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How To Send Pokemon From Go To Home

Can You Transfer From Go To Home

How to Transfer From Pokemon GO to Pokemon Home

Currently the process is just one way, sending Pokémon from GO to Home. However, this could always change down the road. Keep an eye out for updates, but dont expect any changes any time soon. This seems like something that would cause huge issues with competitive PvP and the overall feel of Pokémon GO, so it might never be added.


Does Pokemon Home Cost Money

Pokemon Home can be used for free, but some features cost money. Players have access to one box for free, which they can use to import Pokemon from Pokemon GO or use for transferring Pokemon between games. Players can also take part in the various event giveaways that take place in Pokemon Home.

One area Nintendo is looking to drive growth is through subscription spending across multiple devices.

Switch Online Console

Daniel Ahmad

While players can use Pokemon Home in this way for free, they will need to subscribe to the Pokemon Home Premium Plan in order to use Pokemon Home for depositing and storing more than 30 Pokemon. Pokemon Home Premium Plan also offers players the ability to place more Pokemon in the GTS and Wonder Box.

Pokmon Home: How To Transfer To Pokmon Sword And Shield

First, make sure you have Pokémon HOME set up on your Nintendo Switch. If you need help with that, we have a full guide on how to sign up for Pokémon HOME.

  • If you have a physical copy of Pokémon Sword or Shield, place it in the cartridge slot.
  • Open Pokémon Home from the main Switch menu.

  • Press A to get past the start screen.
  • This screen will appear. Select Pokémon.

  • Choose the game you want to transfer to.
  • Select Yes

  • Your Pokémon Boxes will appear. Select the Pokémon you wish to transfer.
  • Note that you can transfer both into or out of Pokémon HOME at this point. If the Pokémon cannot be transferred to Sword or Shield a red circle with a line through it will appear on the top right side of the Pokémon.
  • Deposit the Pokémon into one of your Boxes.

  • When you’re done selecting Pokémon, press the + icon to exit.
  • Select Save changes and exit.

  • Press A when the screen reads “Your Boxes have been saved!” You’ve completed the transfer. Now you can either use those Pokémon in Sword or Shield or interact with them in Pokémon HOME.

  • Once you’ve moved your Pokémon to Pokémon HOME, you can also access those monsters using Pokémon HOME through the free Pokémon HOME app for iOS and Android.

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    How To Set Home In Pokemon Go

    Pokémon Go: Pokémon Home functionality, how to transfer ...

    In pokémon go, open settings, then scroll down and select pokémon home. Pokémon go to pokémon home transfer is now available. Assuming a decent number of these requests are granted, this simple change will go a long way to making pokémon go even better than it already . While software development company niantic, which developed pokemon go along with nintendo, doesn’t like users to change their locations . · log into the same nintendo account that you use with pokémon home.

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    How To Import Pokemon To Nintendo Switch From Pokemon Go 3ds

    Since the creation of Pokemon Box on the Nintendo Gamecube, The Pokemon Company has been creating unique ways for players to manage their collections of Pokemon and swap them between games without needing another handheld or console.

    The latest version of this is Pokemon Home, an app for the Nintendo Switch and mobile devices that allows players to move around Pokemon from a wide variety of Pokemon titles onto Pokemon Sword and Shield.

    Though its a great idea and a useful tool for Pokemon diehards, its a bit unwieldy and confusing how to connect everything to Pokemon Home and how everything goes from there. Heres how to use Pokemon Home, and everything you need to know about the app.

    How To Transfer From Sword/shield And Let’s Go To Pokemon Home

    Pokemon Home is also compatible with Let’s Go Pikachu / Eevee and Pokemon Sword / Shield, so you can store any Pokemon you’ve captured in those titles to the service. Fortunately, this process is much simpler than transferring Pokemon from Bank. In the Switch version of Home, select Pokemon on the main menu and you’ll be presented with a list of the Switch Pokemon games you own. Choose a title and you can move Pokemon from it to Home, and vice versa.

    As with Bank transfers, there are a couple of caveats to keep in mind when moving your pocket monsters. Any Pokemon you transfer from Let’s Go to Home can be retrieved in their original game or in Sword and Shield however, if you bring a Pokemon from Let’s Go into one of the Gen 8 games, it can no longer be returned to its original title. Pokemon from Sword and Shield, however, can freely be moved to and from the service.

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    How Do I Transfer Pokmon From Previous Generations To Pokmon Sword And Shield

    This will involve the use of Pokémon Bank, the previous system used to store and trade Pokémon up until Gen 7. THIS FEATURE IS ONLY AVAILABLE WITH POKÉMON HOME’S PREMIUM PLAN.

    You can find out more information on the official Pokémon Bank website, but as a rule, once you’ve moved Pokémon from earlier Gens to Pokémon Bank, they can’t be transferred back, so make sure you’re happy ‘losing’ them from your original games. The following infographic from the Pokémon Bank website shows which games permit deposits-only or deposits and withdrawals, but remember: TRANSFERS FROM POKÉMON BANK TO POKÉMON HOME ARE ONE-WAY ONLY:

    The 3DS app has an annual fee of $4.99, but for the first month of Pokémon HOME, users can access Pokémon Bank free-of-charge, so there’s no time like the present if you’re eager to move all your Pokémon to the latest storage system.

    Here are some details from the lovely Alex with regards to the convoluted process of transferring your legacy Pokémon up the daisy chain into Pokémon Bank and, from there, to Pokémon HOME. Over to Alex:

    Pokmon: How To Transfer Pokmon From Go To Home

    How to Transfer Pokemon from Pokemon GO to Pokemon HOME

    Pokémon Home’s transfer system finally works with Pokémon GO, so now all trainers can put Pokémon in a box to be forgotten. Here’s how.

    Pokémon Home has finally extended its boxes to include Pokémon GO, meaning trainers from the mobile hunting game can finally transfer their mons to Home storage. The process is simple, but there are some restrictions.

    To be able to transfer Pokémon from GO to Home, players will first need to have both apps on their phone. It’s possible to use the free version of Home and players can move their Pokémon from GO to Sword and Shield, as well. Just make sure it’s the right move, because once a Pokémon has been transferred from game to game, the switch can’t be reversed.

    Pokémon have to be registered in the player’s Pokédex to be eligible to transfer and currently, only GO trainers at Level 21 or higher can transfer their mons.

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    Players who meet the requirements and can’t wait to free up space in Pokémon GO to catch more need to go to the settings in GO. There, they should select the Pokémon Home option to login and then tap Send Pokémon. This will bring them to a mandatory tutorial that shows them how to use a new item called the GO Transporter.

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    What Are Mystery Gifts

    These gifts are only accessible via the mobile version of Pokémon HOME and will be redeemable in either Sword and Shield or HOME.

    Once Pokémon GO compatibility has been introduced sometime before the end of 2020, transferring a Pokémon from the mobile game to Sword or Shield will result in a Mystery Gift appearing in the mobile version of Pokémon Home a special Melmetal which can Gigantamax in the Switch game. Beware, though, because it’s not possible to transfer this Pokémon back to Pokémon GO once it has been moved to Pokémon Sword and Shield.

    How Do You Transfer Pokemon From The Switch Games To Pokemon Home

    Transferring Pokemon from the Switch games is easy. You need to download the Pokemon Home app on your Switch. When you launch Pokemon Home, itll walk you through the process.

    The one caveat with Pokemon Home currently is that you cant transfer any Pokemon to a game that it isnt found in. So, you wont be able to bring the whole Pokedex to Sword and Shield, even if you manage to get them all into Home.

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    How Do You Transfer Pokemon From Pokemon Bank To Pokemon Home

    You can transfer Pokemon from the Pokemon Bank easily. You just need to make sure your Nintendo Network ID from the 3DS console your bank is located on is linked to the Nintendo Account youre logged into your Switch or the phone app with.

    On the Switch Pokemon Home app, the process is simple. Just follow the prompts, and your Pokemon will transfer from the bank to Home.

    On mobile the option is a bit hidden:

  • Tap the hamburger menu icon on the bottom of the screen
  • Select Options
  • Tap Move Pokemon
  • Youll get the selection here to either use a 3DS or select No Nintendo 3DS. I found it easier to go with the No Nintendo 3DS option. It will just automatically transfer any Pokemon stored on the Pokemon Bank of the Nintendo Network ID you have linked to your Nintendo Account. The process can take a bit, depending on how many Pokemon you have in the bank. When its complete, all your Pokemon will be moved to Pokemon Home, and youre good to go!

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    All Transfer Costs For Sending Pokmon From Pokmon Go To Pokmon Home

    Pokémon Home

    There are some crazy costs for certain types of Pokémon.

    With the implementation of the Pokémon HOME Transporter allowing players to send Pokémon from Pokémon Go to HOME, there is also a new type of energy that has been added to the mobile app.

    This new energy is called Transporter Energy, which will be used up each and every time you send a Pokémon from Go to HOME.

    The HOME Transporter has a maximum capacity of 10,000 Transporter Energy and can be recharged by either waiting and letting it do the work overtime or paying a PokéCoin cost to do it instantly. Transporter Energy will recover at a rate of 60 energy per hour and the base cost of an instant recharge is 1,000 PokéCoins, which is pretty steep.

    Every type of Pokémon has a different energy cost when it is sent to HOME, which is broken up into Standard Pokémon, Legendary Pokémon, and Mythical Pokémon. On top of that, there a subcategories within those costs for if the Pokémon is Base or Shiny and if the CP of a Pokémon is between 1,001 and 2,000 or over 2,001.

    This can significantly rack up the energy cost of sending your favorite Pokémon from Go to HOME, but here is how all of those costs break down so you can do the math yourself depending on which classification your Pokémon meet.

    Standard Pokémon

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    Will Pokemon Brilliant Diamond And Shining Pearl Use Pokemon Home

    It is unclear whether Pokemon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl will use Pokemon Home, but it is very likely that they will. Pokemon Bank had no restrictions when it came to transferring Pokemon on the 3DS and encompassed Pokemon X and Y, Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire, Sun and Moon, and Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon.

    The only question is whether Pokemon Home will be updated to work with Pokemon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl immediately on launch or if it will be patched in after some time. Details will likely come as Pokemon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearls release date of November 19, 2021 approaches.

    Connect Pokemon Go To Your Nintendo Account

    Before you can transfer a Pokemon, you’ll first need to connect Pokemon Go to the same Nintendo Account you have linked to Pokemon Home. After you’ve fired up the game, tap on the Poke Ball icon at the bottom of the screen and then select the Settings option in the top right-hand corner. Scroll down and tap Pokemon Home you’ll then be prompted to sign in with your Nintendo Account.

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    Although the ability to transfer Pokemon from Go to Home was initially only available to level 40 players, Niantic has since rolled it out to all users, so everyone can take advantage of the feature now regardless of their player level.

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    What Are Pokmon Home Challenges

    Reaching certain milestones regarding the Pokémon you register in Pokémon HOME – related to all kinds of variables including number of Pokémon, type, nature, moves and more – will result in fulfilling Challenges, as listed in the mobile version of the app.

    These Challenges will appear when you complete a part of them and finishing them rewards you with stickers and special backgrounds you can use to decorate the app and your profile.

    How Much Does It Cost To Transfer Pokmon

    How To Transfer Pokemon From Pokemon GO to Pokemon Home

    This is how much Transporter energy it costs to transfer a Pokémon:

    Standard Pokémon

    CP 2001+ +700

    If a Pokémon would cost more than the maximum 10,000 energy to transfer for instance, a shiny CP 2400 mythical Pokémon it counts as using all of your energy but may still be transferred.

    Energy takes time to recharge , or you can immediately charge it with PokéCoins. This costs a Coin per ten energy and your maximum energy is 10,000. So it will cost 1,000 PokéCoins to fully recharge your Transporter.

    A huge thanks to Serebii for testing the energy information in the tables so quickly and accurately.

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    Receiving Pokmon In Pokmon Home

    If youre using the Pokémon Home mobile app, simply open it and you should see a notification that Pokémon have transferred from Pokémon Go. Select Yes to receive the Pokémon and youll see them in your box.

    If youre using Pokémon Home on the Nintendo Switch, you have to click the Pokémon Go button in the bottom right of your screen upon entering the app. Follow the instructions to complete the transfer.

    Dont miss out on all the latest Pokémon Go news

    Your Pokémon will know the moves it would ordinarily know at its level in Generation 8 the moves it has in Pokémon Go are irrelevant. However, your IVs will roughly match those of your Pokémon. Defense and Special Defense are taken from your Stamina statistic in Pokémon Go, Attack and Special Attack from your original Attack stat, and HP will roughly match HP. Speed is not a statistic in Pokémon Go, therefore this is entirely randomised.

    Your Pokémon will also get a nature and ability, as these do not exist in Pokémon Go either.

    Connect Pokmon Go To Pokmon Home

    Before starting to transfer Pokémon, youll need to connect your Pokémon Go account to the same Nintendo account that is linked to Pokémon Home. Turn on Pokémon Go and tap the Poké Ball icon on the bottom of the screen. Then go into the Settings option in the top right corner. Scroll until you see Pokémon Home, which will prompt you to sign in with your Nintendo account.

    Niantic has changed the system a little bit since Pokémon Homes initial release. Originally, only players at level 40 could transfer Pokémon from Go to Home. But now, all players can use this system regardless of their level.

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    How Do I Transfer Pokmon From Pokmon Go To Pokmon Sword And Shield

    It is not currently possible to transfer Pokémon from Pokémon GO to Pokémon HOME directly, although the feature is coming before the end of 2020. We’ll update this guide when it launches.

    If you’re absolutely desperate, you could move compatible Pokémon from Pokémon GO to Let’s Go, Pikachu and Eevee, and then to HOME, and then to Sword and Shield. If we were you, we’d sit tight and wait for the update, though.


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