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How To Get Espeon And Umbreon In Pokemon Go

How To Evolve Eevee Without The Name Trick

Pokemon Go – How to Get Espeon and Umbreon

Unfortunately Jolteon, Flareon, and Vaporeon all evolve randomly from Eevee. However, Umbreon, Espeon, Glaceon, and Leafeon have alternative methods.

Umbreon and Espeon both evolve after walking with the Eevee as your buddy Pokémon for 10 kilometers. Once thats done, the buddy Eevee evolved during the night will yield Umbreon while the day will yield Espeon. Note that when you evolve Eevee, it still needs to be your buddy Pokémon for this trick to work.

Leafeon and Glaceon can both be reliably evolved from spinning a Mossy Lure or a Glacial Lure, respectively. After spinning a Pokéstop with these Lure Modules active, the next Eevee you will evolve will become its leaf or ice form. Note that you need to be in range of the Lure Module. You will see the chosen Eevee evolution icon change once youve spun one of these lured Pokéstops.

Sylveonwill evolve after being set as your buddy Pokémon and earning 70 hearts with it. This will take several days of play, but you can speed up the process by using Poffins.

Why Cant I Evolve Eevee Into Umbreon Pokemon Go

Make sure that its night time in Pokemon GO, as in the night sky in the game world is dark, and then evolve the Eevee thats assigned as your buddy Pokemon. Players wont run into the step to evolve Eevee into Umbreon until theyve completed the first four steps to the Celebi Special Research quest.

How To Evolve Eevee Into Espeon

  • First, capture an Eevee if you dont currently have one in your Pokémon GO inventory.
  • Next, make sure you have enough Candy to evolve Eevee. You will need 25 Candy to evolve Eevee, if you dont have 25 Candy, you can either catch more in the wild or transfer extra copies of Eevee in your inventory.
  • Once you have 25 Candy, find Eevee in your inventory and click on the pencil to the right of Eevees name.
  • Change Eevee’s name to Sakura and click the Evolve button. After Eevee is done evolving, you should now have an Espeon in your Pokémon GO inventory.

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How Should You Use The New Appraisal Feature

The new Appraisal feature is a great way to quickly discover how powerful your new Pokemon are. Finding out that an old favourite has a three star rating is incredibly gratifying.

It’s especially useful for when you’re comparing a bunch of the same Pokémon, as you can keep the stat appraisal screen open as you move between Pokémon. This allows you to quickly compare stats and star rankings as you try to decide which Pokémon to keep and which ones to release.

You can even search for Pokémon by their specific star tier, just like how you can search for them by name. To do this, you’ll need to search:

  • 0* = 0 Stars
  • 3* = 3 Stars
  • 4* = 3 Stars with a red background / 100% Pokémon

The new ranking system makes it a lot easier to decide which Pokémon are worth investing your Stardust and Candy in. Though it’s still important to remember a Pokémon’s rarity and whether it’s one of the best Pokémon in the game.

Though by and large the closer to 100% this is the better, depending on the Pokémon, some individual stats are more important than others – so it isn’t the be all and end all.

For example, if you have a Snorlax – one of the best creatures to put in a gym with its high health – with a low HP stat, that makes it a less attractive proposition. But then again, because it’s rare, you might not have any alternative Snorlax to rely on. Of course, an average Snorlax will still perform better than others in its field, so it could still be worth Powering up.

How To Evolve Flareon Jolteon & Vaporeon In Pokemon Go

Pokémon Go Gen 2: How to get Umbreon and Espeon RIGHT NOW ...

Once youve used the nickname once, you need to use an alternate method for every other Eevee you evolve afterward. For Flareon, Jolteon, and Vaporeon, youll need a bit of luck.

Sadly, there is no sure-fire way to guarantee youll get any of these three its completely random when you hit Evolve. Yes, you will get one of the Gen I mon, but you cant choose which one.

This means that youll either need to be insanely lucky to get the one you want on your first try, or youll need to catch multiple Eevee and stock up on lots of Candy, as the method costs 25 every time.

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These 2 Eevee Evolutions Depend On The Time Of Day In Pokmon Go

Umbreon and Espeon were introduced in Gen 2, and both of them are fairly easy to get in Pokémon GO. Players who havent evolved one yet can use the name trick for these evolutions as well, renaming Eevee to Sakura for Espeon and Tamao for Umbreon. But trainers can guarantee themselves an Espeon or Umbreon after theyve utilized that strategy as well.

To evolve an Eevee into one of these evolutions, Pokémon GO players need to walk them as their Buddy for 10km. After that, they can obtain Espeon by evolving that Eevee during the daytime and Umbreon by doing so at night. To tell if its daytime or nighttime in the game, take a good luck at the sky.

Evolve Into Vaporeon Jolteon Flareon Espeon Umbreon Leafeon Glaceon Or Sylveon With Our Pokmon Go Eevee Evolution Guide

Eevee is a pretty tricksy Pokémon at the best of times, with a bunch of different potential evolutions that it can change into seemingly at random. Fortunately, though, its not as random as it seems in Pokémon Go, as there is actually a method that you can use to game the system and force Eevee to evolve into each of its different forms.

There are a few caveats though, which well go into the final details of later in our Pokémon Go Eevee evolution guide. Ultimately, to answer your potential question, yes, there is a reliable method of getting Eevee to evolve into Vaporeon, Jolteon, Flareon, Espeon, Umbreon, Leafeon, Glaceon, or Sylveon and it works every single time.

If youre a big fan of the location-based monster collector, we thoroughly recommend checking out our other guides, including Pokémon Go promo codes, Pokémon Go event, Pokémon Go raids, and Pokémon Go news. In the meantime though, lets take a look at our Pokémon Go Eevee evolution guide.

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How Do You Evolve Eevee Into Sylveon In Pokemon 2020

For those that dont know how this works, you want to grab yourself an Eevee and the 25 candies youll need to evolve it. Then, nickname your little foxish companion Kira, and you should see a silhouette appear underneath the standard evolve button. Tap that, and youre guaranteed to get a Sylveon.

Earn Buddy Hearts With Eevee


The standard way to evolve Eevee into Sylveon is simply to earn enough hearts with it while its set as your Buddy Pokemon. Youll earn hearts with Eevee by feeding, playing, and taking snapshots of it. Youll need to earn 70 hearts for it to evolve into Sylveon, howeverso while this process is straightforward, its also a bit time-consuming. Once youve earned 70 hearts, the question mark on Eevees Evolve button will change to a silhouette of Sylveon.

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Pokemon Go Sylveon Nickname Trick

First up is the nickname trick you can use to get either your very first Sylveon to tick it off the Pokedex, or save until you have a shiny/100% Eevee you want to dedicate to be the best Sylveon possible.

If youre unsure how this works, all you have to do is change the nickname of the Eevee you want to evolve to Kira. The question mark in the evolve button should change to a silhouette of Sylveon if you do not see that silhouette, do not press evolve and instead restart your app then try again. This is a one-time use trick so once youve used the name Kira once, youll have to follow the method below for any more Sylveons you want to add to your collection.

Fun Fact About Eevee Evolution Names In Pokmon Go

Apart from how to evolve Umbreon in Pokemon Go, there is a fun fact you would want to know about Umbreon. Espeon and Umbreon take their nickname from the anime, but instead of Pokemon, their characters are humans.

In Pokemon: Johto League Champions 26th episode Troubles Brewing, Ash and the friends come across 5 Kimono sisters of Ecruteak City. Each of the sisters pairs with an Eeveelution, and Tamao was with Umbreon. That explains why the nickname for the Pokemon in the naming trick is Tamao.

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How Do You Evolve Sylveon In Pokemon Go

Sylveon, Eevee’s Fairy type evolution, has finally made its Pokemon Go debut. The next and final Eeveelution was unlocked on May 25, 2021.

In the core games, Sylveon has had two different means of evolution, Affection in the Pokemon X and Y, and Friendship combined with a Fairy type move in Pokemon Sword and Shield. Since neither mechanic exists in Pokemon Go, Niantic is instead using Pokemon Go Buddy Adventure in order to evolve Sylveon. Trainers must earn 70 hearts with Eevee as their Buddy Pokemon to evolve a Sylveon!

How To Get Sylveon During Community Day

How To Get Espeon And Umbreon In Pokemon GO! Naming Trick ...

Sylveon is arguably going to be the most popular Eevee evolution this Community Day.

While its power and performance in the meta is one reason, Sylveon has also been made a lot easier to get over the course of the weekend.

Rather than earning the usual 70 hearts with Eevee as a buddy in order to get Sylveon, theyll only need 10% of that, with 7 hearts being enough for Sylveon.

For those who have yet to do it, Kira is the name for Sylveons naming trick.

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What Is The Strongest Eevee Evolution

Vaporeon is probably the evolution most Pokémon Go players would point to as being the strongest of the group since it has been heavily used since the game launched. It is a solid Water-type that rivals a lot of the harder-to-get Pokémon and is only outclassed by the likes of Kyogre and other monsters.

How To Evolve Eevee Into Espeon And Umbreon

Espeon and Umbreon use a similar method to the original three Eeveelutions, though there are two more key factors that must be taken into account: time of day and walking distance.

First, add Eevee as your walking buddy so it appears on-screen with you. Next, you’ll need to walk a total of 10KM with Eevee as your buddy in order to strengthen its bond with you. Finally, use 25 Eevee Candy to evolve it to either Espeon during the day or Umbreon at night. That’s it!

Also, if you’d prefer to use the nickname method from before and skip the walking or day/night requirements, there are names for Espeon and Umbreon as well. Here’s what you need to name your Eevee in order to get the evolution you want:

  • Espeon – “Sakura”
  • Umbreon – “Tamao”

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How Do I Evolve Eevee Into Umbreon In 2021

First things first, players need to make the Eevee they want to evolve into Umbreon their buddy in Pokemon GO. Now, a trainer needs to walk 10km with the Eevee as their buddy. The evolution can take place only at night, so if players have walked the 10km and it’s night time, they can evolve their Eevee into Umbreon.

Eevee Nicknames For Evolutions

Pokemon Go: How to Get Espeon & Umbreon (Eevee Cheat)

First, you’re going to need to know the Eevee evolution nicknames. To start this journey off right, start with Pokemon number 133, Eevee. This is a Normal type Pokemon that’ll appear pretty much anywhere around the world. Not in the middle of the ocean or the desert, mind you but pretty much anywhere else.

The first three Eevee evolutions are Vaporeon, Jolteon, and Flareon. To evolve into each of these Pokemon, you’ll need only change the name of your Eevee. Change to Rainer for Vaporeon, Sparky for Jolteon, or Pyro for Flareon. This trick will only work ONCE for each of the three first evolutions of Eevee.

The rest are a bit more complicated. Nicknames for the rest of the Eevee evolutions require more than JUST a nickname, but here they are anyway: Espeon is Sakura, Umbreon is Tamao, Leafeon is Linnea, and Glaceon is Rea. Those are, in order, Psychic, Dark, Grass, and Ice types.

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How To Get Umbreon In Pokemon Go

Umbreon Pokemon Go is one of the many evolutions by Eevee. This evolution turns Eevee into a Dark-type Pokemon. Eevee can have a number of different types of evolutions depending on the way the player chooses to evolve it. Heres how to get Umbreon Pokemon Go:

  • The first way is pretty simple. Rename Eevee as Tamao to evolve it into the Dark-type Umbreon
  • The second way to evolve Eevee into Umbreon can be used for Espeon too. For Umbreon or Espeon players will have to walk with Eevee as a buddy for 10KM and earn 2 candies in the process. If the players then decide to evolve the pokemon during the day Eevee will evolve into Espeon and if the players decide to evolve Eevee in the night, it will evolve to Umbreon.

What Do You Name Eevee To Get Umbreon In Pokmon Go

The name trick is a very interesting maneuver you can do to evolve Eevee in Pokémon Go. The name trick in the game will guarantee a certain evolution for your Eevee, but only if you havent used it before namely, this cheat works only once per account and per name. This means that the good thing is that you can use each name once, not just one of them, but you cannot use the trick more than once.

What you need to do is change the name of your Eevee to one of the following names and simply evolve it:

  • Vaporeon: Rainer
  • Glaceon: Rea
  • Sylveon: Kira

As you can see, each eeveelution has its specific name, most of which are based either on the anime or the core video games. The names, of course, have a symbolic meaning and could be deduced even if you didnt know them beforehand. Umbreons name Tamao is a reference to the anime series, in which a character named Tamao appears.

In the anime series, Tamao is one of the Kimono Sisters that appear in the series episode Troubles Brewing. Ash and the crew meet them just after Ash wins the badge in the Ecruteak Gym. The Kimono Sisters are known as eeveelution trainers, as each of the five sisters has one eeveelution with her.

At the time, only five eeveelutions had been introduced, which is why there are only five sisters. The sister who owns Umbreon is named Tamao, and that is why the in-game name Tamao will instantly bring you an Umbreon.

If you want a more precise guide, heres a video:

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‘pokmon Go’ Tips: Guarantee Umbreon And Espeon With Sakura And Tamao Trick

Pokémon Go has finally unleashed Generation 2 on the world, populating the game with 80 new Pokémon. The servers are a little shaky right now, but the few minutes I was allowed to play the game brought me back to the goold old days of Gold and Silver. Ive already caught a Natu, Sentret, and my personal favorite plant, Pineco. Im still desperately trying to get myself a Murkrow, but the Pokémon Go servers have to stop going down first.

How To Get Umbreon And Espeon

I also managed to get an Umbreon and Espeon, the Dark and Psychic evolutions of Eevee. Changing your Eevees name to Sakura will give you an Espeon or Tamao for Umbreon. Ive tried them both, and the trick can be used to get both evolutions. The other evolutions of Eevee can also be obtained through renaming, but only once. It seems that Niantic has let up on the restrictions needed to get your perfect elemental dog.

Espeon is a slightly stronger pocket monster than Umbreon. If you only have 25 candies and can only evolve one, I recommend getting Espeon. That might just be because I think Psychic type Pokémon are cooler than Dark types, but I’ll let you be the judge.

Sakura and Tamao are characters from the Pokémon games. They are members of the Kimono sisters and can be battled in the Ecruteak Dancing Hall in Pokémon Gold and Silver. Sakura has an Espeon while Tamao has an Umbreon, big shocker there.

Did this Pokémon Go trick work for you? Tell us in the comments.

Lure Method For Leafeon And Glaceon


In order to evolve Eevee into the Generation 3 Pokémon Leafeonand Glaceon, you need to use one of the new Lure items:the Mossy Lure or the Glacial Lure.

Approach a Pokéstop, and apply the lure to the stop:

  • To get Leafeon, use the Mossy Lure.
  • To get Glaceon, use the Glacial Lure.

Ensure that you are within the radius of the Pokéstop , and find theEevee that you wish to evolve. Make sure that the evolve button contains

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