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Pokemon Sword Dlc Cost

How Much Does The Pokmon Sword And Shield Expansion Pass Cost

Pokémon Sword and Shield: The Crown Tundra DLC Review

Parts 1 and 2 of the Expansion Pass are purchased together for £26.99 / $29.99.

Keep in mind that youll need to purchase the corresponding pass according to which copy of the game you own. If you own both games and want to access the new areas in both, that means buying both the Pokémon Sword Expansion Pass and the Pokémon Shield Expansion pass.

The safest way to ensure you get the correct one is to buy it through the in-game menus while playing your copy, but be careful to purchase the correct Expansion if youre getting it through the eShop directly Nintendo doesnt appear to be issuing refunds if you buy the wrong one.

Those who pre-purchased before the Pass arrived received an early purchase bonus of a Pikachu uniform and an Eevee uniform . If you bought the Expansion Pass before 31st August you could receive Leons outfit as a bonus.

The Nintendo UK Official Store has a deal on the Expansion Pass which includes a 50% discount on starter Pokémon soft toys or a starter mug if you purchase them at the same time.

Pokmon Sword & Shield Expansion Pass Review What I Don’t Like

Game Freak has traditionally released a follow-up game of some kind after releasing the first set of games in any given Generation. For example, after the launch of Ruby and Sapphire, Game Freak released Emerald. Similarly, after Sun and Moon, Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon followed. So it wasn’t too surprising that the Japanese game developers created some extra DLC for Sword and Shield. However, it is a bit costly considering what you’re getting.

I was able to beat both the Isle of Armor and the Crown Tundra’s main storylines in just a few hours.

All in all, I was able to finish the main storylines for both the Isle of Armor and the Crown Tundra within a few hours. Granted, this was partial because my Pokémon were already at high levels from playing the original game, so the Expansion Pass battles weren’t very challenging for me. That being said, Klara and Mustard’s Pokémon were all between level 60 and level 75, so they won’t be a walk in the park for everyone.

Beyond the new story details, filling in the expanded Pokédex and finding the previously mentioned Digletts do add a lot of time to your Expansion Pass experience. I realize that a lot of work had to go into creating all of these additional Pokémon and locations, but I feel like the DLC was a bit overpriced. But if you like the idea of being able to catch multiple Legendaries from previous games, you definitely ought to buy it.

When Does The Dlc Release

The Expansion Pass releases in two parts. The first part is known as The Isle of Armor and released on June 17, 2020, while the second part is dubbed as The Crown Tundra and will release on October 22, 2020.

You can purchase the DLC from Walmart for $30 .

Make sure you purchase the right version of the Expansion Pass. For instance, if you purchase Pokémon Sword, purchase the Pokémon Sword Expanion Pass. If you purchase Pokémon Shield, purchase the Pokémon Shield Expansion Pass.

Additionally, bundled physical copies of Pokémon Sword + Pokémon Sword Expansion Pass as well as Pokémon Shield + Pokémon Shield Expansion Pass will be releasing on November 6, 2020. No price has been listed yet, but we assume these bundles will sell for $90.

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How The Expansions Work

Both expansions are open areas similar to the Wild Area which include Pokemon Dens and Max Raid Battles, but have new characters and storylines. They can be accessed as soon as you reach the Wild Area, regardless of whether you have beaten the main story or not. However, each expansion area has additional end-game content. There are also additional cosmetic options and clothing introduced in each expansion.


You can access a free sneak-peek at the expansion pass content in the base game by going to Wedgehurst Station and speaking to the new trainer there – Klara in Sword or Avery in Shield.

Game Bundles Price Comparison

Buy [PC Digital] Pokemon Sword &  Shield + DLC Crown Tundra + DLC Isle ...

Here is the price comparison for buying the Expansion Pass on its own, or getting it as a bundle with the game.

Take note that each Expansion Pass is valid for 1 game version only. If you want to get the DLC for the other version, you will need to purchase the pass again separately.

Item and Price
Optional: Nintendo Switch Online Subscription*$20 $20

You can get the bundle for a base game with the Expansion Pass for $90. The content you get depends on your game version .

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/11 Worried About: Which Pokmon Wont Make The Cut

Some Trainers will be reunited with their childhood friends. But there will undoubtedly be some Trainers left waiting at the Galar gates for their beloved Pokémon. Following the #BringBackTheNationalDex campaign, some players might feel that their feelings have been ignored in favor of profit and cutting corners.

+ New And Familiar Pokmon Coming To The Galar Region Pokdex

Over 100 Pokémon including both new creatures and several Pokémon from previous games will make their way into the Galar Region Pokédex when the Crown Tundra expansion releases. A notable addition is that Galarian Slopoke will finally be able to evolve into Galarian Slowking, a Poison/Psychic-type.

That means you’ll be busy catching some old favorites as you explore this grand new locale. If this DLC operates the same way as the Isel of Armor, then these 100 plus new additions will only be catchable within the Crown Tundra and not within the main Galar Region map.

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Purchase In Nintendo Eshop

The Pokémon Sword Expansion Pass and Pokémon Shield Expansion Pass will both be available in Nintendo eShop. Youâll be able to check the purchase page of the correct Expansion Pass for your game version by selecting the Expansion Pass notice displayed in the menu screen of Pokémon Sword and Pokémon Shield.

Note: When purchasing the Expansion Pass from the in-game option, you will need to have the latest version of Pokémon Sword or Pokémon Shield installed.

Pokmon Sword And Shield

Pokemon Sword and Shield Expansion Pass DLC Trailer

The Crown Tundra for Pokémon Sword and Shield has arrived!

This DLC sees you travelling to southern reaches of the Galar region, where you can catch a whole host of legendary Pokémon, including new Gen 8 legendaries like Calyrex.

Before your adventure begins, however, its a good idea to ensure you can start the Crown Tundra DLC.

On this page:

Two new Move Tutor moves were also announced alongside this news.

Burning Jealousy

The first is a fire type move which not only deals damage to all enemy Pokemon, but also inflicts a burn on Pokemon which boosted their stats that turn!

Grassy Glide

The second move is grass type and acts as a priority move if used while a Grassy Field is up!

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The Crown Tundra Is Available To Download Now

ByChris Martin, Reviews Editor| 22 Oct 2020

Pokémon Sword and Shields DLC is finally here, with both parts now available to download. Heres what you need to know about the Expansion Pass including the price and all the new content it brings.

You can watch the official Expansion Pass trailer above and weve got all the details for the DLC below.

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Pokmon Sword And Shield Expansion Pass: Isle Of Armor New Pokmon

The Expansion Passes for Pokémon Sword and Shield bring DLC content and new features to Game Freaks latest entry in the mainline Pokémon series. The two parts of the Expansion Pass feature a brand-new area each The Isle of Armor and The Crown Tundra and both will bring with them new items, features and most importantly new Pokémon, too.

Below weve collected all the information concerning the new features coming in the Isle of Armor and Crown Tundra Expansion Passes, as well as general information about release dates, prices and the previous-generation Pokémon returning. Read on to find the answers youre after:

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What Are The New Areas From The Pokmon Sword And Shield Expansion Pass

Here’s Nintendo’s official blurb for each of the two new areas found in the Galar region. First, The Isle of Armor:

In The Isle of Armor expansion, youll head to The Isle of Armor, the stage of your new adventure in the Galar region. The Isle of Armor is a giant island full of environments not seen in Galar beforeyou’ll find wave-swept beaches, forests, bogs, caves, and sand dunes!,There are also plenty of Pokémon that make this island their home, living freely amid the lush natural surroundings.,Theres even a dojo here that specializes in some very particular training styles! You and your Pokémon will take up an apprenticeship under the master of this dojo and train hard to become even stronger.

And second, The Crown Tundra:

The Crown Tundra expansion is set in the snow-swept realm of The Crown Tundra. See for yourself the beautiful scenery of this shining, silvery landscape! In this frigid area, with its jagged winter mountains, people live in small communities where they support and rely on one another.,A certain person will appoint you as the leader of their exploration team in The Crown Tundra. Youll then be tasked with investigating the reaches of this frozen land. And remember the Pokémon Dens that youve only been able to glimpse during Max Raid Battles? Well, now youll be able to explore their full depths!

Pokemon Sword And Shield Dlc And Criticism About Pricing

Buy [PC Digital] Pokemon Sword &  Shield + DLC Crown Tundra + DLC Isle ...

Before you vote remember I am only talking about the base game. Also, my argument is not that it should not be $60, my argument is that just like other companies Nintendo/Game Freak/The Pokemon Company should drop the price after a year or have sales like steam does. This IMO would stop people from complaining about the price.

Point 1: A lot of other gaming companies do this.

Just look at Steam sale events reducing the prices of a lot of games, Square Enix reducing the price of KH3 before it’s DLC drop , or Atlus reducing the price of P5 on the PlayStation store. The price drop is not because their bad games, it is just there to increase sales.

Point 2: People buying 2 games:

This would make it easier for people who want to buy both versions but can’t justify paying $120.

Point 3: People who want to buy the game, but didn’t:

This would provide incentive for people who skipped out on SS to buy the game and give it a chance, especially since they are patching in more of the pokemon.

Point 4: What about people who already bought it?:

What about them? This would be the same with everything that got a sale or price drop ever.

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How To Access The Crown Tundra

If you already own the Pokemon Sword or Shield Expansion Pass, fire up your copy of the game after installing the latest update and youll see a notification that youve received the Crown Pass. As you had to do to access the Isle of Armor, youll need to return to Wedgehurst Station and show the Crown Pass to the attendant near the gate to take a train to the Crown Tundra. Once youve visited the tundra the first time, youll be able to fast travel back to it from anywhere in Galar.

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Over 100 Returning Pokemon In The Crown Tundra

In The Crown Tundra DLC, over 100 Pokemon from previous generations reappear, including all Legendaries from previous games which were previously uncatchable in Pokemon Sword and Shield.

Combined with the new entries from The Isle of Armor DLC, players can look forward to meeting over 200 of their old favorites again. See the full list that has been revealed so far!

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Dynamax Adventures & Rental Pokmon

Once you’ve gotten to a certain point within the Crown Tundra, you’ll be able to go into special caves and experience a new co-op play mode called Dynamax Adventures. Here, you’ll team up with up to three other players and explore the various caverns as you continue to make your way into the depths.

Rental Pokémon in Dynamax Adventures

Thing is, the official Pokémon website has explained that you won’t be able to bring Pokémon from your own party into the these special dens.

Instead of your regular Pokémon team, you and your fellow Trainers will choose rental Pokémon to bring along into the depths of the den. If you encounter a wild Dynamax Pokémon during your exploration, you’ll need to work together with your three teammates in a Max Raid Battle! If you win the battle, you’ll have the chance to catch the Pokémon, and one Trainer on the team can swap the newly caught Pokémon in for the Pokémon they had before. But if you lose a battle, you’ll be ejected from the den!

You’ll need to make it far into the cave’s depths if you want a chance to defeat and capture a Legendary Pokémon. Or, if you simply like the challege, you can sign up for the Endless Dynamax Adventures, which allow you to continue fighting your way through the caves until you finally lose a battle.

Pokemon Sword & Shield Expansion Pass Review

Is Pokemon Sword and Shield’s Isle of Armor DLC Worth the Price?

I never wanted to dislike Pokemon Sword & Shield. While Im sure I cant speak for every reviewer out there, I feel its pretty safe to assume that no reviewer actually wants any of the games that theyre tasked with reviewing to be bad I certainly dont. It would be great if every game that we played were 10/10 masterpieces. Wouldnt that be grand?

I still had a good time with Pokemon Sword & Shield, a 6/10 is still a decent game lest its forgotten, but for a variety of reasons I stepped away from the game disappointed. The biggest two issues, if I were to name them, would probably be the linearity of the experience as a whole, and an overall lack of scope. Once I was done with the games story, there didnt feel like there was nearly enough post-game content for me the type of player that I am to justify continuing to play it after the credits rolled. While the game made sweeping cuts to the Pokedex, I didnt feel like the additions to the series formula made a compelling enough argument for that decision.

Lets put it this way after Sword and Shields basegame experience, I was hesitant to ever touch a mainline Pokemon game again. The Expansion Pass has made me more hopeful for the series future than I have been in a long time.

Pokemon Sword & Shield with the Expansion Pass is the best Pokemon experience since Black 2/White 2 on the DS.

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What Is The Crown Tundra Release Time

Update: While the specific release time for the Crown Tundra DLC is unknown, the Pokémon Home app will receive an update from 19:00 ET on October 22nd to 00:00 midnight ET on October 23rd in the US its likely that the DLC will launch during this window.

Typically, Nintendo adds new content to the eShop on Thursdays at 09:00 PT/12:00 ET in the United States, and 15:00 BST in the United Kingdom.

The UKs time for updates has passed, so it seems that the DLC will not follow standard Nintendo practices.

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How Many New Pokemon Are In The Expansion

See every new and returning Pokemon revealed for the expansion pass so far in the slideshow below.

They both add old Pokemon otherwise unavailable via the original Pokemon Sword and Shield Pokedex. In total, these expansions will add 200+ Pokemon from previous games to Pokemon Sword and Shield, along with at least five brand new Legendary Pokemon and other new Pokemon, like Galarian Slowpoke .

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How Much Does Swsh Dlc Cost

How much does the Pokémon Sword and Shield Expansion Pass cost? The Expansion Pass is a single price and includes both releases. In the UK its £26.99 and the US price is $29.99 you can order it now, but make sure you buy the the Shield or Sword version of the expansion pass to match your base game.

How Much Will Pokemon Sword & Shield Dlc Cost

25 ++ pokemon sword dlc price 137404

Pokemon Sword & Shield DLC also got a price tag during the Nintendo Pokemon Direct. The game offers an expansion pass that contains the two separate pieces of content under one price, which will be $29.99/£26.99. The expansion pass was made available immediately after the presentation and those who decide to purchase it will also receive codes for a Pikachu and Eevee uniform that can be worn over the course of Pokemon Sword & Shield‘s adventures.

Players will be receiving essentially the same DLC content, but as is often the case with Pokemon, small details will be different depending on which version of the game consumers own. For now, it’s known that the rivals in Isle of Armor will be different based on the game players own, but there will likely be differences in which Pokemon are available and potentially more as DLC plans become clearer closer to release.

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