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How To Evolve Eevee Into Espeon Pokemon Shield

Go Beyond Level 40 With Eeveelutions

How To Evolve Eevee Into Espeon In Pokemon Sword & Shield

With the recently announced increase in the level cap, reaching the top levels in Pokémon Go now requires completing Special Level-Up Research. For level 42, Trainers need to evolve one of each of Eevees unique evolutions. This task isnt retroactive either, so you will need to evolve all seven again, even if you have them already. Fortunately, most veteran trainers have tons of Eevee Candy, so even the random chance of Vaporeon, Flareon, and Jolteon shouldnt been too hard on your existing stash of candies.

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How To Raise Your Friendship Level With A Pokmon

Of course, this is easier said than done if you dont know how to raise your friendship level with a Pokémon in Pokemon Sword and Shield.

Fortunately, that too is fairly straightforward. All you have to do is:

  • Keep your Pokémon from fainting in battle. If they do, their friendship level with you will decrease, prolonging the process of bringing it up.
  • Use them to win battles. The more battles you win with them, the faster their Friendship level will increase.
  • Interact with them at your camp. This means playing with them and feeding them curry that they like.
  • Give them the Soothe Bell to hold. This will increase the rate at which their Friendship increases from any of the above methods. It can be found by talking to a girl in the house to the right of the Hammerlocke Pokémon Center.

That should cover everything you need to know about how to get Espeon in Pokemon Sword and Shield. For more on the game, check out our guide wiki as well as our guides on hot topics like what the answers to the Fairy type gyms quiz questions are and how to catch Eternatus.

Time needed: 2 hours.

To sum up how to get Espeon in Pokemon Sword and Shield

  • Get Eevees friendship to a high level.

    Do this by using it in battle, interacting with it at camp, or by giving it a Soothe Bell to hold.

  • Then, train Eevee during the day and once it levels up with its friendship maxed out, itll evolve into Espeon.
  • Location To Find Sylveon In Other Pokemon Games

    In the core games also, Sylveon is not available in the wild. To obtain it, you must catch an Eevee and evolve it into a Sylveon. Eevee is available in multiple locations in every Pokemon Game. You can also breed it to get a better moveset.

    The process to evolve your Eevee into a Sylveon in the core Pokemon games involves earning two affection hearts in Pokemon Amie while the Eevee knows a Fairy-type move. Once you meet the requirements, you can level it by battling or giving it a rare candy.

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    How To Evolve Multiple Umbreons And Espeons

    A second method of evolving Eevee into Umbreon and Espeon exists, and it’s surprisingly easy. Simply make Eevee your buddy Pokémon and walk 10km. You can then evolve your Eevee at night to unlock Umbreon, or during the day for Espeon. You can easily tell if it’s day or night by looking at the colour of your map or listening to the game’s music, but ensure that you have good signal before evolving – the game needs to know the time of day in your exact location and if your signal drops at the wrong moment, you’ll get a Vaporeon, Jolteon or Flareon no matter how far you’ve walked.

    Pokmon Sword And Shield: How To Catch And Evolve Eevee

    Pokémon Sword &  Shield: How to evolve Eevee to Espeon ...

    Eevee is one of the most popular Pokémon throughout the series, and there’s always a bit of mystery surrounding how to acquire its many different evolutions. There are eight different Eeveelutions in Pokémon Sword and Shield that can be caught or evolved differently. Here is how to catch Eevee, followed by how to evolve Eevee in Pokémon Sword and Shield, which is one of the best Nintendo Switch games available, to fill out your collection.

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    Best Level To Evolve Eevee Pro Pcbinary

    The best eevee available in the wild will be between 642 cp and 830 cp. If you are indeed playing the fire red, then it is as i said before. Provides a variety of di solutions with its ¼ inch device connector. Comparison chart for best level to evolve eevee 1.

    Give it an ice stone, found in rocks in the fields or purchased from the trading post, and select evolve eevee by the ice rock in a cave in the bonechill waste area of alabaster icelands. If you are indeed playing the fire red, then it is as i said before. Flareon is the worst eevee evolution of all pkmn.

    At level 30, jolteon learns thunder fang and oh is it good. Flareon is the worst eevee evolution of all pkmn games. Once that eevee is captured, it can be leveled up with stardust up to level 40, where its max cp will be between 749 and 969. You can also find these in jubilife village and in blue rocks.

    Iirc you have fire spin at your disposal, so now that it’s done, just focus on the best thing he has 🙂 gbchaosmaster. Just level the eevee to 6, and it will evolve to umbreon. It will evolve before it reaches level 20 in most cases. How you can raise your eevees friendship include eevee in your party as you.

    pokémon that evolve by using moves in battle. Make sure your eevee doesnt faint too much in battle if you use it. Comparison chart for best level to evolve eevee 1. To evolve eevee into vaporeon, you need a water stone. At what level should i evolve eevee pokemon go?

    How To Evolve Eevee Into Jolteon

    Jolteon is an Electric-type Eevee evolution, and is one of the original three Eeveelutions.

    To evolve Eevee into Jolteon, simply give it a Thunder Stone.

    You can find Thunder Stones by the circle of rocks on the hill in the Lake of Outrage region of the Wild Area, and can also receive them as rewards from the Digging Duo in the Wild Area.

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    All The Eevee Evolutions Are Available In Pokmon Go

    Leafeon and Glaceon, however, take their names from trainers in Pokémon Sun and Moon rather than the anime. Youll encounter these two trainers in your quest to earn the Eevium Z Linnea, of course, has Leafeon in her team and Rea has Glaceon.

    Finally, Sylveon also takes its nickname Kira from one of the Eevium Z trainers. Though, if youre a Death Note fan, this name will have a different meaning for you

    Once you have called your Eevee into one of the above names, you should quit and reload the app to double check the name change has taken place, which is important considering the servers can lean to be on the unreliable side.

    Once youve double checked the new name is indeed in place, then evolve the Eevee as you would any other Pokémon by feeding it Candy, and it should take the form of your chosen type.


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    Read Also:

    Eevee is a special Pokemon in Pokemon Sword and Shield that can evolve into eight different Pokemon depending on what method you use to evolve it! The methods are largely the same for each eeveelution as in past games, except evolving Eevee into Glaceon and Leafeon is now easier and Sylveon can evolve with Friendship just like Espeon and Umbreon. Youll also learn where to catch Eevee in Sword and Shield.

    Jump to Eevees evolutions below to see the different methods:

    Pokemon Sword And Shield Espeon

    How To Evolve Eevee Into Umbreon And Espeon In Pokemon Sword & Shield

    Pokemon Sword and Shield Espeon is a Psychic Type Sun Pokémon, which makes it weak against Bug, Ghost, Dark type moves. You can find and catch Espeon in Route 4 with a 1% chance to appear during All Weather weather. The Max IV Stats of Espeon are 65 HP, 65 Attack, 130 SP Attack, 60 Defense, 95 SP Defense, and 110 Speed.

    List of Espeon Max IV Stats in Pokemon SW SH.

    Speed 110

    Based on this pokemons stats we consider the best nature for Espeon to have is Mild, this will increase its Sp. Atk and decrease its Defense stats.

    Espeon Abilities

    Sword Pokedex Entry

    Shield Pokedex Entry

    It unleashes psychic power from the orb on its forehead. When its power is exhausted, the orb grows dull and dark.

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    Pokemon Sword And Shield: How To Get Eevee And Pikachu

    The two Pokemon from the Lets Go games are obtainable early on

    Pokemon Sword and Shield is finally here! Released last night for players all across the world players are finally able to explore the Galar region in hopes of becoming the new Pokemon master.

    Like any Pokemon game there are certain NPCs that players are able to talk to, and these in-game players grant you unique rewards for simply talking to them!

    One of these rewards is obtainable early on in Sword and Shield but players will need to have played Pokemon Lets Go Pikachu or Eevee for the Switch!

    Be sure to watch our wide variety of Pokemon content here!

    How To Evolve Eevee Into Leafeon

    Leafeon is a Grass-type Eevee evolution introduced in Pokemon Diamond and Pearl.

    You no longer have to bring Eevee to a certain location with a Moss Rock to evolve it into Leafeon in Pokemon Sword and Shield. Simply give it a Leaf Stone so it will evolve!’

    Like the other evolutionary stones, you can get a Leaf Stone by the circle of rocks in the Lake of Outrage region of the Wild Area, or as a reward from the Digging Duo.

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    How Does Eevee Evolution Work In Pokemon Sword & Shield

    To evolve Eevee in Pokemon Sword & Shield into one of its eight forms, there are several things you need to do, depending on which Eeveelution you want to get. For most, it is as simple as giving Eevee an evolution stone. Others, however, will require you to raise the Eevees Friendship Level while paying attention to the time of day. Heres what you need to do for each Eeveelution:

  • Vaporeon Give Eevee a Water Stone
  • Flareon Give Eevee a Fire Stone
  • Jolteon Give Eevee a Thunder Stone
  • Glaceon Give Eevee an Ice Stone
  • Leafeon Give Eevee a Leaf Stone
  • Espeon Level Eevee up at Friendship Level 220 during the day
  • Umbreon Level Eevee up at Friendship Level 220 during the night
  • Sylveon Level Eevee up at Friendship Level 160 after teaching it a Fairy Move
  • Side note: if youre not too keen on evolving Eevee, you can try and hunt the Eeveelutions in the Lake of Outrage. Thats the Wild Area west-by-southwest of Hammerlocke. True, theyre a fairly rare spawn, but so is regular Eevee. Its worth a shot.

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    In The Play Pokmon Department

    How To Evolve Eevee Into Umbreon And Espeon In Pokemon ...

    Pokémon Draft the World

    Today marks Day 2 of the Draft the World competition. This special competition is a special tournament featuring several top players playing top decks from past years Pokémon World ChampionshipsThis stream will start at 15:45 UTC / 16:45 BST / 17:45 CEST / 10:45 EDT / 07:45 PDT and were hosting it in our section

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    Pokmon Sword And Shield Eevee Friendship Evolutions

    All of the following evolutions of Eevee are based on how friendly you are with your Eevee. You can increase your friendliness with Eevee over time by picking them in your party often, or by setting up a Pokémon Camp to cook nourishing curries and play with toys with them. Theres no meter to tell you how much your Pokémon likes you, but a young boy in a house next to Hammerlockes Pokémon Center will be able to tell you. In that same house, you can get a Soothe Bell and use it as a held item to make your Eevee even friendlier with you.

    Espeon You can evolve Eevee into Espeon in Pokémon Sword and Shield by making sure they are very friendly with you and by levelling them up in the daytime. Change your Switchs time settings to make it day in-game if you are playing at night. Use a Rare Candy if you want them to level up even quicker than farming.

    UmbreonYou can evolve Eevee into Umbreon in Pokémon Sword and Shield by making sure they are very friendly with you and by levelling them up in the nighttime. Change your Switchs time settings to make it night in-game if you are playing in the day. Use a Rare Candy if you want them to level up even quicker than farming.

    Dont forget that you can also give Eevee an Everstone if you never want it to evolve in sword and Shield.

    Pokémon Sword and Shield are out now on Nintendo Switch.

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    Catching Eeveelutions In Pokmon Sword And Shield

    You’ll find one of Eevee’s evolutions if you go to the Lake of Outrage section of the Wild Area and head across the water to the ring of stones surrounding a den. A new Eeveelution appears each day, and the one you’ll see depends on the weather.

    Weather conditions for specific Eeveelutions


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    Pokemon Go Get Glaceon And Leafeon

    You’re gonna need a Glacial Lure or a Mossy Lure to get these monsters in Pokemon GO. Until there’s a steel or rock-type Eevee in the game, the Magnetic Lure has NO EFFECT on Eevee as far as we know. But the Glacial Lure or Mossy Lure, you’re in luck!

    Just so long as you’re in the radius of a Pokestop that’s fitted with a Glacial Lure or Mossy Lure, your evolution will be Leafeon or Glaceon. This is slightly different from what’s been reported in the past it does not matter if you were the person to place the lure!

    Apparently and we need to test this further to be absolutely sure you can evolve as many Eevee as you want into either Leafeon or Glaceon so long as you’re inside the radius of their respective lure. Sounds pretty fancy! Stick around to see any other updates on the Eevolution of Pokemon GO in the near future!

    Keep Plenty Of 3 Star Eevee To Evolve

    pokemon shield how to evolve eevee into espeon

    Youll need to evolve Eevee during the Community Day event to get special moves that may not be available again, and theres some work involved to get the trickier evolutions.

    Serious collectors will want to keep Eevee evolutions with the special Community Day moves, and also have a powerful evolution to teach the best attack and defensive moves listed on this page.

    So plan ahead and dont throw away any 3 star Eevee until you know you have everything you need.

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    Does The Name Trick Work On Shiny Eevee

    Evolve Shiny Eevee in Pokémon GO with Nickname Trick There are 7 different evolutions your Shiny Eevee can upgrade to. And corresponding to these 7 evolutions of Shiny Eevee Pokémon, you can use seven different nicknames to make sure that your Shiny Eevee Pokémon evolves into something of your choice.

    What Is Pokemon Soft Reset

    A soft reset in pokemon means restarting the game without quitting the overall game. By Soft resetting, you wont have to see the intro cutscene and can jump into the game directly. Note that SRing wont delete your game file.

    To perform the soft reset, you need to hold a combination of buttons together. It differs from a hard reset.

    On a hard reset, the console itself restarts. And on a soft reset, the game resets. If the time duration for hard reset is 50 seconds, then the time required for soft resetting is 20 seconds. Check our epic guide on how to fix pokemon go error 0.

    Keep in mind that:

    You cannot perform a soft reset in the middle of saving a game. This might corrupt the game file and also damage your console.

    You may ask:

    Is soft resetting cheating in Pokémon?

    No, soft resetting is not cheating in pokemon. You are just changing the pseudorandom number generator of the game to predict the next result of the games algorithm.

    Now lets get to know why you should use this feature.

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    How To Get And Use The Glacial Lure & Mossy Lure To Get Glaceon And Leafeon

    The final current Eeveelutions available in Pokemon Go are Glaceon and Leafeon, and this duo has the most specific evolution method yet.

    First of all, dont forget that you can do the name trick once again to get Glaceon and Leafeon for the first time. As detailed above, name your Eevee Rea to have it evolve to Glaceon, and name your Eevee Linnea to have it evolve to Leafeon. After that, however, youll need to fulfil special requirements to evolve more of these Pokemon.

    Specifically, in order to evolve more Eevee into Glaceon or Leafeon, youll need some new items: the Glacial Lure and the Mossy Lure. These two new types of Lure Module are available in the shop and will soon be appearing as Field Research Rewards. These lures exist to make you more able to catch different Pokemon the Glacial lures in Water and Ice type Pokemon, while the Mossy attracts Bug and Grass types.

    Theres an added benefit to these, however: when theyre placed, they can impact Eevee Evolution. Simply place one of the lures in a Pokestop if you place the Mossy Lure youll be able to evolve any Eevee you have into Leafeon while standing in that Pokestops radius . If you place the Glacial Lure on a Pokestop, thats when youll be able to evolve into Glaceon just remain within the Pokestops radius. This works even if you didnt place the lure, too, so you can share this chance with other players.

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