9

Catch a Fire-type Pokemon x500 Stardust

Earn a Candy Walking with your Buddy Trapinch encounter

Catch 3 Weather Boosted Pokemon Bagon encounter

Rewards 2 Pinap Berry, 1 Razz Berry, Camerupt encounter

5 of 9

Catch a Normal-type Pokemon x500 Stardust

Make 3 Great Throws Shedinja encounter ***

Power up Pokemon 3 times x10 Great Ball

Rewards 1 Pinap Berry, 2 Razz Berry, Slaking Slakoth encounter

Hoenn Research Tasks and Rewards 6/9

Catch a Flying-type Pokemon x500 Stardust

Catch a Water, Bug or Electric-type Pokemon x10 Ultra Ball

Battle another Trainer Absol encounter

Rewards 2 Pinap Berry, 1 Razz Berry, Swellow encounter

7 of 9

Catch a Psychic-type Pokemon x500 Stardust

Catch a Ghost-type Pokemon x5 Revives

Give your Buddy 3 treats x1 Charged TM

Rewards 1 Pinap Berry, 2 Razz Berry, Claydol encounter

8 of 9

How To Get Shedinja In Pokmon Go


Nothing excites the gamers as much as Pokémon Go. The augmented reality gaming experience is rare and hard to find. Pokémon Go is not about experiencing AR technology, but it is to become a Poké Master. The game was released back in 2016, and since then, it is persisting in entertaining the gamers. Pokémon Go gets frequent updates at regular intervals, thanks to Nintendo for it. Nowadays, the game is offering a new event, which is merely based upon a specific Pokémons type known as Hoenn. The gamers who are not familiar with Hoenn-type Pokémons these types of Pokémons are usually rare and powerful. Although, it is merely impossible for gamers to add such types of Pokémons in their lineup. However, this event is allowing gamers to add Shedinja to their team. We have provided below a proper workaround to catch Shedinja in Pokémon Go. If you are intended to get it, then read the process of catching it through the blog.

How to Catch Shedinja

Gamers can obtain Shedinja in various ways, and the first one is to catch Nincada. After that, they need to be pretty sure that they have additional space and Pokéball. Once they have caught Nincada successfully, then they need to evolve it into Shedinja. The gamers need to raise the level of their game to start the evolution process of Nincada.

The gamers who are keen to attain the gaming experience of Pokémon Go should obtain it through iOS, Windows, and Android devices.

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Pokemon Go: Can Shedinja Be Caught

Shedinja, the Shed Pokemon, has been an addition to the roster of the Pokemon franchise since the release of Pokemon Ruby and Sapphire.

When Nincada, the pre-evolved form of Shedinja, was added into Pokemon GO, many players wondered if Shedinja would be obtainable as it could only be found by having an empty Poke Ball and an available slot in your party when Nincada evolved in the main series games.

Pve Defensive Moves Explanation

  • Bug Bite is Shedinja’s ideal fast move for defense
  • Shadow Claw is Shedinja’s ideal fast move for defense
  • Struggle Bug is Shedinja’s ideal fast move for defense
  • Aerial Ace is Shedinja’s ideal charge move for defense
  • Shadow Sneak is Shedinja’s ideal charge move for defense
  • Not using Shedinja on defense is the ideal moveset for Shedinja on defense

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Is Shedinja Equipped With A Sword And Shield

Shedinja is a Bug/Ghost-type Pokémon and #106 in the Galar Pokédex for Pokémon Sword & Shield. Shedinja is a special evolution that appears when Nincada evolves. If you want finer control over searching for Pokémon in Pokémon Sword & Shield, check out the Advanced Pokédex Search to find what youre looking for.

Pokemon Go Shedinja Released Again For Limited Time: Heres How To Get It

Shedinja Returns To Pokémon GO As October Research ...

Once before in the game Pokemon GO weve had access to the elusive bug Pokemon by the name of Shedinja. Now, that time has come again. In past Pokemon games, a user would need to follow some rather specific steps to gain access to this peaceful looking battle bug. Here in Pokemon GO, thus far, its only been available in a single Research Breakthrough.

Here this week in May of 2020, Shedinja is back. TAKE NOTE: You still cannot get a Shedinja by simply evolving Nincada into Ninjask. Things arent so simple here in Pokemon GO. Instead, Nincada only evolves into Ninjask and yet Pokemon GO still includes Shedinja in its overall Pokedex. So whats the deal?

All the way back in October of the year 2018, we had the opportunity to get a Shedinja in a task. Starting this week, the Throwback Hoenn event is ready to roll. Now, here, in the celebration of the Hoenn region, we get that opportunity again!

Hoenn Research Tasks and Rewards 1/9 Catch a Rock-type Pokemon x500 Stardust Catch 3 Fire, Grass or Water-type Pokemon x10 PokeBall Claim Reward x5 Rare Candy Rewards 1 Pinap Berry, 2 Razz Berry, Nosepass encounter

Hoenn Research Tasks and Rewards 2/9 Catch a Fighting-type Pokemon x500 Stardust Power up a Pokemon x5 Pinap Berry Make 3 Nice Throws Lairon encounter Rewards 2 Pinap Berry, 1 Razz Berry, Hariyama encounter

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Get Shedinja In Pokmon Go

Unlike the main series games, Pokémon do not appear when the Nincadas are evolving. In fact, they cannot be found anywhere in the wild, even in places where insect species usually appear such as gardens. Instead, players will face the chance of a single encounter after completing a research achievement, which is obtained after completing 7 research missions. Keep in mind that this hack doesnt last forever, so Shedinja can only be discovered during a certain time of the year. Currently, search missions that will help to find them from Pokéstops in the world can be carried out during the month of October 2020.

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Pokemon GO Available on iOS and Android

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What Is Shedinjas Purpose


Shedinja is a Japanese character. Nukenin is a Bug/Ghost Pokémon that debuted in Generation III. It is considered a unique form of Nincada, emerging exclusively when Nincada evolves into Ninjask at level 20, as long as the player has enough room in their party and a spare Poké Ball in their backpack.

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Getting Shedinja In Pokmon Go

Unlike in the main series games, this Pokémon does not appear when Nincadas evolve. In fact, they cannot be found anywhere in the wild, even places where Bug types normally appear like parks. Instead, players will have a chance encounter with one after completing a research breakthrough, which is obtained after completing 7 research tasks. Be mindful though that this breakthrough does not last forever, so Shedinja can only be caught during a designated time of the year. Currently, research tasks that will help find them can be spun from Pokéstops out in the world during October 2020.

Pokémon GO is available on iOS and Android

Is Ninjask Capable Of Learning To Fly

If youd like to quickly jump to a section to find out more information about Ninjask, you can use the buttons below, or you can return to the main Pokédex list. Ninjask is a Bug/Flying-type Pokémon and #105 in the Galar Pokédex for Pokémon Sword & Shield.

Shedinja is a type of Pokémon that evolves from Nincada. Shedinja is at level 20 and has the moves Scratch, Harden, and Final Gambit. Reference: what level does ninjask evolve.

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Pve Offensive Moves Explanation

Without its ability, Shedinja won’t deliver more than a few fast attacks. Still, here’s how its moves stack up.

  • Shadow Claw + Aerial Ace is the highest in neutral DPS. If you’re a Pokemon that can only use a Fast Move or two, at least it’s Shadow Claw.
  • Shadow Claw + Shadow Sneak is a pair SE against both Psychic and Ghost type Pokemon.
  • Bug Bite + Aerial Ace are both SE against Grass. This set is likely also optimal for gym clearing, as Normal type defenders will resist Shadow Claw.
  • All of Shedinjas charged moves are pretty bad. Dig has the least utility among them.
  • Legacy moves Bite and Struggle Bug are both worse than their non-legacy alternatives.

Can You Get Shedinja During The Bug Out 2020 Event In Pokmon Go

How To Get Shedinja In Pokemon Go 2020

Nincada is available, but is Shedinja?

Image via Niantic

Shedinja is a problematic Pokémon to acquire in Pokémon Go. There are a handful of rare opportunities to catch it, and many might believe its possible during the current Bug-Out 2020 even because Bug-type Pokémon are everywhere in the game. You can capture Shedinjas basic Pokémon form, Nincada, in a particular way. With Nincada available for a limited time, is Shedinja available? Unfortunately, it is not because the Pokémon works differently than it does from the standard Pokémon games.

Nincada is available for you to capture on Friday and Saturday by using the item incense. You wont be able to catch it by completing research tasks, participating in any of the available raids in the game, or by wandering around to search for it. Click on the incense icon ion your bag to use the item, but instead of its standard green color, it will be orange. The orange hue means its attracting a particular Pokémon, and that will be Nincada.

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