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Pokemon Sword And Shield Sales

Pokmon Sword And Shield Sales Top Gold And Silver

Pokemon Sword/Shield – Before You Buy

10 months agoBen Lamoreux

The Pokémon brand is stronger than ever these days thanks to Pokémon GO, the Switch effect, and even a live-action movie. Fans around the world are currently exploring the Sinnoh region in Pokémon Legends: Arceus and nearly 14 million people bought Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl last year. On top of that, Pokémon Sword and Shield have just reached a major sales milestone. The twin Galar games have now outsold Pokémon Gold and Silver.

Pokmon Scarlet & Violet

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2018s Pokémon Lets Go Pikachu and Pokémon Lets Go Eevee, remakes of the Game Boy Colours Pokémon Yellow, sold 1.25 million copies, bringing their life to date to 14.53.

New Pokémon Snap, which was released in April 2021, sold 2.40 million copies in its first year, bringing the total number for the franchise to 34.12 million copies sold in the last year.

Pokémon Brilliant Diamond and Pokémon Shining Pearl have already outsold Pokémon Lets Go Pikachu & Eevee, despite the former only releasing late last year, and the latter releasing in 2018.

The next Pokémon adventures, titled Pokémon Scarlet and Violet are set to release later this year. Several classic Pokémon were shown off in the games debut trailer, as well as three new starter Pokémon.

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Pokmon Sword And Shield Have Sold 1606 Million Copies In Its First Financial Quarter

For reference, the highest selling PS4 title is Uncharted 4 at 16 million.

Pokémon SwSh outsold the #1 PS4 title in a month. The IP prints money

and the highest selling Xbox one game according to Wikipedia is Halo 5 at 5 million. So Nintendo gets to say they have an exclusive that has sold more than both of the last gen consoles games including their own Wii U.

didnt most PS4s come with a free copy of Uncharted 4?

  • Ruby & Sapphire: 16.22 – 2002

  • Sun & Moon: 16.16m – 2016

  • Sword & Shield: 16million + If sales continue at a steady pace it can honestly be the second best selling in the series by the end of this year.

    Regardless a safe to bet itll be the 3rd best selling AT LEAST by the end of this year… this is crazy..

    It will definitely get 3rd place for sure and could beat Gold and Silver

    Pokemon is such a huge IP at this point you can slap it on anything and print money. It’s actually crazy. I like to think back to my childhood when my Parents told my Pokemon is nothing but a short craze. I now like to tell them it’s a precious piece of culture that is being passed down to new generations like Lego for example.

    Still praying they slap it on FE so we can get a Fire Emblem version of Pokémon Conquest.

    Crazy how the series keeps chugging along after all these years. Many fads and franchises have died since the release of R/B/G, but Pokemon just keeps going.

    Its a joke but it hits the root of success. Pokemon is cross-generational.

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    Pokemon Sword/shield Sells 6 Million Units Worldwide In First Week

    The franchise now sits at 240 million units sold over the course of its lifetime.

    Nintendo has announced Pokémon Sword/Shield has sold 6 million units worldwide in its first week on sale.

    The sales of the game, which launched last week, make them the fastest-selling Switch games lifetime-to-date, beating the previous record set last year by Super Smash Bros Ultimate at 5 million units.

    The figure provided by Nintendo means it also outsold last years Pokémon: Lets Go Pikachu/Eevee by more than half.

    Sword and Shield went on to sell 2 million units in its first two days on sale alone in the United States, Nintendo further announced, and it became the highest-grossing launch for new Pokémon games ever. Nintendo Japan announced the game had sold 2 million units in Japan within its first week as well, so the other 2 million units will have come from Europe and elsewhere .

    The mainline Pokémon series has now sold in excess of 240 million since the launch of Red and Blue back in 1996 for the original Gameboy.

    This past weekend, millions of people began their Pokémon journeys through the new Galar region, said Nintendo of America sales and marketing SVP, Nick Chavez. With such a momentous launch, Pokémon Sword and Pokémon Shield have proven to be two of the must-have games this holiday season.

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    Pokemon Sword And Shield Are The Second Best

    Pokemon Sword and Shield Max Mushrooms For Sale

    The 2019 Pokemon games Pokemon Sword and Shield continue to be a top-seller and recently reached a new sales milestone. Today, Nintendo released its quarterly financial reports, which includes a list of top-selling video games for the company over the past fiscal year. To no one’s surprise, Pokemon Sword and Shield appears on that list, having sold 2.8 million copies since last April, which makes it the tenth best-selling video game published by Nintendo during that time period. What’s a little more surprising is that the continued strong performance of the game makes it the second best-selling Pokemon game of all time, under only the original Pokemon Red and Blue games. The games’ sales performance in 2021 helped it surpass Pokemon Gold and Silver by approximately 200,000 copies.

    Pokemon Sword and Shield were significant games for the Pokemon franchise. They were the first “traditional” Pokemon games released for the Nintendo Switch and helped launch the current eighth generation of Pokemon games. They were also the first Pokemon games to have DLC, which Game Freak in lieu of releasing an “enhanced” version in the vein of Pokemon Platinum or Pokemon Crystal. While the games generated controversy for not including a full “National Pokedex” and thus not supporting every species of Pokemon, the games have still performed remarkably well even 2 years after launch.

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    Pokmon Sword And Shield Are Now The Second

    The games have quietly crept up the charts surpassing Pokémon Gold and Silver.

    Pokémon Sword and Shield may have been cast into the shadow of the Diamond and Pearl remakes in 2021 and further thanks to Legends: Arceus launching last month, but it has moved up the charts once again to become the second best-selling Pokémon title ever.

    Thanks to Nintendos latest sales report, we now know that Pokémon Sword and Shield have moved 23.9 million units as of Dec. 31, 2021. This pushes the game up past Pokémon Gold and Silver for the Gameboy Color, which sold 23.1 million units in its sales lifetime.

    During the six months between April and December of 2021, the games sold 2.8 million copies globally. As youd expect, the most selling Pokémon game for that period was the newly released Pokémon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl generation four remakes that sold 13.9 million copies worldwide.

    Pokmon Sword And Shield Sales At 1737 Million Units

    It’s beating the 3DS era.

    Nintendo released its fiscal year earnings report for April 2019 to March 2020 earlier today, revealing that the Switch sold a truckload of units and its games arent far behind.

    Of those games, the Pokémon Sword and Shield titles released in November 2019 have sold 17.37 units worldwide, Nintendo announced. Thats an impressive number considering the game has been out for less than a year.

    Serebii Update: As of March 31st 2020, Pokémon Sword & Shield has sold 17.37 million copies May 7, 2020

    This sales figure means that Sword and Shield have outsold all 3DS Pokémon games and nearly all of the DS games in the same timeframe. The only titles still outselling Swordand Shield are Diamond and Pearl by 300,000 and the Game Boy games.

    Theres more good news for Nintendo on the software front, too. The highly-popular Animal Crossing: New Horizons game has sold over 11 million units in 11 days. Thats an astonishing one million units per day since releaseand it hasnt shown any signs of slowing down yet.

    Sword and Shield will likely see more sales in June when the first of two big DLC packs are released for the games. The DLC will add new story content, more Pokémon to catch, and a free update of 100 returning Pokémon that werent in the original game.

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    Can You Change The Number On The Back Of Your Uniform

    While registering for the Gym Challenge in Motostoke youll get given your very own uniform. Youll even get to choose a jersey number for the back of it. Youll want to choose wisely though, as there is no way to change it after youve picked.

    So thats it, you cannot change the uniform you wear during Gym Challenges in Pokemon Sword and Shield. For more help with the game be sure to check out our guide on the Rotom Bicycle. Elsewhere theres also our look at catching Sirfetchd.

    Pokmon Sword And Shield Sales Reveal A Truth About Gamer Rage

    Pokémon Sword and Shield Trailer – New Pokemon, Legendaries, Dynamax

    Pokemon Sword and Shield

    Remember #Dexit? It was a whole thing. Without going too much into it: Pokémon fans were angry that Pokémon Sword in Shield would be the first in the long-running franchise not to support every Pokémon from every game, and threatened to boycott. We stopped hearing much about that shortly after the game released, as tends to happen, but now we at least have some numbers to indicate why: everyone was playing an absolute ton of Pokémon Sword and Shield. Nintendo just released earnings figures, and the two games come in with a whopping 16.06 million units sold, a massive figure for a storied franchise that is clearly enjoying one of its most popular moments in its history. The boycott, as everyone could have guessed, did not materialize.

    Heres the thing about boycott threats like this one: they mean the exact opposite of what they say. When you see such intense controversy swirling around a game, more often the not, what it means is that there is a huge amount of attention being paid to an upcoming title. The more intense the controversy, the more attention being paid.

    NPD analyst Mat Piscatella has tweeted about this in the past, saying that a threat of a boycott is a reason to boost forecasts, not cut them:

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    Nintendo Sold Almost 35 Million Pokmon Games In The Last Year

    Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl are off to an extremely strong start

    Jordan Middler

    Nintendo has revealed that it sold almost 35 million Pokémon games in the last financial year.

    Pokémon Brilliant Diamond and Pokémon Shining Pearl, remakes of the 2007 Nintendo DS titles, sold 14.65 million units from their release in November to the end of March 2022.

    Pokémon Legends: Arceus, a new entry in the franchise which saw the series transition into a fully 3D RPG, sold 12.64 million units since its release in January until the end of March.

    Pokémon Sword, and Pokémon Shield, the first core entries in the franchise on Nintendo Switch released in 2019, sold 3.18 million copies during the latest FY, pushing its life-to-date sales to 24.27 million.

    Pokemon Sword And Shield: Can You Change Your Uniform

    Pokemon Sword and Shield gives the players new, sporty uniforms each time they beat a gym leader, but are they more than reward trophies? We’ll answer the question of can you change your uniform here, as well as what you can do in either case below.

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    Can You Change Your Uniform For Gym Battles In Pokemon Sword And Shield

    Youll earn replica uniforms based on the Gym Leaders you beat in Sword and Shield. And while these can be worn outside of the stadium battles, youll only have access to your default white uniform once you take on the Gyms. This is an odd oversight, especially seeing as youll quickly start to amass alternate outfits, but its unfortunately a limitation that has no current workaround. Once you speak to the event organiser at a gym youll automatically change into your white uniform.

    Pokmon Sword And Shield Sales

    Pokémon Sword and Shield: Chilling Reign 3

    Nintendos latest earnings report shows that Pokémon Sword and Shield sales have reached 23.90 million. Thats enough to put them just past Gold and Silver, which sold 23.70 million copies. Generation 2 sold an additional 6.3 million copies when you include Crystal. Generation 8 doesnt have an equivalent third game, but it did include two DLC packs. Unfortunately, we dont have concrete data on the sales for The Isle of Armor and The Crown Tundra, so we cant do a direct comparison.

    Heres a look at how Pokémon Sword and Shield sales compare to past entries, courtesy of Serebii.

    • Red, Green, and Blue 31.38 million
    • Sword and Shield 23.90 million
    • Gold and Silver 23.70 million
    • X and Y 16.58 million
    • Sun and Moon 16.27 million
    • Ruby and Sapphire 16.22 million
    • Black and White 15.64 million
    • Yellow 14.64 million
    • Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire 14.46 million
    • Lets Go, Eevee and Lets Go, Pikachu 14.33 million
    • Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl 13.97 million
    • Heart Gold and Soul Silver 12.72 million
    • Fire Red and Leaf Green 12.00 million
    • Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon 8.89 million
    • Black 2 and White 2 8.25 million
    • Platinum 7.693 million

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    Pokemon Scarlet And Violet Are Breaking Sales Records Just Days After Release

    Pokémon Scarlet and Violet are smashing multiple sales records despite launching less than a week ago. The latest entry in the effervescent video-game franchise surpassed 10 million combined units in the first three days since their release on the Nintendo Switch on November 18, according to the company.

    That milestone is the highest for any software on any Nintendo platform within the first three days. The feat also means that Pokémon Scarlet and Violet is already the 15th bestselling Nintendo Switch game of all time. Though it still has a way to go before it tops Pokemon Sword and Shield, which has shifted 25.37 million copies, to placing it at number five on the bestseller list.

    But thats not the only silverware Pokémon Scarlet and Violet has added to its trophy cabinet. The new title is also the the biggest boxed-game launch of the year, outdoing previous champ FIFA 23 by four per cent in its opening week. Whats more, that makes it the second-biggest Pokémon launch of all time, behind Pokémon Sun and Moon on the handheld Nintendo 3DS.

    Pokemon Scarlet and Violet are the latest mainline offering in the enduring Pokemon series of video games that tasks players with capturing and battling colorful creatures. The role-playing game introduces a new open world to explore, known as the Paldea region, along with new Pokemon and side characters to interact with.

    Pokmon Sword And Shield

    Single-player, multiplayer

    Pokémon Sword and Pokémon Shield are 2019 role-playing video games developed by Game Freak and published by The Pokémon Company and Nintendo for the Nintendo Switch console. They are the first installments in the eighth generation of the Pokémon video game series and the second in the series, following Pokémon: Let’s Go, Pikachu! and Let’s Go, Eevee!, released on a home game console. Originally teased at E3 2017 and announced in February 2019, Pokémon Sword and Shield were released in November 2019. The games received two expansion packs through an expansion pass with The Isle of Armor, released in June 2020 and The Crown Tundra, released in October 2020. A physical bundle including both expansion packs with the base games was released in November 2020.

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    Nintendos quarterly updates yesterday caught us up on all the sales statistics for the Nintendo Switch Pokémon games, again revealing that the franchise is continuing to do its best numbers since the first generation of games. Alongside the numbers for the newer Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl and Legends: Arceus, Sword and Shield marked a milestone for the long-running franchise by being the second generation of Pokémon games to surpass 25 million copies worldwide.

    The only other generation to do so was the first generation of games , which sold over 31 million copies back in the 1990s. As of September 2022, Pokémon Sword and Shield have sold 25.37 million copies, topping Pokémon Gold and Silver as the second-best selling Pokémon games of all time.

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    Earlier this year, Pokémon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl were revealed to have been the highest-selling remake Pokémon generation of all time, with updated number bringing sales up to 14.92 million copies, just a little above Pokémon: Let’s Go, Pikachu! and Let’s Go, Eevee!s 14.81 million copies.



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